The Legend of Futian
1494 Music Master
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1494 Music Master

The Heavenly Mandate Realm world had been calm for many years since the Battle between Gu Tianxing of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and the old and new Imperial Lords of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

But now, another war broke out and shocked the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

This battle involved the five supreme forces and made countless people in the Heavenly Mandate Realm feel unsettled. In a brief period of time, every detail of this war swept across the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm, including the demon world. It had become a real sensation.

The scale of the war was the largest in the Heavenly Mandate Realm since Gu Tianxing's period, and the influence was also the strongest.

In this battle, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was destroyed. The Celestial Gate launched a super matrix and moved all the warriors of the Celestial Gate away. But some warriors who guarded them did not leave, and even the top three figures of Celestial Gate were left.

Jiang Chengzi of the Jiang Clan went to the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, and many people were severely injured or killed by him.

But what was even worse was the Violet Heavenly Palace. Hua Jiangshan—the Lord of Hua Clan—went astray and became a demon. His white clothes were stained with the blood of many Renhuang figures of the Violet Heavenly Palace. It was said that Zhan Yuan and other people's lives were controlled by Hua Jiangshan, and with one thought, he could have exterminated all the warriors of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

However, Hua Jiangshan did not do so, which made many people in the Heavenly Mandate Realm think that Hua Jiangshan, who went to the Violet Heavenly Palace, was a kind person.

Most people would have chosen to kill them if they had been in his situation.

However, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was not so lucky. Wang Yu—the Lord of the Wang Family—wanted to bring his family back into Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven but failed. However, he still went to the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven when the Celestial Gate was in danger.

Wang Yu, during a tragic battle, was disarmed but had severely injured the King of the Golden Rats. He soon passed away, but he had lived up to the glory of the Celestial Gate. It was as if he had never left.

Although he had some flaws in the past, this tragic battle still showed the loyalty and valor of this top Renhuang figure. He indeed lived up to the glory of the Celestial Gate and deserved to be a cultivator of the Celestial Gate.

A super battle ended. After that, the top forces such as the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Violet Divine Palace crazily searched for the Renhuang figures of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, who had not left and found that many of them had been killed. However, after that, they also found it out that Hua Jiangshan and Jiang Chengzi also killed many of their Renhuang figures.

These two people still hadn't left the Heavenly Mandate Realm, which made the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Violet Heavenly Palace restless.

Besides, it would be challenging to besiege and kill these two Lords. As long as they acted secretly, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Shangxiao Divine Palace could hardly kill them. The Imperial Lord and the Palace Lord also had concerns. They would no longer dare not leave alone to assassinate them unless they had already been found.

Everyone understood that this would be a long-term war, and the Heavenly Mandate Realm would not be peaceful.

As for the vast majority of people of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, it seemed that they had really been sent away by that super matrix and were no longer in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. It was rumored that the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Violet Heavenly Palace had already begun to send people to other realms to search for those people's information, and they seemed to try to use this to threaten Jiang Chengzi and Hua Jiangshan, who were hidden in the dark.

Everything that was happening in the Heavenly Mandate Realm confirmed the prophecy of the demon realm that the Heavenly Mandate Realm would change.

Today, it had changed. The Celestial Gate disappeared, and the Violet Heavenly Palace was rebuilt.

Was this the beginning of the change?

Each of the many things that happened in the Heavenly Mandate Realm recently seemed to touch people's hearts.

In the blink of an eye, two months had passed.

The whole Heavenly Mandate Realm was still shrouded in the shadow of that battle. At this time, there were many traces of the Great Path on the ground in a place of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Many people came here to see the remnant Wills.

At this moment, two rays of celestial light came down. The crowd looked up and immediately fell silent. Everyone stopped moving and looked at these two figures that showed up.

Jiang Chengzi and Hua Jiangshan.

They stood in the void sky and perceived the remaining Wills in this space. They could hardly feel it, and there were only some traces on the ground that were caused by the aftermath of the battle.

Here was the place where Wang Yubing was disarmed.

Wang Yu died here.

They walked down and came to a place. Over the ground, there was a trace of white light, which was a fragment of a broken sword. The sword fragment still contained very strong Sword Wills, and no one dared to approach it.

Jiang Chengzi walked there, took the fragments, held it tightly in one hand, and looked forward.

"Jiang Chengzi—the Lord of Jiang Clan of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven."

"Hua Tianshan—the Lord of Hua Clan of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven."

Both of them spoke at the same time in a somber voice. They announced loudly, "Today, the Wang Clan is granted to enter the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and become a part of the Celestial Gate."

After these words, both of them turned into two beams of celestial light and disappeared, as if they had never been here. However, above the sky dome, the echo lingered for a long time.

The Wang Clan was granted to enter the Celestial Gate, and all the disciples of the Wang Clan would become members of the Celestial Gate.

People were in shock for a long time and felt their blood boiling. Wang Yu lived up to the glory of the Celestial Gate, and the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven would not disappoint him.

Today, Wang Yu's wish of a lifetime was fulfilled.

However, the day when the Celestial Gate returned, what would the scene be like?

No one knew.

The storm of the Heavenly Mandate Realm was rising, and who knew about the future?


The thing that happened in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, after a while, even spread to other realms.

