The Legend of Futian
1537 Sigh of the Divine God
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1537 Sigh of the Divine God


Gai Shi Shi murmured. But even so, what of it?

In his eyes, the golden divine light was still there, breathtaking. He had a brilliant talent that was ranked first in this generation of the Golden Divine Nation. No one could overtake him. The Golden Divine Nation had great hopes for him to surpass Renhuang and achieve even a higher and more supreme realm.

Many people believed that in the future, Gai Shi Shi would inherit the Golden Divine Nation and became its master.

Of course, he would not dwell on these matters. Power, to him, was as fleeting as the clouds. What he wanted was the ultimate strength, so that, at a certain level, everything would come easily.

"To enter Nirvana... Can you withstand the spear of the gods?" Gai Shi Shi surveyed the space below. At this moment, the figure akin to the divine god stepped out. He held a golden divine spear in his palm, radiating endless divine light.

Feeling the war intent upon Gai Shi Shi, the other strong cultivators were also equally aggressive. Although their hearts were not quite at peace, they were not too concerned. Even if Ye Futian broke through the realm, he would be at the same level as them, so there was nothing to fear.


A dull bang sounded between heaven and earth as the golden divine light pierced the sky. The Divine God Spear jabbed down again straight at Ye Futian.

Those who had attacked before now released the might of the Way at the same time, intending to take down Ye Futian directly and end the fight.

Although they were still unafraid, Ye Futian was already extremely tyrannical while in the realm of Unblemished. Now that he had proved himself worthy of Nirvana, he would only be getting stronger. There might be a chance to be chased out in front of the Divine Tree.

Ye Futian glanced up at the sky above, and all swords became one. They turned into one sword and drove toward the golden divine spear that fell from the void. The two collided and made a dull sound. Countless air currents of swordsmanship flowed from that sword and rolled upward, destroying all might of the Way.

Around Ye Futian's body, there was a storm of swordsmanship as if using the sword method of the Fleeting Divine Sword in defense rather than attack.

For a time, the stars around his body were in the turbulence of the swordsmanship, and all the invading methods were broken, unable to approach him by even half a step.

"Junior sister Luoyue, watch closely." Wan Shouyi released his divine will as he stared at the sky above, wanting to perceive Ye Futian's sword clearly.

The fleeting years in the divine will from Lord Taixuan was too strong and distant from them. Its realm was too high. Hence, it was difficult to understand. It required the ability to comprehend to capture its essence. However, Ye Futian was in the same realm as them, but his comprehension of swordsmanship was far superior.

Now that he was releasing the sword method in front of them, naturally, they were giving it their full attention.

Ye Futian's swordsmanship could teach them a lot, and they should take this opportunity to learn.

Luoyue's expression was grave and nodded seriously, staring at the void above like Wan Shouyi.

Even back when they were in the Realm of Ruin at Taixuan City, Ye Futian had left a deep impression on her; today, it was even more so.

The divine sword in the air collided with the golden divine spear. The sword will of the Great Path flowed, and his body was wrapped up by the sword screen. Ye Futian looked up at the Mountain of the Way and said, "If you guys don't want to come down, I have to invite you down here."

As his voice fell, around his body, there was a sword breaking through the air. It escaped into the space of the void in an instant.

Then, there was the second sword, the third, and many, many more. Countless divine swords shuttled through in the void, and everyone looked up. It was filled with the shadows of swords.

Did he want to bury the sky with swords?

"What a strong divine will."

Yaya also looked up at the scene in the void, and her heart was greatly shaken. Of course, she did not doubt Ye Futian's strength. He had been improving ever since those years at the Holy Zhi Palace, constantly surpassing people who were stronger than him. Knives sharpened knives. Along with his opponents, his world became broader, stronger. He would never fall behind.

The realm of Nirvana was the focal point of the Divine Path, but it was also the foundation on which the Divine Wheel of the Great Path was based. Ye Futian broke through to the realm of Nirvana, which meant that his heart and his mind could both accommodate a wider world, such as his controlling countless divine swords in space, where each sword had its own trajectory of the Great Path and brewed swordsmanship within. Even for her, with her foundation firmly rooted in Nirvana Realm, it was still difficult to achieve.

"The sword of Taixuan Mountain—the Fleeting Divine Sword—pleased to meet you." As Ye Futian's voice fell, countless divine swords descended. In this instant, everyone who was on the Divine Tree at the top of the Mountain saw the currents of swordsmanship coming toward them, closing in for the kill.

They looked up and watched the coming swords with incredibly unpleasant countenances. He was controlling the swords through the air and releasing the Fleeing Divine sword.

The temperature around Lu Qingyao's body dropped again, and frost covered the world. It intended to stop all the forces in the surrounding space, but when the sword passed, it left a sword mark, and this was only the first sword mark.

A squealing noise came out, and sword marks crisscrossed, appearing around her body. The swordsmanship penetrated her methods, and more and more sword marks came through the void, cutting through all methods. This was the Cleave of All Things.

However, this sword had not stopped its attack. Gradually, the entire space was about to be annihilated and smashed, burying everything. Wherever the sword passed, everything turned to dust.

Lu Qingyao's face was pale. She was furiously resisting this force, but proud as she might be, she felt a sense of powerlessness as the destructive sword qi left a bloodstain on her, turning her white robe red.

Not only was Lu Qingyao being attacked by the Fleeting Divine Sword, but Chang Fenglie of the Changfeng family, Qin Zang of the Sky Burying God Clan, and the disciples of the Divine Palace were all attacked mercilessly by the swordsmanship.

Before, he was forcing his way onto the mountain.

