The Legend of Futian
1529 Divine Tree of Comprehension
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1529 Divine Tree of Comprehension

Ye Futian didn't care how the others regarded him. A chance like this was not easy to fall upon. He would, of course, try to procure more fruits of the Way. This was the fruit that could bring those at the peak of Saint Plane closer to Nirvana Plane, so the more, the better.

On this trip, all he saw was everyone competing with one another, plundering goods at every chance. He was no exception.

With a chill wrapped around him, Ye Futian saw Lu Qingyao and the others looking at him coldly. His eyes shot out a terrible aura of the sword, and he stepped forward. The invisible sword will flowed between heaven and earth, ready to annihilate, which made the surging will of the Way from his body even more majestic.

As the disciples of the Divine Palace felt the sword will that flowed between heaven and earth, their expressions became even more awkward. They realized that Ye Futian would deal with them unkindly. But if they were to hand over the fruits of the Way to Ye Futian just like that, where would their dignity be as the disciples of the Divine Palace?

"Move," a low voice said, and the tyrannical will of the Way erupted again. It seemed that they still wanted to give it another shot.

Buzz. At the moment they started, Ye Futian's body turned into a residual shadow, fast to the limit. Before someone could even finish their thought, he had appeared in front of them and unleashed an attack with a single finger. That disciple of the Divine Palace tried to counterattack, but she was in no shape to bear Ye Futian's sword attack.

A bloody trail bloomed in the air as her pupils contracted, but she found that there was only a residual image in front of her, and Ye Futian was no longer there.

One after another, the shadows sailed across the void. Soon, Ye Futian returned to where he was before.

When his figure finally solidified, that sword will suddenly erupted as all the forces from the attack were destroyed. What was more terrifying was that a terrible storm of sword qi had started inside the space, slashed through by countless sword lights.

Poof... One after another, muffled groans were heard. Under his sword, everyone was resisting his sword will. Lu Qingyao stood among the crowd, staring at Ye Futian. She clearly felt that someone was being injured.

None of the disciples of the Divine Palace could bear one of his sword attacks.

"If the goddess would like to continue, the next strike will be stronger," Ye Futian said. Lu Qingyao's face was gloomy. She stretched out her white palm, and on it, there was a fruit of the Way, rich with life.

"Just one?" Ye Futian looked at Lu Qingyao and asked. This divine tree gave birth to a Divine Spring; there should have been more than just one fruit.

Lu Qingyao's face was somber as Ye Futian smiled and said, "If I were to search you, it wouldn't be good for you."

As she waved her palm, two more fruits of the Way appeared in her hand. She tossed them toward Ye Futian.

Ye Futian caught them without much formality and put all three fruits of the Way of life away. Those were for Xia Qingyuan.

After Lu Qingyao passed him the fruits, she ignored Ye Futian and turned around to walk away. One could imagine her feelings at that moment.

Everyone else glanced at Ye Futian coldly and then left with Lu Qingyao.

Ye Futian didn't pursue them again. Three fruits of the Way was about the right amount; it was quite the harvest!

Wan Shouyi and Luoyue seemed a bit numb. Was this the same humble and low-profiled Shen Jing they knew at Taixuan Mountain?

This was too much of a difference!

It was as if they were two different people. Ye Futian, who stepped into this land of trial, had completely transformed into a predator.

Little phoenix approached at Ye Futian and looked at him with pleading eyes.

"What are you looking at?" Ye Futian said, looking at her.

"Everyone needs the will of the Way of life," little phoenix said feebly. He had taken three fruits, and he had no plan to give one to the cute little phoenix?

Ye Futian ignored her and turned to walk forward. He replied in a low voice, "There's not enough."

"The friend that you are going to give them to, is it a man or a woman?" little Phoenix asked, running after him.

"A woman," Ye Futian replied.

"I knew it..." Little Phoenix looked at Ye Futian and whispered, "I am also your friend. How come you are not giving me some?"

Was she not pretty enough?

Or not cute enough?

"You..." Ye Futian glanced back and saw that little phoenix gave him a gentle smile, and there was even some charm to it. She blushed a little bit. Ye Futian looked rather baffled and said, "Sorry, we are not friends like that."

He turned around, moving forward in great strides.

"You jerk!" little phoenix cursed loudly. She could forget about getting that precious fruit of the Way.