When the Super Matrix of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was opened, people of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven were sent to many different realms.

In the Higher Heavens Realm, the most sacred place of cultivation was the Shangxiao Divine Palace. It was very solemn.

In the Shangxiao Divine Palace, over a palace hall, someone was looking into the distance. The person was wearing a gorgeous golden suit, and his eyes were tinged with golden divine light. He was the Crown Prince of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty—Yi Tianyu.

The news of the Heavenly Mandate Realm had reached the Higher Heavens Realm, so he had also received the news during his cultivation in the Divine Palace.

In the beginning, when his Father asked him to leave, he had already known that the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty would lay a hand on the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. Otherwise, Father would not let him go immediately.

At that time, he had an inexplicable feeling. Of course, he hoped that the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty would revive and destroy the Celestial Gate, but at the same time, he did not want Gu Dongliu and Ye Futian to fall so early.

These two opponents on his way of cultivation motivated him to keep moving forward and never relax.

In the Heavenly Mandate Realm, both of them would become gallant figures of this era.

However, in the end, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty failed. The Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven opened a super matrix and sent their warriors away. It was said that they were sent to many different realms.

Today, where were Ye Futian and Gu Dongliu?

At this moment, the sound of footsteps came from behind Yi Tianyu. Someone said to him in a low voice, "What are you thinking about?"

After she said it, the person came to Yi Tianyu's side and looked into the distance with him. Her voice was so beautiful that everyone would be curious about her appearance when hearing her voice. Her face was also extremely gorgeous and would not disappoint anyone.

"Nothing," Yi Tianyu said and smiled at her.

This lady was also a core disciple of Shangxiao Divine Palace. She was extremely talented and was also a princess of a top force in the Higher Heavens Realm. She had heard that Yi Tianyu encountered some setbacks in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, and even his marriage proposal was refused.

"You are thinking about your family thing, right? I have heard a little bit," the woman smiled and said. "The storm in the Heavenly Mandate Realm suddenly rises up. Maybe all these nine realms would be affected by it. We must work harder."

"Yes," Yi Tianyu said and nodded. The Nine Realms had been calm for many years, but commotion could rise again at any time. The Heavenly Mandate Realms was a good example. Even though he was a disciple of Shangxiao Divine Palace, a peerless and talented figure, in reality, his current Plane was still not enough compared with other warriors of top forces in the Nine Realms.


There was an area in the Higher Heavens Realm called Taixuan Region, and the main city of Taixuan Region was Taixuan City.

The most prestigious restaurant in the city was named after Taixuan City, which was called Taixuan Restaurant.

This restaurant had received a lot of big figures.

The restaurant was very large and magnificent, just like a royal palace comprised of many towering buildings with extremely luxurious embellishments. There were many special seats set in the lofty buildings and in the garden outside.

At this time, a fragrance of the wine came from the restaurant garden. The scent was so alluring as if one would be charmed just by taking a sniff of it. The Taixuan Restaurant always served the best wine, and all wine and dishes were all very expensive. Ordinary people never dared to enter.

In such an expensive restaurant, music was indispensable.

There was a pavilion in the garden. Peach trees around the pavilion were blooming, and leaves were slowly falling down, covering the area.

Someone was playing zither in the garden. The scenery was beautiful, and so was the zither. The zither music was in harmony with the scene, adding a serene mood to the restaurant.

Some guests were drinking and looking towards the pavilion. In front of an ancient zither, a figure in white clothes was sitting there, with long black hair loosely falling around his shoulders. His face was flawlessly handsome and made people want to praise his unparalleled elegance.

He was indeed so in such an atmosphere.

"Mr. Shen's accomplishment in music is indeed marvelous. I wonder how powerful it will be when used with the Music Spell," some guests in the restaurant discussed with a smile.

"I heard that not long ago, some guests had a dispute here, and Mr. Shen soothed their emotions with the music of zither and easily solved the dispute."

"I don't know who his master was, but his master must be an unusual person," someone said softly. All the Laws in the world were interlinked, and since he could master the skill of playing zither at such a high level, he must be an extraordinary person.

Not to mention that Taixuan Restaurant invited him.

"It is said that Mr. Shen cultivates in Zither Sword and could use the music of zither to release superb power of the sword."

"Right? If there is a chance, I want to see it."

When everyone was talking, the music of zither stopped slowly. Someone sitting near the window looked toward the musician in the pavilion and said, "If Mr. Shen is interested, would you like to become my zither teacher?"

Many people followed the voice and looked up. The person who spoke was a lady with a flawless body and a glamorous face. Nobody could move their eyes from her, but she, as an Empress-level figure, had an intimidating Might in her body.

The Music Master looked up toward her, rose, and smiled. "Thank you for your appreciation, Your Majesty, but I don't want to leave yet."

The Empress looked at him with a smile, and then her body flashed away. Suddenly, several warriors also rose into the air at the same time. A sedan chair appeared in the void sky. Her delicate feet stepped into the void sky, and she entered the sedan chair. She took a look at the young man and left.

The young man silently put away the zither, then rose up and left. He was Ye Futian, who had changed his appearance.

He came to the Higher Heavens Realm from the Heavenly Mandate Realm!

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    《The Legend of Futian》