The Legend of Futian
1538 Incomparable
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1538 Incomparable

At that moment, the most powerful direct disciple in front of the Divine Tree of Comprehension was the one who had previously let Lu Qingyao go up. His power was extraordinary. He had resisted the Fleeting Divine Sword for the longest time, but in the end, he had been similarly unable to block the killing sword.

Ye Futian was still down below. His sword will filled the sky as it flowed all through the vast area. Everyone except for Gai Shi Shi of the Golden Divine Nation had already fallen, and they had no more power to fight. Some of them had directly tried to seize the fruit of the way, but they had been pierced by Ye Futian's sword, leaving shocking sword slashes on their bodies. They had been wounded internally, but they would recover in a short time.

The sword will completely covered the Divine Tree of Comprehension, leaving the people below him as shocked as could be. He was trying to take the whole tree for himself, and not let anyone else take from it. Even the top figures were not allowed to, not even the personal disciples of the Divine Palace.

"He is so arrogant!" they all said to themselves. But Ye Futian had the right to be. The power he had displayed had been simply frightening, and now, there was only one person still capable of fighting. If Gai Shi Shi could not beat him, then no one could.

Figures of imposing deities appeared up in the sky. It was as if the gods were truly coming down from the heavens and crushing everything below them. A burst of pressure from the Great Path covered Ye Futian. The gods seemed to be singing, making it seem like this area of the sky would be crushed by golden power. Gai Shi Shi's aura surged. At that moment, there were few at the Nirvana level who could match him. His law body was so powerful that even a forged Renhuang body would probably not be as good.

The sword will was suppressed. Gai Shi Shi held a golden divine spear. And it was not just him, but all of the figures of gods gripped divine spears as well. They chanted, and destruction followed. It seemed that there was no one in the world who could stop Gai Shi Shi.

Even Ye Futian, with his incomparable talent, would have to bow before the chanting of these gods.

The golden light seemed to form a celestial curtain. It covered Ye Futian when it fell, making it so that he could not escape. The endless golden light seemed to be formed of golden spears that spanned the sky. At the same time, Gai Shi Shi finally moved. The gods thrust their spears downwards. Their chanting rang out. Everything was destroyed wherever the sound went, and nothing was left.

"His will is so strong, even a Nirvana level cultivator would not be able to withstand a single attack!"

Although the people watching the battle from below were outside the range of the attack, they could still feel the killing power and shocking will within it. It was far beyond the limits of what they could withstand. There were even Nirvana level cultivators within them, but they thought that even they would be killed by that attack. They would die from a single strike.

That swordsman from Taixuan Mountain had Lord Taixuan's Fleeting Divine Sword. Could he the chanting of the gods and the attack from their spears?

Ye Futian stood in the air, his body resonating with the Great Path. His World Tree swayed, and the will that he had previously absorbed burst forth violently, integrating itself into his sword. A huge divine furnace seemed to appear within him, refining all the will of the Great Path. But those watching could not see it very clearly, due to the golden light enveloping him.

Gai Shi Shi was no weaker than Yin Tianyu—the Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. At that moment, Ye Futian was feeling the pressure of the twin attacks of the gods' chanting and their spears. The gods' chanting was particularly difficult to bear as it increased the power of Gai Shi Shi's aura and the Heavenly Great Path by several orders of magnitude. He had to take this seriously.

He reached out, seeming to hold up the very sky with his hands. Suddenly, brilliant, flashing divine swords appeared in his hand. Each one contained sky-breaking sword will. When he saw the spears coming towards him, he formed a sword seal. His divine spiritual sorcery flowed, and his swords slashed out.

The swords' shrieks pierced everyone's ears and then became softer until there was no sound at all. It seemed as if they had gone beyond the limits of sound.

The spears collided with the Fleeting Divine Swords, but all the people watching from below could see was a flash of destructive light. Everything was shattered into dust, and the Great Path flowed backward. They saw the divine spears that had been formed of golden radiance, and the swords that had been formed out of spiritual sorcery shatter into nothingness and disappeared.

Was their power evenly matched?

Time seemed to stop as everyone's eyes were on the battlefield.

Something was wrong. The battle had not stopped yet.

Everyone's hearts were pounding as they gazed fixedly into the sky. Although the swords had been destroyed, the burst of sword will was still there. The Great Path was flowing in reverse, and the river of stars was rotating. Everything had been turned to dust under the destructive power of the River of the Great Path. But the dust was moving towards Gai Shi Shi and trying to swallow him up.

Gai Shi Shi was a proud man. When he saw that his attack had been destroyed and the energy from his opponent's attack was still sweeping towards him, his face turned dark. Brilliant golden light flashed from him as the power spread towards him.

A shrill sound rang out as it swept over Gai Shi Shi's body and then disappeared into nothingness. The fighting will that Gai Shi Shi had used as armor had already been destroyed, and now blood was flowing from his golden body. But the blood was glowing with golden light as if it was the ichor of a god.

"Golden blood!" Everyone's hearts trembled fiercely. It seemed that the legends were true. The people of the Golden Divine Nation were descendants of the old gods, and golden blood flowed through the old gods' veins. And now, they were seeing that golden blood with their own eyes.

