The Legend of Futian
1521 The Land of Proving the Way
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1521 The Land of Proving the Way

"They are here."

Next to the Sea of the Path, all eyes were on the guides, as these most outstanding people selected by the Upper Heavens Realm, who possessed the admitting quota to enter the Sea of the Path, and they were about to set off on their journey.

To seek the Way in The Sea of the Path was a once-every-ten-year event. Every ten years, there were those who returned, having proved themselves to be Renhuang. Some, having overwhelmed all the others, proved themselves to be unparalleled. And then there were also geniuses who fell from the altar.

It's a pity that they wouldn't be seeing any of it and could only wait here.

The Sea of the Path was immense and vast. If not a disciple of the Divine Palace and there were no guides to lead the way, they would not be able to cross. It was a feat that even those of the lower Renhuang realm would be hard-pressed to achieve, never mind those who were just in Saint Plane.

"Let's go," said the guides. Immediately, everyone walked forward. Some transformed their will into dinghies that landed on the sea upon which they traveled. Some transformed their will into leaves upon which they sailed through the winds. Then there were also people of the Divine Sword Li Family who turned their Way into sharp swords, shuttling upon the sea.

"Departure," Jun Mu said in the direction of the 15 people from Taixuan Mountain. Suddenly, everyone stepped into the sea. Ye Futian's Will turned into a dinghy upon which he stood, and traveled along with everyone, following the guides who were in the distance.

On the shore of the Sea of the Path, countless eyes gazed at those who were fading away in the distance. It was difficult to calm down for a long time. Some of them left, but some stayed, ready to wait here until the day they returned to see the results of this journey.

In the vast sea, the cultivators of all camps appeared in different directions and darted forward.

As they went deeper into the Sea of the Path, they all sensed that this Sea of the Path was a place hidden with real Way, nurturing infinite will of the Way. The boundless Sea of the Path was giving them an extremely fantastic feeling as if the sea itself was alive.

"Beholding such a sight, there is an urge to sing out loud." Not far from Ye Futian, Wan Shouyi, riding upon the sword, was surveying at the vast sea. He felt ambition in his heart, and he looked forward to everything that was to happen—looking forward to the Divine Palace, looking forward to the many top personalities he would encounter at this moment and in the future.

Although he cultivated at Taixuan Mountain, he had longed for the Divine Palace for many years, and now he finally had the chance.

Ye Futian smiled slightly when he heard Wan Shouyi. Presumably, everyone on this trip felt tremendous pridefulness in their hearts.

As a top character, it was natural to want to witness all the extraordinary figures of the world.

This time, it proved that they all came together, and they were called by the Divine Palace, which added more excitement to the whole affair.

"With this scenery and at this moment, won't junior sister Zhiyin play something for us?" Some cultivators from Taixuan Mountain said with a smile. Li Zhiyin was a guqin master in Guqin Valley, and her talent in music was extraordinary. The mood expressed by her playing was very powerful. At this moment, if it was accompanied by music, it would be a tremendous pleasure.

"I must respectfully decline," Li Zhiyin responded calmly. She turned her gaze to look at Ye Futian, saying, "Shen Jing has been staying in the String Pavilion for a while, comprehending the music left by String Emperor. He has reviewed many of the scores, so he must have learned quite a lot of pieces that would fit the mood right this moment."

"That's true. Brother Shen Jing has been at Taixuan Mountain for some time, cultivating in String Pavilion. Yet, we have never heard Brother Shen Jing play," Chen Yu, a disciple of Guqin Valley, said while laughing heartily. The reason why he wanted to invite Ye Futian to play was not malicious in intent, but Ye Futian entering the String Pavilion had attracted their attention, and they had deliberately paid a visit to the String Pavilion.

Now, Ye Futian had obtained one of the two places left by Lord Taixuan. They were curious about Ye Futian and wanted to see how he accomplished he was in music.

Ye Futian smiled when he heard Chen Yu. He nodded, saying, "Very well, but my musical attainments are limited, so I won't be playing any pieces of the String Emperor. However, I will play something that I wrote before."

"That works." Chen Yu nodded with a smile. Ye Futian did not disappoint this time.

The Way of the wind wrapped around the dinghy, moving it forward. Ye Futian sat cross-legged, and a guqin appeared in front of the dinghy. Ye Futian placed both hands on the strings and began to pluck the strings.

The sound of the guqin was quiet, peaceful, and very pleasant. It could easily lure the listeners into that mood, like the peaceful life of an ordinary young man—sunny and simple.

Li Zhiyin and Chen Yu listened carefully, as they were both well-acquainted with the art of Guqin. Ye Futian's music was very pure. From the standpoint of Guqin, it had a very solid foundation. He had immersed his entire being into the music.

The waves from the Sea of the Path were lighting splashing him. They seemed to also caress the strings—muffling but powerful—and actually integrated into the mood of the music. The gradual change in the sound of the music seemed to make the listeners feel the waves of life. The mood was no longer one of ordinary routine but moved forward in adversity.

"The sound of guqin is perfectly integrated into the natural mood." Luoyue listened quietly. Once, she had heard Ye Futian playing in Taixuan Restaurant. Now, listening to it again, it was a different kind of feeling. Ye Futian's music was very pure. There was no trace of fault.

