The Legend of Futian
1472 Shangxiao Divine Palace
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1472 Shangxiao Divine Palace

hWithin the Xuantian Matrix, Qin He's slender fingers were still on the strings of her guqin. She stared at Ye Futian, stunned.

She had not even launched an attack, and the Xuantian Matrix had already been broken.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with shock. She was stunned for a moment, but then she was relieved.

Ye Futian was still floating in the air, and celestial light was spreading out from his guqin. He looked up at Qin He and said, "The Xuantian Matrix is incredibly powerful, and so I had no choice but to take you by surprise. Please forgive me."

He had needed to resort to trickery to break the matrix so quickly and had blended his music into the Celestial Soul Attraction to create Rhythmic Sorcery that would assault their souls in an instant. In this way, he had not even needed to really fight Qin He.

"You broke the Xuantian Matrix with a trick that I used before. I am very ashamed. All the people of the Heavenly Mandate Realm look at Prince Yi Tianyu of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and Gu Dongliu of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven as the best cultivators of this generation. But in my view, you are not inferior to either of them, Lord Ye," said Qin He softly.

Previously, the Xuantian Matrix had used divine swords to cut peoples spiritual souls, defeating the cultivators of the Purple Gold Rat Clan and the Violet Heavenly Palace in seconds. Now, Ye Futian had used the same kind of trick on them, wounding all of the Goddesses within the Xuantian Matrix in an instant.

Qin He's words were full of praise for Ye Futian. These days, the people of the Heavenly Mandate Realm did indeed look at Yi Tianyu and Gu Dongliu as the best.

And Qin He had said that Ye Futian was not inferior to either of them.

This placed Ye Futian above all other cultivators. This showed how she held him in such high esteem.

"It seems that the rumors are true," everyone was saying quietly. They could see that this outstanding woman, Qin He, did indeed have a high opinion of Ye Futian.

If this was the case, then wasn't it highly likely that Ye Futian was the one that she would choose as a cultivation partner?

Moreover, did the fact that she had praised him so highly mean that she had feelings for him?

Maybe she had wanted this all along, and that was why she had given Ye Futian this chance.

"You are too kind, Goddess Qin. All of the people who formed the Xuantian Matrix today are very powerful. Not one of them is anything less than a genius," answered Ye Futian. The praise that the two of them were lavishing on each other made everyone watching from far away look at them with more and more surprise.

"Please come up, Lord Ye," said Qin He with a nod.

"Thank you, Goddess." Ye Futian walked forward with the people from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven following behind. They all looked dazed. They had thought this would be a fierce battle.

However, it had been almost too easy. They had not even come under any pressure. Ye Futian had broken the matrix in an instant, and afterward, Qin He had not kept fighting but had given up completely.

"He is amazing," said Hua Qingyuan softly. He was worthy of admiration.

It seemed that the Elder had not been wrong. Ye Futian was indeed a good choice.

Moreover, Ye Futian was an outstanding talent, and Qin He was the same. Both of them were also incredibly good looking. It seemed to be a match made in heaven. If the two of them were together, it would become a tale for the ages.

The group continued forward up the stairs to the Xuantian Pavilion. On either side, the cultivators of the Sky Demon Court and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty watched Ye Futian and the others, especially Yi Tianyu and Yan Sui.

"Was that just the Celestial Soul Attraction mystical way of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven?" whispered Yan Sui. He had heard Yi Tianyu say that Ye Futian had used the mystical ways of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven to defeat the Divine Sound.

He must have used the same method to break the Xuantian Matrix. He had used the mystical way as his main attack to assault the souls of the people in the Xuantian Matrix.

Qin He and the others had not been ready and had been caught off guard. Their spiritual souls had been damaged, and many of the cultivators of Brahma's Pure Sky had been wounded. Thus, the Xuantian Matrix had collapsed.

Ye Futian had been clever, taking advantage of their unpreparedness. He may not have personally experienced the power of these Goddesses, but he could feel how supernatural it was. If he had tried to do this differently, he would not have been able to break the matrix in an instant.

Yi Tianyu nodded. "Yes, this mystical way had been lost for many years. It was only recently rediscovered and cultivated by Ye Futian. One's Celestial Soul is lured, and once you have a strong sense of it, you can directly target it with your attacks."

"The Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven is a top force in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, and once had their golden era. It looks like their reputation is well deserved. Their techniques are truly incredible." Yan Sui nodded slightly in praise. Any top force had things that it could inevitably do.

Moreover, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven had nearly climbed to the peak 100 years ago. All of the Nine Supreme Regions, including the Heavenly Mandate Realm, had been a part of that war.

Gu Tianxing had been quite a character. It was a pity that he was gone now. Otherwise, if he were at the level he had been back then, he would be number one among all the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path in the Nine Supreme Regions.

They were not talking by means of telepathy, and they did not avoid mentioning Ye Futian and the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

Ye Futian watched Yi Tianyu and Yan Sui as they talked. They seemed to notice him, and Yan Sui inclined his head with a slight smile. He seemed very polite and relaxed. "I am a disciple of Shangxiao Divine Palace," he said. "My name is Yan Sui."

