The Legend of Futian
1491 Stay or Go
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1491 Stay or Go

Above the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, the whole gate was trembling.

Extremely dazzling fairy light erupted, and in an instant, countless dazzling rays of light shot in all directions. Even top figures' eyes were temporarily blinded by the light.

"What is that?" many people murmured while covering their eyes. When they narrowed their eyes into slits and tried to look at the scene again, they saw a three-dimensional star atlas with countless light beams of the Great Path shooting out of it.

Besides, this three-dimensional star atlas was being integrated into the Juexian Matrix. Gu Dongliu was sitting in the matrix and was also at the center of the star atlas. There was a gust of strong life force coming from his body, and a phantom of a peerless figure could be faintly seen. It seemed to be Gu Tianxing.

Around Gu Dongliu's body, many illusory figures showed up, all surrounded by the flowing fairy light. Not only that, but many Renhuang-level warriors came to form a circle around him and madly infused their energy into Gu Dongliu's body and launched the star atlas.

What is this? those top figures thought, puzzled. They found that countless warriors of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven were stepping into the Juexian matrix and standing at the eyes of the matrix. Each eye of the matrix was corresponding to one position in the star atlas.


The world was roaring, and the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was collapsing and shattering. All the force of the Celestial Gate seemed to be swallowed up by that terrifying matrix, and the star atlas became bigger and bigger, radiating toward all the nine skies.

Boom, boom, boom! The Great Path in the sky seemed to be resonating with it. Countless beams of divine light shot down and shone with the divine light emitting from the matrix. They continued moving into the distance and extended in infinitely distant places.

Some warriors looked up at the sky and saw beams of light directly come out of the sky, and all of a sudden, the light beams seemed to go out of sight.

All of Haotian city was shaking, and infinite life forces of Great Path rushed into the matrix and merged with it.

Above the sky dome, a figure was standing there. It was as if she stood alone outside the sky, but at this time, beams of light shot from the side, and in an instant, the light extended to the infinite distance and shot out of the sky dome.

Her perception reached into the distance, stretching out madly, and she found that her perception could not catch up with the movement of the light.

"The Path Diagram," she looked down at the matrix in the lower sky and murmured. The star atlas that merged with the Juexian Matrix launched a new matrix.

It was rumored that when Gu Tianxing traveled outside, he obtained a treasure which had the coordinate positions of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. Some people even said that if the secret of the treasure was unraveled, it could lead to the Great Path of all 3,000 Realms in any place.

However, because no one had seen it, and Gu Tianxing had never used it in front of people, the gossip only lasted for a while, and later, the world forgot it.

Now, it seemed that the rumor many years ago was true.

The Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace blanched a little, and they also felt the terrifying power of the Heavenly Might.

People of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven wanted to escape.

"Let's do it," the Imperial Lord of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty shouted. His finger pointed toward the sky, and the Qianqiu Brush dropped down from his hand. Numerous killing light beams shrouded the endless area and chopped down. The Qianqiu Brush came from the sky and thrust toward the super matrix.

Boom! The Thunder of Doomsdays engulfed the sky, and the catastrophic thunder covered tens of thousands of miles of Haotian City. In the sky above the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, the Thunder of Catastrophe was even more terrifying. The Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace held the Violet Divine Hammer in the sky and smashed down the hammer.

In just one moment, an extremely stout purple divine thunder penetrated the void sky and blasted down into the lower sky. Everything below it would be wiped out in the heavenly thunder.

Everyone in Haotian City felt a chill go down their spine. The attack was too horrible, and if it had targeted Haotian City, numerous people would have disappeared from the world in a flash.

Those who were standing a little close could not dare to watch the battle anymore, and all fled. This level of war could no longer be watched from a short distance. Even the aftermath of the fight might endanger their lives.

"Let's open a way," someone said in the endless divine light. A few figures rose from the Juexian Matrix. They were Jiang Chengzi and Hua Jiangshan, one of whom headed toward the warriors of the Violet Heavenly Palace, and the other went to the warriors of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. The Lord of the Wang Family headed toward the warriors of Yingzhao Mountain.

Three beams of divine light pierced through the sky, making it difficult for people to open their eyes.

Ye Futian was also in the matrix. When he looked up at these three figures, he felt stirred.

The Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was worthy of the word "Celestial" in its name.

Warriors were all staring at the upper sky. They saw Jiang Chengzi pass through the destructive thunderstorm, Hua Jiangshan's finger thrust toward the Qianqiu Brush, and the divine weapon transformed from the Lord of Wang Family colliding with the long spear of Yingzhao Mountain.

Three glowing beams ran through the sky, and the people in the matrix just saw the thunderbolt matrix of doomsdays above the sky dome be destroyed. All the warriors of the Violet Heavenly Palace had to scatter. Even the Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace spat out a mouthful of blood. In the void sky, a beam of light shot toward the void sky, and drops of blood flew down.

