The Legend of Futian
1559 Slaughter
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1559 Slaughter

As Gai Shi Shi's words fell, a force of destruction around him shrouded Ye Futian.

With Gai Shi Shi as the leader, then hoard was a little encouraged. But their goal was the fruits of the Way, not to kill Ye Futian. If he were killed, the next task would be for Gai Shi Shi.

Many speculated that Ye Futian was a secret disciple of Lord Taixuan. Under such circumstances, they would not harm him.

Among those who came for the slaying, the cultivators from the Divine Capital of Xiling were also there. Luo Youming, who was severely injured by Ye Futian in the past, was hidden in the darkness. A strong death current circulated around Luo Youming, wrapping him within On Luo Youming's body, a strong will of death gathered, like a god of death, with an extremely dangerous atmosphere. Those ghostly eyes stared at Ye Futian below, and there was murderous intent in his eyes.

The strength of this man from Taixuan Mountain was so great to the point that it made him a little alarmed. Even Gai Shi Shi could not kill him when he took out the divine spear.

Ye Futian looked at the cultivators from all areas. People in the Saint Plane had a stable state of mind and often acted with decisiveness, which was being demonstrated at this moment. Even though they were risking their lives, and under great danger, these people still refused to give up and wanted to loot the fruits of the Way.

This state of mind was resolute and decisive. He had killed one of them, and it still did not deter them.

"I will give you one last chance. Those who haven't attacked, I will never pursue this matter further." Ye Futian's voice was indifferent, yet it exuded an extremely dominant spirit. It seemed that even with all the powerful cultivators teamed up against him, he was still confident that he was invincible.

"This kind of boldness, what peerless magnificence." Countless people in Linxiao City looked up into the sky. They were all quite shaken. Who would have thought that a swordsman from Taixuan Mountain could be so magnificent in the face of so many powerful cultivators aiming to take his life? He was calm and confidant. It seemed as if those who were around him would fall behind so that he could face the strong enemies alone.

One man faced many. What strength must he possess?

It was important to note that those who besieged him were extremely fearsome characters, even including top genius talent from the Golden Divine Nation like Gai Shi Shi.

Even so, his arrogance could not be restrained.

Ye Futian's words faded, but no one moved. All those who were surrounding him for the kill were of the Nirvana plane, and they could hardly be threatened by words alone. The destructive might of the Way was still powerful, and it enveloped Ye Futian's body. It seemed that with a single thought, an attack could be launched.

Ye Futian's eyes swept toward the crowd, and when he saw that no one vacillated, he knew that this battle would end in a bloodbath.

"It's not easy to cultivate in the Great Path. The Nirvana Realm is only a step away from proving the Way. The fruits of the Way are not a determining factor," Ye Futian said. "Is this necessary?"

As his voice fell, and the sound of elephant hollering could be heard through heaven and earth. The dazzling golden Divine Elephant engulfed the Way of heaven and earth. Its majestic torso was still expanding, and it was erected between heaven and earth.


The Divine Elephant stepped into the void and deployed the Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky. At this moment, countless cultivators in Linxiao City let out a muffled groaning sound. As their hearts and spirits were shaking, their blood was roiling with their breath. Whether it was their body or their mental state, they were enduring an unparalleled power of repression. It was as if the Great Path in the world was suppressing them, holding them there in place.

They wanted to move but found that it was difficult even to lift their feet; even their hands were trembling.

Their hearts were beating quickly, and they looked toward Ye Futian, who was in the void. Ye Futian's whole body was dazzling with divine light, and there was a celestial shadow blooming behind him. It seemed to be possessed a celestial soul. With the Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky, they felt its step directly on them, leaving their flesh and spiritual soul both suppressed.

At the same time, a Space Will of the Way was covering the endless space.

At this moment, the entire world seemed to be suppressed and solidified, on the verge of stopped flowing.

In the void, all eyes were fixed on Ye Futian. Everyone's expression was very grave. One step to suppress the void. This was to suppress the Great Path, the Way of Space.

Ye Futian's body moved. He crossed the void in a single step and walked toward a person. The man's eyes gazed at Ye Futian, whose figure continuously enlarged in his pupils. It was as if this far distance was within reach.

His entire body started burning up, turned into a war god of flame. It broke through that suppressive force. There were flames of Renhuang-grade that flowed and moved toward Ye Futian to swallow him.

Ye Futian blasted out a punch. It was the Divine Elephant Void-splitting Fist, whose destructive force of the Great Path destroyed everything. Under the guidance of the Celestial Soul Attraction, all spirit souls were destroyed and suppressed.


An explosive sound came out, and everyone saw a ball of fire erupting. It was a Renhuang-grade divine implement. It fell down from the sky. As for that cultivator of Nirvana Realm, his soul and spirit dispersed completely, and he disappeared entirely.

One punch destroyed everything, leaving nothing left.

Those below watched this punch, and they were greatly afraid. Just how terrifying was its power?

When the other cultivators saw this, their expression changed, and their hearts were pounding. They had all broken out of the bondage of the might of Way and launched a simultaneous attack on Ye Futian.

Many destructive methods came toward Ye Futian, trying to entomb him. However, when the attacks descended, they seemed to get close to Ye Futian but were somehow unable to touch him. At this moment, many people had the illusion of Beyond Reach.

Again, the utilization of Space Will of the Way.