This time, Ye Futian was putting everyone under his sword at the same time.

At this moment, all the strong cultivators were experiencing the swordsmanship of Taixuan Mountain at the same time. The Fleeting Divine Sword.

"Fleeting Years!"

Wan Shouyi stared into the void. This sword had already surpassed the limit of Cleave of All Things and entered the level of Fleeting Years.

As the sword was unleashed, none of the cultivators had time to care for the others; they were busy defending against his sword.

"Psst…" Lu Qingyao was the weakest of them all. Before, in the battle fighting for the Life Spring, she was already defeated. Now, how could she be Ye Futian's opponent when he had stepped into the Nirvana realm? Under the Fleeting Divine Sword, she couldn't bear such an attack. As blood stained her white clothing, this direct disciple of the Divine Palace, like a withered flower, shook in the rain and wind under his swordsmanship.

Finally, with a soft groan, she was unable to fight any longer. As swords descended and landed around her body, each and every one of these swords had the chance to kill her.

"How awful." Many were sympathetic in their hearts. Ye Futian was seriously ruthless. He showed no mercy at all. This sword strike was brutal.

Lu Qingyao was a direct disciple. Such a devastating loss under the Divine Sword was truly embarrassing for her.

Of course, it was not just her; even Chang Fenglie and Qin Zang also felt great pressure.

Though Ye Futian was controlling the sword remotely, it seemed that the attack each person suffered was released directly by him.

In front of Qin Zang, countless stone tablets appeared, and the will of the Way inside the tablets suppressed the heavens. Still, there were infinite divine swords flowing between heaven and earth, continuously pulverizing the stone tablets around him until he was completely vanquished.

"It's already done."

When the people below saw this, they could feel that Ye Futian's Fleeting Divine Sword was now perfected. While he was still fighting with Gai Shi Shi in person, his sword everywhere launching attacks on everyone, challenging all the cultivators with his raw strength alone.

He had just entered Nirvana Realm. Could he already be invincible in Nirvana?

These were people who had already stood at the top level of Nirvana.

Li Xun and Bai Xiu both withdrew early, unable to fight anymore. Under the long river of his swordsmanship, it was hard for the others to continue.

There were golden divine lights all around Gai Shi Shi's body, and that god-like figure regarded Ye Futian below. While fighting with him, he didn't concentrate on the fight at hand but was also attacking all the other cultivators. It was incredibly arrogant and fully demonstrated his conceit.

However, the strength of this swordsmanship... Even he had to recognize and acknowledge this prowess.

This "musician" from Taixuan Mountain seemed to have received the true arts of Lord Taixuan, and his swordsmanship was the first among this generation on Taixuan Mountain. He was far ahead of all the others.


The golden spear in his hand burst and shattered inch by inch, and the golden divine light shot through the void. Gai Shi Shi's expression was still extremely dominant. Seeing the sword will roll towards him, the golden divine blood inside him roiled and howled, and the divine god's body that was formed from gold was releasing a dazzling divine light, which was able to counter the sword will.

Gai Shi Shi was forming the seal with both of his hands, and a curious sound seemed to be heard from above the sky, and there seemed to be the sound of the Great Path that chimed nonstop in the sky.

Above the sky, indomitable ancient gods appeared with mighty power. They descended at the same time, appearing around Gai Shi Shi. Suddenly, in the sky above Ye Futian, a divine mansion seemed to hover there.

"Summon the ancient golden god."

Everyone looked up in the sky, their hearts trembling violently. How strong... Gai Shi Shi was truly deserving of his reputation. This superb genius from the Golden Divine Nation showed unparalleled combat power, which had not been fully unleashed before.

Until this moment, Ye Futian finally forced out his full strength. Ye Futian's sword had already defeated several people. The other genius talents in the void were unable to contend with Ye Futian's sword, but Gai Shi Shi now wanted to launch a counterattack to suppress Ye Futian. In comparison, their levels were revealed instantly.

"The ancient golden god descended from heaven. It is the Sigh of the Divine God." Wan Shouyi focused on the void. His expression changed slightly. This method was the supreme way of the Golden Divine Nation and was the highest form of magic. It was rumored to be an inheritance leftover from the times of the ancient gods. Under the sigh of the gods, even the gods would perish, and it was extremely difficult to cultivate.

Had Gai Shi Shi completed the cultivation of the Sigh of the Divine God?

"Unexpectedly, Gai Shi Shi is already at such a powerful level," others also exclaimed. Today, they were actually witnessing a showdown here. Even among future direct disciples of the Divine Palace, these two were the stuff of legends.

Ye Futian also felt the mighty power of the will of the Way that came from the void at this time. The god of the Great Path appeared, and the pressure of might descended to suppress all. The breath that erupted out from Gai Shi Shi, at this moment, was many times greater than before and seemed to be another transformation.

"Gai Shi Shi's strength has already set him apart from all the other direct disciples, and they are no longer one the same level," Ye Futian remarked to himself as he felt this power. Ultimately Gai Shi Shi should be at the same level as those who automatically received the quota for the fruits of the Way, like the Crown Prince Yi Tianyu of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. Yi Tianyu was certainly not stronger than Gai Shi Shi.

The momentum inside Ye Futian's body was getting more magnificent, and above his body, a stronger sword will swept out and flowed to the sword of heaven and earth.


There was a violent noise that came from the void. Chang Fenglie's body was penetrated by the sword. He was bloody all over, his breath was weak, and Qin Zang, likewise, was also injured gravely by the sword.

In front of the Divine Tree of Comprehension, all the genius talents fell one after another under Ye Futian's sword!

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    《The Legend of Futian》