The Legend of Futian
1513 Breakthrough?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1513 Breakthrough?

On Taixuan Mountain, at this moment, it seemed that there was only Lord Taixuan.

The moment his finger fell, the vast and endless space seemed to stand still. Everyone felt an inexplicable breath, and their thoughts seemed to have stopped. Between heaven and earth, there was only that one sword.

As this sword was unleashed, the sky glimmered, and the figure of Lord Taixuan became illusory. While he seemed to be in the same place, his actual body had appeared in front of Old Demon Luo. That finger—a sword—pierced through the sky.

When Lord Taixuan made his move, Old Demon Luo had already sensed it. The demonic might on his body exploded instantly, sending pressure across thousands of miles of mountains and rivers. The sky turned to darkness, pitch black. His palm slammed down without any hesitation, colliding with that sword.

In an instant, the world was dimmed and dull. Darkness fell in front of many people's eyes, and they felt that death had descended. But in the darkened sky, an incredibly bright sword light pierced through the sky, and the divine light penetrated from Old Demon Luo's body, reaching directly above the sky dome.

In the next moment, the endless divine light of swordsmanship pierced the darkness, causing the light to shine through. Old Demon Luo's body drowned in the sword light, awash like the water, and Old Demon Luo's body seemed to turn illusive. All the will of the Way was broken.

Under this ultimate attack, time seemed to stand still. The crowd seemed to witness the struggle of Old Demon Luo. Up and down Taixuan Mountain, even the people of the entire Taixuan City felt the power of this blow.

Countless ideas came into their heads, but in fact, it was perhaps only for a moment.


The divine light sailed across. The crowd saw a sword stab at the sky. Countless divine swords pierced the darkness, and the demonic might roiled nonstop. Old Demon Luo's body shot straight above the sky dome and gradually faded until it disappeared.

However, soon, a face appeared in the sky; it was Old Demon Luo's face. At this time, the face was somewhat distorted. Its eyes were extremely cold. Many did not even dare to look at those eyes. It was as if they would fall into them.

"You broke through?" Old Demon Luo's voice was gloomy.

Lord Taixuan didn't answer his question. His eyes swept up to the place above the sky. He said, "Divine Capital of Xiling put in such a great effort because you didn't want to see me breakthrough?"

He had the disciples provoke disputes, and the Crown Prince of the Divine Capital of Xiling—Luo Chongyang—pinned down several of his disciples. At the same time, Old Demon Luo attempted to destroy Taixuan Palace. This was not only just to interrupt his cultivation, but to possibly injure him severely, completely stopping any hope of him making a breakthrough.

As a major demonic figure of Xiling, Old Demon Luo was ruthless and vicious. He showed absolutely no mercy.

"Just want to take a look at your present state. Now that I have seen it, Divine Capital of Xiling will bid our goodbyes," Old Demon Luo said. Suddenly, Luo Chongyang and the others were eager to retreat. He could see that one sword strike just now had already injured his father.

Lord Taixuan had wounded his father with one blow, which showed that there was another breakthrough in his realm. Taixuan Mountain clearly was not a place for him to tarry any longer.

"Do you think you can come and go as you please?" Lord Taixuan said as he waved his hand toward the void. A huge character of the Way appeared suddenly, hanging high above the sky.

"Luo Chongyang, previously, when you destroyed my character of the Way, I didn't pursue the matter on account of your junior status. Now, walk out of this character on your own. You are not allowed to use power of any kind," Lord Taixuan said to Luo Chongyang. Luo Chongyang's expression suddenly stiffened as he glanced at the word.

At this moment, the power of the character was even more tyrannical and contained a terrible power of destruction.

His face was sullen as he glanced at Lord Taixuan. Eventually, he stepped into the void and walked toward that character, actually entering right into it.

Infinite sword will condensed and manifested from the character of the Way, tearing at Luo Chongyang's body. He seemed to be suffering under a terrible might of the Way. His surroundings were distorted, and his body seemed to be pierced by infinite divine swords of the Great Path. Blood dripped from him.

Every drop of blood contained the horrible will of the Way.

Bang. Luo Chongyang's hair, disheveled, was flying in the wind. His body seemed to have stepped into the swordsmanship of Lord Taixuan. Although Lord Taixuan stood below, the character seemed to be one with his mind, emitting sharp, scraping sounds. Luo Chongyang walked through it step by step, and when he passed through the character completely, his body was covered in blood. The wild breath above his body was also floating.

"What does my lord think?" Luo Chongyang asked Lord Taixuan.

Everyone who witnessed this scene blow was trembling. Luo Chongyang had suffered such humiliation, but Old Demon Luo did not come out. It was obvious that the old demon must be injured so that he did not intervene, allowing Luo Chongyang to suffer such disgrace.

Just how strong was Lord Taixuan at this moment?

Had Lord Taixuan really made a breakthrough?

