The Legend of Futian
1511 Who“s Sword?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1511 Who“s Sword?

A chaotic battle had broken out upon Taixuan Mountain. A group of Saint-level cultivators had begun fighting wildly.

The cultivators of the Divine Capital of Xiling had overwhelming attack power, and there was a sense of excitement about them. It seemed that they would not show any mercy.

At that moment, at a certain place among all the chaos, a cultivator from the Divine Capital of Xiling stepped through the air. Demonic power rolled and broiled around him. An airflow of death surrounded him, and a demonic image floated behind him, which was frightening to behold.

He struck out with his fist. His opponent brought his hands together to block him, but fist will pierced through his guard. A terrible dark airflow penetrated him. In a flash, countless dark airflows appeared upon the cultivator from Taixuan Mountain. Death will was infecting his body.

The people from Taixuan Mountain all looked shocked. The cultivators from the Divine Capital of Xiling were not being polite in the least. A fist swept out, and there was a loud noise as the cultivator from Taixuan Mountain's internal organs shook. His body was filled with deadly Qi as he was sent flying back and landed on the ground.

"This is ruthless!" The cultivators of Taixuan Mountain began to look angry as they beheld this scene. The man stepped forward and thrust out his fist again, wounding the man in front of him. No one could stop him.

"He is the Prince of the Divine Capital of Xiling—Luo Youming." Someone had recognized the Saint-level figure who was attacking. He was another one of the princes of the Divine Capital of Xiling. He was incredibly strong.

At that moment, he walked towards Luo Youming. He struck out, and his fist collided with Luo Youming's. Just when everyone thought he would be sent flying backward, they saw that the figure was unmoved. Both of their wills burst forth, and the air around them seemed to be shattered. They stepped back at the same time.

"Jun Mu." The Disciples of Taixuan Mountain looked at the man who had stepped forward. It was the disciple of the Taixuan Hierophant—Jun Mu. But his face had turned ugly after he had stepped back. Death currents were raging through him, infecting his vitality.

Luo Youming smiled at Jun Mu and said, "You'll do."

On saying this, he stepped forward, and the two of them began to fight.

While that was going on, other battles were breaking out all over the place, leaving the onlookers astonished. The cultivators of the Divine Capital of Xiling were at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, but they pressed forward and took a commanding position on the battlefield. They had obviously prepared for this.

One could see the disparity in power between the two sides, but there was nothing unusual about this. The Divine Capital of Xiling was a great power, and Lord Taixuan had not founded his own school of thought. After the four great disciples had succeeded at making names for themselves, Taixuan Mountain had no more figures who had the potential to become famous throughout the Higher Heavens Realm. After all, Taixuan Mountain was not that kind of holy land.

In that respect, Shangxiao Divine Palace was naturally the strongest holy land.

The Taixuan Hierophant and the others watched the battle with dark looks on their faces. Their master was shut away, cultivating at the moment, and they had had a feeling that someone would come to make trouble. Thus, they had been left here to guard Taixuan Mountain for him. And indeed, people had come. The Divine Capital of Xiling had come.

Luo Chongyang had been staring at the Taixuan Hierophant all along. It was as if he was waiting for him to act. He wanted to take on this great challenge.

However, the Taixuan Hierophant was quiet and contained his anger. Even as he saw many of the disciples of Taixuan Mountain be wounded, he said nothing. He had a calm expression on his face.

"Lord Taixuan personally taught them the Way, yet the disciples of Taixuan Mountain are nothing to write home about," Luo Chongyang said as he swept his gaze over the battlefield. There was a bit of disdain in his voice that made the disciples of Taixuan Mountain feel humiliated.

Wan Shouyi and the disciples of Sword Abyss pressed forward with their swords, cutting through the cultivators of the Divine Capital of Xiling like bamboo and wounding many of them. But a group of their opponents came forward. A hand swiped through the air, and in a flash, countless dark death currents pierced through the air like sharp swords, forming a terrifying death storm.


A sword cut through the sky. Wan Shouyi's body became phantom-like as he cut among the cultivators of the Divine Capital of Xiling. Blood flowed from their bodies, and they were sent flying backward as they were wounded by his swordsmanship.

At that moment, a massive demonic image appeared in front of him. Two massive demonic cultivator hands materialized, and in a flash, 3,000 death currents pierced through the sky towards Wan Shouyi.

An afterimage of Wan Shouyi appeared as he shot forward. He slashed his sword, using the Cleave of All Things. He collided with his opponent and became tangled up with him.

At the same time, the other cultivators of the Divine Cultivator of Xiling formed seals. The demonic seal of death descended from the sky, pressing down on the disciples of Sword Abyss.

The disciples of Sword Abyss were scattered in an instant, and many of them were wounded.

Luoyue was on the battlefield as well. She was forced to retreat. One cultivator seemed to be staring at her. Countless death currents snaked through the air, covering her within them.

She stood there holding her sword, sword will shrieking all around her.

The demonic cultivator from the Divine Capital of Xiling stared at her with a cold smile. He formed a seal with his hands, and suddenly, countless death currents shot out like swords towards her.

Woosh! Sword will swept through the sky as Luoyue's figure flashed. The images of thousands of swords appeared, and they collided with the death currents that were rushing towards her wildly.

