The Legend of Futian
1535 Crazy?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1535 Crazy?

Upon the Mountain of the Way, before the Divine Tree of Comprehension, all eyes were fastened on Ye Futian.

After the successive defeats of Bai Xiu and Li Xun, if they allowed this man to force his way onto the Mountain of the Way in such a fashion, then none of them on the mountain right now would ever be able to lift their heads after this day.

When Ye Futian uttered those pompous words, he was destined not to have the opportunity to go near the Divine Tree of Comprehension.

Watching that figure move up step by step, an invisible storm of the Great Path rose between heaven and earth, and several different breaths came descending down, oppressing Ye Futian's body. It seemed that if he continued to force his way up the mountain, then those above would all join hands to stop him.

A terrible hurricane gathered around Chang Fenglie of the Changfeng Family, while there was a starry river coursing over Qin Zang of the Sky Burying God Clan. As to the absolute genius of the Golden Divine Nation—Gai Shi Shi—his entire body radiated golden divine light as he looked down at Futian.

Whoever tried to stop him, whoever would need to vacate their position?

A cultivator of Unblemished Realm, even if he had really inherited it from Lord Taixuan, what of it? It was true that The Song of the Lost Divine and Fleeting Divine Sword were both great treasures of Taixuan Mountain, but they, too, were in control of the powerful methods of their own influential families.

Gai Shi Sh, who was known as the future leader of the Golden Divine Nation, as well as the most genius existence of his generation of talents, was standing here, so how could he allow Ye Futian to make these wild claims and make his way up this mountain?

At this time, Gai Shi Shi had no other doubts and firmly believed that Ye Futian was a secret disciple of Lord Taixuan, that this was the first time he tried to prove himself to the outside world.

Even before he came along, Lord Taixuan had already made a choice.

Moreover, the person chosen by Lord Taixuan did not disappoint. This Shen Jing was indeed extraordinary, whether it was his talent in swordsmanship or music. Furthermore, Shen Jing was incredibly patient in keeping all this to himself. Everyone on Taixuan Mountain thought that was just a mere musician, not even the disciples knew. Judging from that, he was quite a frightening character.

It was just that now, as things stood where they were, there was no choice but to continue one way or the other.


The glory of stars shone brightly, and the stone tablets of the Great Path Stones condensed and manifested, appearing all around Ye Futian. The bright divine light that was released from those tablets shrouded Ye Futian.

An audible rustling sharp sound started, and Ye Futian continued upward, ignoring the oppressive force of the Great Path.

But that the stone tablet of the Great Path circulated around Ye Futian's body. As the other closed his palm, in an instant, an infinite number of stone tablets enveloped Ye Futian's body and sealed off heaven and earth. Dark clouds shrouded the sky and became invisible to the eyes.


A sharp sound was heard as Ye Futian raised his finger, pointing to the sky. Immediately a devastating storm was raised, annihilating those bombarding stone tablets of the Great Path.

Qin Zang's two hands were forming the seal, and violent booming sounds came out loudly. Stone tablets that were even greater than before now descended, coming from all directions. In an instant, this space turned into a starry world. It was as if they had been transported to another element.

What was even more terrifying was that every stone tablet contained the will of the Way, and the will in these stone tablets bloomed and radiated toward Ye Futian at the same time. Ye Futian seemed to be in an absolute starry world. He felt like he was being Imprisoned inside.


Each stone table was releasing a superbly powerful light of destruction that wanted to obliterate all existence in its path. Countless lights of destruction were simultaneously falling down, with him as the center. It was as if he was in the very center of the storm; there was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

At this time, looking from the outside and below, everyone could see that the storm of the Great Path surrounding Ye Futian had vaguely turned into one giant ancient character—Bury.

In this whole destructive space of the Great Path, it was just like that giant word "bury" indicated—everything in that space was to be destroyed and buried. As one of the top forces in the Upper Heavens Realm, the prowess of the Sky Burying God Clan was terrifying.

The will from the stone tablets was constantly smashing down on him. Ye Futian's body seemed to have turned golden, radiant and dazzling without compare. But when that will of the Great Path rushed inside his body, Ye Futian clearly felt that the power inside his body seemed to be buried and imprisoned.

There was a power of the Way that could block all other will; this was the power that sealed the Great Path.

Ye Futian's looked internally, and he seemed to see that there was a character that had been engraved upon his body. It was the spell of entombment.

From inside to outside, this character was everywhere, wrapping him up in it, layer by layer. It was completely buried and destroyed.

"The will of the Great Path is the same. Whoever can suppress the other depends on who's stronger," everyone said in their hearts. An extreme divine light of the Great Path erupted from Ye Futian's body as if urging all his power forth. His body screamed, the blood in his veins roiling. The force of the fruit of the Way that he swallowed before now burst out violently and with great force, turning into the same power of the Great Path—the path of destruction.

This power of the Great Path roared madly within the body, destroying the shackles inside. At the same time, Ye Futian's sword spirit shone through. He held the sword in his right hand, pointing to the sky. He unleashed the Fleeting Divine Sword. All things passed away like time. All that was around now dissipated and perished at a rapid rate.

