The Legend of Futian
1514 In Retreat Again
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1514 In Retreat Again

On Taixuan Mountain, with the defeat of Old Demon Luo, there would be no more trouble, and everyone was feeling relaxed.

Lord Taixuan looked at the crowd and said, "Today, Taixuan Mountain is honored by the arrival of so many people in the Upper Heavens Realm. However, as I still need to continue my retreat and cultivate for some time, I'm afraid I won't have time to spend with all of you. Soon, my disciples will entertain our guests in my stead."

Upon hearing Lord Taixuan's words, everyone looked a bit tense. It seemed that Lord Taixuan had not completely finished his breakthrough. Before, he had been forced out of retreat by Old Demon Luo and had to come out to fight him.

Now that Old Demon Luo had taken the cultivators of the Divine Capital of Xiling away, Lord Taixuan was ready to continue his cultivation in solitude.

Everyone nodded to demonstrate their agreement. They had come here to see if Lord Taixuan could step foot into another level. At such a crucial state, Lord Taixuan was unlikely to spend time relaxing.

"My lord's retreat is an important matter. What happened before was nerve-wracking, but fortunately, my lord's swordsmanship defeated Old Demon Luo. However, this exposed the weaknesses of Taixuan Mountain's defense. My lord did not accept disciples for a long time, and if I'm to be honest, the disciples on Taixuan Mountain nowadays leave much to be desired in their cultivation."

At this time, a voice spoke up. The cultivators of Taixuan Mountain were greatly embarrassed upon hearing those words, but they also knew that what the other said was true. Taixuan Mountain had been neglecting the cultivation of its disciples.

The person who spoke was a divine general from Golden Divine Nation, whose momentum was magnificent and super powerful.

Everyone was puzzled as to why he was saying this now.

Lord Taixuan looked at him, waiting for the other to continue.

"My lord's cultivation is now matchless, and a clan and school ought to be established," the divine general continued. Everyone continued to pay attention to him. Some divine general from the Golden Divine Nation actually took the initiative to persuade Lord Taixuan to establish a clan and school.

With Lord Taixuan's strength, if he retreated for a period of time, his cultivation might reach a terrifying level. Once a clan and school were established, in time, a new superpower would be born in the Upper Heavens Realm. To the Golden Divine Nation, this was not a particularly beneficial situation. Otherwise, Old Demon Luo would not have paid such a heavy price to stop Lord Taixuan's breakthrough.

Of course, in this midst of all this, there was also their personal grudges.

But the Golden Divine Nation had no reason to persuade Lord Taixuan to establish his own school and set up his own clan unless there were some ulterior motives.

"Gai Shi Shi—the prince of our Divine Nation—received the inheritance of the Overlord, but has not yet met a worthy teacher. Previously, there were plans of sending him to Shangxiao Divine Palace to cultivate for a while, but it so happened that my lord made a breakthrough. If my lord wishes, he might accept him as a disciple and allow His Highness to cultivate under my lord," the divine general continued.

Suddenly, everyone understood his plan. Now that Lord Taixuan was about to enter another level, if the prince of the Divine Nation could become his disciple, it would indeed be a win-win situation for both parties.

The Golden Divine Nation had been bestowed its power by Donghuang the Great. Its background was profound, and it was absolutely a force in its own right at the peak of the Higher Heavens Realm. Lord Taixuan had extensive knowledge of many things and knew much about the past and present. If he were to ally with the Golden Divine Nation, it would definitely be of great benefit to Taixuan Mountain.

As long as Lord Taixuan desired to establish a clan and school, the Golden Divine Nation could be of service.

Furthermore, it would be of great significance if he accepted Gai Shi Shi as his disciple.

Gai Shi Shi was also quite renowned. His talents were extraordinary. It was rumored that the inheritance of the Golden Divine Nation had gone on for ten generations, hence the meaning of his nation—more powerful than ten generations. It was an extremely arrogant name. He did not disappoint his elders, and there was indeed a powerful temperament about him. If it wasn't for a few older brothers, whose cultivations were higher, he would probably have already been named the Crown Prince of the Golden Divine Nation.

The Master has not accepted any disciples for many years. It would be a happy event if he made an exception and accepted Gai Shi Shi as his disciple, some thought. They looked toward Lord Taixuan, wondering if he would make such an exception today.

Even Lord Taixuan's four disciples looked at their Master. Over the years, the Taixuan Hierophant had advocated that their master take another disciple numerous times, but Lord Taixuan never did accept a fifth person.

However, the cultivators of Taixuan Mountain wore an odd look. They were a little displeased. Never mind that the other had bluntly stated that there were no decent cultivators on Taixuan Mountain, but in the matter of the fifth disciple, all the cultivators at Taixuan Mountain had been waiting for such an opportunity. Now that the other wanted to skip everyone, it was naturally a cause for embarrassment for the cultivators of Taixuan Mountain.

But the one thing they had to admit was that Gai Shi Shi's aura was much more dazzling than any of theirs. He was indeed more suitable than anyone else to become the fifth disciple of Lord Taixuan after he broke through the shackles of the realm.

Lord Taixuan glanced at Gai Shi Shi, who stood next to the divine general of the Golden Divine Nation. He saw the peerless mettle of this young man. The golden robe on his body fluttered even though there was no wind. His eyes were also golden, and from them was terrible divine light that exuded extreme sharpness. One could even vaguely feel the majestic breath inside his body. With just one glance, Gai Shi Shi's outstanding talent was apparent to all. Everyone felt the sharpness he exuded.

Young and gallant, and his aura was just like his name.

