The Legend of Futian
1565 Using the Great Path as Strings
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1565 Using the Great Path as Strings

Ye Futian frowned as he watched the scene unfolding in the air, and a doubtful expression came over his face. Why had so many Renhuang level cultivators come?

Moreover, while more Renhuangs from the Golden Divine Nation had appeared, the House Master of Taixuan was still all alone. Would she run into difficulty?

However, her expression was still calm, and she did not seem surprised by this. She had come from the Divine Palace, so she knew that there were many Renhuangs there. Moreover, he did not have any fear of what was happening back home. Her master was there, and everything that was happening was taking place within his field of view.

"It's still the same. You can't beat me, so you send more people after me. The Divine Golden Nation gets weaker generation after generation." The House Master of Taixuan stared at the Prince of the Divine Golden Nation as he came towards her. His name was Gai Jiutian. The names of the Princes of the Divine Golden Nation were each more arrogant than the last. Gai Jiutian's name meant "Cover Nine Heavens," and Gai Shi Shi's name meant "Cover Ten Worlds." How overbearing!

Perhaps they meant to inspire the younger members of the Divine Golden Nation to cultivate harder with these names so that they could live up to them.

Gai Jiutian stood in the air, his golden eyes staring at the House Master of Taixuan and Ye Futian. He naturally saw Gai Shi Shi as well. His little brother, a Prince of the Divine Golden Nation, had been beaten so miserably.

Was Taixuan Mountain really going to be so arrogant just because Lord Taixuan had broken through to the next level?

"Whether or not the Divine Golden Nation is weakening is not for you to judge," said Gai Jiutian icily. A burst of monstrous Great Path power burst from him. His Wheel of the Great Path appeared indistinctly, making his body tall and powerful as he transformed into a golden god of war.

The Wheel of the Great Path that he had forged took the form of a statue of a golden ancient god. It seemed to have been cast from pure gold, and endless will had been carved into it. Once it was activated, the figures of countless golden gods appeared in the air and descended, filling the sky. Everyone could feel a burst of tremendous power coming from them, which made it difficult to breathe.

It was said that the Princes of the Divine Golden Nation were descended from ancient gods. In this generation, they were all extremely talented and widely famed. Gai Shi Shi was said to be the best of his generation, and word of his talent had spread throughout the world. But his brother was extremely powerful as well, and the blood of ancient golden gods flowed through his veins too.

When these incomparably brilliant golden gods flashed into being, a divine melody seemed to fill the air. It was as if they were singing. Their song contained incredible power. Endless golden light shone from them as they descended from the sky, making it so that people could not help but kneel on the ground in reverence.

"They're so strong!" The cultivators in Linxiao City trembled slightly as they looked up. The figures in the sky seemed like actual gods. The man who had just arrived was far stronger than the previous Renhuang. After all, the previous Renhuang had not truly been an heir of the Golden Divine Nation, and the blood of gods had not flowed through his veins.

And now, Gai Jiutian was here. He, on the other hand, truly was an heir of the divine blood of the Golden Divine Nation. As the gods descended, everyone felt the urge to lay prostrate. Their power and their brilliant radiance made it seem like gods were truly coming down to earth to purify it of all sins.

This time, the House Master of Taixuan could feel the pressure too. The opponent before her was much more powerful than the previous Renhuang. And it was not just that he was stronger. He would probably not be easy to deal with.

Her divine wings covered the sky, casting endless light. A storm of the Great Path whipped up. The extreme majesty of the Empress standing there in the air made people want to bow down as well.

Gai Jiutian formed a seal with both hands, and the sound of heavenly singing filled the air. Many divine figures materialized, and endless golden light covered the area. There was nowhere to go to avoid it; it covered everything.

Boom! A low sound rang out as Gai Jiutian thrust out his golden hand. And it was not just him, the descending gods thrust out their golden hands all well, filling the sky with fists that shot towards Empress Yan.


Ye Futian could feel an extremely heavy pressure, making him put his feet back on solid ground, leaving a footprint. It was not just him; all the other cultivators found it hard to stand under such pressure. Their legs bent, and they squatted down on the ground. Many people in Linxiao City were knocked over.

Empress Yan flapped her wings, and the images of many more brilliant divine wings appeared in the air. They cut through the sky, colliding with the oncoming fists. This created a terrifying storm of the Great Path.

Gai Jiutian took a step down. He had not thought that a single blow would be enough to defeat Empress Yan. Lord Taixuan only had four great disciples, and all of them were famous. Although Empress Yan was the youngest and the weakest, her talent and combat prowess were undeniable.

The power of the Great Path surged through the sky, and even more images of golden gods appeared, then shot towards Empress Yan in a flash, trying to engage in close-combat with her. When her wings lashed out, the golden gods stretched out their hands to block them or exploded as they slammed into them.

