The Legend of Futian
1498 Not So Simple
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1498 Not So Simple

Outside the gate of the Realm of Ruin, many figures, who were being sent out from the realm, appeared.

Strong waves of the will of Way fluctuated, and many were still in the state of battle.

Luoyue also appeared in another location. She glanced over and assessed the people around her as if she was looking for something.

It was not just her, but others were are searching, looking toward this space outside the Realm of Ruin, wanting to find the trace of that mysterious swordsman.

"That guy was really strong."

A rough voice spoke, and it was Deng Hu. His attitude was aggressive, still carrying the battle-ax on his back. His eyes swept across all directions of the land and lingered for a moment on quite a few people.

He was the true disciple of the City Lord of Taixuan City, and his talent was considered outstanding, but he was defeated by someone who came from another realm in the Unblemished Plane. This type of combat prowess was incredible, especially that last sword strike, which was able to hack away the spiritual soul through sheer air.

When the sword will exploded completely, it shook everyone's soul and spirit. It had been as if they were about to be torn apart.

In the end, he wiped out all the cultivators with a single sword strike and claimed that a single strike was enough.

"When did such a powerful person appear in Taixuan City?" he murmured in his heart. His deep eyes swept across the crowd, but he still couldn't find Ye Futian's trail.

Previously, Ye Futian had concealed his face, but his temperament and breath could still be felt. At this time, amongst those who appeared outside the Realm of Ruin, there was no trace.

"Are you still here?"

At this time, a voice spoke up. It was Luoyue. Those who participated in the battle and the onlookers in the Realm of Ruin obviously knew who she was referring to, but many people outside the Realm of Ruin were somewhat puzzled. Who was the Princess looking for?

No one responded. It was exceptionally quiet outside the Realm of Ruin.

"Did anyone saw a swordsman coming out of the gate of the Realm of Ruin?" Lin Yuan asked the onlookers. If he had come out, then those who were outside of the Realm of Ruin must have seen him.

Many people shook their heads. They had only seen a group of people being sent out one after another, but no one behaved like a swordsman.

"Just now I was outside the gate of the Realm of Ruin, all of you almost came out one after another, and there were many," someone remarked. Many who watched the battle before knew that there was nothing to see inside, so they came out.

"So, he should still be there?" Lin Yuan's eyes were sharp, sweeping across the surrounding crowd, but he still could not find him.

"Your swordsmanship was excellent. Why not show yourself?" Luoyue continued to implore.

"I actually saw that among all who had come out earlier, someone left quietly, seemingly good at the way of space," an older man, who stood in the void, said. Luoyue's face turned grave. "Someone left? "

"Yes." The old man nodded. "This man came out with everyone else, and left directly through space, masking his breath. Even his face was obscured."

"It's most likely him." Luoyue's look changed slightly. Why was this man so mysterious? Was there something that he could not reveal?

"This person's swordsmanship was superb. He must come from a famous clan. Is it possible for Princess Luoyue to guess who he is?" someone asked. They were also one of the cultivators who was vanquished by Ye Futian.

As the lady of the City Lord's Office at Taixuan City, she was bound to be well-informed and know some powerful figures with great swordsmanship.

"Sword technique that attacks the spiritual soul," Luoyue mumbled. "The strongest swordsman in Taixuan Region was on Taixuan Mountain, but as far as I know, there was no such disciple on Taixuan Mountain."

Taixuan Mountain was where the master—the City Lord of Taixuan City—cultivated. The sacred land of Taixuan Region had the strongest sword techniques, but Taixuan Mountain did not have such a cultivator. Not to mention, if the other was someone who cultivated at Taixuan Mountain, there was no need for disguise.

"The other seemed to use the Realm of Ruin as a place of trial, and maybe he will come again tomorrow," next to Luoyue, her younger sister said. Luoyue nodded.

From the Realm of Ruin, someone came out again. They were two disciples of Taixuan Tavern, and they both walked toward Luoyue, saying, "Did junior sister cross sword with that swordsman?"

"Umm." Luoyue nodded.

"How was it?" asked the youth.

"Very strong." Luoyue nodded, causing the youth to show a color of surprise. He said, "Too bad, I missed it."

"You didn't miss anything, junior brother Ma. You wouldn't be able to fight him, either," Deng Hu said next to him. The young man looked at Deng Hu, as he was the junior brother Ma referred to by Deng Hu. His name was Ma Yi, and like Deng Hu, they were both from Taixuan Mountain, so he could be considered Deng Hu's junior brother.

"This person is very strong," Luoyue said, looking at Ma Yi. "All of us at Taixuan Mountain must work hard to cultivate."

Ma Yi looked at Luoyue, somewhat surprised. This junior sister of his was the precious daughter of the City Lord, who had a lofty heart and was extremely proud. Her talent was outstanding and listening to her tone, it seemed that the battle that took place previously had touched her deeply.

"If you say so, then he must be really strong. If there is chance, I must meet him," said Ma Yi, "Now, there is an interesting person in Taixuan Tavern, who was very good at guqin and played superbly. Even for us, we would be entranced by it. Are you interested in listening?"