The situation in the other two directions was the same. The arrays formed by warriors of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Yingzhao Mountain were directly separated, and many of the warriors were even injured, which showed how strong the attack was.

"The Celestial Gate will last forever."

At this moment, a voice came from the matrix in the lower sky, and the sound made the void air tremble.

The moment these words were said, another beam of celestial light rose straight into the sky toward those warriors.

"The Celestial Gate will last forever," another voice came.

"The Celestial Gate will last forever..."

The voices came one after another, and the bright rays of divine light shot out. A terrifying scene appeared.

Many Renhuang figures transformed into intimidating light beams of the Great Path, attacking warriors of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Violet Heavenly Palace.

So many gallant heroes of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven all turned into immortal phantoms at this time and pierced through the void sky.

Warriors from the Shangxiao Divine Palace and the Violet Heavenly Palace were all hit hard. Many Renhuang figures let out low moans, and even the Imperial Lord and the Violet Heavenly Palace Lord were injured in the first round of attacks. Warriors of the Celestial Gate punched out their strongest blows with the power of the matrix, which penetrated the void sky, and then left.

But some of them were also seriously injured before leaving.


At this moment, a giant figure of the Purple-golden Rat King appeared over the crowd. It opened its big mouth, blocked the road, and swallowed a Renhuang warrior.

Gu Dongliu looked up at the sky and glanced at the Purple-golden Rat King. The next moment, countless beams of spatial light shot directly onto the sky dome, and all the rays in the matrix thrust out at the same instant.


A series of sound came out, and many Renhuang figures' bodies in the upper sky were stabbed. Their bodies exploded, and a lot of blood dripped down from the sky and disappeared in the light.

"What is that?"

Many people were shocked. Roars that trembled the space came from the sky dome, and people saw that the Purple-gold Rat King was stabbed by countless beams of divine light. Many bloody cuts appeared on his huge body. He shrank his body and ran away instantly. He moved out of the way.

Sacred light shrouded the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, and the matrix rotated and headed toward the sky dome along with countless beams of divine light. A group of figures showed up from all directions and headed straight into the clouds. At the same time, the entire matrix emitted countless beams of terrifying light, shooting toward every direction of the sky dome.

"The day when the Celestial Gate returns will be the day of your annihilation," voices said at the same time, extremely solemn. The divine light in the surroundings seemed to open the way, and so did all the warriors who fought. As for the center of the large matrix at this moment, countless warriors of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven directly merged into the divine light and disappeared between the sky and the earth in a flash. No one stopped them, and they would head toward the most distant place without interruption.

"Stop them!" An angry shout came from the Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. He was shocked to find that all the warriors of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven were shrouded in the matrix. At this moment, they turned into countless beams of divine light and shot towards the sky.

They wanted to take away the whole Celestial Gate.

Many warriors launched attacks, but the terrifying divine light next to them directly blocked their attacks, protecting the infinite divine light in the large matrix and left. They could have gone beforehand, but they did not. The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Violet Heavenly Palace wanted to exterminate the Celestial Gate, how could they just let them go without paying the price?

Although this might lead to injuries and even death, and some people might lose their chances to leave the Heavenly Mandate Realm because the Great Path of Space was attacked, they still did so with no hesitation.

"The Path Diagram will send them away from the Heavenly Mandate Realm," many people murmured, trembling inside. The whole Celestial Gate would move.

The day when the Celestial Gate returned, they would be annihilated.

Those unstopped divine light beams rushed directly into the endless void sky and disappeared. It was as if they opened a road of Great Path and took away all the warriors of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

The Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty looked up at the void sky, but his majestic face looked extremely embarrassed at this moment. He remembered the time when the figure foretold the fortune of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. The fortune of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was almost destroyed. It was extremely dim, but it still existed.

Wasn't the prophecy what was happening at the moment?

Everyone from Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven left, and the Celestial Gate collapsed. Their fortune was almost extinguished, but the people of the Celestial Gate all left.

People in Haotian City also looked up at the sky. They saw countless beams of divine light shine directly through the sky, and an infinite bright light appeared on the sky dome. All of them disappeared with the divine light.

Could this matrix take them directly out of the Heavenly Mandate Realm?

That bright Path Matrix might make it possible.

This matrix is so powerful, but why didn't they use it in Gu Tianxing's battle? someone people thought, shocked.

During the battle of that year, the technique of the matrix was not mature.

Gu Tianxing had been studying this matrix at that time, but he passed away before the matrix succeeded, leaving it to his two friends.

"Can those who were blocked by the attack also leave the Heavenly Mandate Realm?" someone whispered.

"No..." the Imperial Lord of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty yelled after hearing the whisper. His face turned pale, and he immediately turned around and walked away. He ordered, "Let's go back!"

The Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace also realized it. The three big figures who attacked previously rushed out and were obstructed by terrifying forces. They left after forcibly breaking their arrays.

Those three figures were most likely unable to leave the Heavenly Mandate Realm, or had they never thought of leaving?

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    《The Legend of Futian》