The Legend of Futian
1517 Departure
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1517 Departure

Soon after, a grand forum battle was held on Taixuan Mountain. The selections for the four great disciples of Lord Taixuan was easy, as they each had a quota of two spaces and could decide themselves.

But since there were five spaces for all the cultivators on Taixuan Mountain, a competition was essential for deciding on those candidates. As a result, there were exciting battles one after the other, until eventually, five candidates were chosen to be sent to Shangxiao Divine Palace.

But for the four great disciples, such as the Taixuan Hierophant, the matter was settled internally, with each deciding on their own candidates without participating in those competitions.

Many were curious about who would be filling the remaining two spaces, which had been reserved by Lord Taixuan himself.

Ye Futian had been cultivating in the String Pavilion. On the day that Lord Taixuan broke through, he had been on the side comprehending and had received many insights, which he needed time to fully digest. This included the Divine Melody of the Great Path and the Song of the Lost Divine, which also took him a long time to understand. He had tried to play the song but had only made small progress.

On this day, Ye Futian was still cultivating in the String Pavilion, and a fiery red shadow descended before him, calling out, "Sheng Jing."

"Do you have any manners?" Ye Futian was a little speechless. This little phoenix was so comfortable with herself and interrupted him so blatantly.

"I don't," Feng Yan said without a care. "Shen Jing, you must have heard about what's happening on Taixuan Mountain. Shangxiao Divine Palace gave Taixuan Mountain 15 spaces, so 15 people can go there to seek the opportunity of the Great Path. This is the chance to become a Renhuang."

"I heard that, but you have just entered the Nirvana Plane. The Realm of the Demon Emperor has nothing to do with you for the time being," Ye Futian said bluntly.

"How do you know that I have a space?" Feng Yan looked at Ye Futian and said with a smile. "It seems that you also know that my talent is unparalleled and that I will undoubtedly be selected by Lord Taixuan. This is an opportunity that comes only once in ten years, and countless people would like to be selected but won't be. I heard from my mom and dad that many powerful Renhuang were willing to make great sacrifices in order to get a place just because this opportunity is rare. So, are you jealous?"

Ye Futian was able to ascertain that this little girl had come to show off.

"Jealous." Ye Futian was quite speechless. The parents of the little phoenix enjoyed a great relationship with the String Emperor. They may be String Emperor's demonic beast partners. When little phoenix was born, she received the blessing of Lord Taixuan and was also a natural-born Saint, so it was no surprise that Lord Taixuan would give her a space.

"Hypocrite," little phoenix said.

"..." Ye Futian was a little speechless. Little phoenix showed a smug look and laughed. "However, you must wish you were me."

"Yes, I do." Ye Futian smiled and shook his head.

At this time, footsteps were heard.

"Young friend Shen Jing." A voice was heard, and Ye Futian looked forward and said, "Elder Lan.."

His voice fell, and Ye Futian saw a figure walking in their direction. He came to Ye Futian and little phoenix. It was Uncle Lan, the housekeeper of Taixuan Mountain.

"Feng Yan is there, too," Uncle Lan said with a smile.

"Mmmm." Feng Yan nodded. "Why are you here, Uncle Lan?"

"I'm looking for Shen Jing." Uncle Lan looked at Sheng Jing and said with a smile, "You should know everything that's happening at Taixuan Mountain. Lord Taixuan wanted to give a space to me, but what use do I have for it at my age? So, I'm giving it to you."

Ye Futian was surprised. He was not too surprised that he would get a space, but that Uncle Lan came and gave it to him was a shock.

But who told Uncle Lan to do so?

Ye Futian thought that perhaps it was Lord Taixuan's instruction. Lord Taixuan wanted to avoid being too obvious, so maybe he had asked Uncle Lan to inform him?

After all, Lord Taixuan deliberately concealed what had happened last time and did not expose him.

"Uncle Lan, you are giving him your space?" Little phoenix showed a strange expression when she heard what Uncle Lan said. This meant that Shen Jing also got a space?

"Yes." Uncle Lan nodded. Ye Futian smiled and did not decline his offer. He bowed slightly to Uncle Lan and said, "Many thanks to you, elder."

"Miss Four sent you up here. I saw that your appearance and manner were extraordinary. There must be a bright future for you," Uncle Lan said with a smile. "Come on. They are already there discussing the matter. I will go with you two."

"Very well." Ye Futian nodded and left with little phoenix and Uncle Lan. Little Phoenix looked strange all along the way, murmuring, and seemed a little puzzled. Not long ago, she was showing off to Ye Futian, and now it turned out that Ye Futian also got a spot.

Could it be that Lord Taixuan knew?

This guy hid a lot deep inside, but Lord Taixuan was all-knowing, so there was still a possibility that he may know.

As they came to Taixuan Palace, many people had already gathered here, and many of them were familiar faces to Ye Futian. They turned around, and when they saw Ye Futian, they all looked rather surprised.

"Uncle Lan." Everyone bowed to Uncle Lan slightly, and Uncle Lan smiled and nodded. Luoyue directed her gaze toward Ye Futian and asked, "Shen Jing, why are you here?"

As the daughter of the city lord of Taixuan City, she clearly occupied a space.

"Like Miss Luoyue, he will also head to Shangxiao Divine Palace," Uncle Lan said with a smile, and his words astounded everyone.

