The Legend of Futian
1545 Rejoice
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1545 Rejoice

He had comprehended a sword in a single step!

Those who had been about to leave suddenly froze, as if they were completely unable to move. They stared at Ye Futian in shock.

He had comprehended 49 swords in a single hour, then had sat in contemplation for three days.

And just when everyone had been sure that he would spend even more time here, he had finally returned to his former state. By the time he had taken a single step, a sword had already been comprehended.

But how was that even possible?

After the first 49 swords, the rest were no longer representative of a single sword style. How could he have comprehended one of them with a single thought?

A group of figures flashed over towards Ye Futian. They stared at the figure that was bathed in the endless, brilliant light of the Way.

No one in the Divine Palace could compare with the speed with which he had comprehended the first 49 swords. Was he trying to create some sort of unprecedented historical event here?

Could it be that the three days he had spent in contemplation had been used to form the basis for today's performance?

"This guy is putting the disciples of Sword Palace to shame." Zhuang Hong had stayed the whole time. How could the swordsmen of the Sword Palace maintain any of their dignity after watching Ye Futian?

Although Li Daozi had comprehended 49 swords in a day, he had needed to spend a little bit of time after each sword, as each one grew more and more difficult.

But Ye Futian had gone right to the 51st sword after the 50th as if there had been no difference between them and the first and second swords. He had comprehended them in a single thought.

Yaya was among the crowd as well. She had comprehended many swords in the past few days as well, but at that moment, she was also speechless seeing how easily Ye Futian comprehended these swords.

When had the swords of Sword Comprehension Mountain been this easy to comprehend?

At that moment, Ye Futian was walking through the mountains. He looked at the fifty-second sword peak with eyes still flashing with a brilliant, marvelous light. In a flash, the images of swords were imprinted in his mind. He could tell just by looking at what kind of sword will that was.

Great oaks grow from the smallest acorns, and everything rises up from the cornerstone. He had spent three days contemplating swordsmanship. He had thoroughly comprehended everything on the basis of those first 49 swords. He had achieved mastery through a comprehensive study of swordsmanship. Now, any sword that was born from those 49 swords would not fail him. Now he was even able to easily comprehend the first few swords just by looking at them.

Suddenly, more sword images appeared in Ye Futian's mind. Sword will moved towards him from the peak, and sword light shot up into the sky. He began to walk forward again, as light and easy as a cloud.

He had comprehended the 52nd sword.

Although Ye Futian was carefree and unrestrained, the cultivators who were watching him were absolutely speechless. Although he had paused for a moment, it had only been for a brief period of time. He had still comprehended the next sword with a single thought.

Many people were thinking the same thing as Yaya. Could the swords of Sword Comprehension Mountain really be so easy to comprehend?

It seemed to have been absolutely effortless. But if so, why could the disciples of Sword Palace not do it so easily?

Could this swordsman from Taixuan Mountain really be that talented?

None of the disciples of Sword Palace could compare to him?

Afterward, he contemplated the 53rd sword, the 54th, the 55th...he began to slow down. He was no longer able to comprehend them in a single moment. But even though he was slowing down, that was only compared to everything that he had done before. As far as those watching were concerned, he was still doing it in the space of a single thought. He looked at each sword mountain for only a moment, then he would comprehend the sword.

He was going so fast that within an hour he had comprehended up to the 72nd sword.

"How many days did it take for Li Daozi to comprehend 72 swords?" the disciples of Sword Palace asked each other. They were naturally comparing him and Ye Futian.

"Seven days," someone answered. The memory was still fresh. After all, when Li Daozi came to the Divine Palace to seek the Way, he had gone to Sword Comprehension Mountain and had caused a stir. Thus, many people still remembered it. The amount of time that he had taken to comprehend all those swords was something that most people could not match.

Now he had been surpassed. In fact, the word "surpassed" was not strong enough to describe what had happened.

Li Daozi had taken seven days to comprehend 72 swords. Ye Futian had done it in an hour.

This made everyone feel as if they were in a dream. A single hour! It was almost frightening.

"It is meaningless to compare him to Li Daozi," said the man who had spoken before with a sight. "As far as I know, this is the fastest that anyone in the history of the Divine Palace has comprehended 72 swords."

Many people heard him say this, and they blinked in surprise as their hearts trembled once again.

A swordsman from Taixuan Mountain had come here and broken the record.


At that moment, many elders opened their eyes within various halls and temples in the Divine Palace. Their senses stretched out through space and descended upon Sword Comprehension Mountain.

One of the elders in Sword Palace even stopped cultivating. He stepped high up into the air and looked across the distance towards Sword Comprehension Mountain.

At that moment, several figures walked to his side and looked off into the distance, whispering, "72 swords."

"Mm, 72 swords, and in only one hour," answered the elder softly. He seemed very calm, but he was disturbed on the inside. Otherwise, why would someone who was as high level as him care about some junior? Moreover, why would he go out himself and reveal to the world that he was paying such close attention?"

