The Legend of Futian
1518 The Sea of the Path
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1518 The Sea of the Path

Shangxiao Divine Palace was located in the central district of the Higher Heavens Realm, surrounded by the Sea of the Path. It stood in the middle of the inland fairy mountains.

It was said that in the Higher Heavens Realm, the Sea of the Path and the fairy mountain, where Shangxiao Divine Palace was located, were both the most precious sacred, pure lands in the Higher Heavens Realm. These pure lands were used by the Shangxiao Divine Palace for preaching and were the true holy lands for cultivation.

To enter the Shangxiao Divine Palace, one needed to cross the Sea of the Path from Linxiao City. This big city in the central district had always been a prosperous but unclaimed land. In fact, there were many top powers fighting for hegemony in the central district, but none of them had ever touched Linxiao City. This city near the Sea of the Path was the place leading to the Shangxiao Divine Palace. Those top powers didn't dare to touch it, but they all had their own influence in Linxiao City.

In the past few days, Linxiao City had been extremely busy. The decennial journey project of crossing the sea and seeking the Path had been launched, and the Shangxiao Divine Palace had given quotas to many powers of the Higher Heavens Realm. Cultivators of the top powers would cross the sea and enter the Divine Palace to seek for the Paths.

Restaurants near the Sea of the Path were already overcrowded. During these days, all the people from different realms had gathered here. When the messenger of Shangxiao Divine Palace arrived, all the warriors from different powers would start to cross the sea.

The people of Taixuan Mountain had also arrived. The Phoenix Demon Emperor sent the 15 cultivators of Taixuan Mountain here and left. Later, they could only depend on themselves. No one else could help them.

At this time, cultivators of Taixuan Mountain were standing on the rooftop of a restaurant near the sea. The city was bustling, and there were sometimes warriors passing by in the void sky who could clearly feel the lively atmosphere below.

At another place in the restaurant, people looked at them and whispered, "Are they cultivators of the Taixuan Mountain?"

"Yes. Not long ago, Lord Taixuan broke shackles and beat Old Demon Luo with one single finger, and now he must be stronger. The Divine Palace gave a quota of 15 participants to Taixuan Mountain," someone said.

"Lord Taixuan has been absorbed in cultivation for many years and is always diligently seeking knowledge of the Path, so now he can reach the apex. We should all learn from him."

The people of Taixuan Mountain heard this and felt proud. They could feel that the status of their Lord was different from before.

"However, although Taixuan Mountain has 15 seats, as the Lord has refused to accept new disciples, the strength of the cultivators of Taixuan Mountain..." someone said and stopped. Many people had heard the news that the disciples of Taixuan Mountain were defeated badly by warriors of the Divine Capital of Xiling, but then a mysterious warrior defeated the people of Xiling God Capital with the "Tao" spell.

"The Divine Palace is a holy place for seeking the Path, but it is not absolutely fair to everyone. The powerful forces in the Higher Heavens Realm have quotas for seeking the Path, but for those cultivators who were born into ordinary families and did not enter the top powers to cultivate, they do not have the opportunity to get quotas. Are they weaker than those selected ones?"

A figure of the Saint Plane drank alcohol alone and spoke, not afraid of offending people. It was probably because he had no chance to go to Fae Mountain to seek the way, so he was satisfied with complaining.

"There are so many cultivators in the world. How could the Divine Palace be absolutely fair?" Some people argued for the Divine Palace.

"To put it bluntly, it still depends on one's family background," that person said and smiled, taking another sip.

"Why were you born into an unprivileged background?" someone asked. Suddenly many people in the restaurant laughed, but all of them were just joking, and no one took it seriously.

At this time, many people turned their heads and looked in a direction. In the distance, the qi of swords whistled above the void sky, and many sharp swords passed by. A group of swordsmen-in-training came from the sky and landed directly above the restaurant.

They were all dressed in white, with keen temperaments. Many people from Linxiao City in the restaurant immediately recognized these visitors and were slightly surprised.

In the Central District, the Divine Sword Li Family was a famed family of sword art and was also known as the strongest family of swordsmanship in the Higher Heavens Realm. All their cultivation methods were supplemented by swordsmanship, and they had developed countless horrifying sword techniques.

The disciples of the Divine Sword Li family were all very outstanding. Those who were not excellent enough were not even qualified to walk outside in the name of the Divine Sword Li family. The family's discipline of the younger generation was extremely strict and could even be called harsh. Only in this way could superb swordsmen be produced from the family.

In the Central District, people were in awe of the Divine Sword Li family. They were extremely strict with their internal disciplines, and their way of coping with external affairs was also hard and fast. They always advocated speaking with the gun.

It seemed that they came for the cultivators of Taixuan Mountain.

"We are from the Li family and are here to see our Taoist friends from the Taixuan Mountain." These visitors stepped forward and came in front of cultivators of Taixuan Mountain, cupping their hands.

"Divine Sword Li Family," Wan Shouyi whispered. The disciples of the Sword Abyss cultivated in swordsmanship, which he as the top one swordsman in the Higher Heaven Realm, was very clear, but this was the first time they saw cultivators from the Divine Sword Li Family. After all, Taixuan Mountain was very far away from here. If it were not for crossing the sea to seek the Path, they usually would not come here.

"What brings you here, my Taoist friends?" Jun Mu said. The 15 people who came were actually the third generation of cultivators of Taixuan Mountain. Jun Mu was the direct disciple of Lord Taixuan's chief follower Taixuan Hierophant, so among the 15 cultivators, he took the lead to speak up. Presumably, he thought he was the lead, and other people would not compete with him.