He was so heartless, denying her even one fruit.

They continued forward and plundered more along the way. On their way to that immortal Fae Palace, they had stolen even more fruits of the Way, and Ye Futian had reaped a lot and had eaten even more fruits of the Way.

He was feeling a little bit too full...

From every other direction, the direction of other cultivators was consistent with his. They were all going toward that immortal Fae Palace.

Moreover, as he approached, more and more cultivators were also coming. Many of them were geniuses of the top forces, and some were disciples of the Divine Palace.

As Ye Futian and his group walked all the way up the mountain, the Divine Fae Palace became even clearer. The sky above them and the ancient mountain were filled with the holy power of the divine might of the Great Path, and it was getting stronger.

From all directions of the mountain, people were walking up one after another, and they could all feel a sacred breath.

It seemed that there was something holy residing above them.

"What is that?"

When Ye Futian saw that in front of the immortal Fae Palace at the top, there seemed to be an immense divine tree planted there. What was even more amazing was that this tree had infinite colors, and the color of each giant tree branch was different. They stretched out in different directions and were extremely beautiful.

"This tree is so huge," little phoenix looked up and murmured.

"It has all kinds of fruits of the Way, all kinds," Wan Shouyi whispered. There were different fruits on the radiant branches of the divine tree. It was as if this tree alone produced many different fruits with different wills of the Way. The whole tree was dazzling and contained boundless and powerful will of the Way.

Next to the ancient tree, many were standing there. In front of each fruit, there seemed to be at least one or many cultivators guarding it. It was as if they had already laid claim to those fruits of the Way.

"The products have the essence of the sun, the moon, and the sky." Ye Futian looked up. Many had already arrived here, and there seemed to be a dividing line there. Above the mountain, it was forbidden.

Someone tried to ascend by force, but a divine golden light on the mountain was descending from the sky. It was a long spear of gold that directly pierced the void and nailed the cultivators who tried to trespass.

"Gai Shi Shi."

Ye Futian looked at that figure and saw that he was clad in a golden robe, stately and imposing, guarding a golden fruit that was bigger than any of the ones Ye Futian had seen before. It was releasing a golden glow that covered Gai Shi Shi. Gai Shi Shi seemed to be comprehending something in tranquility. He was not eating the fruit but was comprehending in front of it.

It was not just him, but also other prominent characters were present as well.

"I never expected the Divine Tree of Comprehension in the legend would actually be true." Wan Shouyi was startled. One could comprehend before the divine tree. It was rumored that in the Sea of the Path to prove the truth, enlightenment could be obtained before the divine tree, and one could become a Renhuang.

Moreover, it was said that the fruits produced from the divine tree of Comprehension each contained enough will of the Way for someone at the peak of the Nirvana Plane to cast a Divine Wheel of the Great Path. Its will of the Way was immeasurable.

In another direction, a group came forth. It turned out to be Jun Mu and the others. Apparently, they had also seen Ye Futian and Wan Shouyi. Jun Mu's eyes revealed some disbelief. They had also arrived?

But going further up was perhaps an impossibility.

The people above would not allow anyone to snatch away their opportunity of the Great Path. Those were the most prominent figures on this trip, including many who were the direct disciples of the Divine Palace.

"Wan Shouyi, Luoyue, how has your trip with him been?" Jun Mu asked Ye Futian and his party. On this trip, they had profited some along the way.

Luoyue looked at Ye Futian and said nothing. If only Jun Mu knew that Ye Futian was the swordsman who made that strike on Taixuan Mountain, she wondered how he would feel.

"If you want, we still have a chance to join hands to try it together," Jun Mu continued. Even he was not certain that he could force his way to the top and see the divine tree of Comprehension for himself. Naturally, he, too, wanted to sit under the divine tree and meditate.

But those under the tree would not allow anyone to disturb their own meditation, nor compete with them. Therefore, anyone who crossed the boundary would endure their attacks.

"Infighting already?" a cold voice asked. It was from a group of cultivators walking up the mountain. They were from the Divine Capital of Xiling. With the clashes that were taking place now, all who were victorious would start moving toward this place.

Those who came for the trial would eventually appear here.

After all, as soon as they arrived, they could see the palace resting at the peak!

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    《The Legend of Futian》