The Legend of Futian
1534 One Man
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1534 One Man

Each major cultivator had already occupied a position in front of the Divine Tree of Comprehension and had no intention to make room for anyone else. Whoever attempted to go up would be crushed by all the cultivators there.

Everyone also saw what happened just now and that everyone above had attacked together.

Now, Ye Futian claimed that whoever made a move, that would be the space he wanted.

This was no longer aimed at any one of them, but to anyone who dared to make a move. That could be everyone who was currently up there—what a pompous attitude.

In front of the Divine Tree, everyone looked indifferent as their eyes pierced Ye Futian. Whether it was the top characters or disciples of the Divine Palace, they had never seen anyone so arrogant. Even in the Divine Palace, there was no disciple who dared act so presumptuously.

But Ye Futian stepped up and was indeed by himself, walking toward the top. The wind howled desolately, and the will of the Way flowed, all blowing on him, causing his white robe to flutter rapidly. Watching his back as he walked away from the crowd, everyone could feel a sense of haughty loneliness.

One man alone, walking toward the Divine Tree.

Bai Xiu's eyes were terrifying. A mysterious air flow was surging, enveloping the world. At this moment, even the people watching the battle from below felt the pressure of the spiritual soul. In the sky above, a ghostly face appeared faintly until it blended in with the sky and became one. A pair of terrifying eyes looked down, and many people felt that their spiritual souls were trembling.

Lord Underworld did not have many direct disciples, but every one of them was very dangerous in their own right. This kind of attack on the spiritual soul was extremely perilous, as it could directly target the spiritual power of cultivators. It was truly threatening.

Clearly, Bai Xiu also felt that Ye Futian was an expert of spiritual power because his countenance was particularly grave. Those ghostly eyes locked onto the others' spiritual soul, rushing into Ye Futian's eyes. But it was ultimately useless. Ye Futian's eyes were equally terrible, and the sword will everywhere on his body could directly destroy the power he released.

Stretching out his palm and swiping downward, suddenly, a great handprint appeared in the void. It was directly aimed at Ye Futian's spiritual soul.

"Hand of the Underworld."

Many ordinary disciples from the Divine Palace trembled as they saw this scene in front of them. Bai Xiu's strength was so great that even some whose cultivation was stronger than his lost because they could not resist the power of attack on their spiritual souls.

It was still unknown if Ye Futian could contend with Lord Underworld's disciple, Bai Xiu.

The others made no move and were just watching Bai Xiu. They wanted to see just how far this arrogant swordsman from Taixuan Mountain, who wanted to fight everyone, could go.

Ye Futian's perception was so powerful that he naturally perceived an immense great Hand of the Underworld grabbing toward him silently. It was not directed at the flesh but at the spiritual soul. This attack was similar to Celestial Soul Attraction.

But after Ye Futian had cultivated the Celestial Soul Attraction, he further combined the Celestial Soul Attraction with his method. He was confident that it would be way stronger than the other's power from the Underworld.

Bang. Ye Futian continued to march upward, and the momentous power from his body rolled out. The veins inside his body seemed to be transformed into veins of swords. In the world of the spiritual soul, the ancient tree of life took on the shape of sword. Sword spirit chimed in his life palace, clamoring to rush out.

Above Ye Futian's body, there were countless currents of swordsmanship flowing, following his footsteps. They went up against the trend.

The whistling sword gave a sense of suffocation between heaven and earth. A pressure of might descended invisibly. The great Hand of the Underworld slammed down, but it was penetrated by the countless airflow of swordsmanship. In an instant, the great Hand of the Underworld continued to collapse and shatter, turning into nothingness under the sword will.


Ye Futian took a step. His pupil was as sharp as a sword. It aimed at Bai Xiu's eyes. He said, "Since you made a move, give up your position."

As his voice fell, he pointed his finger up. A sword opened a glimmer of the sky, penetrating the void. It moved toward Bai Xiu, full of murderous intent.

This sword could extinguish the soul.

Bai Xiu's expression changed. He was extremely good at the spiritual soul attack, so he was slightly lacking in other areas. However, the spiritual soul attack did not seem to be able to suppress Ye Futian, and the opponent's counterattack power, like him, contained the spirit attack power.


The sword penetrated the void, and Bai Xiu's body seemed to have been pierced through, but there was no blood. The figure gradually disappeared into a shadow. Bai Xiu appeared next to it. Both seemed a bit surreal.

"The Eye of the Underworld."

Bai Xiu's eyes suddenly turned a dark blood-red, and in a flash, the sky changed color. It was as if a god of the underworld appeared. Ye Futian seemed to have fallen into it completely and had entered another space. All he could see was a pair of bloody eyes—the Eyes of the Underworld.


Bai Xiu's eyes ignited a fire of the Underworld, and in a moment, the fire of the Way was burning. The space Ye Futian was in was wrapped up in the fire of the Underworld. It was an attempt to melt his spiritual soul.


The heart of the people below trembled, for Ye Futian was in trouble. Although Bai Xiu was young in age, no one expected that he had already cultivated his master's art to such a fearsome state. The Eye of Underworld and the Fire of the Underworld.

