The Legend of Futian
1536 No Mountain High Enough
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1536 No Mountain High Enough

Both of their attacks collided again. Ye Futian's sword had the advantage, but Gai Shi Shi's golden divine spear had no frills; it was purely dominant.

The Divine Spear contained not only a mighty power but also the might of the space. The descendants of the ancient gods possessed golden divine blood, which was used to form the divine spear. His attack power was known as the Divine God Spear.

The violent storm of sword qi continued to burst and shatter, destroying all things with the Divine God Spear. The Great Path was about to be penetrated as Ye Futian's body seemed to be tumbling and screaming inside. It was like all his nerves and veins were bursting and crushing.

There was a loud bang, and his body was knocked back again. His body whirled and shuttled through the void, but he was still moving forward.

"You'll die."

Lu Qingyao chided coldly as an ultimate chill descended over everything. Everything was frozen shut. With Ye Futian's body as the center, all flows in this world seemed to have slowed down as a terrible ice-cold might now tried to invade Ye Futian. Previously, Ye Futian had injured her and robbed her of her fruit of the Way. Clearly, she had forgiven nor forgotten either.

Frost covering his body, Ye Futian's speed seemed to slow down. Qin Zang glanced at him and made a grabbing motion in the air. Many stone tablets projected the divine radiance of the Great Path, shrouding Ye Futian within it. The word "bury" once again appeared as the tablets moving forward, locking Futian in that will of the Way and burying him.

The people below felt shocked when they saw what was happening before them. Though Shen Jing's talent and strength were incredibly strong, he still seemed to have underestimated these top and excellent opponents. Gai Shi Shi and Qin Zang both were absolutely capable of becoming direct disciples. It was said that Gai Shi Shi was just unwilling to cultivate at the Divine Palace, which Qin Zang might very well join later.

Not to mention, there were also Chang Fenglie, Lu Qingyao, and the others. He ignored all these top characters and tried to force his way to the front of the Divine Tree of Comprehension. It never would have been an easy thing. As tough as he was, he still couldn't get up there.

At this time, endless golden divine light raged upon the sky and fell on the divine spear. The figure that was transformed into the golden ancient god took the divine spear in his hand and pointed to the sky below. When he saw Ye Futian's sword had broken Qin Zang's destructive method, the golden light from his eyes was extremely cold.

It didn't matter that Lord Taixuan refused him as a disciple. He didn't need anyone's help in cultivation, but he would never admit that he was any less than anyone in the Upper Heavens Realm.

"Shen Jing is in danger."

When many people saw this, they exclaimed in their hearts. Gai Shi Shi had gathered the momentum of the Great Path; its might dominated the world. When this divine spear smashed down, it would be a disaster for Ye Futian.

Luoyue's expression also changed. Wan Shouyi's body now permeated with sword will. He stepped into the void, intending to join the battle.

"Don't interfere," next to him, Yaya glanced at Wan Shouyi and said.

Looking into Yaya's eyes, Wan Shouyi was stunned momentarily. Don't interfere?

"This is the Divine God Spear. Its attack power is superior. There are not many other methods that could match the Divine God Spear," Wan Shouyi said. And Gai Shi Shi himself was a descendant of the ancient gods. Golden blood flowed in his body, and he had cultivated with the Divine God Spear for many years, so the two were moving in great harmony.

If the Divine God Spear and the Fleeing Divine Sword were of a certain level, Gai Shi Shi's mastery of the Divine God Spare was definitely not any lesser than Ye Futian 's comprehension of the Fleeting Divine Sword. He had been immersed in it since a young age, and it perfectly complemented his method. With his natural suitability for its cultivation and his current realm of Nirvana, it was not hard to imagine the extent of its prowess.

Now, Ye Futian had been repeatedly hindered, with several powerful cultivators teamed up against him. Obviously, Gai Shi Shi's counterattack would be merciless and deadly. If no one were to lend him a helping him, Ye Futian would most certainly be in danger.

"Trust him." Yaya's tone was still very cold, but there was absolute confidence in this cold indifference. Looking at those eyes, Wan Shouyi started to think that perhaps she knew that Shen Jing possessed more strength.

Yaya was different from Wan Shouyi. Wan Shou had only seen one side of Ye Futian, but Yaya had been with Ye Futian for many years. She knew Ye Futian too well and had already guessed what Ye Futian was about to do.

Despite what might appear to be crazy antics, if he made that choice, it must be that he was sure of his judgment. In that case, she would choose to trust him, so she didn't get involved.

Wan Shouyi retracted his sword will and did not proceed to make a move, his eyes focused on the sky above.

On this trip, Ye Futian had been kind to him, so if Ye Futian were really in a jam, he would pledge his sword no matter the cost.


Sharp and shrilling sounds came out from the void, but in the next moment, there seemed to be immense pressure from the sky. A god was descending, divine spear in hand, cleaving open heaven and earth, and the divine spear made of gold directly moved toward Ye Futian. Countless golden divine lights flooded this void, piercing Ye Futian's eyes and body.

His sword swung out, and the endless sword will was about to bloom but was destroyed immediately. A dull groan was heard as countless golden divine lights rushed into Ye Futian's body, seemingly penetrating his body.

He looked up at the figure that was trying to slaughter him. Gai Shi Shi of the Gold Divine Nation had incarnated into the battle form of Divine God with an immense and domineering spirit. His eyes radiated of golden glory that others dared not look directly at. The light pierced his dark eyes, sharp beyond compare.

