The Legend of Futian
1510 Make Trouble
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1510 Make Trouble

On the first day of the 10,031st year of the Divine Prefecture Calendar, the usually very peaceful Taixuan Mountain shook all of the Higher Heavens Realm.

It was announced that everyone who had come could go up the mountain.

For a time, countless cultivators were climbing the mountain.

Taixuan Mountain was vast, so even though they had come from all directions, it was still not too crowded.

Most of the people who had come were from the Taixuan Region. They had come with a desire to advance towards Sainthood. After all, this was the holy land of the Taixuan Region.

Moreover, Lord Taixuan was shut away, cultivating, trying to break through to the next level. Was it possible that he could do this?

And if he did, what would happen?

Would Lord Taixuan start a whole new school of thought?

Shangxiao Divine Palace was, without a doubt, the most influential force in the Higher Heavens Realm as they had countless powerful figures and taught people from all over the world, so they had trained countless heroes. Many of the top families would send their younger members to Shangxiao Divine Palace to cultivate, and even some people from other realms would make the journey here, sending their younger members to seek the Path.

Thus, when talking about influence, Shangxiao Divine Palace was certainly worthy of being called the most influential force in the Higher Heavens Realm.

In addition to them, several other forces stood at the peak. Compared to them, Taixuan Mountain was not so brilliant, even though Lord Taixuan was so powerful. The Taixuan Region was not that big. This was because Lord Taixuan had not set up his own school of thought. He had only taken four disciples. And it was only because his own disciple the Taixuan Hierophant had set up his own school that the Taixuan Region had expanded at all.

Many of the cultivators in the Taixuan Region had thoughts about this situation. They hoped that Lord Taixuan's influence would increase and that he would take on more disciples, giving them a chance to go to Taixuan Mountain to cultivate.

Now, if Lord Taixuan had a chance to advance a step, his influence would certainly increase. This would shake the Higher Heavens Realm. If he started his own school of thought, then cultivators would flock to him.

That was obvious from what was happening now.

Countless people looked up at the character that read "the Way" floating above Mount Taixuan. They seemed to be able to see the Way of All Things. It was an incredibly magical feeling, which was enough to make them stare in wonder for a long time. But right now, Taixuan Mountain was not a good place for cultivating. Too many cultivators had come.

At that moment, everyone saw a group of figures coming forward. It was Lord Taixuan's three disciples besides the Taixuan Hierophant. The City Lord of Taixuan was at the forefront. They walked towards a group of figures with powerful auras. One could tell how extraordinary they were at a glance.

"The people from the Divine Palace," someone whispered. He recognized who this group was. Some of the great figures of the Divine Palace had come here to Taixuan Mountain along with their disciples.

It seemed that Lord Taixuan's actions had truly shaken the Higher Heavens Realm.

"Greetings, Lord of the Divine Music Palace," said the City Lord of Taixuan with a slight bow. The old man who was in charge of the Divine Palace had deep eyes and wore a silver robe. He truly looked like he was the Palace Lord of the Divine Music Palace.

"No need to be so polite," said the Palace Lord of the Divine Music Palace. His tone was cool. Although he said that there was no need to be so polite, he accepted the politeness quite naturally. After all, it was due to his station.

"How is Lord Taixuan's cultivation going?" he asked. This was the question on everyone's mind. Had Lord Taixuan broken through to the next level?

"Right now, he is locked away. Our Brother is guarding him. We are not sure how his cultivation is going at this moment," answered the City Lord of Taixuan. "We have prepared a feast on Taixuan Mountain. Please come with us."

On saying this, the City Lord of Taixuan led the way. The Palace Lord of Divine Music Palace followed behind him with all his disciples.

Afterward, the cultivators of many top forces arrived one after another. The City Lord of Taixuan greeted them all politely.

At that moment, a powerful aura spread through the air. Everyone looked up and saw golden light falling, brilliant to the extreme. They all covered their eyes with their hands, leaving only cracks so they could look up into the sky. A group of brilliant figures was descending amidst the dazzling light.

"The Divine Nation." Everyone's hearts trembled when they saw these figures. Even people from powerful families were stunned.

There was an incredibly old family in the eastern part of the Higher Heavens Realm who called themselves descendants of the gods. Golden blood flowed through their veins, and they were full of so much vitality that it was said that they could not die, and their bodies could not be destroyed. They had founded an ancient nation in the east: the Golden Divine Nation.

The Golden Divine Nation was the absolute overlord of the eastern portion of the Higher Heavens Realm. Their power was beyond compare. But the people who had come were not the rulers of the Divine Nation, just some of the top figures. They were the divine generals of the Divine Nation.

According to rumors, there was another top figure of the Divine Nation who was a general under Donghuang the Great of the Divine Prefecture. The Divine Nation had gone to war on Donghuang the Great's behalf and had achieved great victories. Now they had treasures that had been gifted to them by Donghuang himself, which made the Divine Nation a force to be reckoned with. They were truly awe-inspiring.

The crowd parted to let them pass. The cultivators of the Golden Divine Nation stepped forward, and the City Lord of Taixuan and the others rose to greet them. They were a little bit distressed by this. They had not thought that Lord Taixuan locking himself away would have caused such a stir that top forces like Shangxiao Divine Palace and the Golden Divine Nation would come here.

"Where is Lord Taixuan?" came an overpowering voice. Everyone on Mount Taixuan frowned and looked towards where the voice had come from. They saw a group of figures in black robes coming towards them. All of them had incredibly imposing demeanor, and their bodies were surrounded by fierce auras.