Shen Jing was also going to Shangxiao Divine Palace?

"Uncle Lan, are you joking?" Luoyue didn't quite believe it. Out of the two spaces reserved by Lord Taixuan, the one given to Feng Yan was easily understood, but the other one was given to Shen Jing?

"Would I dare joke with Miss Luoyue? It was I who led Shen Jing to Taixuan Mountain and placed him at the String Pavilion. Since then, Shen Jing has taken good care of the String Pavilion. I will not use the space that Lord Taixuan gave me, so I gave it to Shen Jing instead," Uncle Lan said with a smile.

Taken good care of the String Pavilion?

Everyone looked a little spasmatic. Was this even a reason?!

Uncle Lan was clearly making up an excuse for giving Shen Jing his spot. It was said that Uncle Lan had a great relationship with the String Emperor and the House Master of Taixuan, and Shen Jing was also sent here by the House Master of Taixuan. He was placed in the String Pavilion, and it meant that he had some connection with the third and fourth disciples of Lord Taixuan.

Could it be that Uncle Lan favored him because of this?

"Doesn't Uncle Lan also have disciples?" Luoyue said.

"Those few disciples of mine will be useless there. It is best to give it to a suitable person," Uncle Lan said quite casually.

"Although our friend Sheng Jing was sent here by Miss Four, and even though he may be extremely talented, he is just an Unblemished Saint. Such an opportunity bestowed on someone of Unblemished Realm is giving them too much face," someone said. If Luoyue had been expressing her doubts, this person was now instigating.

This speaker was precisely the disciple of Taixuan Hierophant, Jun Mu. He had also been selected and would be going to Shangxiao Divine Palace.

Ye Futian looked up to Jun Mu. He seemed to feel his gaze. Jun Mu's expression was still relaxed as he nodded to Ye Futian apologetically, saying, "Please excuse me, brother Shen Jing. I'm not deliberately opposing you. It is just that this trip to the Shangxiao Divine Palace is to seek the Path of the Doctrine. Brother Shen Jing has great talent, but the realm is still a bit off. Only those of the Nirvana Plane will exert the greatest influence. It is really not suitable for you to go."

"It's really unsuitable," several people agreed. They also felt that it was a complete waste of a space given Shen Jing's realm.

This was an opportunity to test the Renhuang Realm, and even if the probability of success was extremely low, it was still an opportunity.

Ye Futian did not know how to rebuke Jun Mu's words so quickly.

"But I'm very optimistic about Sheng Jing. Although his realm is a little lower and cannot impact Renhuang, it could form the basis of the fruit of the Way in the body ahead of time, which would still have great benefits for cultivation in the future. One day, when the time comes, a breakthrough of the realm will be a matter of course," Uncle Lan said calmly. "Since Lord Taixuan is letting me do as I wish, and I chose to give it to Shen Jing, what is so inappropriate about that?"

Jun Mu's eyes were slightly perturbed. Uncle Lan was insisting on helping Shen Jing.

"Enough. Now that you have made your decision, there is nothing more to argue about," a voice said as a godly figure appeared above the palace. It was Lord Taixuan. The four great disciples of his were standing next to him.

"Yes. I will obey," Jun Mu lowered his head and responded. Instantly, he became extremely compliant.

Lord Taixuan glanced at the disciples. There exactly 15. His gaze lingered for a moment on Ye Futian, but it was just an instant before he moved on.

"Since all the candidates have been chosen, you may depart. The people of other principalities must have already embarked on their journey," Lord Taixuan said. Everyone nodded and didn't bother to argue about the matter. Even though they felt that the space had been wasted, with Lord Taixuan's approval, the matter was settled without further discussion.

"Feng Zhu, I will trouble you to take them." Lord Taixuan looked into the distance. As soon as his voice fell, a burning might descended, and a gigantic figure of the demon emperor appeared. It was the father of little phoenix. He was a tyrannical demon emperor. Obviously, this time, he came to lead the way for them.

"Go, and make sure to send them off before you head back," Lord Taixuan ordered again. 15 people stepped onto the phoenix. With a loud chant from the phoenix, the divine bird launched toward the sky and disappeared in an instant.

"Thank you for escorting us, elder." Everyone on the back of the demon emperor successively expressed their gratitude.

"Dad, are you also keeping an eye on me, by the way?" little phoenix mumbled. Feng Zhu was not in the mood to deal with her but merely sailed through the wind.

"Shen Jing, you are a really lucky man." Wan Shouyi, who had also been selected, appeared to be in a good mood and was feeling appreciative of everything in the outside world.

"Well, I must recognize all the care given to me by all the elders and the disciples of Sword Abyss." Ye Futian nodded as he looked at the rolling sea of ​​clouds.

Shangxiao Divine Palace was such an unexpected coincidence. In the past, the cultivators of Shangxiao Divine Palace descended in Heavenly Mandate Realm, and now, as Shen Jing, he was on his way to Shangxiao Divine Palace. It was unknown if he would meet those he knew or what would happen there.

Yi Tianyu was cultivating at Shangxiao Divine Palace. How was he doing?

The phoenix divine bird crossed the sky and left a radiant divine light in the sea of ​​clouds. At the same time, in all the major areas of the Higher Heavens Realm, cultivators of all sides had set off and started on their journey to Shangxiao Divine Palace!

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    《The Legend of Futian》