Some prominent figures, such as the Palace Lord of Divine Music Palace and the divine general of the Golden Divine Nation, fixed their attention on Lord Taixuan. The strength of Old Demon Luo was well known to them, but now, Old Demon Luo not only failed in the sneak attacks but was also wounded by Lord Taixuan. It was obvious that Lord Taixuan had grown more fearsome than before.

The position of Taixuan Mountain in the Higher Heavens Realm would change again.

"We have finished with the matter of you destroying the character of the Way. Next, since the disciples of the Divine Capital of Xiling wanted to spar with the disciples of Taixuan Mountain, and you were the one who forcibly interrupted the whole affair, the discussion is not yet over. Let's continue with the exchange," Lord Taixuan said again, intending to deal with each and every one of the transgressions.

First, it was Old Demon Luo, then it was Luo Chongyang, and finally, it would be those disciples of the Divine Capital of Xiling, who came to pick a fight.

Moreover, he even re-added the character and re-engraved it in the void. Was it to allow those who had made their moves before to continue leveraging its power?

The disciples of the Divine Capital of Xiling were no longer aching to fight. Their king of the Divine Capital, Old Demon Luo, was defeated, and the Crown Prince Luo Chongyang was forced to walk through the character of the Way. It could be said that they had completely failed, having been unable to affect Lord Taixuan's breakthrough. What was the point of continuing to fight?

Disciples of Taixuan Mountain, on the other hand, looked rather sharp. At this time, Ye Futian still sat in the String Pavilion. He looked at the character of the Way and resonated with it. There were some waves in his heart.

The sword strike that was previously unleashed by Lord Taixuan was too profound. The Fleeing Divine Sword. With one strike, yin and yang were thrown into pandemonium, causing the passage of time, which was destroyed. One point of the finger was one strike, and one strike caused the fleeting passage of time.

Such a strike, even at his utmost, was impossible to comprehend fully. He had only observed the magnificence of the Fleeting Divine Sword and was perceiving what kind of technique it was.

Now, was Lord Taixuan reminding him to continue fighting?

Although the advantage was entirely theirs, it was still really difficult for the disciples of Taixuan Mountain to defeat the disciples of the Divine Capital of Xiling. Therefore, Lord Taixuan may still allow him to continue to strike back.

When his thoughts turned to this, Ye Futian's mind moved, and in an instant, in the land above Luoyue, the sword will whistled as if calling her.

Luoyue revealed a strange look. Was the sword looking for her?

This was clearly wanting to use her for the strike. It was as if it was really her sword.

Luoyue had no words but still cooperated. Her palms were outstretched, and a sword was born, clamoring in the void. With the vast sky, the light of countless divine swords was whistling this way, surrounding her sword. The sword qi turned destructive, leaving sword marks between the sky and earth.

"Go." Luoyue pointed her finger through the air. Although the others were making their move, it did not prevent her from controlling her sword. But the other swords also followed hers, cutting at the disciples of the Divine Capital of Xiling, who were in the void.

The second level of the technique—Cleave of All Things—though not as powerful, was equally terrifying. Countless blood splattered, and many of the disciples of the Divine Capital of Xiling were pale as they were bleeding. There were even cultivators whose bodies were penetrated by the swords.

"The character of the Way resonates." Many on Taixuan Mountain looked up at the character in the void, and they all felt the power of its resonance. It was as if this character was hidden within it. Therefore, it urged the terrible fight of swordsmanship on the battlefield.

In a blink of an eye, almost all the cultivators from the Divine Capital of Xiling were injured by sword qi with varying degrees of injuries.

A moment later, the whistling swords stopped. Those cultivators of the Divine Capital of Xiling, who were arrogant and overbearing when they arrived, now appeared exhausted and powerless.

"Take your people and get out of here. Next time, if you dare to come to Taixuan Mountain like this again, don't blame me for being ruthless," Lord Taixuan looked at Luo Chongyang and admonished him. Suddenly, Luo Chongyang hung his head and led his cronies away.

Without any hint of anger, Luo Chongyang waved his hand and led the people from the Divine Capital of Xiling away from Taixuan Mountain.

Watching the disappearing figures in the void, everyone on Taixuan Mountain felt strong feelings of emotion and shock.

"Lord," one after another, the voices called out as their eyes looked toward Lord Taixuan. Did Lord Taixuan make the breakthrough?

"Master." The four disciples of Lord Taixuan also looked at their master because even they did not know if their Master had broken through or not.

"Congratulations to Lord Taixuan for great success this time, and the realm is deeper," the Palace Lord of Divine Music Palace said and bowed slightly to Lord Taixuan.

"Congratulations to our lord," others said one after the other. They bowed in the direction of Lord Taixuan.

That thought of those who cultivated on Taixuan Mountain reappeared. Would the master establish a clan and pass on his teachings?

Now that the Master had stepped into another level, even prominent characters as powerful as Old Demon Luo could not withstand his attack. If Lord Taixuan took this opportunity to establish his own clan, many superior cultivators would flock here, answering his call.

When their thoughts turned to this, many in Taixuan Region were very much looking forward to the future.

"No need for the formalities." Lord Taixuan waved his hand!

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    《The Legend of Futian》