The Legend of Futian
1520 The Guide
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1520 The Guide

Ye Futian lifted his feet and walked toward the Sea of the Path.

Wan Shouyi was perplexed when he saw Ye Futian walking away. Where was he going?

Ye Futian moved forward and walked toward a woman, which causing Wan Shouyi to be even more curious, and little phoenix blinked as she looked yonder.

The woman in white seemed to have sensed something. She stopped and lifted her head slightly, looking at Ye Futian, who was walking toward her. There was a sharp sword will in her eyes, and her temperament seemed to have transformed in an instant.

"Is our little girl so fierce?" Ye Futian said with a smile as he raised his hand toward the head of the woman in white.

The woman in white stared at him, and a powerful sword will spat out ferociously. A powerful murderous intent bloomed, and the whole space was shrouded in an atmosphere of carnage.

Ye Futian seemed not to care at all, still extending his arm. Out from the woman's eyes came a terrible sword will that enveloped Ye Futian's entire body. It seemed as if Ye Futian's hand moved forward a bit more, she would have slain him.

"You are still the same as before." Ye Futian smiled, and the woman's eyes stiffened. Then Ye Futian's hand landed on her head, and the woman looked him in the eyes. At this moment, that murderous intent dissipated like fading tides. She lowered her head slightly, with a gentle smile in her eyes.

Clearly, she recognized Ye Futian, because only he would do that.

"Won't you say hi? "Ye Futian's familiar voice said, and the woman gave him a nasty look, but there was no malice.

Seeing the other stared at him, Ye Futian gave her a silly smile. "Fine, don't say hi."

The woman in white was Yaya, and she had also come to the Upper Heavens Realm. She had come to this Sea of the Path.

"You want to enter the Sea of the Path?" Ye Futian asked.

"Mmm." Yaya nodded gently. Now her realm was already Nirvana. At the time, she laid down her life to protect Ye Futian in the Heavenly Mandate Demon Realm and then cultivated for a long time after that. Now, she had not returned to the magnificent state she once was, but because of her experience, she was even stronger than the Sword Saint of the Void.

So, she came here, wanting to seize this opportunity to prove the supreme Way pursued by all in the two realms—the realm of Renhuang.

Of course, now her vision was different from before. For the Sword Saint of the Void in the past, Renhuang was the apex, but in this realm, she had already seen many Renhuang.

"Are you going too?" Yaya asked. She didn't ask Ye Futian why he had changed his appearance; he was different from her. In the Heavenly Mandate Realm, Ye Futian was too high-profile, and there were too many who knew him. If there are any prominent figures from the Heavenly Mandate Realm who were here, they would easily recognize Ye Futian's true identity.

"I was cultivating at Taixuan Mountain, and there was a spot for me," Ye Futian said. He glanced at the vast crowds around the Sea of the Path and asked, "Shall I go with you?"

"No need." Yaya shook her head.

"We can watch each other's back," Ye Futian said. There were numerous strong cultivators on this trip, and he was not sure if Yaya should go there alone.

Yaya looked up at him and looked into her eyes, Ye Futian smiled and shook his head, saying, "Very well, you will go by yourself."

He had always thought of Yaya as the girl who once came from the Tombkeeper Village, and it was easy to forget that she was once the Sword Saint of the Void. Two lifetimes of cumulated cultivation and she was stronger than he had imagined. Several times when he was in danger, Yaya was there, guarding him every time.

But now Ye Futian thought that she had the ability to take care of herself.

However, Yaya also needed to have her own experience in cultivation.

"Shen Jing." At this time, Luoyue came over and asked him, "Is this your friend?"

Yaya cast a glance at Ye Futian. Shen Jing should be an alias.

"My little sister," Ye Futian responded with a smile. Yaya was a little speechless, but she was used to it.

"A swordsman?" Luoyue asked. From Yaya, she could feel a similar breath—sharp. That was the breath of swordsmanship.

"Mmm." Ye Futian nodded.

"Your little sister's realm is stronger than yours." Luoyue looked at Ye Futian, a little lost for words.

"My little sister is way more talented." Ye Futian smiled, and Yaya was silent. She clearly understood how talented Ye Futian was. He was the existence of a unique record in the Heavenly Mandate Realm that no one had broken. Even in that battle with Yi Tianyu, he still had the upper hand.

Yi Tianyu was also cultivating in Shangxiao Divine Palace.

"No wonder you went to the Sword Abyss to learn the swords. It seems that it was because you are not as good as your sister," Luoyue whispered, and immediately guessed the "truth" behind it—that Ye Futian's swordsmanship was not as good as his sister, so he decided that he would go to the Sword Abyss at Taixuan Mountain to watch and learn, working on surpassing his sister.

If Ye Futian knew what she was thinking, he would admire her imagination.

Next to him, little phoenix made a face. She scoffed at Luo Yue's conclusion. Watching Ye Futian's expression, she wanted to beat him up because he was so hypocritical.

Who better than her to know more about Ye Futian's swordsmanship?

This guy was truly pretentious. He stole the famous music piece from the String Emperor and stole the sword method, but those people at Xuanshan were still oblivious to the truth.

"Well, you guys talk, we won't keep you," Wan Shouyi said, and then left with Luoyue and the others.