Luoyue was slightly surprised. Though she was a fan of music, she had just seen such an outstanding swordsman; she did not have much interest in music right at this moment.

"Uncle hasn't been to the Tavern for a long time because of the many affairs he was handling, so I would like to invite junior sister and two senior brothers to catch up at the Tavern," Ma Yi continued. The woman beside him gave him a look. Ma Yi was really trying hard to court his junior sister.

But as a woman, she was more sensitive, and as a bystanders, she could see that Luoyue didn't share his feelings at all.

What's more, even if Luoyue had these thoughts, the person she would choose must be a disciple who cultivated with the masters on Taixuan Mountain or the best among the branches of their clan. Ma Yi's talent, good though it was, left much to be desired, falling short of Luoyue's expectations and standards.

"Very well, we may as well take this opportunity to visit Uncle." Luoyue nodded gently, and the group departed, heading toward Taixuan Tavern.

In an attic behind Taixuan Tavern, Ye Futian sat cross-legged, his eyes closed in meditation.

Thanks to these days of cultivation, his swordsmanship finally made a breakthrough, and he was able to wield the sword of the broken soul. Next, if he concentrated and solidified his comprehension, his swordsmanship would not be less than his other abilities. This way, as a musical swordmaster, it would be enough for him to take firm root in the Upper Heavens Realm.

Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven had mobilized the Super Grand Matrix to move the Fae clan, but all the cultivators were sent to different locations. He had no idea how many people were in the Upper Heavens Realm. Even if there were many, how vast was the Upper Heavens Realm?

Now, they could only each work hard on their own to cultivate. In this situation, he had to act cautiously. Otherwise, if the people of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty got wind of his whereabouts, they would undoubtedly send Renhuang cultivators to come and kill him.

Even the Overlord himself would issue the license to kill.

After Brahma Sky City, the determination of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty to kill him had become extremely strong.

Presently, he had no idea of the whereabouts of the master, Eldest senior brother, Wuchen, and Xia Qingyuan.

It was good fortune that Yu Sheng was cultivating at the Dragon Gods. If Yu Sheng came out of closed cultivation and learned of the news related to them, perhaps he would be angry. But Yu Sheng was discreet; he was not worried.

"Is young master Shen here?" At this moment, a crystalline voice was heard, and Ye Futian got up and looked down below, he saw a beautiful woman standing there. It was the woman who had been with her brother, Lingling.

"I am," Ye Futian replied.

"Today, the master is hosting a banquet to entertain a distinguished guest. Could young master add to the occasion with your music?" the woman smiled and asked. It was not that she did not respect Ye Futian, but that Ye Futian was the Tavern's musician.

Now, the House Master of the Tavern was having a banquet. For him to play was just part of his responsibility.

Moreover, although he was only a musician in the Tavern, everyone was respectful and polite to him. At least, on the surface, the disciples of the House Master had not been rude to him; this was a presentation of their level and breeding.

"Very well," Ye Futian nodded and walked out of the attic, and came to Lingling's side.

"Thank you, young master Shen," Lingling nodded with a smile, then led the way. The two quickly came to the banquet site. When Ye Futian saw the guest, there was a slight disturbance in his eyes, but no one had noticed.

This guest was someone he had just met not too long ago; it was Luoyue.

The House Master of Taixuan Tavern sat at the head, and this was the first time for Ye Futian. To his surprise, the House Master of Taixuan Tavern was an empress, who was elegant, noble, and full of grace. Common men hardly dared to look at her directly, but her eyes were very gentle, and she glanced at Ye Futian.

"Greetings to the House Master." Ye Futian bowed his head to pay his respect. He had heard that the House Master of Taixuan Tavern was the junior brother of Lord Taixuan, but he had not heard any mention of her gender before.

"Sit," the House Master said casually.

"Thank you, House Master." Ye Futian nodded and found his place. He then took out his guqin. The sound of guqin was heard instantly. It was extremely ethereal, quiet, and soothing.

"Has Uncle heard of anyone who is an expert at this kind of swordsmanship?" Luoyue asked the House Master. Apparently, she was talking about what had happened in the Realm of Ruin.

"Although there is, his disciples couldn't possibly be in the Taixuan Region, nor would he deliberately hide his identity," the House Master replied.

"So, is it possible that it was a casual cultivator?" Luoyue continued.

"I am not sure," he said with a smile. "I didn't expect that there would be a swordsman that would be unforgettable to you."

"I just felt that it would be a pity if such a swordsman did not cultivate at Taixuan Mountain," Luoyue said in a low voice.

"Indeed, there are a lot of top-notch methods over there," the House Master smiled and said. Her Master was Lord Taixuan, a legendary man in the Upper Heavens Realm who collected the treasures of the world. Some said that Lord Taixuan was the cultivator who had the most extensive collection in all of the Upper Heavens Realm.

"But, Luoyue, don't mind it too much. A truly excellent person will show their brilliance sooner or later. It can't be hidden," the House Master continued with a smile. She cast a glance casually at Ye Futian.

This musician in her tavern was not a simple character!

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    《The Legend of Futian》