"Now we are in the prosperous era, and since many of you came to visit us from distant places in the Upper Heavens Realm, we Li family are half of your host. Therefore, we prepare a banquet in Wanghai Restaurant and want to invite all parties that crossed the sea to seek the Path here. We came to know that Taoist friends of Taixuan Mountain are here, so we came to invite you," one of the visitors said very politely.

Jun Mu looked at others of Taixuan Mountain and asked, "What do you think?"

"Since the Divine Sword Li family has invited us, we will attend the banquet for sure," Li Zhiyin, a disciple of Taixuan Mountain Guqin Valley, said. She was also an outstanding figure in Taixuan Mountain, who was able to play Flight of the Phoenix Pair at a considerable level. She was also among the 15 candidates. In addition to her, Chen Yu of the Guqin Valley was also selected.

Wan Shouyi also nodded. Those who practiced swordsmanship naturally wanted to see the genius of the Divine Sword Li Family.

It was said that this marvelous genius of the generation in the Divine Sword Li Family was now practicing in the Palace. He was extraordinarily talented.

Jun Mu's eyes fell on Luoyue. Luoyue nodded lightly, and when she saw that Jun Mu was looking at the man of the Divine Sword Li Family, she said, "If that's the case, my Taoist friend, please lead the way for us."

"Please," the person of Li family said. Soon, everyone rose up and flew towards the sky.

Ye Futian and Feng Yan were at the end. The two stepped into the void sky and followed the crowd. Their opinions didn't seem to matter very much, and they were totally ignored by Jun Mu. So, they just needed to follow up.

Because of this, the Little Phoenix pouted, somewhat dissatisfied. Not just because of this, but along the way, Jun Mu had been ignoring their existence.

They quickly arrived at the Wanghai Restaurant. This was the tallest building in this area. The view from the top was excellent, and one could directly look at the Sea of the Path from the building. Powerful warriors were staying at each floor below, but at this time, everyone was paying attention to the top floor because several top-level disciples in the Higher Heaven Realm were at the top.

When the people of Taixuan Mountain landed, a lot of people on the huge platform in the front had already entered the seating area. At a glance, they saw the people of Divine Capital of Xiling. Previously, they had a war on Taixuan Mountain, so they could be said to be impressed.

This time, the team of Divine Capital of Xiling was headed by Prince Luo Youming. His eyes were cold, and his pitch-dark eyes swept toward the crowd of the Taixuan Mountain. In the last battle, they defeated their opponents, but in the end, they were subdued by a mysterious swordsman-in-training. He believed that that swordsman-in-training was most likely a Renhuang figure who pretended to be in Saint Plane to go against them. Otherwise, he would not be able to resonate with the character of Tao and trigger the Fleeting Swordsmanship.

In addition to the warriors of Divine Capital of Xiling, the warriors of the Golden Divine Nation were also present, and Gai Shi Shi was sitting there. His golden eyes still looked extremely keen, and the beams shooting from his eyes were like golden, sharp swords.

In addition, there was another group of guests, each with extraordinary temperament. The disciples of Taixuan Mountain had never seen them before, but they suspected that they should belong to one of the other two top forces in the Central District. However, it was said that the Divine Sword Li Family and the Sky Burying God Clan had a deep grudge, so they should be another top force—the Changfeng Family.

The origin of the Changfeng Family was also very unusual. It could date back to the ancient Changfeng country that dominated the Central District many years ago, so to say, they were descendants of the ancient country, the overlords in the past. One could imagine how strong they were.

"It seems that we are the last to arrive," Jun Mu said, self-mockingly.

Ye Futian was standing behind the crowd. The atmosphere of Wanghai Restaurant made him feel a little uncomfortable and slightly depressed. The people here were all the top-ranking figures of the young generation and had an aura around them. The invisible pressure they exerted over others was very unsettling.

But many people below this floor were very excited. A lot of them also came from big forces, but the people on the top were the descendants of the uppermost forces and naturally attracted more attention.

"Your Lord broke the shackles, so the Divine Palace gave you a quota of 15 candidates. You dared to accept them? Aren't you ashamed? What is the point of you coming here?" a cold voice came out, and the speaker was Luo Youming. Obviously, he showed contempt for the cultivators of Taixuan Mountain because of the previous battle.

"How is Old Demon Luo's injury?" Jun Mu looked at Luo Youming and countered.

Luo Youming put down the wine glass, and a mark appeared directly on the table. Rays of death surrounded his palm, which looked extremely depressing.

He smiled and said, "There was none of your Lord's blessing on the way of seeking the Path in the Divine Palace. After you entered the Sea of the Path, you can only depend on yourself. You'd better think it carefully and then decide whether you should enter the Sea of the Path."

The people of Taixuan Mountain heard Luo Youming's threat and were anxious. Was he implying that he wanted to hurt them after entering the Sea of the Path?

"Thank you for reminding us, but there is no need for you to bother," Jun Mu replied.

"You are the guests, please come and sit down," a voice in the front said. The speaker was wearing a white gown, with sharp temperament. He was the peerless talent of swordsmanship in the Divine Sword Li Family, Li Xun.

"Thanks a lot," Jun Mu replied and then found a place to sit down. A slight unpleasant look showed on his face.

"You may enter the Sea of the Path at any time, and now let's just have a drink with peace of mind. Other things can be discussed later when we enter the Sea of the Path," Li Xun said to the people. He invited everyone to come and wanted to see who would enter the Sea of the Path this time.

Although they were sitting together at this moment, everyone knew clearly that this did not mean they were friends.

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    《The Legend of Futian》