The Legend of Futian
1496 Sword Mudra
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1496 Sword Mudra

Ye Futian's shape flickered, and his body turned into a sword. It continued moving and passing the other. He came upon a massive stone pillar. Below the stone pillar was a land of ruin, and on the top was a disc, upon which Ye Futian sat cross-legged.

The Realm of Ruin was discovered many years ago. It was regarded as a relic. This stone pillar was able to stand for many years without collapsing, which was enough to prove its sturdiness.

His white robe fluttered, and the sword will flowed upon him, creating a oppressive flow of sword will around him. They were like sword mudras, but also like a sword runes, rotating around his body. But each of the sword mudras that was formed by the sword rune contained powerful sword will and sword spirit. It was as if they were alive, circling Ye Futian's body.

The news of the battle at the Heavenly Mandate Realm had reached the Higher Heavens Realm. Ye Futian had also heard about the situation while at Taixuan Tavern. Wang Yu—the lord of the Wang clan—was killed in battle. The two major clan lords of Celestial Gate were still at Heavenly Mandate Realm, leaving the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and Violet Heavenly Palace no time to rest.

Judging from how the battle ended, the truth was that the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven did not suffer significant losses, but the Violet Heavenly Palace and Heavenly Mandate Dynasty paid the price. The Celestial Gate was leveled and forced to move. It was definitely a fate that the people of Celestial Gate found hard to accept. Who would be willing to leave their home?

The disintegration of the Celestial Gate was a kind of sorrow, but escape was also a kind of sorrow.

In this Supreme Path Realm of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, even though Saint Plane indicated extreme talent, which would enjoy great renown in times of peace, but in the time of war, it would be the first on the enemy's hit list. During times of hostility, the most talented would be the first to be eliminated in order to remove any potential threats.

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was going to kill the third senior brother and him. The prospect of the Celestial Gate was only going to be ever more prosperous, and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty couldn't afford to wait any longer, hence the deathblow.

He clearly realized that only strength was all that mattered, so now he came to the Higher Heavens Realm. He was very clear about what he needed to do.

The Realm of Ruin was the best place of trial for those of the Saint Plane in Taixuan City. Any cultivators of the Saint Plane could come here to test themselves and without fear. Many were made famous in the Realm of Ruin, known by all.

However, he came here for the purpose of tempering and improving his strength.

These days, many had been defeated by his sword, so in the Realm of Ruin, many wanted to find him for an exchange.

Nowadays, he no longer needed to take the initiative to find opponents since opponents would come to him.

Several figures came out of thin air, and some came through the ruins. Around the stone pillars where Ye Futian was, there were also some shorter stone pillars. There were people standing on them. The eyes of many were focused on Ye Futian.

These people all appeared very silent. Some had hidden their faces, while some were exposed to the world without disguise.

"Who are you, and under what major clan are you cultivating with?" someone who came through the ruins and looked at Ye Futian and asked.

There was a misty atmosphere hovered in front of Ye Futian. His entire visage was hidden in the mist so that it appeared very vague and unclear. No one could really see his face.

Judging from his battle record, he should be somewhat well known in Taixuan City, but no one had heard of anyone who cultivated in the sword technique he used.

Ye Futian still sat there quietly without opening his eyes. It was as if everything outside had nothing to do with him. He was only focusing on his own cultivation, giving a sense of mystery and an extraordinary temperament.

More sound of footsteps was heard again, and everyone turned their attention to the newcomer. Suddenly, in the ruins, many backed away and opened a path.

"Princess Luoyue is here."

Princess Luoyue was the daughter of the city lord of Taixuan City and possessed an extraordinary status. It was rumored that in the future, it was very likely that she would cultivate at Taixuan Mountain. She was a truly excellent lady among ladies.

Those by her side were no ordinary characters, either. A strapping young man on her left had a battleaxe slung across his back. Just a glance and one could feel his dominant and overbearing personality. His name was Deng Hu. Though his name seemed insignificant, his strength was extremely aggressive, as he was known as the Storm Saint, whose Storm Battleaxe was known for its power to inflict terror. In Taixuan City, he had no opponent within his plane.

The one on the right was a handsome and elegant young man with a gentlemanly demeanor. His name was Lin Yuan.

These two men were both trusted disciples of the lord of Taixuan City, and they were both very strong. Now, it seemed that they had both come for this swordsman.

"Interesting." A voice spoke, and a middle-aged man clad in black appeared next to Ye Futian. When people saw him, their hearts tightened. He had also come. This man did not disguise his face, and in the Realm of Ruin, he was among the few strongest people and had few rivals in the Saint Plane.

However, he did not come to fight, but purely to watch the show.

These days, almost every day, this swordsman would enter the Realm of Ruin. After many days of exchanges with these people and demonstrating his extraordinary talent, most people had heard about this, so they all wanted to see who this character was.

"It is him." Behind Luoyue, a woman looked in the direction of Ye Futian, her eyes hard, and said, "His sword is very fast."

