The Legend of Futian
1561 Crushed II
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1561 Crushed II

The people of Linxiao City were moved when they saw this scene. The Golden Divine Nation had flourished for a time and had stood at the top of the Higher Heavens Realm. Gai Shi Shi was the talented prince of the nation. How could he have known that his reputation would suffer like this?

However, he had not hesitated to resort to underhanded tricks to kill Ye Futian. But although it was dishonorable, one could see from this just how fierce he was at heart. He was fierce to others and to himself. Even though he was an outstanding talent, he did not care about his own reputation and did not care how others saw him. He only wanted to achieve his goals.

People like these were truly frightening and truly deadly.

For Ye Futian, Gai Shi Shi's surprise attack had been extremely deadly as well.

Moreover, even when he saw Gai Shi Shi attack, the Renhuang from the Divine Capital of Xiling kept up his pressure on Ye Futian and did not withdraw it. It seemed as if he had no other goal than to see Ye Futian die at Gai Shi Shi's hands.

If Gai Shi Shi killed Ye Futian, then Taixuan Mountain would have to seek out the Golden Divine Nation to exact revenge.

Ye Futian could naturally sense how threatening this situation was. He swept his cold gaze over the figure in the sky. The branches and leaves of the World Tree life spirit flowed through every part of his body, and his divine light shone through heaven and earth. At the same time, the Ten Thousand Bones of the Divine Elephant Emperor were activated, and an elephant's trumpeting sound rang out through the air.

There was a loud boom as the illusions of countless divine elephants wrapped around him. At the same time, the image of a lordly divine elephant covered his body. He did not have much time to react, so he could only use his most powerful defensive techniques to block Gai Shi Shi's attack.


There was a loud noise that made the heavens and the earth shake fiercely. Gai Shi Shi drew in close to attack, and his Golden Divine Spear pierced through countless illusions in an instant while also twisting wildly. A beam of brilliant golden light that could destroy everything pierced through the body of the divine elephant, shattering it to pieces as it wrapped around Ye Futian.

Bang! The beam of golden light slammed into Ye Futian's back, its power making him stumble forward. At the same time, the Renhuang's pressure that had been oppressing him finally disappeared, but he was startled when he saw the blood staining his back.

He moved forward, flying off into the distance with blood streaming from the corners of his mouth. But his eyes were still incredibly cold.

And Gai Shi Shi's attack was not finished yet. He continued to pursue. He could leap through space just like Ye Futian, and he was incredibly fast. He thrust out with the Golden Divine Spear again, and beams of golden light pierced through the air, turning into more golden spears. They sought to destroy the whole area, so there was nowhere to go to avoid them.

Boom! Ye Futian stepped through the air, making the sky tremble. He did not try to evade. The Ten Thousand Bones of the Divine Elephant Emperor let lose an intense radiance, and his World Tree wrapped around his bones, making it all the same kind of power. At that moment, all the will in his body transformed into divine elephant power.

It was not that divine elephant power was the strongest power that he possessed, but it was his strongest treasure. Therefore, he would use the divine elephant power so that he could use it to its fullest potential.

The Deed of Thought Comprehension glowed brilliantly as his body transformed into a divine furnace. His divine elephant life spirit burst forth as well, merging with his bones. In a flash, he seemed to transform into the inheritor of the Divine Elephant Emperor. He formed an elephant law body that could crush the very heavens.

His body became golden, and divine elephant light wrapped around him. Everyone felt their hearts tremble as they beheld this scene. The attack had not managed to seriously wound him?

How powerful were this guy's defenses?

He must have a law body; otherwise, an attack of that magnitude would have destroyed him. He would not have been able to recover in so short a time.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Golden light shining with divine radiance slammed into him, but could not break through his defenses. Gai Shi Shi's power descended upon him as he floated high up in the sky, looking down. He was like a celestial prince as he thrust out with his spear again and again.

His attacks still did not cease. The divine light shot forward wildly, making terrible booming sounds every time it hit Ye Futian. If he were just an ordinary Nirvana level cultivator, he would already have been destroyed by this attack.

But he was not. He stood rooted firmly in place like a divine elephant. He would stagger slightly every time the spear hit him and pierced through him, making it pierce through his afterimages as well.

The dazzling light arced in front of him. This level of power was enough to destroy a Nirvana level cultivator, but Ye Futian reached out with both hands and grabbed for the spear.

"Hm?" Gai Shi Shi frowned. Endless light shone from the Golden Divine Spear as it shot towards Ye Futian. Was he trying to grab his Renhuang implement?

