The Legend of Futian
1470 The Matrix Breaks
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1470 The Matrix Breaks

A formless light curtain completely covered the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty as they started to fly up the stairs. Yan Sui floated up from where he was sitting on the ground as he plucked at his guqin strings, following behind the rest of them.

The cultivators in front of him formed up into several different huge matrices, each one with nine people. But all of these matrices together formed a single whole, and they were all controlled by Yan Sui.

Yin Tianyu was in the foremost one. His body was shining with divine light as if he was the invincible spearhead of the whole formation.

The music of Brahma's Pure Sky fell upon them, trying to influence their wills, but the Rhythmic Sorcery that was bursting forth from Yan Sui's Divine Sounds clashed with it in mid-air. One could not see any physical forces colliding, but at that moment, a suffocating pressure fell upon the Xuantian Matrix.

As this invisible clash happened, a great deal of will of the Great Path was shattered into nothingness.

"Brahma's Pure Sky is unable to seize the upper hand." Below the stairway, all of the cultivators in the vast area were paying close attention to the battle. The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was the force with the greatest hope of breaking the power of the matrix. And just as expected, the Divine Sounds were well suited to the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, and they resonated with them as they clashed invisibly with the music of Brahma's Pure Sky.

Everyone looked towards Yin Tianyu and saw that all around him, the will of the Great Path was being destroyed.

The music resonated with the Great Path and coalesced upon Yin Tianyu's body, pushing his aura, which was already extremely strong, to the limit. It seemed like he would become strong enough to smash the Great Path itself.

An endless, violent airflow erupted from him and swept up the long stairway. One only had to look at the airflow to feel its power. The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was clearly far stronger than the Violet Heavenly Palace.

The sharp music of the Great Path rang out, and a brush appeared in Yin Tianyu's hand. It was the Qianqiu Brush.

Not only that, but the resonating of the Great Path also made many other Qianqiu Brushed appear in the air around them. Each one contained incredibly strong killing power.

Yin Tianyu looked up into the sky and said, "The Goddesses have offended us."

As he said this, they pointed up at them with the Qianqiu Brush. In a flash, the endless killing airflow swept up towards the Xuantian Matrix, covering the entire staircase as it went.

Qin He had naturally known that this would be a difficult battle. The Xuantian Matrix was extremely strong, but the power of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty's matrix was astonishing as well. Thus, she had to put her all into this.

Her face turned solemn, and she plucked the strings of her guqin. In a flash, the powerful spiritual will that had gathered together within her spread out through the matrix, as if she were pouring it into it.

In the Xuantian Matrix, there was a Goddess forming the matrix in each direction, as well as all the cultivators under their command. There were nine Goddesses under the Empress of Brahma's Pure Sky, and they were divided into nine different bloodlines. Each bloodline was skilled at different things, and thus the powers that they could wield were different.

A massive collision rocked the Xuantian Matrix. Yin Tianyu was walking through the air with a terrible purpose.

The music still played as the image of a Goddess appeared behind Qin He. Invisible swords shot through the air, trying to break the matrix of the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

Yan Sui looked up at Qin He and smiled coldly. He plucked his strings, and the music resonated with the Great Path. All of the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty seemed to join together, and terrible divine light bloomed from Yin Tianyu.

At that moment, a brilliant golden kunpeng bird appeared in a swirl of music, covering all the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. It seemed that they had transformed into it.

Countless swords shot towards them, but they could not break through their defenses. Their defenses were no longer merely of flesh and blood, as their wills had merged and had all been integrated into Yin Tianyu. Under the kunpeng's curtain of light, Yin Tianyu was able to bear all of the pressure by himself. This was different from the cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Palace, who had been defeated in an instant by a similar attack.

Golden light shone from Yin Tianyu's eyes. He waved the Qianqiu Brush and drew out the characters "crush,""power," and "earth."

In a flash, many cracking sounds rang out as many of the Goddesses in the Xuantian Matrix were struck by a terrible killing will. Their robes were stained with blood as they were sent flying off the battlefield.

But Yin Tianyu did not cease his attack. He lowered the Qianqiu Brush and descended. Killing light shone as the Divine Sounds played. Everyone watched as the killing will started to cover the entire stairway.

"You should give up. You can't stop us," said Yin Tianyu as he watched the images of women continuously appear in the matrix. He continued forward.

The Xuantian Matrix has lost the upper hand, everyone thought. Both the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty's matrix and the Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty himself were too strong. With such excellent cooperation between them, the Xuantian Matrix would surely be broken soon.

"Change the matrix," called Qin He in a cold voice. Suddenly, all the women on the stairway flashed, and more phantoms appeared, filling the whole area. Even the killing will that had come from the Qianqiu Brush could not tell if it was attacking real opponents.