Buzz. The brilliant divine light of space was shining, but Ye Futian's body had disappeared from where he was. As those methods and blasted together, causing the eruption of a shocking destructive force, Ye Futian had already completely detached himself from the attacks and appeared on high ground.

But at this time, a golden divine light descended from the sky, which was the strongest among those who besieged him. It was Gai Shi Shi. The golden divine spear penetrated the void, bringing down with it the endless golden divine light and came straight down, aiming for Ye Futian's head.

Ye Futian walked in the sky. The earth shook, and the sky roared as both of his fists broke through the air at the same time, blasting out infinite aurora of the fist. The radiant will of the fist punched through the void and collided with those golden divine lights that were coming at him.

Just as Ye Futian and Gai Shi Shi confronted each other, there was a sudden intrusion of death will. Infinite light of darkness appeared around Ye Futian, breaking through the air in an instant. It seemed to be able to lock onto his spiritual soul and move towards him, trying to slaughter him. At a glance, it was endless darkness that covered this space.

This endless flow of dark death current was like countless nails, which caused a shock to his Celestial Soul. It seemed as if it was nailed in the void. Countless death air currents came for the kill at the same time, like countless nails that descended simultaneously.

These attacks were all invisible attacks, unconcerned with the power of offense or defense. Their only aim was the spiritual soul.

The Celestial Soul behind Ye Futian fluttered, and there were traces of dark will that enveloped the Celestial soul and flowed inside Ye Futian's body.

His eyes swept in one direction, and he saw Luo Youming—the prince of Divine Capital of Xiling. At this time, his Celestial Soul seemed to have been peeled away from the body and turned into a god of death. This attack had precisely been released from there.

Boom... Ye Futian's Celestial Soul shook, and a brilliant celestial light erupted. There were actually countless air currents of swordsmanship directly blooming from the Celestial Soul as the Celestial Soul Attraction stamped the sword into the Celestial Soul Attack. There seemed to be endless swords of spiritual soul sweeping out, destroying those death currents.

Simultaneously, the force of Gai Shi Shi's attack descended again, as well as his person, carrying with him the golden divine spear and the power of the divine gods to attack at close range. Its might was unbelievably aggressive.

The Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky. Ye Futian raised his eyes and glanced toward the other. One step, and thousands of elephants rushed across, crushing the void. They slammed toward Gai Shi Shi spear. Ye Futian disappeared as a sword like a brilliant streamer of light, deftly avoiding the attack that was forming the other side.

With a wave of his hands in the void, suddenly, countless swords between heaven and earth were born.

Many looked up at him and saw that the sword light was shining brightly. There seemed to be many sword rivers of the Great Path that appeared to flow between heaven and earth.

Psst… His figure disappeared again and went in another direction. It was the one who had just attacked him.

That cultivator's expression changed slightly. The strength exhibited by Ye Futian was also the one that he was afraid the most.

Clad in armor, his entire body burst out with an unparalleled heavy force. He walked like a war god of the great Path. His body was like a Renhuang battleform. With the magnification of the divine implements, it was not any less than the true Renhuang Battleform. His entire body erupted with divine light.

Bang. Both fists blasted through the sky and earth, directly slamming toward Ye Futian, who was zooming in. The void seemed to have been punched through and pulverized; its strength was immeasurable. But Ye Futian did not make an effort to evade it. Instead, his sword-like figure moved directly down.

There was a resonance of thousands of swords between heaven and earth, and the terrible sound of elephants rumbling. The Great Path was one. There was an immense sense of swordsmanship in his body that turned his body into a sword.


The fist was penetrated and destroyed. A sword light crossed the void, and that nirvana figure disappeared completely, save for a sword mark left in the void. Another Renhuang divine implement, which was picked up by Ye Futian.

"Hunt to kill!"

Everyone's heart was pounding. Cultivators were hunted down by Ye Futian, one after another. He had temporarily avoided the strongest of them all, which was Gai Shi Shi, and escaped being tied down. He could not defeat Gai Shi Shi instantly, but he was able to kill any others in seconds.

Gai Shi Shi's attack was unable to restrain Ye Futian, nor could anybody else.

Many people looked at the figure in the void and thought that Taixuan Mountain had really produced an extraordinary genius talent. He had used his own power to contend with all the powerful cultivators. Not only was he not at a disadvantage, but he was hunting the others one by one.

This kind of people was too terrifying.

At this time, Ye Futian standing there with his hands forming the seal, the ancient tree of the world swaying within him. The blood inside of him howled, and the will of the Way tossed and turned as a majestic breath erupted from his body. Behind Ye Futian, majestic figures akin to divine gods could vaguely be seen.

Many Divine Elephants surrounded him, trampling wildly between heaven and earth to block the attack from outside. As he closed his eyes, his spiritual will radiated outward, shrouding the boundless space.

At this moment, the swords on many people in Linxiao City were trembling. Some even flew out of the sheaths. It was as if the sword will in their bodies was flowing outside of their controls. Above the sky, countless divine swords appeared, circling around heaven and earth, thus wrapping the vast and boundless space within it.

Ye Futian's body seemed to be the master of all swords, and the infinite divine sword resonated because of him. Divine swords, one after the other, ran through the void, tearing it, like a meteor sword, leaving sword marks between heaven and earth.

"He meant to kill them as a group!"

Everyone's heart pounded. Wan Shouyi watched from afar. His pupils contracted as he stared at the scene.

He felt the real Fleeting of Years!

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    《The Legend of Futian》