The Legend of Futian
1500 Taixuan Mountain
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1500 Taixuan Mountain

Taixuan Region was named after Lord Taixuan. This territory was, in reality, the territory of Lord Taixuan. It was not necessarily his intention that it was this way, but when a person grew strong enough, many things tended to happen naturally.

Moreover, Lord Taixuan himself did not have the idea of ​​creating a territory. Otherwise, Taixuan Region would have been even greater.

Now, Taixuan Region was composed of three main territories, which were the three major forces. The main city—Taixuan City—was next to Taixuan Mountain. Because of its close proximity to Taixuan Mountain, it was the core of the region, and the city lord was the second disciple of Lord Taixuan. Furthermore, the youngest disciple of Lord Taixuan was also located in this city—the House Master of Taixuan Tavern.

Among the two other territories, one was created by Lord Taixuan's eldest disciple, who created Taixuanism, and was hailed as the Taixuan Hierophant.

The Taixuan Hierophant was also the eldest disciple of Lord Taixuan. After so many years, the territory of Taixuanism was now the largest in Taixuan Region. It long surpassed that of Taixuan City, and its influence was great, with many powerful characters within the cult. Lord Taixuan no longer bothered with matters of the outside world, so Taixuanism was considered the primary principality of the Taixuan Region.

And another force was created by the third disciple of Lord Taixuan. It was named String Palace, and this disciple was named Emperor of String. This was the only one that did not have the name of Taixuan.

But even so, the branch of Taixuan had long been the absolute ruler in this territory.

Ye Futian had carefully researched the specific situation of Lord Taixuan these past few days. Previously, he didn't even know the gender of the House Master of Taixuan but had just assumed male as a matter of course, which was careless on his part. Fortunately, he had no dishonorable motives, so it did not affect anything.

Since that day, he had not been to the Realm of the Ruin again, which made Luoyue, who had been searching there for many days, a little disappointed. And it was not just Luoyue, but many others were eager to find him but to no avail. The mysterious swordsman had completely disappeared after that glorious battle, and not been heard from again.

This caused many chatter among the people of Taixuan City. The mysterious swordsman who had a glorious moment in Taixuan City, would he appear again?

However, Ye Futian was unaware of all this. He spent most of these days cultivating quietly and practicing music. In fact, he rarely practiced music as he had before.

On this day, Ye Futian finally had an opportunity. The House Master of Taixuan was going to Taixuan Mountain to visit her Master—Lord Taixuan. In addition to her few disciples, Ye Futian was also included.

There was a fae mountain in the Higher Heavens, named Taixuan, which rose into the sky and shines with the sun and the moon.

Taixuan Mountain was extremely famous only because of one person—Lord Taixuan.

On the ethereal and misty Taixuan Mountain, it was exceptionally quiet. Although there were also many cultivators, the expanse of Taixuan Mountain made these many celestial palaces seem tranquil and solitary.

Many on the mountain got up and paid their respects when they saw the House Master of Taixuan. After all, Lord Taixuan ever only had four disciples, and the four disciples had already achieved fame to exhibit their excellence. The House Master of Taixuan was the youngest in age and ranking only because her cultivation was a little lesser. But even so, she was a big name in the Higher Heavens Realm, so no one dared neglect her.

The House Master of Taixuan came all the way to the core area of Taixuan Mountain. Above the sky in front of her, there was an unworldly celestial palace.

She stopped outside the palace, and in front of her, an old man came forward and bowed slightly to the House Master of Taixuan. He was very polite and said with a smile, "Miss Four is here."

"Uncle Lan," the House Master Taixuan responded with a smile, addressing him as "uncle," showing equal respect. Uncle Lan was also a Renhuang who had been in the service of Lord Taixuan for many years. Even when they were cultivating with Lord Taixuan, the old man was already at their Master's side.

Although the old man acted as a steward in Taixuan Mountain, he was considered a close and personal valet of Lord Taixuan. No one dared to disrespect him. In fact, since it was not possible for Lord Taixuan to manage outside matters, he was in charge.

Therefore, the old man was addressing her as Miss Four, because, after all, he had watched the House Master of Taixuan grow into an empress.

"Master is not in retreat, is he?" the House Master of Taixuan asked with a smile.

"No, you came just in time. Great Teacher came to visit my lord as well," Uncle Lan said with a smile.

His words stunned the House Master of Taixuan. Although her perception was extremely powerful, she could not spy on the household of his Master with Divine Spirit. That would be disrespectful.

The Great Teacher was her eldest senior brother—the chief disciple of Lord Taixuan, who was now known as the Taixuan Hierophant and was also the strongest among the four of them.

"Disciple Jun Mu greets Uncle." At this time, a young man with extraordinary temperament came over and bowed slightly toward the House Master of Taixuan.

Jun Mu—a disciple of Taixuan Hierophant.

"is the eldest senior brother here to ask the Master regarding matters of cultivation?" asked the House Master of Taixuan. "If so, I will visit Master another day."

Behind them, Ye Futian watched quietly, and a trace of doubt appeared in his heart as he watched the scene played out.

Was there discord between House Master of Taixuan and her eldest senior brother?

She should be happy to see her senior brother here. Why would she want to leave?

