The Legend of Futian
1495 The Trial
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1495 The Trial

Ye Futian returned to the backyard of Taixuan Restaurant. A young man and a young woman came to him, both with extraordinary temperament.

"Mr. Shen, I didn't expect that your zither music would receive praise from Empress Ji. That is great!" the man looked at Ye Futian and said with a smile. Before, the figure who invited Ye Futian to become her zither player was Empress Ji, a figure who had a great reputation in Taixuan City.

Empress Ji was a big-hearted and extremely charismatic person, a goddess-figure in countless cultivators' eyes, but they could only look up at her and dare not to fantasize about her. Even though Empress Ji was not married yet, she was the Empress.

"Mr. Shen's zither music is very unusual and refined and has a very deep artistic mood. The moment the music starts, people can engage in the atmosphere. No wonder Empress Ji also appreciates your music skills," the lady said and smiled lightly. She looked at Ye Futian's handsome face, but somehow, could not see through him.

According to his temperament and his mastery of music, Ye Futian seemed to come from a famed family and should not be of ordinary status. Although he called himself the Zither Sword Master, everyone had only heard of his zither, and no one had ever seen him draw a sword.

There seemed to be a mysterious life force around him.

Moreover, with his accomplishments, Ye Futian should not be willing to just work as a restaurant zither musician. Although Taixuan Restaurant was not an ordinary restaurant, everyone knew who the owner of this restaurant was.

"I am flattered," Ye Futian responded with a smile.

The two looked at each other, shook their heads, and smiled bitterly. So far, they did not understand what Ye Futian wanted. If he were an ordinary person, it would be good to be a zither musician in the Taixuan Restaurant, but Ye Futian was not ordinary. His Cultivation Plane and his Mastery of Music had proved this.

"Brother Shen, would you like to visit my teacher with me and become his disciple?" repeated the young man. His teacher was the owner of Taixuan Restaurant.

In the Taixuan Region, no one dared to look down upon the owner of Taixuan Restaurant. His status in the Taixuan Region was extraordinary. Taixuan Restaurant was the top restaurant in Taixuan City, and no one had dared to make trouble in Taixuan Restaurant all because of the transcendent status of the owner.

The Lord of Taixuan City and the owner of Taixuan Restaurant were actually Brothers. This was a fact that everyone knew, and it was not a secret. Of course, in addition to their status and strength, they also had a super powerful Master.

Therefore, it could be said that if the owner of Taixuan Restaurant wanted to take a disciple, it would become a very big sensation, and countless people in the Taixuan Region would crave this opportunity.

However, Ye Futian seemed very indifferent when he heard the young man's words. He shook his head expressionlessly. He didn't come to the restaurant for the lord of Taixuan Restaurant.

His reaction is what I expected, the young man looked at Ye Futian and thought. Ye Futian had declined a few times.

Ye Futian didn't come to the restaurant to visit his teacher. Even though the young man just tentatively asked about it, Ye Futian directly declined and shook his head casually, without any hesitation.

So, what did Ye Futian come to Taixuan Restaurant for?

They didn't see the slightest clue during these days.

"I'm going for a walk," Ye Futian said with a smile and then went outside. His habit was the same as before. The young man and young woman took a look at each other.

"Let's go," the young man whispered and then went out.

Outside the restaurant, Ye Futian was heading forward. As the main city of Taixuan Realm, Taixuan City, this ancient city, was extremely prosperous and had countless warriors, even including many Renhuang-level figures. It could absolutely be counted as one of the most powerful zones in the entire Higher Heavens Realm.

The Taixuan Region had a relatively condescending position in the Higher Heavens Realm because a super-giant had been living on the top of Taixuan Mountain. It was a terrifying top figure of the Higher Heavens Realm.

Because of him, this place was called the Taixuan Region. Although he did not establish a sect, his status was as prestigious as that of Haotian City in the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. He was a peak figure in the Realm, and all the disciples he had raised were all extremely famed figures.

Among them, there were the Lord of Taixuan City and the owner of Taixuan Restaurant.

Ye Futian carefully watched the scenery in the city. In the ancient city, Saint-Plane warriors were everywhere, as if in the Nine Supreme Realm, the Saint Plane was just a common thing. Presumably, this was due to the regional advantage of copious spiritual resources.

Ye Futian sped up, and with just one step, he entered the void sky. He disappeared from the place in an instant as if he could flash away anywhere in the air.

After he left, two figures appeared where he was before. They released their thoughts but only found out that Ye Futian's trace had vanished.

"So fast," they said. They looked at each other, shook their heads with bitter smiles, and then came back. The speed of the musician was also appallingly fast, and just in an instant, they couldn't find him anymore.

"Let's go to the Realm of Ruin," the man said.

"Going to the Realm of Ruin?" the woman looked at him and said with a smile. "I heard that the Young Sister of the City Lord Residence would also go there."

"Don't think too much. It is said that a great warrior has appeared in the Realm of Ruin recently. Many people were planning to challenge him. There are indeed many of Uncle's disciples ready to go there," the young man said casually while they were both walking in one direction.

The Realm of Ruin was a very famous place in Taixuan City, and it was a trial place for countless cultivators of Taixuan City.