Boom, boom, boom! The stone tablets were smashed and exploded directly as the people below looked at Ye Futian. Although there was only one sword, this sword seemed like thousands of swords striking all at once.

"Still can't be taken?" many people secretly said as they watched Ye Futian continue walking up the Mountain of the Way.

Even Qin Zang of the Sky Burying God Clan was useless and could not crush Ye Futian.

But at this time, there was a stunning golden divine light shining and blooming above the sky. Many were watching the battlefield of the two previously, ignoring what was above. In another direction, a golden ancient god appeared.

This golden ancient god was radiant all over, like a golden statue, or a golden god of war. Divine light of the Great Path between heaven and earth all gathered towards his body, endless and infinite, creating an incomparable body of the golden ancient god.

"The Golden Ancient God Clan." Everyone recalled the myth of the Golden Divine Nation. It was rumored that the royal family of the Golden Divine Nation claimed to be the descendants of the ancient god clan. They were born differently from all the others and were of the most supreme bloodline of the human race. Golden divine blood flowed in their bodies, so they were born with unparalleled power.

In this era, it was said that a cultivator from the Golden Divine Nation was the divine general of Donhuang the Great. How glorious...

At this time, infinite golden divine light created a golden divine spear. This divine spear was cast by gold. Just one look, and one could feel the domineering power. Gai Shi Shi stood above the void, looking down at Ye Futian, who was below.

Before, many people believed that Gai Shi Shi was probably the strongest among all who were present. Although those direct disciples of the Divine Palace were also extremely outstanding, ultimately, they were not the most outstanding from the Divine Palace. Those who were of the most genius existence were qualified to obtain the fruits of the Way, thus receiving better treatment.

But Gai Shi Shi was truly the unparalleled character of this generation of Golden Divine Nation. By comparison, Luo Youming, the son of Old Demon Luo of the Divine Capital of Xiling, could hardly be compared with him.

Many people agreed that Gai Shi Shi was one of the strongest people on this trip, and perhaps may even be the strongest of them all.

Now, even he would have to fight Ye Futian?

They heard that Gai Shi Shi went to Taixuan Mountain and had intended to be a disciple of Lord Taixuan but was refused.

And Ye Futian, very possibly, could be a secret heir of Lord Taixuan.

When Ye Futian broke Qin Zang's attack, that was when Gai Shi Shi made his move. That peerless divine general took the golden divine spear and lanced to the space below. In an instant, countless golden spears fell down simultaneously, tearing up the void.

Everything was about to be smashed away. The golden divine spear aimed straight toward Ye Futian without any frills. Golden divine light appeared between heaven and earth.

At this time, Ye Futian felt an extremely powerful oppressive force, watching the golden divine spear coming toward him, unstoppable.

The attack was boundlessly domineering, and the technique of the attack was befitting of its name.

Above Ye Futian's body, an incomparably strong breath erupted, the will of the Way rumbled and roiled, all gathering within the sword. The sword unleashed and went for the golden spear.


There was a loud boom, and there seemed to be countless golden lightning directly rushing into Ye Futian's body. The golden divine light raged within his body, wreaking havoc.

Ye Futian's body was knocked back by the force, and for the first time, he could not continue to move forward but stumbled backward instead.

He looked up at the indomitable figure in the void, while also feeling its power inside his body.

"Entirely too strong. Is this Gai Shi Shi?" Everyone looked at the invincible figure in the void, as he was blocking the top along with Qin Zang. It seemed that Shen Jing would not have a chance to break through this heavy defense.

"Who else do you want to try and vacate?" Gai Shi Shi looked down at Ye Futian below and asked. As the golden god of war, who could block him and ask him to give up his position?

He wanted to see just how Ye Futian would try and achieve that.

Ye Futian looked up at the sky above. Gai Shi Shi's reputation was well-deserved. This man's attack power was very strong, but it was better this way.

"Just Unblemished, after all." Gai Shi Shi looked down at Ye Futian below, the divine light blooming. The sky turned to gold. Qin Zang continued to attack as countless stone tablets surrounded Ye Futian's body, pressuring downward. The will of the Way exploded and locked onto Ye Futian's body. At the same time, Gai Shi Shi's golden divine spear once again smashed down with unstoppable force.

The two top characters in the Upper Heavens Realm moved in unison. Was this an attempt to kill Ye Futian?

But it seemed that they would need to at least consider the reaction of Taixuan Mountain.

Ye Futian's body went up against the resistance. He deliberately did not avoid it, but directly moved to confront and destroy the will within the stone tablets. His sword went straight for the divine spear.


The power of the golden divine spear directly penetrated through the body. Turbulence raged inside Ye Futian, and a golden divine light flowed through the veins in his body, tearing and smashing. At the same time, there was an incredibly abundant breath of life that was repairing the power inside of him.

Ye Futian seemed to have completely ignored his injuries as he moved again toward Gai Shi Shi.

Yaya saw Ye Futian's movements, and a disturbed look flashed in her eyes. What was he going to do?

Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of a certain possibility as her face suddenly turned pale. She looked at Ye Futian coldly. This b*stard was too crazy!

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    《The Legend of Futian》