"Ling'er is here," a voice called out. Ye Futian saw a middle-aged man walking forward. His stride was great with each step he took, and he was wearing a loose robe. The breath coming from his body was calm and peaceful, his face was smiling, and his body was full of an unfathomable atmosphere.

The Taixuan Hierophant—the eldest disciple of Lord Taixuan.

There were not many who would dare to refer to the House Master of Taixuan by her maiden name.

"Eldest senior brother," the House Master of Taixuan smiled and said, "if I knew you were here to visit the master, I would not have disturbed your visit."

"I am only to check in with Master this time. Master knew that you were coming and asked me to come and welcome you, and you actually tried to slip away! Am I that scary?" The voice of Taixuan Hierophant was strong and powerful. Ye Fu Tian faintly felt that the Taixuan Hierophant's plane was extremely high.

"Not at all, I'm only afraid that it will disturb the discussion between Master and senior brother." The House Master of Taixuan smiled and then looked at Uncle Lan next to her. "Uncle Lan, I met a musician at the Tavern whose art was excellent. Would you take him to see if he may stay on Taixuan Mountain as a musician?"

Uncle Lan didn't ask who he was but just smiled and nodded. "Fine."

"Shen Jing, come over and meet Uncle Lan," the House Master of Taixuan looked back at Ye Futian and said.

Ye Futian stepped forward and bowed slightly toward Uncle Lan. "Greetings from Shen Jing to the honorable elder."

Uncle Lan's eyes fell on him, and his eyes contained some deeper meaning. He moved his eyes away and smiled. "Rest assured, Miss Four, I will handle it."

The House Master of Taixuan also glanced at Ye Futian. It was just a look without any emotion, but Ye Futian felt an invisible pressure of might.

Suddenly he had a feeling. Could there be more to the story?

"Brother, let's go to see the Master," the House Master Taixuan said with a smile. They then left together and walked toward that celestial palace.

Ye Futian raised his head and looked at the palace, where there was a giant figure in the Higher Heaven Realm, which would also be the first top power he was close to in the Higher Heaven.

The eyes of Jun Mu—the disciple of the Taixuan Hierophant—fell on Ye Futian. He said politely, "I am the disciple of the Taixuan Hierophant, Jun Mu."

Ye Futian didn't understand the other's motive, but on Taixuan Mountain, he wouldn't make the mistake of acting arrogant, so he also replied with respect, "Musician of Taixuan Tavern, Shen Jing."

"Brother Shen was able to get a personal introduction into Taixuan Mountain from Uncle, which means your talent must be extremely unusual," Jun Mu said.

"Not enough to be compared to the disciple of the Hierophant," Ye Futian responded evasively, as there was no easy answer to give.

"If there is ever an opportunity, I must experience your music," Jun Mu said, which surprised Ye Futian. The word "experience" contained double meanings.

One was the pure appreciation of the music.

The second was learning from each other. Musicians in the world of cultivation cultivated in Guqin Path; thus, the appreciation of music could also mean battle.

What Jun Mu meant was more like the latter.

"Of course." Ye Futian feigned ignorance and nodded with a smile. No matter which one he meant, it didn't matter.

"Young Master Shen, come with me," Uncle Lan said at this time. Ye Futian nodded and then left with Uncle Lan while the other disciples who came with the House Master were waiting outside. Ma Yi couldn't help but glance at Ye Futian, feeling a little envious.

Ye Futian had the opportunity to cultivate at Taixuan Mountain.

Uncle Lan and Ye Futian were walking, and Ye Futian had some doubts but found it inappropriate to inquire at this moment. After all, he was just a musician, not yet qualified to ask anything about Taixuan Mountain.

"You have questions?" Uncle Lan looked at Ye Futian and asked with a smile.

"Some," Ye Futian nodded.

"Speak less, observe more." Uncle Lan smiled and didn't tell him anything else. They came to a place with two words written outside—String Pavilion.

The String Pavilion was very quiet. Although it was quaint, it was very clean.

In the String Pavilion, Ye Futian saw many guqins. On some of them, he even felt the will of the Way. There were also many prestigious guqins.

In addition, there were also many musical scores on the shelves.

This place was very elegant. Although it was unoccupied, it felt like it was not devoid of a master.

"What is this place?" Ye Futian looked at Uncle Lan.

"This is the place where the Third young master cultivated before. Now whenever the Third young master returns to Taixuan Mountain, this is where he stays. Everything here was left by the Third young master. You will stay here from now on and take care of the String Pavilion and these guqins. Of course, you can also play them, and you are welcome to peruse these music scores," Uncle Lan said with a smile. "Among them, there are quite a few famous ones."

"The former residence of the String Emperor," Ye Futian secretly exclaimed, a little surprised. His first time at Taixuan Mountain as a musician and he was receiving such great treatment?

He hadn't considered all of that before and just wanted to start as an ordinary musician regardless of his status.

"Elder, there are no tests?" Ye Futian asked.

Uncle Lan shook his head with a smile. Miss Four introduced Ye Futian, so he understood the implications of that.

"Take good care of the String Pavilion. You can use it, and you can read, but you are not allowed to destroy the things inside."

As Uncle Lan was speaking, he left, leaving Ye Futian there!

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    《The Legend of Futian》