A dinghy shot forward and shuttled in the Sea of the Path. He bowed his head, stroking the strings. The sound of guqin gradually became higher. As its clear sounds sailed across the waves, reaching the sky, it caused the listeners to involuntarily feel a sense of pride as if they were riding the wind and waves.

"Excellent playing," Wan Shouyi praised. This piece of music seemed to fit his heart. And not only him, but many seemed to have been immersed in the sound of the guqin, listening quietly.

The sound of music was not becoming louder and louder, breaking the giant waves, hitting the nine heavens. The sound of music filled the vast Sea of the Path as Ye Futian was completely immersed in his performance. Those who were around, listening to the music, also seemed to be immersed within it. A smile appeared on Wan Shouyi's face. He said, "This is how a real man should be—filled with great enthusiasm and confidence. One man, one sword. Whoever asks must first try the sharp point of his sword, and one sword ought to be enough to break all obstacles."

He looked at Ye Futian and marveled. Shen Jing, when cultivating on Taixuan Mountain, was humble and low-key. He was extremely restrained, but it was unexpected that he could perform such ambitious music.

It was said that the sound of music reflected the human heart. The music played by Ye Futian reflected his state of mind.

So, what kind of state was he in at this moment?

Was this the real him?

Wan Shouyi smiled. Low-key and restrained, humble, and eager to learn. This was the Shen Jing who cultivated on Taixuan Mountain.

Today, in the Sea of the Path, there was a great sense of pride in the music, which had broken through the nine heavens. For all those talents in the world, no matter who was in front of them, they would move forward without a second thought.

Were the Shen Jing on Taixuan Mountain and outside Taixuan Mountain different? He was rather looking forward to it.

Li Zhiyin and Chen Yu were also slightly moved. When the music stopped, their moods were also quite affected by the sound of the guqin. Li Zhiyin praised and said, "I understand now why Miss Four sent you to Taixuan Mountain."

Perhaps, Miss Four had sensed Ye Futian's extraordinary talent in the arts of music.

Ye Futian merely smiled. Li Zhiyin looked at him in earnest and said, "You have the String Pavilion as a companion. You should work harder and not waste your talents."

"Thank you." Ye Futian responded with a smile to Li Zhiyin. In the void not far behind them, a sarcastic voice was heard: "I didn't expect that they admitted those who were just Unblemished Realm. No matter how ambitious the music is, in the face of power, everything is just fluff. "

The speaker was Luo Youming. They had been following not far behind the people from Taixuan Mountain. On this journey to the Sea of the Path, they would probably do something to the people of Taixuan Mountain.

Now that everyone was still following the guides forward, so they had no plans to make their move yet.

The people of Taixuan Mountain all displayed a look of displeasure, but they didn't say much. They had already resolved to take caution in their hearts, but Ye Futian didn't seem to have heard what he said, nor did he look in Luo Youming's direction.

Everyone was shuttling forward. After a long time, they had gone deep into the Sea of ​​the Path, and a giant wave roared in front of them. A behemoth appeared in the waves, and it was a divine turtle that had obtained the Way. His torso was immense, almost palace-like. He regarded everyone with his giant eyes.

"Turtle Emperor." Many people were slightly shocked. Even the guides were bowing in salute.

"You may go," the divine turtle said to the guides. Suddenly, the guides nodded and left via air.

The divine turtle looked at everyone and said, "Follow me."

As he finished speaking, he turned around and plunged his huge body into the water. He continued to move forward in the Sea of the Path. The crowd followed close behind. Not long after, they saw the divine turtle hitting forward as if to break something. Seawater now fell from the sky. When everyone passed through a slew of giant waves, though they were still in the Sea of the Path, many felt that they seemed to have entered another space within the Sea of the Path.

The forward movement of the divine turtle had slowed. As they continued to move forward, in the Sea of the Path, they saw a mountain peak that was inserted into the Sea of the Path. It rose high into the sky.

"Mountain of the Sea."

Many people were a little amazed. But when they went forward, sometimes, there would be a mountain peak that came into their view. It was strangely shaped, and the will of the Great Path was incredibly rich and concentrated here.

Finally, they saw a fantastic landscape. In a space from quite a distance in front of them, there seemed to be a mirage of Fae Palace sitting on an ancient peak, surrounded by mountains with what seemed to be countless strange-looking peaks.

Not only that, but with a closer look into the distance, one was able to discern that in this space between heaven and earth, there were already many people waiting. It was as if they had come earlier and had been waiting for a long time.

"We are here," everyone said in their hearts. This should be the end of their journey.

The body of the divine turtle floated to the top of the water, and a sound came out of his mouth. Its powerful vibration seemed to be heard by everyone in this area.

"Up there is the end of the Sea of the Path. At the end of the Sea of the Path, there is a road to the Great Path," the voice came from the mouth of the divine turtle. He said, "Go."

When his voice fell, everyone broke through the air at the same time with incredible speed.

The swordsmen of the Divine Sword Li Family traversed the void with their swords. Not to be outdone, the cultivators from the Sky Burying God Clan and the people of the Changfeng Family traveled by wind. The cultivators of the Golden Divine Nation flashed the golden divine light, and wherever the golden divine light passed, it was blinding to those who were present.

"Let's go," Jun Mu said. The people of Taixuan Mountain also galloped out, and each moved forward. Ye Futian drove the flat boat forward with flying speed.

At the end of the Sea of the Path ought to be the so-called The Land of Proving the Way!

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    《The Legend of Futian》