The Legend of Futian
1549 Sorry to Disturb
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1549 Sorry to Disturb

Seeing that the other was still looking at him, Ye Futian couldn't help but ask, "Is there anything else the elder wishes to say?"

"…" Several Renhuang from the Sword Palace looked at Ye Futian, shocked. Then one of them said, "Sorry to disturb you."

"Then allow me to bid you farewell." Ye Futian smiled and bowed with his hands together, then flickered away. Several Renhuang from the Sword Palace looked awkward. One murmured, "He's pretty confident."

"We are getting old, and we don't understand young peoples' world anymore," those on the side also remarked with a sigh. Even if he was really the secret disciple of Lord Taixuan, the Palace Lord of the Sword Palace was not some nobody; if he wanted to meet Ye Futian, Ye Futian was more or less obliged to accept.

Even if it were just some random advisement, it would only do him good.

But he made everything so simple.

"Let's see where he's going," they continued. If Ye Futian was unwilling to meet with the Palace Lord of Sword Palace, where was he going?

"Watch him," another also said. They weren't deliberately following Ye Futian to hurt him, but that they were feeling mad about the whole affair. At the same time, they were curious to see how he planned to cultivate in the Divine Palace.

Ye Futian was well on his way. He didn't really have any thoughts about not wanting to meet the Palace Lord of the Sword Palace; he just didn't think it was necessary. After all, he would never cultivate under the Palace Lord of the Sword Palace, so there was no need to waste time. With so many treasured holy lands in the Divine Palace, like Celestial Worthy Mountain and Sword Comprehension Mountain, wouldn't it be nice to just cultivate there?

He had brushed aside the people from Taixuan Mountain and little phoenix, just so that he could cultivate in peace for some time. Since there were such great conditions for cultivation, he couldn't let it just go to waste.

Next, Ye Futian went around different places to cultivate. There were palaces for enlightenment, mountain caves to seek the Way, and even in the process of this, he had some confrontations with the disciples of the Divine Palace.

It was not intentional on his part, but now that Shen Jing's name was well-known, there were some genius-level characters at the Divine Palace who wanted to practice with him. They would deliberately find excuses to fight him. The result was always the same, and he brutally beat many disciples of the Divine Palace without mercy.

There was even a woman with outstanding talent who was also beaten badly by him. He didn't show any pity or exception, which shocked everyone that he could have been so brutal.

In a brief time, Shen Jing made a fierce reputation for himself at the Divine Palace. Many looked was him and wanted to beat him, but most of them would not succeed. Everyone really felt that there was only one person at the Divine Palace who could definitely beat Ye Futian.

But why would he make a move? Now, his only goal was to cast the Dive Wheel of the Great Path, not just the Divine Wheel of the Great Path in the simplest sense, or he would have done it already. He had been suppressing his own realm, wanting to cast the Divine Wheel of extraordinary magnitude.

Now, more and more people in the Divine Palace were paying attention to Ye Futian's movement.

At this time, Ye Futian came to a place with beautiful scenery. Stepping across the stairs, there was a lake in front of him. It was very vast, like a miniature of the Sea of the Path. At the end of the lake was a most sacred palace, and this scenery seemed familiar.

When Ye Futian went to the Sea of the Path for trial, he had seen something like this scenery before him. Except over there, the landscape was a little ethereal and surreal, and over here, the scene in front of him was more real. It was as if an actual fae palace right in front of him.

"What place is this?" Ye Futian whispered. He moved forward and walked to the edge of the sea. There was a very strong will of the Way that permeated from the front, which compelled him to move over there to take a better look.

He faintly felt that there seemed to be something calling him, but of course, this slippery feeling was hard to discern. Was it real or not? It was difficult for him to say.

No matter where this was, Ye Futian understood that it must have been an extraordinary place.

In the direction of the two banks, a group of sacred palaces congregated, exuding a solemn feeling.

Traces of sword will whistled and turned into a sword, and the sword entered into the Path River. Ye Futian stepped forward and walked on the sword that he had summoned. He drove toward the Path River.

No matter where this was, the receiving receptionist had already told him when he entered the Divine Palace that he was once in, he could go anywhere in the Divine Palace as long as he was physically able to do so; however, he would be doing so at his own risk.

Because of this, he had been wandering around inside the Divine Palace as long as it was suitable for cultivation. There was no restraint in his heart because his goals were very simple.

Cultivate, and cultivate some more.

To cast the Divine Wheel of the Great Path as soon as possible, and set foot into the realm of Renhuang.

Everything else could wait until the entry into the realm of Renhuang.

The Saint Plane may be regarded as powerful among common folks, but among those top forces, it was far from enough.

But his talent was destined to be the center among all the top forces, not existing in some mediocre crowds.

Therefore, the only way was to become stronger.

From the moment when Ye Futian stepped into Path River, there was an uproar at the Divine Palace.

The news spread quickly, and at this time, somewhere inside the Divine Palace, a group of disciples from the Divine Palace were talking amongst themselves.

"Shen Jing stepped into the Path River?" someone asked.