"Is that a record?" asked the man beside him.

"Yes," answered the elder with a nod. It was only one word, but everyone there could feel the weight of that word.

He had set a record for contemplating the first 72 swords, and now there were only nine left. But the record for these last nine swords could probably not be broken. After all, this depended on the cultivator's level, and Ye Futian was not at a high enough level.

Comprehending the 81st sword meant that you would forge a sword Wheel of the Great Path and become a Sword Emperor. And the elder had heard that Shen Jing had just reached the Nirvana level at the Land of Proving the Way. How could he become a Renhuang so quickly?

But even so, this record for comprehending 72 swords was enough to prove this man's genius talent.

"Is he a personal disciple of Lord Taixuan?" someone asked. Such an outstandingly talented swordsman who had cultivated at Taixuan Mountain could not be just an ordinary cultivator. Moreover, he had been part of the quota of people who went to the Land of Proving the Way.

This implied that Taixuan Mountain had known how outstanding he was.

"Lord Taixuan said that he would never take another disciple. Perhaps they are not master and disciple in name, but are in reality," someone answered. Everyone nodded to themselves. This was probably the case. Such a talented swordsman must have been personally taught by Lord Taixuan.

"If that is the case, then it is truly a pity," sighed the old man. He was a man who appreciated talent, and he wished to take a disciple. But since this man was a disciple of Lord Taixuan, he would not be able to steal him. Also, Shen Jing had not expressed any interest in entering the Divine Palace.

Moreover, there was only one person at the Divine Palace who could compare with Lord Taixuan given his current level, so how could he even think of stealing his disciple? Even if the Sword Palace made a move, they would not have the advantage.

At that moment, Ye Futian was not thinking about any of this. How could he know that an elder in the Divine Palace had already taken notice of him?

After the 72nd sword, Ye Futian's steps slowed, but he continued forward. He looked at the 73rd sword peak. His eyes seemed to be filled with radiant light. He could clearly feel the true will of swordsmanship within that peak. This was the reason that he had been able to comprehend the first 49 peaks so easily.

But at that moment, even though he could feel the will within, and he wanted to link up with it, it would not be easy.

The image of a sword appeared in his mind, seeming to be extremely profound. This was an ultimate sword art that had been formed from the first 49 sword arts. Even he would have a hard time comprehending this one.

Ye Futian stopped for a moment. Finally, the 73rd sword peak shone with brilliant light. It resonated with Ye Futian, and a bridge of sword will seemed to form between them.

"He's still so fast!" Everyone was shocked by this. Endless sword will appeared around Ye Futian as well. Sword will flowed through his veins, and he had forged a swordsman's body.

He continued forward and began comprehending the 74th sword.

This time, he spent half an hour comprehending it.

The 75th sword took two hours.

The 76th sword took five.

The 77th sword took an entire day.

Everyone waited three whole days before he comprehended the 78th sword.

There were only three sword peaks left that he had not comprehended.

In less than ten days, he had comprehended 78 swords, and there were only three left.

Everyone felt numb. They had no words to express the astonishment in their hearts. They had never seen talent like this before.

However long it took him to comprehend the final swords, the people here would wait that long.

Before Li Daozi had come here this time, he had also only had three swords left, and now he only had two. But how long had it taken until he had reached this point?

And how long had it taken Shen Jing of Taixuan Mountain?

Ye Futian's body had transformed into a sword body of the Great path, and sword will flowed all over him.

He looked towards the last three sword peaks. Sword will wrapped around the 79th sword peak. From what he could see, this was not just a simple mountain but was instead a sculpture of a sword god. The Great Path filled the mountain.

He saw the image of a sword god and then saw many sword shadows appear, each one looking incomparably powerful.

"You cannot comprehend this sword. Take some time to sit and contemplate it," said Li Daozi as he sat there. Ye Futian looked at him, then smiled and nodded. He did not continue trying to comprehend it. It seemed as if he had taken the other man's words to heart, and so he sat down and began contemplating.

This made everyone look surprised. Ye Futian really trusted Li Daozi that much?

In fact, Ye Futian had not stopped because of Li Daozi's words. He had done so because, as soon as he had seen that sword art, he had realized that he could not comprehend it.

The first 49 swords were one level, and the next ones had been another level. These last three were at a level all their own.

If he wanted to comprehend them, he needed to thoroughly understand all of the previous sword arts.

Thus, when he heard what Li Daozi said, he sat right down and began cultivating. In fact, even if Li Daozi had not said anything, he would have done that.

Li Daozi did not look back at him, but when he sensed what Ye Futian was doing, he rejoiced inwardly. He rejoiced that this swordsman from Taixuan Mountain was even more talented than he had imagined. He rejoiced that even though they were foes, he was still willing to listen to his advice.

This was an opponent who was worthy of respect. He was looking forward to their battle!

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    《The Legend of Futian》