Shangxiao Divine Palace was usually just called the Divine Palace because it was the only place in the Higher Heavens Realm that could be called a Divine Palace. It was the most prestigious place for cultivation in the Higher Heavens Realm, and it had no rivals. It was not a place that took part in factionalism, as it was above the petty conflicts of the world. When its disciples appeared in disputes, they were not representing the palace. The Divine Palace merely taught, and thus, many of the most powerful figures of the top forces of the Higher Heavens Realm went there to seek the Path.

The Shangxiao Divine Palace had trained countless heroes of the Higher Heavens Realm, and thus enjoyed an incredibly high status. Forces from other realms would even send their people to the Divine Palace to seek the Path.

Thus, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had sent Yi Tianyu and many of the other talented youths of the dynasty to the Shangxiao Divine Palace to cultivate. Some of them had not come back and had joined the DIvine Palace instead. Even their most common disciples became brilliant heroes.

Yan Sui was a disciple of the Divine Music Palace within the Divine Palace and was the most outstanding and talented figure there.

"I am Ye Futian, of the Heavenly Mandate Realm," answered Ye Futian. Since Yan Sui had introduced himself, Ye Futian could not be impolite by not doing the same.

"Your mystical ways are quite excellent, Brother Ye, and you are skilled at Rhythmic Sorcery," said Yan Sui with a smile. "I happen to have also done some small research into Rhythmic Sorcery. We should test our sills sometime."

"I have cultivated many talents, and Rhythmic Sorcery is the one that I am least skilled in. If you wish to test my skills, you can test them each one by one," said Ye Futian with a smile and a slight nod. He had seen how Yan Sui had taken the lead with his Rhythmic Sorcery, and thus had seen how skilled he was. He had done substantial research into it.

He was the most skilled at Divine Sounds out of all the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

Yan Sui twitched when he heard Ye Futian speak. This guy was laying out all his cards, contrary to common sense. He had even disparaged his own Rhythmic Sorcery, but Yan Sui had seen that the control over Rhythmic Sorcery that he displayed was not inadequate in the least.

"Very well," said Yan Sui with a nod. He said nothing else.

No one knew if the Xuantian Matrix would be able to continue.

Qin He was looking down the stairs. "Does anyone else wish to try?" she asked.

The Xuantian Matrix was no longer whole. The continuous fighting had made it so that many of the cultivators of Brahma's Pure Sky could not go on any longer.

Of course, just Qin He and a few of the other Goddesses could keep going on their own. As long as their opponents were not at the level of forces like the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and Sky Demon Palace, they would have a hard time breaking the matrix.

At that moment, a voice was transmitted to her. "The Goddesses of Brahma's Pure Sky have been fighting for such a long time and have used up most of their strength. To try and break the matrix now would be meaningless. I will not try. Can I come up to Xuantian Pavilion?" The speaker was Gao Huang of 10,000 Divine Mountain.

10,000 Divine Mountain always seemed to be relatively casual like this. They had not participated in the battle at the Violet Heavenly Palace. It seemed that they were always just watching from the sidelines.

"We at Brahma's Pure Sky have created this matrix to test the various forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. There is no special meaning behind it. If none of them wants to continue trying to break it, then the people of the ordinary forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm may try," answered Qin He.

A thoughtful look came over everyone's face. They were wondering what Qin He meant by this.

She had said that there was no special meaning behind Brahma's Pure Sky setting up the Xuantian Matrix. How could that be?

If there was no special meaning, then why had she fought so bitterly? Previously, she had seemed so serious.

The fact that she had done this meant that there had to be a meaning to it.

"If that is the case, then we will not attack the matrix. It will be much more pleasant just to walk up," said Gao Huang with a smile. He was happy just to be an observer.

As for what would happen, he would just wait and see.

With a force as powerful as 10,000 Divine Mountain giving up, the other forces decided not to try either. All of the most powerful forces had already made their moves, and so it seemed that this affair had come to an end.

If you looked at it only from the perspective of conflict, the battle between the cultivators of the Xuantian Matrix and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had been the most epic and shocking, and their fighting had been the fiercest.

If you looked at it from the perspective of efficiency, Ye Futian and the people of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven had broken the matrix in an instant. No one had thought that that would happen.

In addition, the Sky Demon Court had also shown outstanding power.

Thus, if nothing unexpected happened and Brahma's Pure Sky wanted to form a marriage alliance and Qin He wanted to choose a cultivation partner, there were only these three great forces to choose from.

The other forces that had lost would not even enter into Qin He's estimation.

When she saw that no one else was coming, Qin He rose and put away her guqin. He waved her hand, and suddenly, all of the other Goddesses retreated.

"We have prepared a feast here at the Xuantian Pavilion, you are all invited," said Qin He to everyone below them. The ones she had invited were naturally the top forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. The others all knew their place.

The great forces walked towards the stairs. But for the cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Palace and the Purple Gold Rat Clan, this was not how they had wanted to go up the stairs. They had wanted to go up after having broken the Xuantian Matrix. They all walked up with gloomy expressions.

However, they were also curious about what Brahma's Pure Sky was going to do now. This would probably set the future structure of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, and so they naturally wanted to be a part of it. They could not leave now.

As everyone was walking up, Qin He turned and looked at the cultivators of the three great forces in the Xuantian Pavilion. "You are all invited as well," she said.

"Thank you, Goddess," they all answered. Qin He said nothing else. She walked forward, and without knowing if she meant to or not, she moved towards where the people from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven were standing and nodded slightly at Ye Futian.

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    《The Legend of Futian》