"I assume you all know that I once said I would not accept any more disciples. Even now, I will not break this promise. The prince is outstanding and peerless, and he does not need to worry about not finding a suitable teacher," Lord Taixuan responded, making everyone on Taixuan Mountain feel a sense of pity.

It seemed that Lord Taixuan really wouldn't accept any more disciples if he was now refusing someone as exceptional as Gai Shi Shi.

"I heard about my lord's vow at the time, but now that the talent on Taixuan Mountain is dwindling, giving way to the disciples of Divine Capital of Xiling to do whatever they want, my lord need not insist upon those words of the past," the divine general of the Golden Divine Nation continued. The disciples of Taixuan Mountain all revealed a strange expression. They were so bluntly demeaned by outsiders, which embarrassed them. If it were not for that mysterious character, who struck just now, they would have been defeated.

"Disciples of Taixuan Mountain are not entirely as useless as elder has described," a voice said. It was Jun Mu—the disciple of the Taixuan Hierophant. Before that, his master had wanted to send him to Lord Taixuan to cultivate, but Lord Taixuan did not agree to that either.

Now, the people of the Golden Divine Nation were being so blatantly disrespectful, so he felt greatly displeased.

The divine general glanced over. At the same time, Gai Shi Shi, who was next to him, also looked at Jun Mu. Those eyes emitted a divine golden light that were able to penetrate through everything. Jun Mu felt a sharp pain in his eyes. Everywhere he shot his gaze, there was a towering golden beam, which made his eyes feel very uncomfortable.

"Luo Youming—the son of Old Demon Luo—couldn't bear the power of my halberd," Gai Shi Shi said lightly, slight contempt in his eyes. Previously, in battle with Jun Mu and Luo Youming, they were suppressed, and now he dared to claim that Luo Youming could not bear the power of his halberd.

But Luo Youming's reputation in the Higher Heaven's Realm was indeed quite a bit behind Gai Shi Shi's.

"Although the cultivators on Taixuan Mountain are not as talented, didn't you see that there was a sword that repealed everyone?" Lord Taixuan said with a smile. Everyone was surprised. It seemed that it was a swordsman of the Saint Plane on Taixuan Mountain.

But just who was it? Whose swordsmanship was so advanced?

Could it be that the Sword Abyss had disciples with hidden strength?

Luoyue wanted the most to know who it was. Before, the other had borrowed her sword, which made it look like she was the one in control of the sword. When had the Sword Abyss have such a powerful person?

"This youngster is pretty good. Who was it?" The palace lord of the Divine Music Palace asked. To be able to resonate with the character of the Way and use the will of the Way in the character to form a sword and unleash the second level of the Fleeting Divine Sword was indeed commendable. His perception of the Way was bound to be extremely strong, and his talent must be unmeasurable.

"He didn't want anyone to know, so the palace lord need not pursue it further," Lord Taixuan smiled. Probably, only he, as the one who had engraved the character of the Way and who was one with the character, would know who it was that used his will to ignite the Will of the Way.

Others could not connect with the character of the Way, so they couldn't perceive it.

A strange look flashed across Gai Shi Shi's eyes. It seemed that Lord Taixuan greatly valued the mysterious disciple who didn't reveal himself. Could that be the reason Lord Taixuan refused him as a disciple?

No matter how strong the opponent was, how strong could they really be?

Ye Futian watched all this and took everything in. Gai Shi Shi must be a tyrannical character. He was the prince of the Golden Divine Nation, whose name was arrogant and unparalleled.

He was also somewhat surprised. He didn't expect Lord Taixuan to conceal the truth for him and did not expose him. What happened today attracted Lord Taixuan's personal attention. In fact, exposure had a limited impact on him, but Lord Taixuan still respected his choice.

"Very well, I should get back to cultivating. Anyone who comes to Taixuan Mountain can meditate me with me here, but if someone else is looking for trouble again, don't be upset if I don't react well to it." Lord Taixuan's tone suddenly became harsher. He said to the Taixuan Hierophant, "Take care of our guests."

"Yes, Master." The Taixuan Hierophant nodded and saw the master walk forward. As he raised his hand and waved, suddenly, an ancient peak appeared out of thin air, rising from the ground. He waved again, and Taixuan Palace appeared. He took a step and walked into it, sitting there. He was one with the character of the Way, comprehending and cultivating.

In an instant, heaven and earth changed color, and the will of the Way roiled toward the endless void, flowing into the distance. Many looked yonder with a solemn look. Lord Taixuan was using that character to perceive the world.

The Palace Lord of the Divine Music Palace did not leave; neither did the cultivators of the Golden Divine Nation or the representatives of many top principalities. They were all standing there and watching. Even if it was only observing Lord Taixuan cultivate, they could still gain some insight from it.

As for those youngsters, the impact on them was even greater. That character of the Way alone was enough for them to meditate.

It seems that our lord will really be stepping into another level, many people thought as they looked over there, preparing to witness this event together.

On Taixuan Mountain, Ye Futian came to the crowd as he looked in the direction of Lord Taixuan. He was now closer than he was at String Pavilion and could see everything more clearly.

It just so happened that Luoyue was standing next to him. She glanced at Ye Futian, who had come to her side, and said, "How come I didn't see you before?"

"I was cultivating at the String Pavilion," Ye Futian replied. Luoyue's tone indicated some displeasure.

But when she thought that Ye Futian was just of the Unblemished Plane, Luoyue thought that she did not need to get angry with him about his failure to participate in the battle. Instead, she said, "This character contains the true will of the Great Path; you must take care to meditate with it."

"Hmmm." Ye Futian nodded slightly!

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    《The Legend of Futian》