The Legend of Futian
1551 Moving Forward with Force
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1551 Moving Forward with Force

Once Ye Futian took this step to cross the Path River. Beyond Reach and Reaching the Beyond seemed to be separated by one step.Once Ye Futian took this step to cross the Path River. Beyond Reach and Reaching the Beyond seemed to be separated by one step.

Unable to pass, He would always be in the Path River. But if he was able to, he could cross it in one step.

At this time, Ye Futian was standing in front of a golden Great Path. The Divine Palace in front stood towering above the sky, magnificent and sacred, impervious to spiritual will. There were palaces standing on the left and right of it. To Ye Futian, each palace exuded the might pressure of the Great Path.

This golden Great Path was an ancient Great Path, which contained extremely powerful might of the Great Path. To walk through might not be an easy task.

Furthermore, the end of this ancient golden Great Path was sacred and ethereal. There seemed to be someone standing there, but it was somewhat unreal.

Was someone finally there?

It seemed that someone was here, after all.

At this time, Ye Futian had realized that this place was unusual, and whoever could come was definitely the most top genius at the Divine Palace.

Ye Futian didn't know that, at the moment, only one person had ever come to this Ancestral Land of the Divine Palace before him. It was the premier person of the current generation of the Divine Palace, hailed as the most unparalleled genius of Upper Heavens Realm.

Unparalleled in the world meant overshadowing Yi Tianyu and Li Daozi. With everyone else at one level and him at another level, he could not be called unparalleled.

"What is this place?" Ye Futian was becoming more and more curious. What exactly was this sacred place?

Could it be that it was the place of cultivation for the great figures of the Divine Palace?

Or were there hidden secrets in the Divine Palace?

No matter what place this was, he wanted to go in and take a look.

Ye Futian lifted his feet and walked forward. Just one step, and there was an extremely violent storm of the Great Path that came from this ancient golden Great Path. There was great pressure everywhere on this ancient Great Path. Ye Futian had a feeling that divine gods were standing there, guarding the front of the ancient path that he walked on.

All these statues of the gods seemed illusory and yet solid at the same time. His spiritual will felt it, and the oppressive forces of the Great Path that bloomed from it also felt so real.

This moment gave Ye Futian a familiar feeling, like the feeling he had when he was at a place of comprehension in the Divine Palace—Celestial Worthy Mountain, where he met Zhuang Hong.

But the coercion of the gods here was even more real and terrifying; it was stronger than that of Celestial Worthy Mountain.

The blood inside Ye Futian's body roiled and roared, making a booming sound of the Great Path. He lifted his feet and forcing his way forward. He let out a violent roar. His clothes fluttered, and his hair was flying.

His body seemed to bear a great amount of weight, and it was not easy to take even one step forward.

Boom. Ye Futian moved forward one step at a time. Each time he took a step, there was be a roaring sound of the Great Path that burst from his body. The Great Path was unified into one. It turned into a path of boundless power, forcing each step forward.

He walked past a palace, but on this road of the golden Great Path, this distance seemed insubstantial. The road of the illusory Great Path seemed so long in his eyes.

At this moment, Ye Futian suddenly developed a strong sense of crisis. In the perception of will, he seemed to perceive a ghostly figure again. It was as if the god of the underworld appeared directly in his mind.

He seemed to see a pair of ghostly eyes, piercing his mind and attacking his spiritual soul.

"This is..." Ye Futian's face showed concern. On his journey to the trial, he had met a direct disciple from the Divine Palace—Bai Xiu—who seemed to be a disciple of Lord Underworld. So, what kind of ability was this?

There were all the Ways preached by the Divine Palace hidden within this ancient road of the Great Path. Various types of abilities erupted here and transformed the Ways to attack those who were coming forward.

If so, would he be subjected to later attacks of melody? Sword method? Or any other aggressive attacks?

The flesh and spiritual soul had to brave tremendous force of oppression at the same time. Ye Futian struggled to move forward under such oppression. Sure enough, he had not taken a few steps before he heard a melody. The Great Path resonated with it and sharply increased the intensity of the previous oppression.

Boom! Under the terrific impact of the Great Path and its power, Ye Futian's body stumbled backward. He slid several steps before he could get a hold of himself. His brows were knit tightly together. 

His eyes glanced at the ancient road of Great Path ahead; was this road really that difficult to get through?

But just exactly what road was this? One had to withstand all kinds of attack methods of the Divine Palace, and the combat strength of each force seemed to be determined according to his own strength and the strength of his realm.

The stronger he was, the stronger the attack power of the Great Path. There was nowhere to hide.

Ye Futian stopped. Instead of rushing forward, he took his time to adjust his breath.

Previously crossing the Path River required comprehension, but now what really mattered was one's own true great strength. There were no shortcuts on this road, and there were no tricks to get around it. Forcing his way through was the only option.

At this time, on the other side of the Path River, many were standing on the bank of the River. They looked ahead, but Ye Futian was no longer visible.

Ye Futian had already disappeared in the Path River.

"Has he gotten over and entered the Ancestral Land?" someone asked.

"Not yet." A genius talent who knew something about Path River shook his head and said, "it's just a small step to cross the Path River. The road afterward is even more difficult to walk."

