The Legend of Futian
1558 Battle Again with Gai Shi Shi
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1558 Battle Again with Gai Shi Shi

In the void, the sword in Ye Futian's hand was stained with blood as he looked at the figure falling from the sky. This strike not only slashed the throat but also contained the power to slash the soul, so the other was unable to save himself.

Now that these many cultivators had come to suppress him in unison, wanting to leverage divine implements to smite him and take away the fruits, if he didn't make an example of him, they would most likely be undeterred.

His hand made a grabbing motion in the air, and Ye Futian captured the divine implement of the other, then took it as his own.

That suffocating will of the Way still shrouded the space, but no one wanted to be that bold again. It was as if they were cowed by Ye Futian's sword.

A sword traversed the void and directly slashed the throat of someone who was at the top Nirvana plane, holding the Renhuang divine implement. After having cultivated in the Ancestral Land of the Divine Palace, Ye Futian should be even stronger than when he fought with Li Daozi. His sword was no longer confined to the Fleeing Years of the divine will. The sword that had been deployed just now was the ultimate fast sword.

"Those who want to die, continue as you wish," Ye Futian said as he walked forward, holding the sword with one hand. He stepped into the void, and the vast void resonated with the Nether Swordsmanship. It was extremely sharp. The sword will of the heavens clamored.

In Linxiao City, in the vast and endless area beneath the sky, countless people were shocked. Many swordsmen felt that their swords and their own sword will were also resonating with that swordsmanship. It was as if all the swords of the world were about to be controlled by it.

"Shen Jing, on this trip to the Divine Palace to prove the Way, everyone competed for the fruits of the Way, which was the opportunity bestowed by the Divine Palace. People of all principalities were to share the opportunity, but you snatched all the fruits for yourself. You were selfish, and you didin't think about anybody else," said a cold and indifferent voice. The speaker was Gai Shi Shi. He stood higher up in the void as the golden divine light of his body cascaded down.

Ye Futian's sword deterred all the cultivators, and no one dared to come forward. It looked like he had come out himself.

But in reality, what he wanted was not as simple as the fruits of the Way.

After hearing Gai Shi Shi's words, many felt the same sense of outrage. This Ye Futian was indeed too domineering. He had seized many fruits of the Way. He had taken advantage of the opportunity from the Divine Palace to prove the Way. This rather selfish behavior was unjustifiable to the others.

Ye Futian glanced up at the sky, and a sarcastic smile flashed in his sharpened eyes. He said, "What a joke. If it weren't for me, other people could obtain the fruits? Don't forget who occupied the Divine Tree of Comprehension at the time. Who had gotten it then? You were one of them. Exactly whose way did I block when I went alone to take from the Divine Tree of Comprehension?

"Gai Shi Shi, if you want to fight, then fight. Don't bother encouraging the others to die along with you. It's really beneath your reputation and the Divine Nation's," Ye Futian said sarcastically. He knew of the reputation of the Golden Divine Nation, and Gai Shi Shi's talent was truly outstanding. However, his conduct was rather unbecoming.

Swordsman Li Daozi of the Divine Sword Li Family, in comparison, was more straightforward and was not faking anything.

"You asked to fight. I will oblige you," Gai Shi Shi said loud and clear. His voice shook the void. As his voice fell, golden divine lights descended from the sky, seemingly transforming into many golden divine spears that slaughtered downward. A terrifying divine power descended. Giant faces appeared in the sky; they were golden faces. There were faint traces of ancient golden gods in the sky. They sighed.

A mighty will of the Way came down and shrouded Ye Futian. Gai Shi Shi took out a divine implement, which was a golden spear. The divine light that puffed out from within seemed to be able to break through the heavens above. Just the golden brilliance that it released was enough to hurt the eyes of those who beheld it.

Gai Shi Shi, at this moment, under the glory of the golden divine spear, seemed to be covered in golden armor. He looked just like a god of war would. The clothes on his body were shining and shimmering with a golden luster.

"How strong is the divine implement?" Many raised their hands to shield their eyes. Even though they were hundreds of miles apart, the people of Linxiao City felt it as their eyes were being stung by the divine light of that divine implement. The might of Way contained there was unfathomable in its horrific power.

Between heaven and earth, the golden divine light flowed and converged upon the spear. The golden divine spear seemed to be burning, burning with the golden divine light.

Ye Futian's eyes were extremely grave. What mighty power was the Golden Divine Nation? They were one of the most powerful forces in the Upper Heavens Realm, definitely among the top three. Outside of the Divine Palace, there was no other principality that dared to say that it could crush the Golden Divine Nation. One could only imagine what powerful divine implement the Golden Divine Nation would bestow upon Gai Shi Shi, who was the finest of its descendants. No other Renhuang divine implement would be comparable.

"At the beginning of the year, I went to Taixuan Mountain to visit Lord Taixuan. Even now, I am reluctant to smite the people of Taixuan Mountain. If you were not so greedy and had been willing to divide the fruits equally, I might have forgiven you," Gai Shi Shi said. There was a righteous air about him. He acted as if he was serving justice in this matter.

"Since when does a loser dare to be so arrogant?" Ye Futian said mockingly. Upon hearing his words, Gai Shi Shi raised the divine spear. Its might of divine light pierced the void. Golden divine light shot out from his eyes as he replied coldly, "Since you are hard-headed and refuse to come to your senses, the spear of the gods will represent the will of the gods. The divine light will wash away your sins."

His voice was solemn, like a real god. Above the sky, many divine illusions let out a sigh. In an instant, the pressure of might soared to the limit. This kind of unparalleled power was unrivaled below Renhuang realm. Even those at the top of the Nirvana plane who surrounded Ye Futian were terrified.