"Mmm." The person next to him nodded. "It is said that the sword has entered the Path River."

"No one blocked him?" asked the man who just spoke.

"No one."

"Are the Ancestral Lands of the Divine Palace to be polluted by outsiders?" That disciple's expression slightly changed." And they didn't stop him?"

"Perhaps the elder at the Divine Palace had their own thoughts on this. But even if he had entered the Path River, it is still impossible for Shen Jing to enter the ancestral temple." The person next to him did not seem to mind, saying, "Even though his talent was unmatched, but over the years, who have you ever heard of entering the temple? "

"It's him," the person next to him whispered. That legendary figure from the Divine Palace was the first in the world, an undisputed first at that.

"Yes, and now, he is there. If Shen Jing goes, he might meet him there," the person next to him said. "Shen Jing really knows how to choose a place. He had to choose the Ancestral Temple. Unless he asked around and knew of the place?"

At this time, not just the disciples of the Divine Palace, but even many of the prominent figures were also closely watching Ye Futian's every move.

At the Sword Palace, the Sword Emperor, who had invited Ye Futian on that day, was there. Looking into the distance, he could vaguely see a sacred palace.

"He actually went there." The Sword Emperor looked disturbed. Ye Futian had gone to many places these days, but now he had found his way there.

"Extraordinary people will go to extraordinary places. It is expected that he would eventually find his way here. It's just that he's been wreaking havoc in the Divine Palace, and many disciples have suffered at his hands. He needs to be put in his place," the person next to him said with a smile, kind of expecting Ye Futian to be humbled.

He was really getting out of line and needed to be taught a lesson.

Otherwise, he would really think that there was no one to defend the Divine Palace.

Moreover, he went to various places to cultivate and often reaped great rewards. It would be refreshing to see him being humbled for once, not always getting whatever he wanted so easily.

At the Sword Comprehension Mountain, Li Daozi was still unlocking the last sword. At this time, that last sword mountain was shining brightly, and there seemed to be swords flowing. Likewise, there was also a terrible breath of swordsmanship that flowed upon the body of Li Daozi, which was felt by many. They knew faintly that after that battle, Li Daozi was getting closer and closer to the breakthrough.

Li Daozi unlocked the sword here, but Shen Jing went to the Path River instead.

Wan Shouyi, Luoyue, and Yaya were still here unlocking the swords. At this time, Wan Shouyi came to Yaya's side and said, "He has gone to Path River."

"So I heard," Yaya replied.

"The premier person of the current generation at the Divine Palace is there. I heard that this person could have become an emperor already, but would not enter the gate of the Great Path even when he could, all for creating a most extraordinary Divine Wheel of the Great Path. It was said that this person not only ranks number one of the current generation at the Divine Palace but was also known as the first person under Renhuang in all of Upper Heavens Realm," said Wan Shouyi.

Yaya looked indifferent, and Wan Shouyi had no idea what she was thinking, so he continued, "At the end of Path River is the divine temple—an ancestral land of the Divine Palace, mysterious and unknown. If he goes there, will he..."

"What do you want to say?" Yaya looked at Wan Shouyi.

"Should we persuade him to come back?" Wan Shouyi said to Yaya.

Ye Futian's talent could be described as unparalleled. Naturally, he trusted him implicitly. Before, he had heard a lot of things about Ye Futian, and none of them caused any concerns except this time. He was a bit worried.

The first among the current generation of Upper Heavens Realm at the Ancestral Lands of the Divine Palace.

No matter the former or the latter, it was enough to give people pause. After all, Ye Futian was not a disciple of the Divine Palace, so it was difficult to predict what kind of danger he would encounter should he embark there.

Yaya seemed to be deep in contemplation. The Ancestral Land of the Divine Palace?

A look of worry flashed across her eyes, and upon seeing Yaya's expression, Wan Shouyi knew that she felt the same as him, fearing any accidents that could happen to Shen Jing.

"If any accidents occur in the Ancestral Lands of the Divine Palace, will the Divine Palace blame him?" Yaya asked Wan Shouyi.


Wan Shouyi looked at Yaya without blinking. What would happen if there was some accident at the Ancestral Lands of the Divine Palace? Not what would happen if something happened to Ye Futian?

Looking into Yaya's eyes, he thought, Is this girl for real?

"What accident could happen at the Ancestral Lands?" Wan Shouyi took a breath and asked.

"Like, if it was demolished or something else?" Yaya asked in a low voice, "Would the Divine Palace blame us?"


Wan Shouyi was speechless. He looked at Yaya with a strange look. He was worried about Shen Jing, but this woman worried about the ancestral land of the Divine Palace?


What was the thinking behind that?

It seemed that Shen Jing's friend was not normal.

When he came to his senses, Wan Shouyi whispered, "I shouldn't think so."

"Oh," Yaya nodded, "I'm going to continue to cultivate, then."

Wan Shou glanced at Yaya and said, "Sorry to disturb you..."

Then, he turned away. Sorry for the disturbance!

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    《The Legend of Futian》