The entrance to the Realm of Ruin was located in the center of Taixuan City, where there was a very mysterious place. The front of the place was like a hazy land of ruins covered by invisible light. If one went near it, it would become an invisible existence.

In front of the illusory ruins, there was a gate, which was the prestigious gate of the Realm of Ruins.

Through this huge gate of a height of 100 feet, one could enter the Realm of Ruins, which was an independent space large enough to accommodate a city, such as Taixuan City, easily.

The history of the Realm of Ruin was extremely ancient. It was said that there was a relic a long time ago. Countless warriors had been there to explore the treasures, but after many years, the Realm of Ruin had now evolved from the land of treasure hunting to a trial ground. Numerous cultivators entered the Realm of Ruins for trials to judge at what level their strengths were at, which was extremely helpful for their understanding of cultivation methods.

At this moment, outside the Realm of Ruin, a group of figures arrived. Everyone in the group had a very extraordinary temperament. The person who took the lead was a woman with a pair of eyes which seemed able to talk to you, and she fixed her gaze on the two young men in Taixuan Restaurant.

"Sister Luoyue," the young man called with a smile. Immediately, everyone looked toward the young lady. Had Princess Luoyue arrived?

The daughter of the City Lord, his most precious girl.

Luoyue naturally also noticed the young man. She looked calm and nodded gently. She asked, "Are you also going to enter the Realm of Ruins?"

"Yes, go take a look," the young man responded with a smile. The lady next to him looked embarrassed. Did he just want to take a look there?

"Okay, good luck, Brother," Luo Yue said and walked toward the huge gate of Realm of Ruin. The moment when she stepped into that gate, a strong sense of thought surged.

Later, Luoyue disappeared. Not just her, but the people who followed her also lost traces and entered the Realm of Ruin.

"I don't know if there will be a good show. Princess Luoyue was also free to come here. In addition to her, several other powerful characters have also entered the Realm of Ruin this time, right?" people discussed outside.

It was said that all this was related to a mysterious swordsman-in-training.

Inside the Realm of Ruin, the scene was completely different from the outside world. Here was a real independent space, and it was also a great land of ruins, vast and boundless.

In one place, there was a gust of sword force passing by and thrusting toward a person's head in an instant. After the sword passed, blood splashed out, and the man froze there, looking at the figure in front of him, completely baffled.

The figure changed his thought and disappeared from the Realm of Ruin.

The Swordsman-in-training who defeated him was dressed in white, and his face seemed to be covered with mist. He could not see his true appearance. Many people who entered the Realm of Ruin would do so to avoid the grievances in the Realm of Ruin being taken to the outside world.

The figure in white was Ye Futian. When he came to the Shangxiao Divine Palace, he first entered the Taixuan Restaurant and later immersed himself in such status every day. He played zither to purify his heart and cleanse his state of mind, going to the Realm of Ruin to temper his own swordsmanship and improve his comprehension in battles.

Vroom, vroom, vroom… Many figures descended from the void sky and showed up in different positions in front of Ye Futian. Every one of them had a very strong life force, and they were all cultivators of Unblemished Plane. When their life force bloomed, a violent storm wrapped around Ye Futian.

Ye Futian waved his palms, and suddenly a row of swords appeared in front of him. He glanced at the figures in front of him and raised his hand. The swords came out and penetrated through the void sky.

Boom! Several figures walked up at the same time, and their spirit was amazing. They tried to stop the swords, making the swords shriek and slow down their high speed.

Ye Futian took a step forward, and his Sword Will grew stronger, like a sword-shaped storm. He pressed his finger forward, and the sword screamed as if he couldn't control it anymore. The sword attacked those warriors at the same time.

In only one moment, several warriors were penetrated by the sword force, but behind them, a Nirvana-Plane figure appeared, surrounded by the horrifying force.

Vroom. Ye Futian walked in the void and headed towards the Nirvana Saint. When he took the step, the sword crossed the sky and shot straight to that figure. That warrior raised his hand and blasted out, making the Sword Will collapse.

The winds howled, and behind Ye Futian, numerous sharp swords appeared. Each sword seemed to contain one life.

"Go," he ordered and pointed one finger. A series of swords thrust out. The Nirvana-Plane warrior moved forward and strode in the void sky. His fist punched out, and the void sky trembled violently. All the swords were shattered.

Ye Futian waved his hands, and around his body, numerous swords surrounded him. Each sword was devouring terrifying sword light as if the swords had formed a sword matrix.

Vroom. Ye Futian followed the swords. Numerous swords destroyed everything and attacked the warrior. The void sky screamed when he stepped out, and the surrounding space seemed to be exploding and shattering. A terrifying storm of the Great Law swept across heaven and earth. The warrior punched his fists at the same time and smashed the swords crazily.

However, the sword light circle of the Great Law seemed to be endless, and the Sword Will even seemed to attack the warrior's soul, which made him extremely unsettled.

Finally, Ye Futian raised his finger to the other side, and the tens of thousands of Great Law swords were integrated into one at the moment. The Great Law was penetrated, and the Nirvana-Plane figure let out a low groan. His face turned pale. He looked up at the man in front of him in shock. Who was he?

How could he, as a cultivator of Unblemished Plane, so easily defeat a warrior of Nirvana Plane. It was as if anyone who stood in front of him could be killed by his sword.

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    《The Legend of Futian》