Gai Shi Shi, at this moment, was too frightening. If he launched his attack against them, he would be unstoppable.

There was also what Gai Shi Shi had said. It seemed as if those words were from the powerful Divine Nation, from divine general who had served under Donghuan the Great. Only those kinds of characters could have such a vision to speak such aspirational words.

The spear of the gods would represent the will of heaven, and the divine light would wash away all sins.

The divine light bloomed as the divine spear in Gai Shi Shi's hand pierced toward Ye Futian. With the sigh of the divine god, all the divine lights penetrated the sky and earth. They fell at the same time, covering the sky and shielding the sun. They slammed toward Ye Futian's body in an instant.

Sword screamed in the sky, and infinite sword will of the world resonated and turned into a sword of slaughter, which penetrated the void. It collided with the divine light and collapsed and shattered together. A terrible storm of destruction manifested in the void as the endless golden divine light sprinkled down. Ye Futian felt a strong oppressive force, and those golden divine lights seemed to be inexhaustible, suppressing him.

What was even more terrifying was that Gai Shi Shi came with the divine spear through the void, and the divine spear stabbed out forcefully, intending to nail Ye Futian to the void.

Looking at the dazzling figure that bathed in the golden divine light, Ye Futian had no doubt that Gai Shi Shi would really kill him if he wanted to. His daring confidence came from the power of the Golden Divine Nation that feared nothing and no one.

The void seemed to split as the golden divine spear opened up a road of the Great Path. Ye Futian controlled the flow of the sword river in the Great Path, but everything was still annihilated and pulverized. He was unable to block the power of the divine spear. Even if Gai Shi Shi was not able to mobilize too much of its power, as a supreme Renhuang divine implement, the spear was still extremely fearsome.

Under the spear of the gods, everything would be pulverized. In an instant, it had already descended on Ye Futian.

Many people endured the sting to continue looking at the battlefield. Under the dazzling divine light, it was almost difficult to see what was happening. With this blow, would the magnificent swordsman from Taixuan Mountain perish?


A dull sound came out, shattering the sky and earth as the divine light exploded. It swept out toward the external surroundings and turned into a terrible light screen of the Great Path.

Many couldn't help but continue staring there. The golden divine Spear did not pierce through Ye Futian's body. Around Ye Futian, an immense and sacred Divine Elephant appeared. It let out a booming sound.

At this moment, the Great Path seemed to collapse and shatter. The roars continued resounding between heaven and earth.

The towering Divine Elephant stood like a demon god. An inexhaustible demon god's brilliance flowed through the heavens. Ye Futian's whole body was shining, and the bones of the supreme Elephant Emperor integrated into the Life Spirit of the Divine Elephant so that the battleform of the Life Spirit contained the incredible power of the demon emperor.

Gai Shi Shi's attack with a most powerful Renhuang divine implement forced him to resort to the power of the Divine Elephant. Gai Shi Shi himself was one of the top geniuses in the Upper Heavens Realm. Coupled with the great divine implement of the Golden Divine Nation, how powerful could he be? Anyone under Renhuang could be killed.

Therefore, Ye Futian could only summon the power of the supreme Bones of the Divine Elephant Emperor to counter the slaughter from the other's divine spear.

Suffocating pressure of might enveloped the sky, and countless eyes were fixed in the direction of the battlefield.

"What was that?"

"Life Spirit. Divine Elephant Life Spirit." Wasn't Shen Jing a swordsman from Taixuan Mountain?

His Life Spirit seemed to be more than just sword. But, at a critical point, he no longer contended with just sword alone, instead deploying the Life Spirit of the Divine Elephant. In this Life Spirit, it also seemed to be integrated into the magic of the demon emperor, which accounted for its incredible defense power, which could block the attack of the divine spear.

"This is the power of the Divine Elephant. I have heard that the land of the demon realm in the Heavenly Mandate Realm is where the Divine Elephant Clan resides. What an incredible ability!" Among those who watched, there were some who were well-informed. A look of surprise hung on their faces. Was Shen Jing from Heavenly Mandate Realm?

"Divine Elephant." Gai Shi Shi also looked down at Ye Futian. His golden eyes were extremely sharp. He asked, "Who are you?"

The sound of elephants trumpeting oscillated in the void, just like the sound of the Great Path. The sky seems to be crushed under this sonorous sound.

Bang! With a loud boom, the Divine Elephant stepped into the sky, repelling Gai Shi Shi's body with its shockwaves. Ye Futian raised his fist and blasted out. It was Divine Elephant Split the Sky.

Giant shadows of Divine Elephants trampled across the sky. The fist aurora suppressed the void, and the divine light upon Gai Shi Shi continued to shine. The divine spear in his hand continued to strike, and countless divine spears collided with the Divine Elephants and fist aurora. The battlefield where the two made their exchanges gave out loud rumbling sounds.

"So powerful."

Everyone's heart trembled. Gai Shi Shi had released the Sigh of the Divine God, and he couldn't be overpowered even with the use of such terrifying divine implements. He had even been repelled while Ye Futian continued his counterattacks. Such combative power was definitely at the top of Nirvana. Few possessed such strength.

The two separated. Ye Futian wore an expression of cold indifference, and Gai Shi Shi looked at him as cold murderous intent flashed through his golden eyes. "It seems that there are other secrets you carry. If so, the inheritance of the Divine Palace and the fruits of the Way definitely should not be taken by you."

As he finished speaking, his eyes glanced at those who were present. He asked, "What are you waiting for?"

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    《The Legend of Futian》