This spear was meant to destroy.

Endless power of destruction rushed into Ye Futian's body. At this time, Ye Futian's insides were turning into a roaring sea of ​​the Way. The Great Path roared and raged. Veins and nerves were broken, the blood inside his body was roiling, and even all of his internal organs were tumbling and on the verge of destruction. His breath seemed to be weakening rapidly. He seemed about to be wiped out under such a violent blow.

Ye Futian's eyes revealed nothing but endless tranquility.

The space below was infinitely silent. Everyone was looking at the scene in the void. Would Ye Futian be incapacitated?

A coldness flashed through Jun Mu's eyes. Even though he had been dazzling for a moment, he was too conceited, after all. If he could have kept a low-profile and been patient like he was at Taixuan Mountain, he might have had the chance to grow. But unfortunately, in a place of trial like this at the Divine Palace, with all those domineering characters, no mercy would be shown him in such direct confrontations.

This blow was enough to destroy Ye Futian's talent.

Although the place where the two collided was still ravaged by endless will of the Way, the two figures seemed to have stopped, their bodies motionless. Cracks now appeared in their swords as if they might break at any time.

Ye Futian's body was still rumbled, but a vigorous will of life now wrapped around his body, and Ye Futian's eyes actually showed a smile. Seeing this smile, Gai Shi Shi frowned; how could he smile?

However, the next moment, he seemed to detect something and vaguely felt that something was wrong.

Ye Futian's weaken breath was actually increasing against the odds, and there was a violent will of the Great Path in his body that roared. The blood in his veins tossed and turned, and a divine will now swept out as his breath rapidly climbed, becoming stronger and stronger. He soon had returned to the peak and was still increasing in strength.

The people below also felt it, and countless eyes fastened on Ye Futian. How could this be possible, and was he leveraging the situation for a breakthrough?

In the realm of Saint Plane, the level of Unblemished was already an indicator of perfection without fault, hence Unblemished, so why was there still a Nirvana above it?

Nirvana was actually a transitional state. From Saint to Renhuang, to enter Renhuang, one must first achieve Nirvana.

Therefore, this realm was extremely difficult to achieve. This was a threshold that had blocked countless other cultivators.

Nirvana was but a heart that was not bound. The Great Path formed naturally, and everything inside the body was rebuilt. The mind was, at this point, transformed, and the Divine Wheel of the Great Path had been made to make way for the Renhuang realm.

This realm was the transformation of the Saint Plane; it was the preparation before stepping into Renhuang Realm.

Ye Futian had devoured several fruits of the Way successively. He had cultivated for several years, and his will of the Way was strong enough to reach this level. His state of mind had been stable. Now he was dedicated to seek the Great Path, and nothing could stop him from entering the Way. All he needed was an opportunity.

This trip was such an opportunity, and this battle was his opportunity, so he wanted to use the power of these people to forcibly reshape himself.

This was actually somewhat risky, but he had swallowed the life spring water and taken the fruit of life. Even if he failed, he could bear the consequences; therefore, he was unafraid.

At this moment, he was rebuilding the meridians of the Great path. The reshaped meridians in his body seemed to leave engraved marks, and the same was on his bones. The vitality of all his internal organs was even more robust and vigorous as the breath inside his body continued to become stronger, reaching for higher limits.

In the Life Palace, the ancient tree of the world was swaying. It was as if the world of the Life Palace had become broader, and the will of Way stronger.

The sword howled in the sky. Above the firmament, infinite sword will flowed around Ye Futian, entering his body, invading his sword spirit. The cracks on the sword were repaired, becoming straight as a terrifying storm of Sword qi surged upwards. It wrapped around the sky and took aim at the body of the divine god. Millions of sword will penetrated the god-like body, trying to tear it apart.

Gai Shi Shi slammed into the void. The golden divine spear vibrated, and the two bodies separated. Gai Shi Shi reappeared above the sky, looking down at Ye Futian below.

By his power, Ye Futian had broken into Nirvana.

He actually became the instrument that made Ye Futian.

Ten thousand swords now returned, and the sword will seemed to flow within the vast expanse. Ye Futian looked at the few people in the void, including Gai Shi Shi, and smiled. "Many thanks to you."

At this time, the breath from his body had already crossed Unblemished and entered Nirvana.

He was one step closer to Renhuang.

"You did it." Yaya looked at Ye Futian, a rare smile revealed in her eyes; Ye Futian had also stepped into Nirvana. That young man, who once wanted her to call him "brother" at the Tombkeeper Village, grew one step at a time and was now in the same realm as her. He would chase that legendary realm with her.

"He broke through the barrier of the realm in this manner?" Wan Shouyi looked on speechlessly at the scene in the void. How magnificent this was, and was this still that humble musician he knew?

If he had failed, what kind of painful ending would it be?

At least, he would not dare, and not many others would not take such risks.

It was really insane.

"He forcibly entered the Mountain of the Way while in Unblemished Plane, and now has passed the trial and achieved Nirvana. To him, this mountain is probably not high enough," Luoyue murmured next to him. Wan Shouyi also looked at that mountain, and said with a smile, "Indeed, this mountain is not high enough for him."

Those on the Mountain of the Way, who else could stop him?

His mountain should be higher.

Ye Futian looked down below. He was extremely calm. He glanced at the Divine Tree of comprehension and said, "It seems that all the positions are mine!"

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    《The Legend of Futian》