The Legend of Futian
1533 No One in Particular
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1533 No One in Particular

Li Xun's expression changed rapidly, the spirit of the sword condensed and manifested, and infinite sword will descended from the sky. The divine sword of doomsday was born and fell straight down.


Li Xun shouted, and with it, the sword descended. At the same time, Wan Shouyi's sword approached, and the two swords collided. In an instant, a violent storm of swordsmanship raged and swept wildly in all directions.

Li Xun's sword was the Sword of Doomsday, meant to destroy all existence. Wan Shouyi's sword was the Sword of Reversal. The song of the lost sound of the Great Path signified the imperfection of the Great Path, and the only remedy was the sword.

The sound of guqin could still be heard in the void, as countless notes merged into the sword, forming a reverse current of swordsmanship, which caused the sword river to reverse its course and flood toward Li Xun.


Everyone saw Li Xun's sword retreating, knocked back into the void while Wan Shouyi was surrounded by infinite sword will. He took a step and reached for the sword and pointed it toward the sky. Instantly, a devastating storm of sword qi circled upward, intending to shatter the sky.

Li Xun's expression was terrible. He had been defeated once before already; Ye Futian and Wan Shouyi teamed up and defeated him. Now, this piece of music was even more powerful than the one performed previously, and Wan Shouyi's sword was, likewise, stronger.

But at this moment, someone else made a move. Qin Zang's palm pressed downward, and a force that could suppress the heavens came down. With it, stone tablets appeared between heaven and earth, and each tablet contained inscriptions composed of signs and symbols, camouflaging the will of the Great Path.

Qin Zang squeezed his palm, and suddenly, the many stone tablets revolved around Wan Shouyi's body. At the same time, the infinite will of the Great Path that was hidden within the inscription of the tablets shot toward Wan Shouyi, like golden flashes of lightning.

Boom, boom… Under the endless will of the inscriptions, Wan Shouyi seemed to be trapped in it. Many stone tablets loomed over him, seemed to try to bury him.

The Sky Burying God Clan claimed to be able to bury the Great Path of all heavens, arrogant beyond compare. Qin Zang, as the genius existence of the Sky Burying God Clan, was super powerful. He was nearly at the peak, not far from Renhuang. One could only imagine his prowess.

The Great Path was buried in it. Countless golden lightning shot toward Wan Shouyi, wrapping around his sword and destroying his will.

But the melody of the music was still the same, as the music became more and more urgent. Wan Shouyi swiped his palm across the sword in front of him, and there was blood on the sword, releasing a brilliant bloody light.

At this moment, Wan Shouyi closed his eyes. He wanted to forget about his sword, and immersed himself in the swordsmanship within the music, for that was the true Great Path.

A momentous force came slaughtering toward him, Wan Shouyi unleashed the sword strike, and the sword opened up the sky. In an instant, the sword light diffused, and silence filled the surrounding space. Everything seemed to be standing still. In the next moment, the crowd saw the stone tablets shattering bit by bit, disintegrating, and turning into dust in the void.

"Senior brother Wan!"

Below, Luoyue was shocked to witness this scene. Her heart beat wildly, and her eyes were fixed on the sword above the sky—what seemed to be a strike that was quite unremarkable.


Luoyue murmured under her breath. This was the Fleeting Divine Sword. As time passed, all things withered away.

Even if it was just a hint of fleeting, it was still so mighty, so powerful that it simply smashed Qin Zang's overbearing attack, leaving no room for doubt.

However, Senior brother Wan hadn't even truly mastered the second level of the Divine Sword—Cleave of All Things—so how could he have released Fleeting?

Was it because of the music?

The lost sound of the Great Path, the Song of the Lost Divine.

The song had allowed Wan Shouyi to experience the Way; it was a true experience at that. Since he had already experienced the feel of it, then he would most certainly get to that place someday in the future.

Could the Song of the Lost Divine really be this magical?

She had heard her father saying that Lord Taixuan had comprehended the Way from music, and realized many abilities, including the ultimate swordsmanship, the Fleeting Divine Sword, and many other methods. All were from his own cultivation and integrated with his comprehension of the lost sound of the Great Path, which finally formed his own method.

The stone tablets were shattered, and Wan Shouyi continued upward. Another sword strike was unleashed, and even that Divine Tree of Comprehension let out some noises. The other cultivators changed their expressions when they saw what he was doing. More golden divine lightning came down from above. It was absolutely domineering. A figure seemed to directly stop the Great Path of Insight. Instead, he stepped out and came to the sky above Wan Shouyi. It was Gai Shi Shi of the Divine Golden Nation.

One after another, golden spears penetrated the void, moving toward Wan Shouyi. The heaven and earth cried out as if on the verge of destruction. The endless golden spears came down murderously. But under the Fleeting Divine Sword, everything was annihilated into nothingness.

But there was an even more disturbing scene above the dome. An ancient golden god stood in the sky and merges one with Gai Shi Shi, so that he seemed to have been transformed into an ancient god. He was even more dominating and incomparable.

The ancient god held out his hand, and the countless golden spears above the sky gathered into one. They transformed into a substantial golden divine spear and aimed straight down below.

There seemed to be endless golden lightning around the golden spear, and this blow seemed capable of destroying and shattering the world.

Wan Shouyi still didn't retreat. The sword went straight for the golden spear. The Fleeting Divine Sword collided with the long spear of Celestial Divinity. Countless golden lightning drowned and pulverized it, but the sword also retreated.