Ye Futian looked at little phoenix and saw that she had no intention of leaving. When she saw Ye Futian's look, she gazed at the sea and said, "I am checking out the scenery."

"Okay, take your time," Ye Futian said with a smile, then started moving forward with Yaya following him. The two walked side by side. Little phoenix stole a glance, following their footsteps. Was this really his sister?

Why was he so suspicious?

Ye Futian's words had no credibility with her.

"How have you been these days?" Ye Futian asked Yaya while ignoring little phoenix, who was trailing behind.

"Just business as usual—cultivating," Yaya said casually. But, in fact, ever since she stepped into the Upper Heavens Realm, her experience had been unusual. She had had several battles in which she faced great dangers more than once, but these were things of the past, and there was no need to worry Ye Futian unnecessarily now.

"I heard that Lord Taixuan broke through not long ago, but I didn't expect you were cultivating there. What plans do you have for the future?" Yaya asked proactively.

"Things can wait. Set foot in Renhuang realm as early as possible." Ye Futian looked into the distance. The cultivation of Saint Plane was nothing in the Nine Supreme Regions of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. Only those at the level of Renhuang had true eligibility to participate.

Now he was devoting all his energy to elevate his realm to that of Renhuang.

"Hmm." Yaya nodded, agreeing with Ye Futian's thoughts. In this cultivation world, where strength was above all else, only Renhuang could have a real foothold.

The two chatted. At dusk, the setting sun illuminated the Sea of the Path sea with a glowing red, and red clouds appeared in the sky. They could vaguely make out some ethereal place in the distance. There was a flat dinghy. The scene in front of them was like a beautifully painted picture.

When they were tired of walking, they sat on the beach, basking in the dusk watching the sunset, and watching the stars when the night fell.

This night the beach next to the Sea of the Path was extremely lively, for all those who had come from all sides were gathered here, waiting.

The next day, when the sky began to light up, many were looking forward, gazing at the Sea of the Path intently.

Finally, they saw the small dinghies appearing in the Sea of the Path, and without being aware of it, they seemed to be near already.

"Those who wish to enter the Divine Palace, enter the Sea of the Path," a Renhuang cultivator announced loudly in a clear voice that had a strong power of penetration. At this moment, all of Linxiao City could hear his voice.

Suddenly, those on the shore of the Sea of the Path walked toward the sea, and even in the distant Linxiao City, there were people continuously coming through the air. In an instant, the shore of Sea of the Path was crowded with countless cultivators.

Furthermore, most of them were of Unblemished Saints, the third realm of the Saint Plane, and Nirvana, the fourth realm of the Saint Plane.

This time, it wasn't simply for the purpose of seeking the Way at the Divine Palace, but also to bear testimony for their Way.

Therefore, there were more people from the other two realms.

There were people in all kinds of attires, and some were even white-haired elders, who had already reached the top of Nirvana. This time, though the chances were slim, they still wanted to fight for an opportunity.

As people entered into the sea one after another, Yaya looked at Ye Futian and said, "I'm going now."

Ye Futian nodded gently and said, "Watch yourself."

"I will." Yaya moved forward and stepped into the Sea of ​​the Path. A sword appeared at her feet and suspended in the sea, replacing the sailing vessel with a sword. She moved forward, and her white garment fluttered. She appeared carefree and unfettered.

After a long while, those who came as guides turned towards the depths of the Sea of the Path, and countless people walked deeper into the sea.

"Goodbye," Ye Futian whispered. In a few more days, he would meet up with Yaya.

After everyone left, the seaside looked a lot empty. Although there were still many people there, it seemed to be much quieter compared to before.

"Lover?" A voice was heard, and Ye Futian looked back at little phoenix. He said in a condescending tone, "Little kids are not to comment on adult matters."

Little phoenix blinked and asked, "Who's little?"

Her face was angry. Her fiery red clothes accentuated her sexy figure perfectly. She was the equivalent to a young human woman. Indeed, she could not be said to be little in any way. However, in Ye Futian's view, her mindset was indeed that of a child—quite immature.

"Little everywhere," Ye Futian retorted with contempt. A fire of anger sputtered out from little phoenix, and she couldn't wait to beat Ye Futian to a pulp, but it seemed that winning would not be likely...

In a blink of an eye, a few days later, there were once again many cultivators who came to the Sea of the Path, but this time, instead of going to the Sea of the Path, they had come to watch those who had entered the Sea of the Path.

Above the sky, the golden divine light shone, and Gai Shi Shi stood proudly above the void. Countless people looked up to that brilliant golden glory. Cultivators from the Golden Divine Nation were here.

There was another terrifying dark demonic will of death circling; it was Luo Youming of the Divine Capital of Xiling, whose group had arrived.

With sword qi whistling, the cultivators from the Divine Sword Li Family were now here.

After the arrival of the Divine Sword Li Family—a group of cultivators with unusual temperament—stepped in the void. The breath exuded from their body was unfathomable. They stood shoulder to shoulder with the Li family. The cultivators of Sky Burying God Clan were here.

Afterward, the Changfeng Family also arrived.

The people of Taixuan Mountain were there already early on. Ye Futian looked at the many figures in the void.

In the distance, in the Sea of ​​the Path, another small dinghy appeared, and it was the guide from Shangxiao Divine Palace!

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    《The Legend of Futian》