The Legend of Futian
1550 Cross in One Step?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1550 Cross in One Step?

Ye Futian's entry into the Path River caused a great sensation in the Divine Palace. The disciples of the Divine Palace were all focused on this event. This person who had defeated Li Daozi, the first person of the current generation of the sword palace, had now gone to the most sacred place in the Divine Palace.

For so many years, only one person had stepped into it, and now he was in it.

Shen Jing, a swordsman from Taixuan Mountain, would he be able to enter?

Ye Futian had no idea that his trip had caused such great unrest. He didn't even know the exact place he wanted to go. He just had a feeling that this place was extraordinary; a place where hidden paths might be, certainly be suitable for cultivation, so he wanted to take a look.

He even had doubts in his heart. Why is this place so quiet? he wondered.

In the Path River, there was no one else but him, and there were no disciples of the Divine Palace.

This left Ye Futian somewhat baffled. Were the disciples of the Divine Palace that lazy?

Was it because they didn't cherish the spiritual resources in the Divine Palace?

He had no idea about the kind of place that he had come to. It was not because the disciples of the Divine Palace did not want to come; it was a question if they could get in?

The sword entered the Path River and drove toward the palace. In Ye Futian's present state, he thought that he would soon reach his destination. Although this river was very long, it could not be easily crossed. However, he found that even as the sword moved forward, it was still in Path River, and it seemed to stop when it reached the center of the river. Or rather, the distance to the palace ahead always remained the same.

He looked down at the sword under his feet. The sword was still moving forward, even causing some ripples as it shuttled in the water. However, no matter how far he moved, it seemed that he was still in the same place.

"What's going on?" Ye Futian looked confused. He couldn't get close?

It seemed within reach, clearly in front of him, but at the same time, it seemed to be far beyond the horizon.

But he was in the pinnacle of Saint Plane, so there was no way he did not understand his own feelings. This time, the mysterious palace was real and solid, unlike the nebulous quality of The Land of Proving the Way. If so, how could it be?

He couldn't understand it.

Unless there was Way to prevent him?

This was the only explanation.

However, what kind of will of the Way could possibly produce such a condition?

Ye Futian appeared deep in thought, and he stopped. The sword did not move forward. Everything seemed to be standing still.

"Space Will of the Way."

Ye Futian whispered. Only the Space Will of the Way could produce such a spectacle. He and his sword were in a space of the Great Path, bound by the Great Path, unable to fathom its truth.

But this time, he didn't even feel the existence of the Space Will of the Way in reality. If there was really a space of the Great Path, then it must also exist in the void.

Psst... The sharp sound of sword roar emerged, and swords appeared around Ye Futian's body. Some of them directly broke through the sky and shot toward the front, wanting to cross the Path River and reach the palace. However, he realized that although the swords were extremely fast, they could never reach the destination. He integrated his spiritual will into them, but he still couldn't sense the cause.

Many swords now appeared at his feet. Ye Futian sat directly on the sword and closed his eyes, quietly experiencing everything around him as if to imprint all that he saw in the Path River into his mind.

If everything was so clear, then what was the power that prevented him from moving forward?

Ye Futian himself also cultivated the Way of space, but at this moment, he fell into the Way of space again. It only showed that his Way of space was still not quite where it needed to be and was far from perfection. Otherwise, he would not have been trapped by the Way of space.

"So close yet so far." Ye Futian's eyes were tightly closed, and everything seemed to have stopped. Time and space stopped flowing in Ye Futian's mind as if he was the only one between heaven and earth at this moment.

He sat there quietly. At this moment, he was like a lonely boat in the vast ocean. Loneliness surrounding him, he wanted to find the answer.

As time passed, Ye Futian sat there as if he had never moved.

This caused a lot of discussion inside the Divine Palace. Sure enough and as expected, even though Ye Futian had defeated Li Daozi, he was still trapped in the Path River and could move no further.

This was Path River. It led to the Ancestral Land of the Divine Palace, and there were no other shortcuts. Only by crossing the Path River could one gain entry into the Ancestral Land.

For many years, how many excellent characters wanted to enter but couldn't?

Ye Futian's talent was widely recognized by people of the Divine Palace. Even if many of them were unhappy with him, they still had to acknowledge Ye Futian's powerful perception. However, this was the Path River, after all.

Sure enough, he was still trapped inside, unable to move forward.

Even some others had gone to the place where the Path River was and watched the figure who was stuck in the Path River, unable to move forward. The figure sat on the sword seemed lonely. It was as if he was the only person in the world.

Zhuang Hong also came. He looked at Ye Futian and felt some strangeness. Where couldn't this guy go? But he had come to the Path River. Never mind that the Path River was difficult to cross because even if he could, there was still the one that restrained inside to consider.

But Ye Futian seemed to understand everything in this instant. There was no one at the Path River. This Beyond Reach alone was enough to repel countless geniuses because they simply could not get across.

