The Legend of Futian
1505 Stealing the Ar
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1505 Stealing the Ar

Ye Futian remained there, his eyes on the cliff, and continued to meditate his sword techniques.

Luoyue was the daughter of the City Lord of Taixuan City, but she was not overbearing. Whether in the battle of the Realm of Ruins, or the meeting at Taixuan Tavern, he had felt positive about her. Not to mention, she was also related to the House Master of Taixuan as a disciple of Taixuan Mountain.

His admission into Taixuan Mountain to cultivate was a favor. When he saw that Luoyue needed help, he was able to help her with the music without being too obvious about it. After all, even without him, Luoyue would make a breakthrough on her own sooner or later. To him, it was just an easy task that cost him nothing, so there was no reason to be stingy. It was just as how the House Master of Taixuan had helped him to get to Taixuan Mountain.

"Shen Jing, when I listen to your guqin, it matches perfectly with the battle of swordsmanship. It seemed as if I had heard nothing at all. It didn't appear to be intrusive." A person next to him said, "I guess to get to this point, your expertise in guqin superb and you must also have a deep understanding of swordsmanship?"

Ye Futian looked at the speaker and smiled. These days, many recognized him in Sword Abyss, so they would often talk to him.

"In front of the disciples of Sword Abyss, how dare I speak about the understanding of swordsmanship and show off?" Ye Futian said with a smile, full of humility, as usual. The other was accustomed to it as well and smiled. "Could it be that you deliberately hide yourself and your skills? I have never seen you practice the swords in Sword Abyss."

The speaker's tone was very casual. They were obviously joking.

"I came to Sword Abyss to observe the swordplay. As for practicing, I better practice in secret when I go back so you guys won't laugh at me," Ye Futian responded with a smile. Many around him smiled. Yet another said, "But I think that you, Shen Jing, are hiding your skills. Maybe, you have already have made some achievements in swordsmanship."

Ye Futian shook his head without saying anything more. His gaze continued to be fixed on the cliff wall. He was meditating.

There was nothing more important than cultivation. With this opportunity for cultivation at Taixuan Mountain, naturally, he would not waste it; he would use this opportunity to elevate his cultivation.

On the other side, Wan Shouyi and Luoyue left together. Luoyue was still thinking about the breakthrough that had just happened. Although she thought it was a coincidence, that sound of guqin so perfectly helped her. Perhaps even Shen Jing himself was not aware of it.

Shen Jing's music was transparent. Its mood was extraordinary, and it was indeed a talent was far as the Guqin Path was concerned. Perhaps this was the reason why Uncle sent him to Taixuan Mountain in the first place, but it was not clear why he came to cultivate his swordsmanship.

"Brother Wan, what do you think of Shen Jing?" Luoyue asked.

"Not bad. Humble and studious, his future is promising. But it's unknown just how talented he is. But since Miss Four endorsed his entrance into Taixuan Mountain, there must be something outstanding about him," Wan Shouyi responded, which was also his honest opinion.

"Well, there is a charm to his music. It's very pure." Luoyue nodded slightly. "Brother Wan, if you have the opportunity, keep an eye on Shen Jing. We have met once, so we knew each other, and because he was also sent by Uncle, don't let him be isolated because he's not a disciple of Taixuan Mountain."

"Relax, Shen Jing is well-liked, and many disciples of Sword Abyss also take good care of him." Wan Shouyi smiled. "Even without your instructions, because of Miss Four, we will do what we can."

"Very well." Luoyue nodded gently. "Thank you, brother."

Her instruction was considered returning the favor of the other, who had no idea how he had accidentally helped her to break through the realm of swordsmanship.

Best wishes for him to achieve something great here.

Louyue couldn't help but think of the mysterious swordsman in the Realm of Ruins. If he came to Taixuan Mountain to cultivate, he would certainly have infinite potential.

Unfortunately, after that day, the mysterious swordsman disappeared.

How would she know that the swordsman she was thinking of was cultivating swordsmanship at Sword Abyss? It was the same person she had asked to be taken care of.

Without noticing, some time had passed. Ye Futian cultivated daily.

On this day, in the land behind the String Pavilion, he stood on the edge of the cliff in front of the sea of clouds.

He held a sword in his right hand.

His palms were stretched out as if time and space were still, but there was an invisible might in the surrounding heaven and earth. It was extremely suppressed. This sense of might seemed to permeate into every corner between heaven and earth, and it was everywhere.

The palms passed over, and in an instant, a dazzling golden divine light flashed and disappeared. A golden trace appeared in the sea of ​​clouds in front oh him, which seemed to be bisected, but Ye Futian's movements did not stop there. His feet moved forward, and his arms passed over again, and another golden line bisected the space. It seemed to be cut through.

This was the first level of the Fleeting Divine Sword of the ancient sword, A Glimmer of Sky. With each strike, a line in the void would cut through the sky.

As he moved forward, Ye Futian unleashed sword strike after sword strike, and the sea of ​​clouds turned from a state of calmness to highly turbulent, with the storm of swordsmanship tossing and turning. Countless sword marks crisscrossed. It was as if, unconsciously, the swordsmanship had transformed from the first level—A Glimmer of Sky—to the second level—Cleave of All Things.

After a moment, Ye Futian stopped and stood quietly above the sea of ​​clouds.

"You practiced this long, and this is it?" At this time, a clear voice was heard, and Ye Futian knew that it was the little phoenix. He looked up to Feng Yan, feeling the breath that came from the other. There was a smile in his eyes, "You broke through?"

