The Legend of Futian
1522 Take Care of the Kids
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1522 Take Care of the Kids

Shadows of figures shuttled between the Mountains of the Way, moving in the same direction. There seemed to be a mountain range connected together, forming a mountainous island in the Sea of the Path. That ethereal fae palace seemed to be standing on top of the mountain peak.

There seemed to be the destination that was pursued by everyone.

Everyone's speed was incredibly fast. Ye Futian and his group shuttled through the sky. Above the void, demonic magic came in waves, and Luo Youming, who had been following them closely before, glanced beneath him. His body was surrounded by a demonic will of death, shrouding the sky while countless death currents turned into death spears.

Luo Youming's finger pointed downward, and instantly, many death spears traversed the void, slaughtering toward the disciples of Taixuan Mountain. They were extremely savage and decisive. It seemed that the progeny of Old Demon Luo from the Divine Capital of Xiling had inherited his overbearing characteristics.

Wan Shouyi looked up in the sky as the sword will above his head screamed. His finger pointed at the void, and countless sharp swords broke through the air, cleaving through the sky. They collided with the death spears. At the same time, other cultivators of Taixuan Mountain made their strikes one after another, defeating the attack.

Their eyes were cold and indifferent; they weren't expecting that Luo Youming would move against them.

Luo Youming stepped into the void, and the Great Path boomed. Demonic death will roared wildly in the void, and it was not just him. Behind Luo Youming, ten other demonic cultivators of the nirvana realms simultaneously released will of the Way. The demon might above the sky grew stronger until it enveloped the heavens.


A huge visage appeared above The Sea of the Path, like the face of the true god of death. This dark face shot out rays of darkness that directly penetrated everyone's eyes so that all the disciples of Taixuan Mountain had the will of death in their eyes. This death will directly invaded their bodies and turned into death currents that drilled them deeply.

At the same time, the booming sounds came out, and giant spears of infinite darkness condensed to manifest like a sharp mountain of death. They slammed down at those who were from Taixuan Mountain.

"Watch out," Jun Mu said. His body rocketed toward the sky. He drove his blasts at one of the death mountains. All 15 cultivators of Taixuan Mountain spread out, each facing the battle to destroy the death mountain. However, they were separated by distance, so they were far from one another.

"Take care of Shen Jing and the others," Wan Shouyi shouted as he elevated into the air to split open the death mountain. Shen Jing and little phoenix were weaker; if they were separated, he was afraid they might not be able to withstand such an attack.

"You two, get close to me. Shen Jing, accompany my guqin. Feng Yan, come to me," Li Zhiyin called out. The Guqin Spirit appeared in front of her, and her fingers were ready to pluck the strings.

However, at this moment, the sound of guqin was already heard, and a loud chime of phoenix rang throughout the void, high-pitched and melodious.

Although Li Zhiyin was a little jealous of Ye Futian's cultivation at the String Pavilion, her nature was extraordinary, after all, and she did not take it too seriously. Now that all the disciples from Taixuan Mountain were under the same attack, they ought to unite as one. Thus, she allowed for Shen Jing and Feng Yan to get close to her.

However, Li Zhiyin did not expect that before she even started playing, the music she had wanted to perform was already ringing in her ears.

Glorious divine light shone, and Ye Futian seemed to bath in its divine beauty, as the illusion of the phoenix appeared and surrounded him, turning it into a wondrous sight. The body of the little phoenix swayed upward. Making a clear sound of phoenix chiming, it integrated into one with the guqin with powerful penetrating power as if to resonate with Ye Futian's music.

Flight of the Phoenix Pair! Li Zhiyin thought. It was an incredibly pure rendition of Flight of the Phoenix Pair. Each note seemed as if it were sung by the phoenix, and with every beat, a phoenix was born again from the ashes.

Rays of radiant divine light rushed into Feng Yan's body, and the mood relayed by the guqin completely fell on her body. The glory of divine light was extremely dazzling, and when both of her wings opened, the sky and the sun were shielded. A breath of divine fire appeared from her mouth, which completely dispersed and burned up the infinite death currents in the sky.

"We came today to seek the Way. Don't waste time on them," Ye Futian said. Though they were in mid-battle, their forward momentum had not been stopped. They were still maintaining an incredible speed, though they were still lagging behind the others.

After several consecutive attacks failed, Luo Youming's eyes were cold and hard. He continued moving forward without being too obsessed with the fighting. After all, they also knew the main purpose of this visit, thanks to Ye Futian's reminder.

The demonic cultivators in the void and the people of Taixuan Mountain below moved forward in tandem. The breaths from their bodies roared as if they could erupt into great battle at any moment.

But Li Zhiyin and Chen Yu were not feeling serene. Ye Futian had always appeared extremely modest. However, the music that he played at that moment had given birth to an unnatural vision. The music of Flight of the Phoenix Pair penetrated the void, which even Li Zhiyin could not accomplish.

Obviously, Ye Futian had not wasted his time at the String Pavilion. He had practiced hard in the art of the guqin, and had learned the famous Flight of the Phoenix Pair in its entirety.

It seemed that they had ignored the modest Shen Jing.

"Not bad. Perfect concealment that you have accomplished this famous piece. No wonder Uncle Lan gave this spot to you." Wan Shouyi, riding the sword in the air, laughed heartily at Ye Futian. Now, even he had come to realize that Ye Futian was not ordinary. This Flight of the Phoenix Pair still amazed him.

