The Legend of Futian
1530 No One Could Get Up
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1530 No One Could Get Up

Ye Futian cast a glance at Luo Youming. The prince of the Divine Capital of Xiling seemed to have remembered them.

However, although death and injury were inevitable in this place of trial, it was still a troublesome thing to kill a prince of the Divine Capital of Xiling in front of everyone. There were so many people here that it would be impossible to do such a thing without having outsiders find out. To attract the attention of a peak character such as Old Demon Luo was definitely not ideal.

Luo Youming seemed to perceive something, and his eyes moved toward Ye Futian, He saw that this musician of Taixuan Mountain regarded him with an incredibly indifference and contempt. It was as if, in his eyes, Luo Youming was someone not worth noting. His attitude was condescending.

A chilling intention of murder flashed across his eyes, extremely frigid. All the descendants of Old Demon Luo had inherited Old Demon Luo's temper.

However, although many had come one after another from below, everyone in front of the Divine Tree of Comprehension was still calmly meditating and cultivating as if immersed in their own perception of the Great Path. But everyone knew that as soon as someone crossed the boundary, that person would feel the force of attack from above.

A while ago, there were already a few cultivators who had perished under these kinds of attacks.

"Let's go up," a voice commanded. Not far from Ye Futian and his group, Jun Mu took few people with him, preparing to rush through. Li Zhiyin and Chen Yu of Guqin Valley followed him, after all, ready to join forces. There was also Ma Yi with a few others. If they joined hands together with Jun Mu, naturally, their chance of success would be greater.

Of course, Ye Futian and Wan Shouyi had already demonstrated much greater strength than Jun Mu. However, since Ye Futian had already made it clear that he would not necessarily give them the fruit, that only left Jun Mu as a partner.

When Luo Youming and the other cultivators of the Divine Capital of Xiling saw that Jun Mu and his group were about to move upwards, they also immediately stepped up and said, "Luo Youming of the Divine Capital of Xiling wants a space."

Anyone who occupied a space above was not an ordinary, simple person. He introduced himself by name because, with his status and strength, there had to be a space for him.

There were also several others who took the initiative to step up and were prepared to take advantage of this opportunity to rush through together so that there was a greater chance of succeeding.

Instantly, an extremely arrogant might of the Way erupted, and everyone stepped up, walking on the mountain path on their way to the Divine Tree of Comprehension.

Above them, everyone watched. Everyone who was there was an extraordinary character. Among them were Gai Shi Shi of the Golden Divine Nation, Li Xun of the Divine Sword Li Family, Chang Fenglie of the Changfeng Family, and Qin Zang of the Sky Burying God Clan.

There were also several direct disciples from the Divine Palace, each of whom was an extraordinary figure with an exemplary breath. Those who were able to stand there had already experienced a great battle, so if anyone else wished to go up, then they must be even more outstanding than the people who were already there.

Otherwise, there would be no place yielded for them there.

In front of the Divine Tree of Comprehension, many eyes were now on the place below. All the figures were indistinct as divine will shrouded the void, and the will of the Way flowed between heaven and earth. Ye Futian could clearly feel a domineering might brewing and could explode at any time.

"These people seem to have reached a certain tacit agreement," Ye Futian marveled secretly. As his voice fell, he saw several people moved at the same time. In the sky above Li Xun, countless swords manifested, and a sword river appeared directly between heaven and earth, slaughtering toward the sky below. In an instant, everyone was attacked by the sword river.

Bang. Luo Youming was extremely forceful. He lifted the great demonic palm print and blasted toward the sky above, smashed the swords directly, and continued upward. Other cultivators all launched counterattacks to shatter the power of swordsmanship that came for them.

However, this only seemed to be the beginning. After Li Xun's sword, Qin Zang of the Sky Burying God Clan turned radiant all over, the starry lights flowing. He took a single step, and ranges of mountains descended from the sky, bombarding the crowds below.

For a time, destructive turbulence of methods raged wildly.

But, this did not stop. Afterward, Chang Fenglie attacked, and Gai Shi Shi pointed downward to unleash the golden spear from the sky. The sound of violent collisions was heard, and under the continuous attacks of several top characters, many were unable to bear the attacks and retreated from the shock.

"There is no place for you here," a forceful and overbearing voice said, and another figure in front of the Divine Tree of Comprehension made a move. That person emanated a terrible breath. There seemed to be a ghostly figure behind him. This apparition merged into the Great Path of heaven and earth when the other person's palms made a squeezing motion in the air.

Suddenly, everyone who was battling below felt that their spirit was being held captive.

An extremely strong sense of crisis was born, and their countenance changed. What was this ability that could directly ignore external defenses and attack the spirits instead?

The apparition squeezed in the air again. Puh... Some people vomited blood, their faces pale as sand, and fell to the ground. Others spat out blood, their faces pale, and felt their circulations impeded.