What was frightening was that Gai Shi Shi had already started to forge his body of the Great Path. His bones, veins, and organs were all transforming.

But even so, he had still been wounded in this battle.

The two figures were standing in the air. One of them had an arrogant expression on his face, his white robes flapping in the wind. He looked up into the sky. The mountain was covered with people that he had wounded in this battle. None of them could withstand his swords.

The other person's golden robes were stained with blood. Golden light still shone from his eyes, but it was not as brilliant and imposing as before. He had the bold manner of someone who was unparalleled in heaven and earth, but at this moment, he seemed a little dazed.

Gai Shi Shi had not thought that he would ever be defeated before he entered the Divine Palace.

He had thought that his opponent would be one of the people from the Divine Palace. Previously, he had not given a second thought to Ye Futian. Even if his opponent had reached the Nirvana level, he still would have been confident in his victory. He had the blood of the golden old gods and the chanting of the gods. How could he lose?

But his spears were not as sharp as his opponent's swords. The one whom Lord Taixuan had chosen had beaten him.

Ye Futian swept his gaze over Gai Shi Shi and then stepped forward, shooting towards the mountain like a beam of sword light. He paid no more mind to Gai Shi Shi.

Everyone was speechless as they saw Ye Futian head towards the mountain. This man had crushed the proud son of heaven of the Higher Heavens Realm and then had ascended to the peak of the Mountain of the Way.

Who would have thought that a musician from Taixuan Mountain would be the one to defeat all opponents? Even the proud cultivators from all over the Higher Heavens Realm could not compete with him, not even the disciples of the Divine Palace.

Perhaps only those few personal disciples of the Divine Palace who had not come were qualified to fight him. But based on his battle with Gai Shi Shi, there would probably even be very few of them who could withstand the Fleeting Divine Sword. There were probably incredibly few people who were powerful enough to fight him.

"Wait for me to finish my cultivation, then you can fight again." Ye Futian swept his gaze over all the people he had defeated. They were all speechless. They were all losers; what could they say?

"This tree can accommodate many cultivators. You can't take up all those places by yourself, even if you take all the fruit of the way." The wounded Lu Qingyao had used her life will to heal her injuries. She looked at Ye Futian as she spoke. She wanted to stay here in order to understand more.

"Previously, none of you were willing to save a place for me," answered Ye Futian. He looked down at Yaya and Wan Shouyi and said, "Come on up."

Yaya Nodded and flashed up into the air. Wan Shouyi, Luoyue, and the others came up as well, heading towards the Divine Tree of Comprehension.

Seeing that Wan Shouyi and Luoyue were getting a chance to cultivate at the Divine Tree of Comprehension, Jun Mu and the others felt conflicted. Li Zhiyin felt a little bit regretful. Who would have thought that the musician from Taixuan Mountain—Shen Jing—would have the strength to crush all the proud sons of heaven from the Higher Heavens Realm?

"You are cultivators of Taixuan Mountain, so you may come up as well," said Ye Futian to Li Zhiyin and Chen Yu. The two of them were stunned. They looked up at Ye Futian in the air. When they saw his eyes, they felt a little bit


Ye Futian nodded at Ma Yi. "Brother Ma Yi," he said. Ma YI suddenly lowered his head, feeling ashamed as well.

They flashed over to the Divine Tree of Comprehension. Li Zhiyin looked at Ye Futian and said, "Why are you doing this?"

"The little bit of friction between us is no need for enmity. We all came here from Taixuan Mountain. There are plenty of places for all of us, so this is no great matter," answered Ye Futian. The Great Path itself flowed through Saints, making them one with heaven and earth. These little misunderstandings were not worth remembering. When one set their heart on the Heavenly Great Path, none of the pettiness of the mortal world should remain.

"We were too narrow-minded," said Li Zhiyin with a bow towards Ye Futian. She felt that ever since Ye Futian had come to Taixuan Mountain, she had always been skeptical of his being able to get into String Palace.

These narrow-minded thoughts had indeed affected their cultivation. This was probably why her guqin and the people from Sword Abyss's swords were not as good as Ye Futian's.

"If you could disregard our previous transgressions, we would blush from shame," said Jun Mu as he took a step forward. He wanted to come up as well.


A burst of sword will descended suddenly, stopping Jun Mu in his tracks. He looked up into the air.

"I'm sorry, there is no place for you here," said Ye Futian coldly. Cultivators had big hearts, but there were some things that they could not forgive.

Jun Mu's face darkened. Seeing that everyone was looking at him, he cast a cold glance at Ye Futian and then turned and left.

"Jun Mu will hate you for that," Wan Shouyi transmitted to Ye Futian. But Ye Futian did not care. What could a Nirvana level cultivator do to him?

"Let us cultivate." Ye Futian looked at the giant tree before him. He walked forward towards the center of the tree, making Wan Shouyi look surprised. There were many pieces of fruit on the tree, and all were full of the essence of heaven and earth. They could produce will in people that would resonate with the Great Path. That was why, in the past, so many people had plucked this fruit in order to aid their comprehension.

So why was Ye Futian walking towards the center of the tree?

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    《The Legend of Futian》