Princess Luoyue looked stoic. She glanced at Ye Futian. The speaker was her cousin, whose cultivation was also Unblemished Plane. Upon hearing that she had met a master swordsman in the Realm of Ruin who had finished the match in one strike, her cousin was so scared that she immediately left the Realm of Ruin because she was afraid that if Ye Fu were serious, she wouldn't even have the chance to get out.

The space of the Realm of Ruin was a curious place; they could be moved out of the Realm as soon as they moved their minds. Therefore, they could boldly go through the trials here and battle. When their safety was endangered, they could always leave with a mere thought. Very few had lost their lives here.

But that last time when she fought Ye Futian, if his sword was meant to take her life, she had no chance to get out, as there was no time for a single thought. Ye Futian's sword was unimaginably fast.

"I heard that your sword is very fast," Princess Luo Yue said to Ye Futian. Ye Futian opened his eyes to look at the speaker, and said quietly, "It serves."

"Do you remember her?" She pointed to the woman next to her, who had been defeated by Ye Futian.

"She looks familiar," Ye Futian responded, which embarrassed the woman. She had a deep memory of Ye Futian, but to him, she was just somewhat familiar.

"It seems that you, sir, have had many victories in the Realm of Ruin," Princess Luoyue said again. The more people that he defeated, the less he would remember those he defeated.

Ye Futian did not respond. He did experience many battles in the Realm of Ruin. The people in the Unblemished Plane were typically being vanquished quickly, as not many could afford to continue exchanging with him. Although she looked familiar, she did not make a deep impression.

"I am Luoyue of the City Lord's Residence at Taixuan City. I've come to see your strength," Princess Luoyue introduced herself. Although her status was lofty, she did not possess a dominant or arrogant demeanor. In the Realm of Ruin, the status was a lot less important than strength.

"Sounds good," Ye Futian nodded. Although the City Lord of Taixuan City was just the master of a city, in actuality, it was considered to be quite a powerful principality. Judging from the position of Taixuan Region in the Higher Heavens Realm, Taixuan City was equivalent to the eight major thunder clans of the Violet Heavenly Palace in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, and it would be the strongest clan amongst the eight.

His master—Lord Taixuan—was a giant figure in the Higher Heavens Realm. This Taixuan Region was named after Lord Taixuan.

The owner of Taixuan Tavern was also a disciple of Lord Taixuan.

Therefore, it could be said that Princess Luoyue was also a disciple of Lord Taixuan, so her status was undoubtedly high.

"The Princess does not need to get personally involved. We also want to experience the strength of this mysterious swordsman personally," someone next to Ye Futian said. Many people wanted to take their shot today, and it would look like they also did a favor for the Princess. It was a win-win situation.

"My thoughts exactly," another person said.

"So, who will be first?" someone asked. This swordsman was well known, and it was not easy to defeat him. The one who made a move first wouldn't necessarily get any advantages.

"All of you, all together," Ye Futian said. The group of people revealed a surprised look.


This mysterious swordsman was truly audacious.

"Please, then." A figure walked up, the power from his body bloomed, and suddenly, the space became incredibly heavy. Violent banging sounds were heard, and along with them was an extreme sense of oppression.

He walked toward Ye Futian. Each step he took was akin to that of an ancient god. Everyone could clearly feel the power of the oppression, and many people's blood seemed to be frozen in their veins.

Ye Futian was expressionless. Suddenly, a character sword mudra flew out in front of him, turning into a brilliant light. It traveled through the air, its speed fast to the limit.

The cultivator didn't hesitate and blasted out with a punch. The bright aurora of the fist shattered the void. Many shadows of the fists became one with an absolutely domineering stance and aimed the sword mudra.

There was a sharp piercing howling, and one after the other, the fist shadows were pulverized. A ray of light directly penetrated the row of fist shadows, and then shot straight at the man, right between the eyes.

Buzz. A ray of light was shining, and the figure disappeared the sword mudra arrived with a roar and landed where he was, and then stopped. Clearly, the opponent had already escaped from the Realm of Ruin.

"This ..." Many felt a sobering effect inside. How humiliating.

The sword mudra that was released actually stopped, circled the void, and returned to Ye Futian's side. Just a sword mudra alone was more than what the other party could bear.

The character sword mudra around Ye Futian's body suddenly burst into dazzling divine light. With Ye Futian's thoughts, all the sword mudra traveled through the air at the same time and aimed directly at all the cultivators who had just walked out to meet him.

All of a sudden, an extremely violent air current of the Great Path erupted in this space. All the cultivators made their moves at the same time to release the might of Way, and each of the figures was dominant and powerful in their own right.

But puffing sounds were heard continually, and those bright sword mudras were like the divine light of the Great Path, flowing endlessly between heaven and earth. Wherever they passed, they left nothing living behind. Everything was destroyed, just as the Way.

In an instant, many were injured and flew back and some were scared to withdraw. The people in this plane were simply unable to compete.

Ye Futian slowly got up. His body was dazzling all over. The sword light surrounded his body, and a sword appeared behind him. The light of the sword soul was incredibly brilliant, just like a king of swords.

All methods of the ward were similar. Some powers, after they had been comprehended and understood, when applied to swordsmanship, were equally as powerful. How could these idiots from Taixuan City understand!

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    《The Legend of Futian》