"The Fleeting Divine Sword," whispered the cultivator from the Divine Capital of Xiling. "What an excellent sword method. Unfortunately, your swordsmanship still needs some work."

As he said this, demonic power billowed up into the sky. He pointed down, and in a flash, the countless black death currents seemed to transform into deadly spears. They shot down towards Luoyue wildly.

She flung her sword away and used her now free hands to form a seal. Countless sword images appeared and spiraled upwards. Her attack smashed into his, but in the end, her swordsmanship was overwhelmed, and Luoyue was smashed down towards the ground.

Finally, her sword returned to her hands. She gripped it, and sword light burned as a sword curtain spread out around her.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The attacks continued to fall. She was forced further and further down. Finally, she groaned and her face turned pale.


There was a loud noise as Luoyue set foot on the ground, her face white as a sheet.

Divine light bloomed as she summoned her sword life spirit. It melded with the sword in her hands, and a beam of divine radiance flashed. The sword cut through the air, and in a flash, everything in front of her was shattered. At the same time, blood was flowing from the corner of her mouth.

The sword cut into the cultivator from the Divine Capital of Xiling, and his face quickly became very solemn. He stepped through the air, and demonic figures appeared, covering the sky. They tried to cover Luoyue.

"Go!" Luoyue's sword cut through the air, shining brilliantly. But all the demon images attacked at once, and the deadly spears fell upon the sword as well. There were also overwhelming palm prints that made the sword stop in mid-air, shaking. Every time it shook, more blood flowed from Luoyue's mouth, and her face grew paler and paler.

Cold will bloomed from the City Lord of Taixuan's body as he beheld this scene. His daughter was being attacked, and he was not about to just let that go.

His power surged, but at the same time, a Renhuang level figure from the Divine Capital of Xiling released his power as well. It seemed that if he got involved, the cultivator of the Divine Capital of Xiling would attack him immediately.

Boom! There was a burst of incredibly sharp air that seemed impossible to suppress. It seemed that if his opponent dared to do anything, the City Lord of Taixuan would attack him as well.

Within String Palace, Ye Futian's will seemed to link up with the character that read "the Way." He could clearly see the battle on Taixuan Mountain. Many of the disciples of Sword Abyss had been wounded, and Luoyue was being suppressed.

Taixuan Mountain had no conflict with the outside world and did not train its disciples as part of a faction. But even though the tree may crave serenity, the wind would not stop. Just because they did not have any conflicts, did not mean that others did not have conflicts with them.

He looked at the character on the peak of Taixuan Mountain and could feel the Great Path of All Things. He could feel the flow of the aura of all things between heaven and earth.

At that moment, a sword appeared in his eyes. A sword seemed to appear within the giant character as well.

The atmosphere on Taixuan Mountain became very harsh. Everyone was watching Luoyue's battle. The daughter of the City Lord of Taixuan seemed to have already been pushed to her limit. Blood stained her robes.

However, her eyes were still filled with a cold determination. Sword will covered her until her body seemed to be made out of swords. She shot up into the sky, forming sword seals with her hands. Sword will shrieked through the air. It seemed that she would still fight.


Sword will shot through the air above her. A terrible, harsh sword formed, and many other swords began to materialize.

After the first sword, another came, and then a third... In a flash, there were countless swords in the air above Luoyue.

"What is going on?" The City Lord of Taixuan was stunned. Those swords...

It was not only him. Everyone else looked surprised as well. Luoyue still had a trick up her sleeve?

But surprisingly, a look of confusion came over Luoyue's face as well. These were not the swords that she had summoned.

"Cut!" she cried out and released her sword. But at the moment she yelled this, countless swords moved at the same time, forming a line as they cut through the air.

The huge line of swords transformed into a worldly prison of swordsmanship.

The cultivator from the Shangxiao Divine Palace looked surprised. He cried out, and demonic will billowed from him. The death currents transformed into spears and shot out.


The spears were destroyed in an instant. Countless swords cut into the space where he was standing. It looked like countless crosses crashing into each other.

"The Cleave of All Things!"

It was the Cleave of All Things—the second strike of the Fleeting Divine Sword—and it was perfect. It was the best possible interpretation of the strike. Even Wan Shouyi could not have displayed such a perfect Cleave of All Things.

Was Luoyue transforming in the middle of battle?

There was a terrible cry as the cultivator of Shangxiao Divine Palace was pierced by countless cries. He was covered in blood, and his aura weakened. He seemed to have been completely crippled. He fell to the ground, looking like he was in a daze.

"What a powerful sword!" All the cultivators on Taixuan Mountain were looking at Luoyue. The City Lord of Taixuan's daughter was really this outstanding?

So why had she been losing earlier?

Had she been hiding her power, or had she just made it to the next level?

Some of the Renhuang level cultivators felt that something was not right, but none of them could say specifically what it was. They looked up at the character that read "the Way." It seemed that a burst of power had put the character into motion, and it was resonating with heaven and earth, and sword will was spreading out from it. Had Luoyue done this?

"What is going on?" The City Lord of Taixuan had some doubts in his heart as well. This did not seem like a sword that Luoyue could have summoned.

And he was also having a mystical feeling.

He looked at his daughter. She herself looked a little bit confused by all of this. She seemed very surprised by that sword; it was not hers.

But the sword was truly powerful!

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    《The Legend of Futian》