It was just a short distance away, yet it was beyond reach.

The sword didn't move, and Ye Futian didn't seem to have stopped moving at all. But he got it; he now knew what it meant to be beyond reach.

"What's going on?" Just then, there was a cry of exclamation at the edge of the Path River, and many people looked in Ye Futian's direction in shock.

"It's getting closer, isn't it?"

They were shocked to find that Ye Futian was getting closer to the Divine Temple of the Ancestral Land.

"How could this be? He didn't seem to have moved?" Someone frowned, puzzled.

Moreover, Ye Futian was still approaching the Divine Temple of the Ancestral Land. He sat there as if he had done nothing at all.

"Awesome," Zhuang Hong praised. What an incredible display.

"Brother Zhuang, what is going on?" a disciple from the Divine Palace asked.

"How would I know?" Zhuang Hong replied.

"Eh..." The man looked at him, dumbfounded. If he didn't know what was going on, why the excitement?

"However, I could venture a guess," Zhuang Hong replied. "Everyone at the Path River of the Ancestral land knows that this place is beyond reach, probably because it has the Way of space hidden within it. Therefore, the only thing that could unlock the Way of Space in this place is the Way of space."

To overcome the Way with the Way.

Zhuang Hong's deduction was correct. Ye Futian opened his eyes and saw that he was very close to the Divine Palace of the Ancestral Land.

There was Beyond Reach in the Path River, and the only thing that could unlock it was to reach for the beyond.

Ye Futian finally understood at this moment. It was not that no one wanted to come here, but that they could not get here.

But how many at the Divine Palace could get through Beyond Reach?

Beyond Reach, Reaching the Beyond. Anyone who wanted to cross the Path River must first need to understand the Way of space and unlock it.

Except Reaching the Beyond, he couldn't think of any other ways to solve it, but perhaps other top geniuses had other solutions.

The sword was already near the palace in front, and every time he moved forward, he was getting closer.

At this moment, suddenly, another invisible force descended, causing the forward-moving sword to stop.

Time and space seemed to have once again fallen into a state of arrest. This time it was not a stillness dictated by him but was forced upon him.

Everything seemed to have stopped flowing. Even the will of the Great Path between heaven and earth had stopped.

In Ye Futian's perception, everything seemed to disappear at this moment. It was as if there was only this Path River in the world.

There was no Path, only river.

The swords beneath Ye Futian disappeared into thin air. He was suspended alone on the Path River with no will of the Way. It was as if he could float there naturally.

But except for this, there was just nothingness.

"What is this now?" Ye Futian was a little speechless. Was this Path River so difficult to cross?

It was just that Beyond Reach seemed simple and easy to unlock, but the truth was that it was extremely difficult. If it was any other person, they might have never been able to take that step.

However, he had just made that step and immediately fell into such a situation again. Where was this exactly?

What place is this Path River? he wondered. And what exactly was that sacred palace in front of him?

Why was this place so difficult to enter?

It seemed that no one came here, not because of their laziness in cultivation, nor because it was an ordinary place for cultivation.

But because everyone knew that they may not be able to cross.

So, what place was this?

What was the sacred palace in front of the Path River?

What would happen after crossing over?

When his thoughts turned to this, Ye Futian was a little jittery. He suddenly realized that the place he came for this time might not be quite so innocuous.

But the matter at hand seemed to be how he could cross the Path River to reach that sacred place.

Ye Futian, who seemed to have been stuck in a space of absolute stillness, lifted his feet to walk forward. There were ripples under his feet as if he was stepping on water. There was a booming sound coming from inside his body. It was as if the Way inside his body was extending outward, moving forward.

However, this was the same situation as before. Shockingly, Ye Futian found he was standing in the same place, unable to move forward.

This was…

Ye Futian's face was becoming incredibly entertaining to behold. This time, it was obvious that they were not being trapped by Beyond Reach, which could not be unlocked by the method used previously.

So, what was it this time?

"He's stopped again." Many disciples of the Divine Palace gathered by the shore and watched Ye Futian's every move. It would not be easy to cross the Path River.

Just as they were thinking about it, traces of invisible breaths inside Ye Futian's body spread throughout the world and seemed to link with heaven and earth. Soon, he seemed to once again getting a grip on perceiving the real world.

Lifting his feet, Ye Futian took a step, and his body disappeared from where he was.

His figure crossed the Path River directly and appeared at the end of the Path River.

Countless eyes were fixated on this scene. Everyone looked at Ye Futian in amazement.

Was it really as simple as stepping over?

This mad a lot of people feel strange. In all these years, the Path River that had only been crossed by one person in the past, had it really blocked Ye Futian?

At this moment, had Ye Futian really crossed the Path River?

Ahead, there should be other obstacles blocking his way!

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    《The Legend of Futian》