This was especially true of the man at their head. An overwhelming sense of power covered him from head to toe.

The City Lord of Taixuan and the others all watched them, and their expressions changed slightly. So, they had come as well.

"The Luo Family of the Divine Capital of Xiling!" All the cultivators on Taixuan Mountain were shaken. Another top force had arrived, and it was the Prince of the Divine Capital of Xiling himself, Luo Chongyang, who had come personally.

The Prince of the Divine Capital of Xiling had been cultivating for many years and was very powerful. Although he was only a prince, he was still a top figure. Plus, his father was Old Demon Luo. The two of them were absolutely dominant, and no one dared question their majesty.

The Luo family of the Divine Capital of Xiling controlled a vast area.

Old Demon Luo was not there, and no one knew if he was coming or not. But Luo Chongyang was there, and that was enough to make people take notice.

No wonder he had dared to directly ask where Lord Taixuan was as soon as he arrived. This was Luo Chongyang, and there was nothing strange about that.

"I am Luo Chongyang of the Divine Capital of Xiling. I have heard that Lord Taixuan is teaching the Way, and I have come to pay a visit to him," he said clearly. His voice was very loud, and it rang throughout Mount Taixuan, making a look of surprise come over everyone's face. The people of the Taixuan Region were a bit upset. Was he trying to disturb Lord Taixuan's cultivation?

But he was Luo Chongyang, so they did not dare say anything against him.

"Luo Chongyang, if you are going to be so rude, then get off the mountain," came a voice from a distance. Everyone looked to where it had come from and saw a figure emerge from the depths of Taixuan Mountain. It was the Taixuan Hierophant. His aura was overpowering as he walked towards Luo Chongyang with a cold expression.

"You are mighty indeed, Hierophant," said Luo Chongyang with a bright and honest smile. "I have come to visit Lord Taixuan. Am I not welcome?"

"He is shut away cultivating right now. If you have come to visit him, you will have to wait quietly. My brothers will attend to you," said the Taixuan Hierophant coldly.

"How long until he comes out?" asked Luo Chongyang.

"I don't know," said the Taixuan Hierophant.

"How long will I have to wait? If Lord Taixuan is going to break the shackles of orthodoxy, why wouldn't he want the people of the world to witness it and admire his magnificence?" Luo Chongyang had obviously not just come to pay a visit to Lord Taixuan. The Luo family of the Divine Capital of Xiling did not have a friendly relationship with Taixuan Mountain. Now, Lord Taixuan was possibly about to break through to the next level, and it was natural that they would be worried about this.

Luo Chongyang had probably come to Taixuan Mountain to make trouble. He wanted to disrupt Lord Taixuan, thereby preventing him from breaking through to the next level.

"That is for Lord Taixuan to decide, Luo Chongyang, not for you," said the Taixuan Hierophant coldly. At that moment, all the people on Taixuan Mountain could see that Luo Chongyang had come for a nefarious purpose.

"Indeed," said Luo Chongyang with a smile. He looked up at the giant character that read "the Way," and said, "Lord Taixuan is clearly at a higher level than any of us. He carved a character into Taixuan Mountain and taught the Way to all of these disciples. He must have created many powerful figures today. I did not come to disturb him, but I would be so bored just sitting here. I always need to have something to do. You all go and test how powerful the disciples of Taixuan Mountain are. Make sure to seek out their advice and see your own flaws."

"As you command, My Prince." As he said this, the figures behind him stepped forward towards the disciples of Taixuan Mountain. This made the people who had come from around the Taixuan Region look a little worried.

Luo Chongyang had indeed come to make trouble; there was no question of it. He had directly asked the people he had brought with him from the Divine Capital of Xiling to get into fights. Nominally, they were just asking for advice, but in reality, they were going to provoke and challenge the people there to cause a disturbance.

The powerful cultivators stepped forward, their mighty auras sweeping out. The people from the Divine Capital of Xiling were about to start fighting. They were worthy indeed of being Old Demon Luo's messengers.

The disciples of Taixuan Mountain all looked at the Taixuan Hierophant and saw that his expression was cold. His robes flapped in the wind. His mighty aura bloomed, but Luo Chongyang just smiled at him. He looked like he was just waiting for him to attack. He had asked his juniors to challenge the disciples of Taixuan Mountain. If a Renhuang level figure attacked, he would naturally have to fight back.

A battle between Renhuang level figures could easily cause Taixuan Mountain to collapse. Lord Taixuan's cultivation would be disrupted, and he would not break through to the next level.

Boom! At that moment, the cultivators from the Divine Capital of Xiling launched their attacks. A dark Death Airflow flowed through the air, and overpowering demonic power swept out. Their attack power was overwhelming and carried fierce killing power with it. They were not holding anything back.

They were not just testing themselves.

"I'm still waiting to see what you do," said the Taixuan Hierophant coldly. Suddenly, all the Saint level cultivators of Taixuan Mountain released their auras one by one and stepped forward.

At that moment, a chaotic battle broke out on Taixuan Mountain.

At that time, Ye Futian was still cultivating in String Palace. His will seemed to be immersed in the character, and he could feel the will of the Great Path. At the same time, he could naturally feel what was happening on Taixuan Mountain.

There were those who did not want Lord Taixuan to break through to the next level, and so they had found an excuse to attack!

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    《The Legend of Futian》