Being shrouded by this force, Ye Futian felt greatly uncomfortable. His eyes were cold and indifferent, his hands outstretched. Suddenly, an infinite number of swords appeared around him. His eyes closed, and the sword will grew stronger. The roaring storm of sword qi flooded the space instantly.

Finally, he opened his eyes to look up at the sky. It was a pair of sword eyes, directly piercing the void.

His palm pointing to the void, and hundreds of thousands of swords unleashed at the same time. The Great Path reversed course, the constellation of stars changed position, and in a flash, the swordsmanship broke through the shrouding of the Eyes of the Underworld and rolled toward the sky. Furthermore, the sword in the sky above resonated with the Great Path, shattering everything into nothingness, and aiming toward Bai Xiu in the sky above.

"Fleeing Divine Sword."

Seeing this scene, Wan Shouyi and Luoyue were both shocked to their cores. Ye Futian had already mastered the essence of the third level of the Fleeting Divine Sword—Fleeting Years. The song he played just now not only enlightened him but also allowed Ye Futian himself to comprehend the Fleeting Divine Sword.

This attack had already encompassed the heart of the Fleeting Years. Although it had not created the Divine Wheel of the Great Path and was thus unable to release the true might of Fleeting Years, even so, the destructive scene of the storm of swordsmanship annihilating the void was still awesome to behold.

Many were worried about Bai Xiu. When the sword slammed toward him, Bai Xiu was wrapped inside the sword storm, and a brilliant divine light was shining and blooming there. With a wet sound, Bai Xiu groaned, and his face had gone pale. He spat up blood.

His body was also knocked back, struck far away from the sky above the Divine Tree of Comprehension. His breath was greatly weakened, and even rays of dark currents now appeared on his face.

Only Bai Xiu himself could know just how powerful this sword strike was. It was not simply the Fleeting Divine Sword, but it also contained within it sword will that was meant to destroy the spiritual soul.

"All the direct disciples were defeated."

Everyone below who had seen the two of them dueling in the air was greatly shaken in their hearts. Shen Jing was truly powerful.

He was the strongest person from Taixuan Mountain.

It seemed that this time, Taixuan Mountain was also about to produce a top, prominent figure.

Lu Qingyao was not surprised to see this. She had suffered badly at Ye Futian's hands, so Bai Xiu's defeat did not surprise her. However, Ye Futian's spiritual power was so impressive that the fruit of Life had probably added even more to enhance his spiritual soul.

"His position is mine," Ye Futian said while he continued moving upward, full of pride and confidence, showing that was he was unafraid of confrontation.

"Allow me to experience your sword," Li Xun said. Twice, he was defeated by Wan Shouyi. Even though it was the power of the music that helped to augment its power, he had already felt frustrated and questioned his own swordsmanship, so he wanted to try again.

The Divine Sword of Doomsday was born, and Li Xun took a step forward. He moved out of his position and unleashed an amazing sword strike from the firmament. He destroyed everything in its path.

"I oblige you."

Ye Futian stepped up and unleashed a strike of his own. The two swords collided, and countless currents of swordsmanship rolled in the direction of the other, immense and endless. The space, likewise, made an incredibly sharp and harsh sound, which made everyone's scalps crawl. Many who were below felt suffocated. If they were between the two swords, they probably would be torn to pieces.

The sword qi inside Ye Futian's body was majestic, flowing ceaselessly. Though the two appeared to be in a stalemate, Ye Fu's momentum was gaining, and Li Xun was getting weaker.

As a muffled sound came out, the sword was clearly broken. Li Xun's body seemed to be penetrated by the sword will and flew backward.

"Two positions," Ye Futian said, continuing to move forward. He was not moving fast and even looked a little slow as he moved toward the sky above. That lonely but proud figure seemed to dare to make enemies with the geniuses of the Upper Heavens Realm.

"How powerful," the people underneath exclaimed secretly. Previously, all the cultivators wanted to force their way but couldn't, and they were all kicked off.

Now, only Ye Futian was walking alone up there.

Jun Mu watched him with some jealousy. What other cultivators on Taixuan Mountain would know the name of Ju Mu any longer? This Shen Jing seemed to have become the symbol of Taixuan Mountain. And even if there was no Shen Jing, there was still Wan Shouyi. What would become of Ju Mu?

Moreover, whatever occurred before had only tainted his name.

Other cultivators from Taixuan mountain also felt a little dreamy. The disciples of Taixuan Mountain were powerless, and now, a musician was going up there alone, contemptuous of the disciples of the Divine Palace, who were also the top geniuses of the Upper Heavens Realm.

No matter who made the move, they would now need to make way.

Perhaps this could be considered as peerless.

"Lord Taixuan's breakthrough was known throughout the Upper Heavens. Only such a magnetic personality could match the reputation of Taixuan Mountain today," Wan Shouyi said under his breath. The fight on that day on Taixuan Mountain and the flight today both provoked many thoughts in him.

The disciples of Taixuan Mountain were all too weak and were unable to do justice to the name of Lord Taixuan. Only a few direct disciples of the Hierophant himself could match their reputation. As for the third generation, there was literally no one who could be a proper representative.

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    《The Legend of Futian》