"More difficult?" someone mused. "Then why did this Path River trap so many other extraordinary characters?"

"Difficulty is relative. It is not that the Path River was not difficult to cross; even many of the disciples of the Path Boat at the Divine Palace could not cross the Path River. There are only very few who could cross. Look, someone is trying right now."

The speaker pointed ahead, and there were already several people who were walking toward the Path River. When Ye Futian crossed, they wanted to try it themselves also, but they were still there, unable to advance after the first step. "So, how difficult is it to get into the Ancestral Land?"

"For so many years, there was only one person who entered it. It was more than just 'difficult'," the person next to him said thoughtfully. That person looked in the direction of Path River when he heard this. How outstanding was that unusual character who had crossed the Path River and entered the Ancestral Land of the Divine Palace?

Even the disciples of the Divine Palace had not many opportunities to see him, much less speak to him. He was not just a direct disciple, but the disciple of the Nine Halls.

The Nine Halls taught one person jointly, unheard of in the Divine Palace. It was said that the Divine Palace intended to train him to become the true premier person in the Upper Heavens Realm in the future. He was also moving toward that goal. No one else could surpass him, as it was difficult enough to even catch up with him. He was in his own realm. No one else could be mentioned with him in the same breath. 

After rumors spread that he was a descendent of the divine gods, some people claimed that there was divine blood in his body. Some even said that he was the reincarnation of the Almighty.

No matter the rumors, it all served as a testament to his strength.

Today, an outsider appeared in the Divine Palace and also had forced his way into the Ancestral Land of the Divine Palace. He had already crossed the Path River.

Would the two of them meet in the Ancestral Land?

Would Shen Jing—a swordsman from Taixuan Mountain—cross the road?

It was probably very difficult.

Indeed, incredibly difficult.

Ye Futian was still in front of the golden ancient road of the Great Path at this time. His body was radiant all over, and there was a roaring sound of the Great Path resounding inside his body. There was a strong and powerful breath of the Great Path circulating inside of him. 

His entire person seemed to have turned into a sword—an indestructible and omnipresent sword. The sword moved forward. It traversed the void and stepped onto the ancient road of the Great Path.

Extreme pressure of the Great Path came forth and slammed on him, but from inside Ye Futian's body, there was a whistling sound of the sword. Sword will reached for the sky. It crossed through the pressure of the Great Path and continued to shuttle forward without slowing. On the contrary, he seemed to want to speed up and pass through it quickly.

Boom... The melody sounded again; that was the power of Divine Sound, which caused the Great Path to resonate in unison and expanded its oppressive forces.


Sharp and shrill sounds were heard, and Ye Futian's body also seemed to emit the sounds of melody, resonating with the sword. A power of the fleeting swordsmanship now swept out and defied the Great Path. All around Ye Futian, a terrifying storm of the Great Path now surged. 

Boom, boom, boom!

This ancient road of the Great Path was alive, and it seemed to be able to perceive everything that Ye Futian was doing. As Ye Futian accelerated forward, godlike statues appeared at the same time, and infinite sword will erupted and swept toward Ye Futian.


Ye Futian felt this continuing increasing strength, and he suddenly stomped. The Great Path inside his body roared, and the sound of a thundering elephant came out. It resonated with the Great Path. The Divine Elephant stomped on the sky. It was like a bona fide divine elephant had come down to the world. The shadow of the divine elephant shrouded the body, towering like a demon god, stabilizing the body by sheer will power. It continued to step forward savagely.

This was the secret method of the Divine Elephants—the Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky.

If this ability had erupted outside, Yi Tianyu should have recognized him easily, but according to his observations of the Divine Palace, it was true that it did not interfere with the quarrels of the outside world and did not participate in the friction between disciples. Otherwise, as an outsider, he would not have been allowed to wreak such havoc in the Divine Palace, plunder many treasured lands to cultivate, and beaten many of Divine Palace's own disciples. No elders had come forward to mediate but had just let them do whatever they wanted.

Therefore, the grudge between him and Yi Tianyu would not be mediated by the Divine Palace. It did not matter if the Divine Palace knew his identity.

He seemed to be goaded by this ancient road of the Great Path to become extremely competitive. The more he was not allowed to set foot in it, the more he wanted to force his way through.

Under the technique of Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky, he was even more centered, and the power of the Great Path was more violent and terrifying. Every step he took shocked the earth and suppressed all the offensive attacks.

He would like to see how the road of the Great Path could block his way.

Boom, boom, boom…

Statues descended, and the entire ancient road of the Great Path was full of incomparable power. On this road of the Great Path, there was a tremendous storm. The Great Path roared between heaven and earth, trying to destroy all existence.

In Ye Futian's mind, godlike statues appeared. At this moment, he was withstanding such indescribable pressure of might.

The Celestial Soul Attraction also bloomed, and the divine will rushed toward the sky. To counter against the attacks of the divine will within the Great Path, the Divine Elephants Stomping the Sky was integrated into the momentum of heaven and earth. Every step was earth-shattering, and the sword will of the Great Path surrounded his entire body. Ye Futian's entire body was holy and radiant, like the furnace of the Great Path. Each step he took was forcibly passing through this golden road of the Great Path!

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    《The Legend of Futian》