A burst of incredible force hit Ye Futian. It was so strong because it had come from such a short distance. Ye Futian was only able to withstand it because he had formed a law body and activated the Ten Thousand Bones of the Divine Elephant Emperor.

Bang! There was a loud noise, and Ye Futian's hands shook as he was sent flying backward. He had not managed to grab the spear. The endless light shot towards, putting him under even greater pressure.

But this time, Ye Futian faced Gai Shi Shi directly. He stopped moving backward and gazed at his opponent. Gai Shi Shi was like a divine general, ready to conquer the world. The Golden Divine Spear shot out, endless light flowing out of it. But unfortunately, Gai Shi Shi was not strong enough to bring forth its ultimate power.

Ye Futian grabbed for it with both hands again, and the mighty figure of a deity appeared behind him like a lord of the Great Path, suppressing everything before it. He stared at Gai Shi Shi, then stepped forward. Countless divine elephants charged with him, colliding with the oncoming beams of light and destroying them all.

Boom! He stepped out through the air, and images of celestial worthies and elephants appeared as he walked towards Gai Shi Shi. Everyone felt their hearts trembled as they watched this. Did he want to get into close combat with him?

Gai Shi Shi gripped his spear. His attack power was so strong, and yet Ye Futian still wanted to fight him at close range?

Perhaps it was because he knew that he had no way to destroy his opponent from a distance due to his Renhuang implement, so his only choice was to get in close.

Brilliant divine light shot out of Gai Shi Shi's eyes. As the light fell towards the ground, he raised the Golden Divine Spear and thrust it out once again, right towards where Ye Futian had appeared.

Countless divine elephant images were charging towards him, and they collided with the spear. Ye Futian threw a punch, and the divine elephants cracked the very air. It seemed like they could destroy anything.


In the instant that their attacks collided, space itself was distorted. The people below them could no longer see the two combatants as the light of the Great Path pierced their eyes.

As Ye Futian lashed out with his fist, the divine spear shook, and he moved in quickly from the side, striking at Gai Shi Shi's body directly.

Before the fist reached him, Gai Shi Shi felt that his life spirit was under fierce attack. The fist will was not just attacking his flesh.

His face grew dark, and golden light shot out from his eyes. He swept out with his spear as he flew through the air, trying to evade Ye Futian's attack.

But Ye Futian's thoughts had locked onto him, and he moved through the air with him. Gai Shi Shi could not escape.


Ye Futian's fist split the air as it crashed into Gai Shi Shi while his Golden Divine Spear slammed into Ye Futian at the same time.

Ye Futian seemed to have done this on purpose. He had allowed his opponent to strike him so that he could get his attack in.

Gai Shi Shi was sent flying backward, his life spirit shaking. His golden body had been badly damaged, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. The body was breaking apart, and golden blood flowed from it.

Ye Futian groaned as well, but his aura was still solid. In a flash, he was moving forward again, crossing a great distance through the air.

"This..." Most of the people watching down below were shocked by this.

Gai Shi Shi was in trouble.

His attacks with his Renhuang implement were incredibly strong, but his defensive power was nowhere near as strong as Ye Futian's. He could not withstand Ye Futian's powerful attack.

Ye Futian continued forward. In a flash, he had launched yet another attack. This time, as the Air-splitting Divine Elephant Fist lashed out, countless elephant images charged along with it towards Gai Shi Shi, who had already been wounded. He raised his spear to block them, but Ye Futian continued to lash his fists out, and more elephants charged, making Gai Shi Shi's life spirit shake uncontrollably. He groaned many times in succession as golden blood flowed out of him.


Finally, there was a loud noise as a fist landed directly on Gai Shi Shi's body. The spear was knocked out of his hands, and he was sent flying downwards. His face had gone pale.

"He still lost?" Everyone trembled at this. Even with a surprise attack, he had still lost to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian reached out and grabbed the Golden Divine Spear, gripping it in his hand. He stepped forward, looking down coldly at Gai Shi Shi, who had fallen to a lower part of the sky. There was murderous intent in his eyes.

Boom! He stepped downwards, holding the spear. Everyone trembled as they beheld this scene. Was Ye Futian going to kill Gai Shi Shi?

Ye Futian transformed into a beam of light, but at that moment, another burst of the power of the Great Path descended. Endless Golden Divine Spears fell from the sky.

Ye Futian looked up and saw golden stone pillars descending from above, giving off a fierce roar.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The golden stone pillars fell, forming a golden cage around him that locked him in place.

Everyone looked up into the sky and saw a group of gold armored Renhuangs descending from the sky.

It seemed that Gai Shi Shi had some Renhuangs protecting him!

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    《The Legend of Futian》