The Legend of Futian
1574 The Inheritor of the Mantle
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1574 The Inheritor of the Mantle

Ye Futian had been cultivating in the cave since he came to the Tianhe Realm. The scope of knowledge of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension was great. With it, Ye Futian could refine the power of Sky and Earth for his own use, let his own body serve as the furnace of the Great Law and melt all beings of the world, making his own life force extremely powerful.

At this time, in the cave house, Ye Futian was sitting on the illusory figure. He and the phantom became one, and he could clearly feel the glory of the ancient characters descend on his body, Ye Futian felt that he was not sitting in a cave house but wandering in a secret world.

Qian, Kun, Li, Kan... Each of these ancient characters seemed to have some kind of mysterious power. He sat there, perceiving the sky and the earth. He could feel the boundless space and could even see his true self.

Time flew fast. Ye Futian sat quietly in the cave house to meditate and cultivate. Sometimes he went out to take a breath and perceive the spirit of sky and earth. After each cultivation, he would grow a feeling and felt that his perception of sky and earth became clearer.

Above the lone mountain, everything seemed exceptionally quiet all the time. One day, Ye Futian walked to the edge of the mountain, and there was a voice coming from the bottom of the mountain.

His eyes beamed, and the light directly pierced through the void sky. He looked in the distance and saw several figures standing there at the foot of the mountain. These people all looked quite young with extraordinary temperament. They seemed to be aware and also looked toward the mountain. Dazzling light flashed in their pupils.

From a distance, Ye Futian's eyes and their eyes met in the air, and they both saw each other.

They showed surprise and exchanged looks with each other. One of them bowed slightly toward the ancient mountain and said, "We sincerely request to see Great Elder and are willing to cultivate under the Great Elder's guidance. Since Great Elder has made an exception to take in disciples, could you please also give me an opportunity?"

"Great Elder is where the belief of the Tianhe Realm lies. Since you have made an exception, please also kindly give us an opportunity," the people nearby also bowed and requested. All of them came to request following the Great Elder. The Sky River Great Elder was famed in the Tianhe Realm many years ago. At that time, this place used to be extremely prosperous, and he had countless disciples.

Moreover, the cultivation method used by the Sky River Great Elder could help cultivators perceive the Path of sky and earth and were of great use in casting the soul of the Way and challenging the Renhuang Plane. Therefore, there had been people coming to request guidance during these years, especially those who cultivated in the late stage of the Saint Plane and prepared to challenge the Renhuang Plane.

For many years, the Sky River Great Elder had never accepted any disciples. However, today, there was someone on the mountain, and he was very young, so they naturally thought that the Sky River Great Elder had made an exception and taken a new disciple.

No one responded. Top figures are so charming, Ye Futian thought to himself. Even after so many years, there were still people who came to seek knowledge from him.

"I said, I won't accept you as disciples, don't come again," at this moment, a voice said from behind Ye Futian. Ye Futian turned around and saw Sky River Great Elder there.

"Sir, you have already made an exception. Why don't you preach to the world as you did in the past?" asked someone.

"It's impossible," the Sky River Great Elder responded carelessly.

"Since you have accepted a disciple, you are willing to give young people a chance. Tomorrow, we will also come here to plead for you to change your mind," someone said, unwilling to give up.

"I say it again: don't come." The Sky River Great Elder's voice was cold, and it seemed a bit impersonal.

"Why?" someone asked.

"I have found someone who will inherit my mantle. One person is enough. I will teach him all the knowledge I've obtained in my lifetime and will no longer be involved in worldly affairs from now on," the Sky River Great Elder said slowly. It was as if he had seen through the vicissitudes of the world. It seems that he had taken the young man on the mountain as a disciple, in order to find a successor and inherit everything he had.

Obviously, they were not selected, and the young man on the mountain was selected by the Sky River Great Elder.

Ye Futian stood there quietly. The Sky River Great Elder must say like this in order to protect him. In this way, no one would have any doubts. He was peerless, but of course, the Sky River Great Elder's inheritor had to be peerless.

The cultivators wanted to say something, but the Sky River Great Elder spoke up, "I have decided, this is the last time to remind you: feel free to come if you want, but it is just a waste of time."

The people at the foot of the mountain were speechless. They were silent for a moment and bowed, saying, "it's time to say goodbye to you, Sir."

Having said that, they all left.

Ye Futian sighed in his heart. Seeing the bleak scene here, he could not imagine how grand it was in the past.

He looked toward the Sky River Great Elder. The Great Elder said, "You have heard it, if you have the opportunity, go to Tianhe City for a walk. When you are outside, you will be my only successor. I have taught the Deed of Thorough Comprehension to you.

"Understood," Ye Futian replied. He understood the Sky River Great Elder's intention. On the one hand, the Great Elder wanted to clarify Ye Futian's position. On the other hand, he did not want to be disturbed by others anymore and wanted to focus on cultivation.

It's just, with the status of his heart being of such a high level, would the Great Elder forever be so despondent?

After entering the Renhuang Plane, shouldn't his state of heart be the strongest?

The Sky River Great Elder stepped away from here, like an ordinary old man. He had seen through the world, and it seemed that he only wanted to find someone to inherit his mantle so that he could completely hide in the mountain.