"That's his disciple." Many people instantly remembered a man, a great man in the Divine Palace, who did not have many disciples. His ability in cultivation was very rare and required a very special talent.

The person who attacked looked very young. They were fair-skinned like a woman. His demeanor was very delicate, and he had a head of dark hair freely hanging. But his dark eyes added a sense of gentleness.

It was a direct disciple of the Divine Palace, Bai Xiu.

He was also brilliant among the direct disciples of the Divine Palace, but in the battles within the Divine Palace, he lost to another more powerful person, so he did not get a place and needed to come here to fight for it.

But his strength was definitely horrific, especially his cultivation ability.

"It is the direct disciple of Lord Underworld. Lord Underworld is an expert in methods that directly attack the spirit. It was very fearsome and could kill invisibly. Judging from this person's appearance, it should be Bai Xiu—the youngest of all Lord Underworld's disciples. Although he did not get a placement this time, in time, he will be even more terrible. This trip will strengthen his realm," Luoyue explained. Her father, the City Lord of Taixuan City, was a disciple under Lord Taixuan. He was a prominent figure in his own right, so Luoyue knew quite a lot about the outside world.

Ye Futian nodded. There was a strange ability floating in the void, like an apparition that had integrated into the Great Path of heaven and earth. This may be the life spirit ability, a special talent.

He also cultivated a similar ability—Celestial Soul Attraction, which was a mystical way inherited from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, but even Celestial Soul Attraction was slightly different from this.

As the top principality of the Higher Heavens Realm, the Divine Palace taught throughout the world, and it was completely expected that there would be all kinds of abilities within the Divine Palace.

After a series of continuous attacks, all the cultivators were now suppressed, and the majority of them were injured.

Even Luo Youming and other cultivators from the Divine Capital of Xiling were the same, just like Jun Mu and his party. Several of them had been hit hard, and their faces were pale. For example, Li Zhiyin and Chen Yu, who were experts at melody, suffered a great injury to their spiritual powers under Bai Xiu's attack, which directly aimed at the spirit, Along with all the other attacks launched at the same time, they were instantly crippled.

Jun Mu also suffered a slight injury. He was knocked down by the attack. His expression was unpleasant.

Were these people preventing the others from going up?

"It seems that the benefits have been distributed, and those who arrive later will have a hard time partaking any further," Wan Shouyi said as he watched the scene play out before him. The meaning of their alliance was easy to understand.

The previous battle had determined the power structure up there. Next, they wanted to stabilize the configuration without allowing more players to participate. Even if they were better than the people who were already in it, it was difficult to get up there. It was not as simple as they had thought.

At this time, a group of people traveled upward in a flash. The person in the lead was extremely beautiful. It was Lu Qingyao, who had been robbed by Ye Futian not long ago. She looked up and said, "Brothers, may I have a place? "

"Doesn't junior sister Lu just comprehend in the fountain of life?" a young man asked. He was also a disciple of the Divine Palace.

Lu Qingyao's face changed slightly. She turned her head looked in a certain direction, which was just where Ye Futian was.

"It was taken away by someone," Lu Qingyao replied.

The people above were silent and looked in one of the directions, and from what seemed to be the top of the DivineTree of Comprehension, someone glanced at Lu Qingyao and said, "Sister Qingyao, come up."

"Thank you, Senior Brother." Lu Qingyao nodded and moved upward. Gai Shi Shi and the others revealed surprise in their eyes. They glanced at the person who spoke. But, in the end, they didn't say anything. Their silence wasn't entirely out of fear, but the speaker was definitely one of the most excellent people here. If there were a conflict with him, the consequences would be unpredictable.

After all, there were still some spaces left in front of the Divine Tree of Comprehension.

"That fruit of the Way, then, is yours." The speaker pointed to a fruit of life. Lu Qingyao responded by nodding. "Thank you."

The looks on the face of the people below were not so good. Such a precious fruit was now distributed to someone just like that?

The direct disciples of the Divine Palace were such good sports.

"What should we do?" little phoenix whispered to Ye Futian.

"I'm waiting for someone." Ye Futian said, and he looked to the side. After a while, there was a figure traveling with a sword, coming toward this way. Upon seeing that figure, Ye Futian smiled.

Yaya had arrived.

After Yaya arrived, she saw Ye Futian and came to his side in a flash.

"You are here." Ye Futian smiled. He took out two fruits. One was filled with powerful sword will, and the other contained a strong breath of life. He said, "Eat them first."

Yaya looked at Ye Futian. This guy, really... she thought. But she nodded gently anyway, took them, and ate them both.

Ye Futian had given them for her to eat, so there was no need to be coy.

All around, whoever perceived the breath of these fruits, all looked in Ye Futian's direction. They couldn't help but show a strange look. How dare they devour the fruits of the Way in front of them like this?

Jun Mu also looked bewildered. Besides the sword-shaped fruit that he had captured from the hands of the Divine Sword Li Family, did he also take the fruit of life?

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    《The Legend of Futian》