In this way, he and Feng Yan cooperated with one another. Thus, they were able to protect themselves.

Passing through all those Mountains of the Way, some had already stepped onto the giant island in the sea. Some stopped momentarily while some continue to move forward.

Except for those top characters who had been given a spot, Ye Futian also saw a group of people climbing the mountain. They were surely the disciples who were selected to cultivate in the Divine Palace this time.

Ye Futian leaped and landed on the Mountain of the Way. A thick will of the Way rushed to him as if this mountain range was a very pure mountain of the Great Path, containing the infinite will of the Great Path.

After descending on the Mountain of the Way, the group moved forward like lightning. Little phoenix's eyes were full of excitement, staring at a lonely peak in the distance. There seemed to be a divine tree of flames, with flame-colored fruits growing on it. An extremely rich will of the flaming Great Path was released from it, rendering the whole mountain peak red as the flames. Its temperature was extremely high.

"Fruits of the Way," Ye Futian whispered. He had done some research before coming here. It was rumored that the fairy mountain where the Divine Palace was located was a land of treasure, nurtured by the Great Path of heaven and earth. It was able to produce magical objects, such as the fruits of the Way.

Little phoenix rushed over there, Ye Futian following close behind. Some people were in the same direction as they were, but there were others heading toward other places. There was more than one place on this mountain that nurtured fruits of the Way.

"Watch yourselves," Wan Shouyi shouted at Ye Futian and little phoenix, reminding them. He and Luoyue were going in the other direction, clearly with different targets.

Soon, Ye Futian came to the mountain. He saw that the surrounding space was filled with an extremely hot airflow, which seemed to be able to incinerate all things. The flamed-colored mountain peak transmitted an unusually high temperature. The sap of the Path Tree was like magma.

Boom. The will of flame erupted, and little phoenix rushed directly inside. Her body was bathed in the glory of the divine flames. Ye Futian was the same. With flames burning on his body, he rushed inside as well. His body was still swallowing and absorbing will of the flames.

But at this moment, a powerful pressure of the Great Path came down, and a giant flaming palm print appeared on the sky, slamming down through the air. The dazzling flaming palm print could incinerate everything. It aimed toward Ye Futian and little phoenix.

This was the Land of Proving the Way of the Divine Palace, but it was also a place of controversy. Where there were opportunities, competitions would ensue. The greater the opportunity, the stronger the competition.

Buzz. Ye Futian's body turned into a flash of lightning, the sword light appeared, and a sliver of the sky appeared in the heaves, The sky had been cleaved.

With a popping sound, the giant fiery palm of flame was directly split in two, from the middle.

Ye Futian stood in front of little phoenix and looked up to the place not far ahead. A red-haired old man bathed in fire with aggressive eyes, staring at him and Feng Yan.

Little phoenix's eyes were full of flames as she stared at the old man. A slight disagreement and he made a killer move. This old man was seriously savage.

However, the old man smiled and appeared extremely friendly, completely without the nastiness that he displayed just moments ago when he went for the kill.

"Young friend, your swordsmanship is quite good. There are three fruits of the way on this tree, and here we are—exactly three. How about one each?" the old man said with a smile. He had fought his way from the crowd this time and took the identity of an ordinary disciple, hence the opportunity to come here; it was an opportunity to test himself.

"Great." Ye Futian nodded with a smile, readily agreeing.

"If so, you two little friends can pick first." The old man's smile was still kind and friendly. He let Ye Futian and his people choose first.

"Little phoenix, you choose," Ye Futian said.

"Hmm." Little phoenix nodded, and her figure flickered toward the ancient tree of the Great Path ahead. Ye Futian looked at the old man with a smile.

While little phoenix was getting closer to the Path Tree, Ye Futian was still staring at him. The old man's expression didn't waver, but the surrounding atmosphere seemed to have fluctuated faintly.


A surge of dark red flame erupted instantly. It gave out a great sense of danger, and the old man instantly launched his attack on little phoenix.

However, at this moment, he felt the resistance of the Great Path of Space, and then Ye Futian moved, traveling through the void.

The old man suddenly turned around and raised his hands to blast toward Ye Futian. The giant dark red palms were like grinding discs that were directly locked onto Ye Futian's body. It was extremely accurate, as it was right where Ye Futian reappeared as he emerged from the void.


Ye Futian, using a finger as a sword, struck out and created a terrible vortex of swordsmanship in front of him, cutting through the void. Instantly, the terrible palm print was shattered into nothingness. Ye Futian's finger continued forward as the old man's expression turned to one of alert, and he attempted to retreat.

But Ye Futian was moving fast and arrived in an instant. The sword finger penetrated the old man's entire body with the air of the swordsmanship. He looked down at his own body as his eyes were filled with fear.

"How ruthless!" The old man viciously looked toward Ye Futian, and with a popping sound, his body was pulverized into nothing while sword will was still raging.

Little phoenix picked the fruits of the Way and handed two fruits to Ye Futian, saying, "This phoenix will reward you two fruits."

But her eyes were fixed on the fruits. She seemed a little peckish. Ye Futian smiled and took only one, telling her, "As your elder, I have to take care of the kids."

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    《The Legend of Futian》