Tianhe City was a megalopolis. In the past, there were countless gallant figures in Tianhe City, and all of them were proud of studying under the Sky River Great Elder's guidance. However, the catastrophic war turned Tianhe City into ruins, and it was only after so many years that it had recovered some vitality.

Recently, shocking news came from Tianhe City. After so many years, the Sky River Great Elder finally accepted another disciple who was also his last disciple. The Sky River Great Elder personally announced that this disciple would inherit his mantle.

The Tianhe Realm was not a Supreme Realm, and the title of Sky River Great Elder was conferred by people of the realm. The Sky River Great Elder was absolutely the strongest person beyond compare. For many years, countless people had entered his door to seek the Path, but no one succeeded, until now, the Sky River Great Elder found an inheritor of his mantle. One could imagine how shocking this news was in Tianhe City.

Almost everyone was talking about this matter, and at the same time, they were also talking about the inheritors of the Sky River Great Elder. Who was he? How could the Sky River Great Elder allow him to inherit his mantle?

When countless people talked about it, in Tianhe City, a white-haired young man traveled in Tianhe City. This handsome white-haired young man, of course, was Ye Futian, who had left the mountain.

The Great Elder asked him to go down the mountain, and he understood what he meant, so after a period of cultivation, he came to this giant city.

On his way, many people noticed Ye Futian. His handsome face, white clothes, and white hair, plus his temperament, were quite noticeable in Tianhe City. Many people wondered if this person belonged to an important force.

Ye Futian came in front of a restaurant. He looked up and stepped into the restaurant. He came to the top of the open-air building, asked for a pot of alcohol, several plates of appetizers, and sat quietly in a corner drinking by himself.

Although he didn't speak, many people still noticed him. Ye Futian not only had an outstanding temperament, but he also gave people a mysterious feeling.

"Are you alone, Sir?" At this time, not far from Ye Futian's side, a girl in a long green dress sitting in front of a wine table looked at Ye Futian. Her smile was gentle and charming. Although her face was not stunning, she was definitely a beauty, and her charisma could endear her to many people.

Ye Futian glanced at her, nodded gently, and didn't say anything.

"I am Mu Qingyu of the Mu Residence. May I ask you to have a drink?" the girl said with a smile. Many people in the restaurant were a little surprised. She was Qingyu of the Mu Residence, The Mu Residence was a family of Renhuang level, and Mu Qingyu was the lady of the Mu Residence with excellent talent. Now, she had entered the Saint Plane and had a lot of courters.

Mu Qingyu noticed Ye Futian when he was outside the restaurant. She could tell this person's cultivation must be very high, and his temperament seemed to be in harmony with the world. He was so young and with an outstanding disposition. However, she did not know his name.

"Thank you, but there is no need," Ye Futian said softly and looked out of the window. It seemed that he had no interest in this lady of Mu Residence at all.

This made many people in the restaurant show surprise, and they were even more curious about Ye Futian.

Mu Qingyu was a bit shocked, and then she smiled again. "It's my fault to disturb you, sorry, Sir."

She didn't have much to say, and she didn't feel uncomfortable because of this. Since the man had no intention of knowing her, she would not make herself unwelcome in front of him, but she still had curiosity.

Ye Futian was still drinking quietly. He was alone and seemed a bit lonely. Mu Qingyu glanced at him from time to time. Many people in the restaurant were talking about the news that the Sky River Great Elder had accepted a new disciple.

"The Sky River Great Elder once had 3,000 disciples, and among them, there were so many talents. Now that he had found the inheritor of his mantle. How strong is he? I really want to see how he fights."

"He doesn't have to be strong. Things are different from the past. At that time, even the Supreme Realm sent people to study under his guidance. Although he belonged to Tianhe Realm, how prestigious was the Sky River Great Elder's identity? He even married the lady of the Divine Clan. But now, the peerless young cultivators will not choose to be his disciples, and only people in Tianhe Realm..." someone whispered but didn't continue.

Many people nodded secretly. They all knew the reason. Although the strength of the Sky River Great Elder was still there, after all, it was not the same as before. He had grudges with the Divine Clan, and some top characters were afraid to offend the Divine Clan of the Upper Realms.

People chatted casually, and Ye Futian didn't cut in. It was as if it had nothing to do with him.

After a long while, a group of people flashed in the distance, and their life forces were very unusual. Many people in the restaurant looked at that side, and not long after, outside the restaurant, a young man stood in the void sky and looked in the direction of the restaurant. His eyes were sharp.

"It's him," Mu Qingyu looked at this person and murmured, apparently able to recognize this most prestigious figure in the young generation of the Tianhe Realm who had always wanted to become the Sky River Great Elder's disciple.

Soon, more figures flickered over and came to the restaurant. Some of them stood on the top of other buildings, and some stood in the void sky; some people walked directly into the restaurant and sat down. The atmosphere instantly changed.

Ye Futian naturally knew that they came for him. When he went down the mountain, he knew that some people were staring at him, presumably those who wanted to find out his identity.

At this moment, people's gazes fell on him, but he did not take it seriously and kept drinking.

Did they come for him? Mu Qingyu looked at Ye Futian and thought to herself. There was a slight wave in her heart. More and more people were approaching, and many were extraordinary cultivators!

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    《The Legend of Futian》