The Legend of Futian
1475 What a Show
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1475 What a Show

Everyone turned their eyes towards Ye Futian after hearing what Yan Sui said. No one was not aware of the feud between the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. Furthermore, Ye Futian decided to get involved, and he had beaten nine mighty ones from the dynasty, who teamed up against him.

Yan Sui was from the Shangxiao Divine Palace, and so, it was apparent that he was even more versed in Divine Sound. His intention was spoken for with his attempt to spar with Ye Futian.

Qin He was looking for a partner, and everyone in the realm all thought the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty or Ye Futian stood the greatest chance. Judging from Qin He's attitude, Ye Futian's chances might have been even greater. If Qin He were to decide according to her own feelings, it was extremely possible that she pick Ye Futian.

At such a moment, if Yan Sui wanted to help Yi Tianyu out, then the best way to do it would have been to overpower Ye Futian.

If Ye Futian were to lose to Yan Sui, then he would have practically lost his qualification to fight against Yi Tianyu.

Ye Futian naturally understood Yan Sui's intentions. He looked at Yan Sui, who was all smiles and behaved politely, making the other man look mild-mannered and courteous, without a hint of ill intentions found.

"Music, huh?" Ye Futian asked.

"Indeed." Yan Sui nodded.

"So, you majored in music in the Shangxiao Divine Palace, then?" Ye Futian asked.

"I'm of the Divine Sound Palace of Shangxiao Divine Palace, after all," Yan Sui smiled and replied, behaving in an unusually amicable manner.

Ye Futian nodded and continued, "I've said before that while I know something about music, I'm not very proficient in it. My training in music would be the weakest among all the ways I've trained in, and I'm rather rusty. Since you're from Shangxiao Divine Palace and a student of Divine Sound Palace, I'm sure that you're very versed in the art of music, and well above me."

Everyone felt rather puzzled hearing Ye Futian talk, wondering when he had become so humble.

Zhan Yuan and the others from the Violet Heavenly Palace were especially curious. They all had their eyes fixed at him. Zhan Yuan would have never forgotten just how boastful and unbridled Ye Futian had been back in the Violet Heavenly Palace. He behaved as though everything was beneath him, claiming that he trained in all ways and was of a divine body of the heavenly path. He was cocky unlike any other.

Yet now, he is this humble? they wondered.

So much so that he claims that he is below Yan Sui?

Is he trying to say that he knows that he is no match for Yan Sui when it comes to music, and so he is deliberately humbling himself just to avoid having to face Yan Sui in a showdown of music? they thought.

Maybe it wouldn't reflect all that poorly on him even if he loses?

"Then would you mind sparring by using other powers?" Yan Sui then added, "I'm fine with it."

"We'll just do it using music." Ye Futian continued, "Since you're in favor of music, then it wouldn't be a bad idea to use music. However, I'd like to use a guqin that was once used by a Renhuang, which contains imperial will. In doing so, I'll be able to compensate for my lack of training in music. But then again, if you think having me doing so would be taking advantage of you, you're welcomed to use a Renhuang level instrument as well."

"Never mind." Yan Sui then continued, "Please do as you wish."

Ye Futian smiled as he nodded before walking out.

There was already an empty space before them due to the previous battle, which was huge, given how the crowd had retreated far away, preventing any interference with the session.

Ye Futian came to sit cross-legged across Yan Sui.

Both very handsome and exceptional men were sitting across each other. Both of them exuded a scholarly aura about them. Ye Futian's long silver hair made him appear even more vivid.

"After you," Ye Futian nodded at Yan Sui and said.

"After you," Yan Sui nodded in reply. He did not switch the guqin before him for another. That instrument remained a common guqin. It was as if to say that he was absolutely confident in his mastery of the art.

"Are you not going to swap the instrument for another?" Ye Futian asked.

"We'll go about it just like this. I'd swap the instrument for another if I find it inadequate," Yan Sui replied.

Ye Futian nodded lightly and did not say anything else. Light sparkled, and a guqin appeared right before Ye Futian.

Pitch black aura coursed about the guqin, which became even more apparent and violent, as Ye Futian infused his will within. It was as if those were auras of the demonic path.

"A demonic instrument?" Yan Sui looked intrigued, wondering if Ye Futian had trained in demonic ways as well.

The guqin was something that Ye Futian acquired back when he participated in the Peach Banquet. It was a magic zither. There was no way he would have let go of one such piece throughout the years. He had been attempting to communicate with the instrument and had finally built a relationship with the magic zither to a certain extent.

Ye Futian put his fingers on the strings and began plucking.

As the notes danced, extremely powerful demonic will pierced right through the space in an instant, seeping into Yan Sui's mind.

Yan Sui's mind shuddered furiously, and his expression changed somewhat.

He realized that he might have been too careless before.

He began plucking the strings on his instrument. The sound of the guqin danced in the air in an instant. The shadows of many divine beasts circled around him, and a shadow of a divine turtle appeared above him, seemingly shrouding his entire being within.

At the same time, he sent countless notes at Ye Futian.

However, Ye Futian did not merely sit by and take the attack. Demonic sound being played, and raging demonic will swept all over the place, sounding extremely overbearing. It punched through those incoming notes right away and gushed at Yan Sui.