Gai Jiutian transformed into a beam of golden light and descended in front of Empress Yan. Calling upon the Sigh of the Divine God, he reached out with both hands. A golden light shot through the sky and sought to pierce through Empress Yan.

However, everyone saw Empress Yan rush towards he opponent, not trying to evade at all. She was bathed in the light of the Great Path as she lashed out with her fist. Incomparable power burst forth from her beautiful and delicate body, enough power to break the air itself.

The Renhuangs who were standing around them were not surprised when they saw her lash out. She had cultivated the Ways of Space, Storms, and Swordsmanship. She had been very violent in her youth, and thus her attack power was incredible. Before she had reached the Renhuang plane, she was already very famous. Although she was a woman, she fought viciously. Even when facing Gai Jiutian, she did not have any desire to evade, and instead, she met him head-on.

When the two of them collided, brilliant light dazzled everyone as it filled the air. People who were only at the Saint plane could not see what was going on inside. They could only hear dull thuds. It seemed like they struck each other many times quickly. Each blow made the people watching from below feel the blood surge in their veins as the will within them screamed.

Many buildings swayed and shook, then collapsed. More and more cracks appeared on the earth. It was as if an earthquake had started. But these were just the tremors caused by the battle up in the air.

The other Renhuangs from the Golden Divine Nation stepped forward as well, shining with brilliant light. It seemed like they might intervene at any point. And the other Renhuang, who had been wounded by Empress Yan previously, stepped forward as well, looking at Ye Futian down below him.

He still had Gai Shi Shi in his clutches and had wounded him badly.

In addition, Ye Futian had forced Gai Shi Shi to teach him the ultimate technique, known as the Breathe of the Divine God. This man could not be allowed to live.

Ye Futian frowned as he felt a terrible pressure on him. He glanced at Gai Shi Shi and put the Golden Divine Spear to his throat. If the Renhuang did anything, he would stop being so polite.

"You already have what you want. Why have you not let him go yet?" said the Renhuang. Ye Futian's expression remained cold. This matter was not over yet. If he let this man go now, it would surely lead to his doom.

The Renhuang continued forward, and terrible killing light flashed out of his eyes. Ye Futian could feel it infecting his thoughts, and his divine spirit trembled. He put a little bit of pressure on the spear, piercing into Gai Shi Shi's throat. A drop of blood appeared on the spear's tip.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Golden pillars fell from the sky once again, sealing off the area and trying to imprison Ye Futian within them. The Renhuang continued forward, his golden light still terrible. He knew that Ye Futian would not dare kill Gai Shi Shi, lest he was killed himself.

Once he had killed Gai Shi Shi, he would have nothing to protect himself with and would be killed for sure.

At that moment, they heard a phoenix's call from off in the distance. The heavens and the earth shook. A look of surprise came over Little Phoenix's face as she watched from below. She looked in the direction that the phoenix cry had come from and whispered, "Mother and Father."

And indeed, once she said this, brilliant divine light bloomed in the sky. Two divine phoenixes appeared, rushing towards the battlefield. They circled Gai Jiutian and Empress Yan, guarding against the Renhuangs approaching from the side.

A heroic-looking middle-aged man appeared in the air above Ye Futian and floated there. As he stood there, he swept his gaze over the Renhuang, who was approaching Ye Futian. He had a cold expression on his face.

"String Emperor!" The Renhuang's expression changed. A brilliant light shone from String Emperor, and a brilliant divine guqin appeared. An invisible force swept out, and in an instant, countless guqin strings appeared all around them.

String Emperor stretched out his pale-fingered hand. He plucked the strings in the air, and at that moment, the strings of the Worldly Great Path trembled. Endless beams of light shot out, striking everything.

The Renhuang groaned. It was as if he had been pierced by one of the beams of light. His divine spirit trembled fiercely, and his face grew dark.

String Emperor continued plucking strings. Endless notes of the Great Path flowed through the air, and many beams of light flashed, shooting towards the Renhuang and ignoring his defenses.

The Renhuang tried to retreat, his face growing pale. His divine power seemed useless at that moment, as the notes' attack power continuously infected his divine spirit. He groaned again and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Everyone felt their hearts tremble as they beheld this scene. This was String Emperor—the third disciple of Lord Taixuan. He was at a higher level than Empress Yan, and so it was only natural that his opponent could not withstand him.

"He is using the Great Path as strings!" Everyone trembled. This was the power of a Renhuang-level musician. The Wheel of the Great Path that he had created was a string wheel, and he could use the Worldly Great Path as his guqin strings!

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    《The Legend of Futian》