"How strong."

The crowd looked at the golden spear of Gai Shi Shi, whose attack was extremely overbearing. It caused the formation of a destructive vortex of a storm in the space where they were.

"Wake up." In the void, the disciple of Divine Palace—Bai Xiu—squeezed his palm in midair. Instantly, Wan Shouyi felt very uncomfortable. It was as if all his senses were isolated.

However, Wan Shouyi still did not retreat. He dragged his sword toward the void, his eyes still closed, moving toward the sky above step by step.

The sound of guqin was so pure in his ears that, at this moment, no matter the outcome, whether it was winning or losing, he would able to accept either.

Boom. Gai Shi Shi moved again. The golden divine spear passed through heaven and earth as other cultivators also attacked in unison. But Wan Shouyi still moved forward and unleashed the last strike.

The crowd saw a sword light, brilliant like fireworks. The glory of that instant was so dazzling that it moved and shocked everyone who beheld it.

The moment the sword light fell, everything withered, and many methods of attack around him were pulverized into dust.

Even that golden spear was breaking inch by inch. It shattered until it became nothing.

"One sword breaks all methods." Anyone who stared at this scene was trembling and speechless. Wan Shouyi was actually able to unleash such a sword strike.


A light cough was heard, and there was blood trailing down from the corner of Wan Shouyi's mouth. His breath was weakening rapidly. He was clearly unable to fight any longer.

In fact, in his previous battle with Li Xun, he had served the Sword Spirit with blood, and even more so in this battle. He had exhausted the strength of his body to the extreme, thus making that final instant of glory possible.

Although he could fight no longer, Wan Shouyi's eyes revealed a smile. This was swordsmanship. He finally understood.

"I've been enlightened," Wan Shouyi said to those in the void, then turned to leave and did not continue to fight.

The others also did not pursue the fighter and did not take advantage of him. They were all top figures from all places. Though they were not friendly toward Wan Shouyi, they would not make their move at a time like this to do something beneath their honor.

Wan Shouyi ought to be proud of this battle, even though he had the accompaniment of the music.

Wan Shouyi returned to Ye Futian's side, bowed, and smiled. "Much thanks to you."

"Brother Wan has advised me many times before. I'm only doing what I should, "Ye Futian said. He took out a fruit of the Way and handed it to Wan Shouyi. "Eat."

Fruit of Life.

Wan Shouyi looked up at Ye Futian.

"You really need it now," Ye Futian said. As for what Xia Qingyuan needed, he would have to get it from above.

Smiling, Wan Shouyi didn't refuse, but took the fruit directly and swallowed it. The feeling of his weakened breath rapidly recovering was indescribably buoyant.

Little phoenix was a little jealous seeing all this. What about her?

She couldn't compete with the women, but not even men?

This guy must be jealous of her beauty and talent, afraid that she would kick him aside if she had taken the fruit of the Way.

Jun Mu and the others lamented when they saw Wan Shouyi taking the fruit, and several others around him felt regretful.

Ye Futian did not promise them anything and even made it clear that he would not share his fruits with them.

But at this time, he gifted a song of Swordsmanship to Wan Shouyi and gave him the fruit to eat, all of which was to aid Wan Shouyi in his transformation.

After this trip, Wan Shouyi's strength would reach to a whole new level.

"When did you learn to..." Luoyue looked at Ye Futian, halting in her question. She wanted to know about the Song of the Lost Divine.

"Didn't Lord Taixuan played it once?" Ye Futian said with a smile.

"That day on Taixuan Mountain? But it was just the one time," Luoyue said.

"Because I was good at other well-known songs, I connected with the song that Lord Taixuan performed. I had some foundation that I could leverage. In reality, it was far from being the lost sound of the Great Path," Ye Futian said. If it were the complete lost sound of the Great Path, with his assistance, Wan Shouyi's sword would have had no problem dealing with those people above.

Luoyue was a little speechless upon hearing Ye Futian's response. Could it be that she was wrong?

Ye Futian was not a disciple who was secretly accepted by Lord Taixuan?

But talent such as this was, frankly, a little too frightening.

Ye Futian glanced at Luoyue, then stepped forward. Inside his body, the ancient tree of the world was swaying. Many wills of the Way had now turned to swordsmanship. In one turn of the mind, great changes had taken place within the Great Path, and only the sword remained eternal.

He walked under the Divine Tree of Comprehension, looked up at the sky, and said, "Since none of you will relinquish your space, I guess I have to take it myself."

As his words fell, he walked forward toward the mountain.


The look of the cultivators from Divine Palace was one of great indifference. This man was extremely proud; even the disciples of the Divine Palace were never being taken seriously by him.

He had even robbed Lu Qingyao, a direct disciple.

The speaker was Bai Xiu. As he looked down at Ye Futian, his eyes seemed to be apparitional, like an invisible will flowing between the sky and the earth. When those eyes gazed upon him, Ye Futian felt his life spirit seemed to have been locked on to.

Bai Xiu—a disciple of the Divine Palace—was an expert of the attack on spiritual soul, and his master was Lord Underworld.

Likewise, Ye Futian also glanced at the void. His pupils became extremely terrifying, even emitting a demonic breath. Those pupils seemed to penetrate all the nothingness. They directly penetrated into Bai Xiu's eyes, causing the slight change in Bai Xiu's expression.

"Whoever makes a move, that's the position I want," Ye Futian said, continuing upward, toward no one in particular, but everyone above!

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    《The Legend of Futian》