The overbearing notes from Ye Futian banged on the shadow of the divine turtle, causing it to begin cracking.

There seemed to be an overbearing demon appearing, which lifted its hand and crushed that shadow of the divine turtle right away.

The demonic sound permeated everywhere, making it extremely ferocious. Even those who were watching from afar felt extremely pained. It was as if their will were to be subdued.

That boundless overwhelming sound surged into Yan Sui's mind, as if it was about to sink him. That was done in terms of spiritual will, compelling him to kneel and worship Ye Futian.

When he looked at Ye Futian, it felt as if he was looking at a legendary demon king.

Yan Sui's face changed drastically, and his hands plucked the strings in a frenzy. Divine sound burst all over the place, and he became shrouded in waves of dazzling divine sound, which seeped into his mind as well as being thrown at the terrifying demonic sound.

Boom. Yan Sui's body was repelled all of a sudden after a rumble was heard. It was as if he was being thrown away. Light dazzled all about him, and his eyes were shining with blinding divine light when he said, "That should do it."

Ye Futian, who was playing with his head hung low, stopped playing altogether. That terrifying demonic will disappeared without a trace.

Ye Futian then looked up at Yan Sui, whose eyes became extremely solemn. His expression changed somewhat.

He had never expected himself to have made such a grave mistake.

He had underestimated his enemy.

It was especially so when Ye Futian claimed to have been inferior, which made him think that he could overpower Ye Futian using music altogether. He never thought that all of that had only been a ruse on Ye Futian's part. The other man went as far as to humiliate himself, just to show that his proficiency in music was lacking, creating an illusion saying that he would lose easily. With that, one wondered what the crowd thought of the scene when compared to what Ye Futian said before.

Zhan Yuan glared at Ye Futian and realized why he had behaved in such a humble manner. Ye Futian was doing so just to bring about the effect that was currently seen.

That guy really has no bounds when it comes to methods. He actually dared to humiliate himself just so to make Yan Sui lose face altogether, he thought.

"Well played," Ye Futian put the demonic instrument away and said to Yan Sui.

"Your proficiency in the art of music far exceeded my expectations, sir Ye. Your mastery is on par with masters, and there is no need for you to humble yourself as you did." Yan Sui continued, "It seems like it was me who made the mistake of belittling cultivators of Heavenly Mandate Realm, and now I suffer the consequences. This is indeed quite a lesson, which I shall bear in mind from here on out."

Ye Futian looked at Yan Sui, not expecting the other man to behave so amicably. He was impressed at the bearing of that genius who was from the Shangxiao Divine Palace.

If Ye Futian were to be able to make a representative of The Shangxiao Divine Palace slip in their performance, it would naturally reflect poorly on Yi Tianyu.

"Well, I told you before, little brother, that Ye Futian is a top-notch genius in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. You've indeed been careless." A figure was seen walking out, and it was none other than the Crown Prince himself.

"It was indeed my mistake." Yan Sui nodded.

"However, it is indeed true that Ye Futian played a trick by sparring with you using a guqin of a demonic emperor, and you were caught off-guard. As such, it is not a true contest of music, and there is no need to mind all that much, little brother. You only need to remember the lesson well," Yi Tianyu continued.

The ones from Shangxiao Divine Palace nodded and cast their gaze at Ye Futian, which looked somewhat hostile.

It was apparent that Yan Sui had been set up by Ye Futian.

At that moment, a cultivator of Shangxiao Divine Palace emerged. He bowed at Ye Futian, saying, "Yue Qing of the Shangxiao Divine Palace. I'd like to spar with sir Ye."

"So you people are trying to fight yet another round then?" A figure from the side of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven emerged. The one who spoke was Hua Qingyun. He looked at the ones from Shangxiao Divine Palace and said, "You people were the ones who proposed sparring using music before, and Ye Futian had been as honest as he could have been. Yet, you people are reluctant to admit defeat and continue to propose yet another challenge then?"

"Are you a student of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven?" Yue Qing turned to Hua Qingyun and asked.

"Hua Qingyun of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven," Hua Qingyun smiled and answered.

"Yue Qing of Shangxiao Divine Palace. After you." Yue Qing bowed slightly at Hua Qingyun, and everyone was baffled. None had expected Yue Qing to have switched his target so quickly and chose to challenge Hua Qingyun, who was of the same plane as Ye Futian.

The turn of events was indeed unexpected. However, since Hua Qingyun claimed that they were trying to fight another round, then there would have been no problem for one of them to challenge him then.

Other than the Sky Demon Court and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, those from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven were anything but weak as well. While they were unable to compare with those two major forces, they fared a lot better than many other forces, especially when their top-notch figures—Jiang Taichu, Hua Qingyun, Wang Yanbing, Ye Futian, and some others—were concerned. Even if Gu Dongliu had not shown up, the ones present were still the best of the best, and they were all capable of holding their own.

From the looks of things, it seemed that those of Shangxiao Divine Palace of Higher Heavens Realm were about to clash with those from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

As such, things from then on out would be interesting. Jiang Taichu, Wang Yanbing, and the others had yet to fight, after all.

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    《The Legend of Futian》