"Yes, now I'm the same as you," Feng Yan said with swagger.

"Not bad. You broke through without even realizing it," Ye Futian said under his breath, a little envious in his heart. This kind of talent for cultivation was something that even many geniuses could not possess. The natural-born Saint was indeed powerful.

"That's because I am the Divine Phoenix." Feng Yan held her head up high and looked at Ye Futian with some contempt. "Unlike you, instead of practicing Guqin Path, you ran over to Sword Abyss to practice swordsmanship, and after such a long time, your Fleeting Divine Sword is still at this level. Did you just pass the first level?"


Ye Futian looked confounded. Was he being made fun of?

He looked at the little phoenix with a smile. It seemed that after the breakthrough, Feng Yan was a little puffed up.

At this moment, Feng Yan was staring at him without blinking. Judging from her posture, she was clearly a little excited and wanted to give it a try.

"Do you also know of the Fleeting Divine Sword?" Ye Futian asked with a smile.

"There are many at Sword Abyss who know of this sword technique in Taiyuan Mountain, so how could I not?" Feng Yan said proudly. Ye Futian nodded. The disciples of Sword Abyss had also claimed that there were many who had cultivated the Fleeting Divine Swords, but few were able to accomplish it because its power was great. So all those who cultivated in swordsmanship wanted to learn it, but very few were ever able to reach the peak of its power.

"Good. Since you know this technique, how about we give it a try?" Ye Futian said with a smile.

"Great." Just as Ye Futian had guessed, Feng Yan came because she was eager to try it. Now, seeing as how Ye Futian offered, she immediately agreed. This time, she would make this guy so embarrassed. It would be a change from his usual air of haughtiness.

"Let's get started." Feng Yan seemed a bit impatient, and the moment her words faded, Ye Futian instantly felt the temperature between heaven and earth rise sharply. In just a moment, it was like a furnace. An imaginary divine flame enveloped the world, and Ye Futian seemed to be wrapped within it.

There was a long whistle, the whistle of the phoenix reached the nine heavens. A giant illusion of the divine phoenix appeared above the sky. The sea of ​​clouds was branded red under the flames, and Ye Futian's body also seemed to be burning.

However, he was still standing there quietly, extremely calm. With some movement from his mind, sword will traversed the vast space; it was seemingly everywhere. The sharp whistling of the sword came out, a little piercing. The entire void was filled with an extremely sharp breath.

"I'm going to make a move." Ye Futian looked at Feng Yan.

"I'm going to make a move too." Feng Yan's pupils were burning with divine flames that shot toward Ye Futian's eyes. Ye Futian felt his will was also burning.

He smiled as he stepped forward, disappearing in an instant, and the sword in his hand also sailed across with his body.

Boom! The divine flame on Feng Yan also exploded at this moment, burning the world, but Ye Futian's figure disappeared in front of her.

She found out, much to her shock, that in an instant, Ye Futian's illusions were all around her. It was as if he was everywhere, and everywhere he passed, his sword did too.

An extreme sense of danger came over her, and Feng Yan's face changed suddenly. She felt that the space she was in seemed to be shattering. She was in a prison forged by Cleave of All Things. Countless crisscrossed sword marks were about to smash this space.

"Dad, Mom!" Feng Yan closed her eyes and shouted.

Buzz. A figure disappeared in a flash, and Ye Futian pulled Feng Yan's body out of there as if intentionally leaving a gap.

Below, the space was cut into countless fragments as if completely pulverized.

Feng Yan opened her eyes and looked down, rather fearful. Then she raised her eyes and stared at Ye Futian angrily. "You were playing for real?"

Ye Futian looked at her innocently.

"You actually had the heart to strike..." Feng Yan was extremely upset.


Ye Futian had no response.

Two extremely dominant authorities of heaven descended, and a pair of phoenix demon emperors appeared in front of Ye Futian.

Ye Futian's mouth twitched. Was she calling her parents again?

How could they play?

"Shen Jing greets has the elders." Ye Futian's heart was galloping, but on the surface, he was still politely showing his respect.

Two demon emperors stared at him. Their pressure of might bloomed. One could only imagine how much pressure Ye Futian felt at this moment and how wronged he felt.

"Dad, Mom, he bullied me," Feng Yan said aggrievedly in a weepy voice.

Ye Futian was almost weeping himself. How shameless.

"You want to show off and now you are in trouble?" the mother phoenix said to Feng Yan. It was not a bad thing for this girl to taste some hardships. She did not know her limit.

"Elder is wise." Ye Futian was grateful. As heaven was his witness, when did he bully Feng Yan?

"You are not some good bird yourself. She is but a child. Why did you unleash such strong technique?" the mother phoenix stared at Ye Futian and asked.

"Er..." Ye Futian looked stunned, and he really wanted to rebuke with something like "You are the bird, and, in fact, your whole family is..." but he dared not.

Feng Yan, a child?

As a mother, she was on the side of her child no matter what.

"You learned your sword technique from Sword Abyss?" Feng Yan's father asked.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded, and the other fell silent. The two demon emperors looked at each other, and their hearts were a little shocked.

This guy had learned all six famous songs, and in such a short time, he had achieved the second level of the Fleeting Divine Sword.

Was he here to guard the String Pavilion or was he here to steal the art?

If this continued, would all the secret inheritances of Taixuan Mountain be stolen?

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    《The Legend of Futian》