But it seemed that Yin Tianyu did not care. He pointed into the sky, and a loud cry came from the Qianqiu Brush as more Qianqiu Brushes formed. They shot out in different directions. At the same time, the kunpeng flapped its wings, and golden light burst forth from it, shooting out into the air.

Since Brahma's Pure Sky was still resisting, he would let them feel the entirety of his power.

His father, the Dynastic Overlord, hoped that he would marry Qin He. This would determine the future of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. But even if they could not form a marriage alliance, he would not care too much. As long as Brahma's Pure Sky stayed honest and kept to themselves, that would be fine.

Even without the marriage alliance, their absolute strength would undoubtedly prove to be a good deterrent.

So, since Brahma's Pure Sky had set up this matrix, he would not go easy on them.

Those watching could see people fleeing from the Xuantian matrix continuously, their robes stained with blood. Some of them had been seriously wounded.

At that moment, the music of Brahma's Pure Sky rang through the air. Everyone could feel its solemn atmosphere. All of the Goddesses began to chant, and suddenly, the Xuantian Matrix gathered together.

The figure of a massive Goddess formed in the air above Yin Tianyu. Although she was stunning, she was fierce as well. She had three heads and six arms.

As Qin He's music played, the massive Goddess held a sword in each of her six hands. Countless beams of brilliant sword light shrieked out and collided with the onrushing airflow.

Divine purifying light was shining from her and transforming into heavenly swords. It was like an indestructible cleansing light.

The many Qianqiu Brushed shot through the air, but they were shattered into nothingness by the purifying swords as they were cut through.

Only the brushes closest to Yin Tianyu continued to release the terrifying airflow. But the sword light continued to fall until it reached the giant kunpeng. It began to break through its defenses bit by bit.

Woosh! Life spirits bloomed, and the Divine Picture of the Heavenly Mandate appeared. The Divine Sounds resonated with it, and divine light covered Yin Tianyu's body. The kunpeng flashed as it flapped its wings and rose up into the sky up towards where the sword light was coming from. It raked out with its talons, trying to attack the Goddess.

The Goddess's arm descended as she slashed out with her sword at the kunpeng's talon. There was a shocking collision, and a wild storm of the Great Path burst out.

The kunpeng flapped its wings and continued upwards. The purifying swords turned into endless beams of light that lashed down and struck it.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The Great Path trembled. Many of the cultivators of both Brahma's Pure Sky and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had joined together, combining their powers. It was simply shocking to behold. The very sky was shaking.

Women of Brahma's Pure Sky were sent flying out of the matrix one after another. Their wills could not bear the assault.

The kunpeng continued up. Everyone trembled as they witnessed this scene.

"The matrix is about to break," said Hua Qingshan from among the people of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

Ye Futian could see it as well, but they had expected this. The Xuantian Matrix could not withstand the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, especially the ones from the Divine Palace who were willing to support Yin Tianyu for the sake of jealousy.

The Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty may have been arrogant, but he was also very popular.

"Hmm?" At that moment, a look of surprise came over Ye Futian's face. He saw that within the Xuantian Matrix, Qin He had stopped playing her guqin. She stepped forward, graceful as a fairy, and entered into the image of the massive Goddess, becoming one with it.

"She's still not willing to give up?" said Hua Qingyun with a look of surprise.

"It looks like she's serious this time," said Jiang Taichu quietly. Once Qin He had entered the image of the Goddess, her attack power increased tremendously. She pressed down upon the rising kunpeng.

The violet collision made everyone in the area tremble inwardly. Yin Tianyu had used nearly all of his strength in this great battle and used the ultimate arts of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

The battle made Ye Futian think of the battle between Yin Tianyu and Third Brother, but this was even more violent since the power of entire matrices had been added in.

This amount of power seemed like it went beyond the limits of the Saint plane.

"You still haven't given up?" came Yin Tianyu's voice from his matrix. Qin He had not stopped yet.

Bang! Bang! Bang! There was a series of violent collisions that made everyone's hearts tremble. Hua Qingyun watched the scene, then looked at Ye Futian and said, "She is fighting so hard against Yin Tianyu. Could it be that she wants someone else to be the one to win?"

Qin He was fighting so fiercely this time. It was like she had become a different person.

"Brahma's Pure Sky has not said anything, we shouldn't speculate," said Ye Futian softly. He was watching as well and was a little bit surprised at Qin He's determination.


The Great Path collapsed, and the sky trembled. A group of figures was sent flying downwards, all of them spitting up blood and with bloodstained robes. They were all cultivators of Brahma's Pure Sky.

The Xuantian Matrix had crumbled. Qin He had been knocked back as well, and her robes were bloodstained. She may have been fiercely determined, but the people of Brahma's Pure Sky could not bear this battle.

The Xuantian Matrix had been broken.

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had been the ones to do it. Yin Tianyu and the others were too strong!

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    《The Legend of Futian》