The Legend of Futian
1575 The Sweep
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1575 The Sweep

Ye Futian lowered his head as he drank. It was as if everything happening around him had nothing to do with him.

Next to the tavern, a man walked in the void and came to him, and it was the one who sought apprenticeship under the mountain that day. The man's name was Ren Kuangsheng. He was a descendent of the Noble Family of Ren from Tianhe City. Besides his famous name, he was extremely talented, and he was now at the top of the Nirvana Plane, wanting to obtain the realm of Renhuang.

Ren Kuangsheng, as his name suggested, was proud and impertinent. Still, he could afford to be flippant. The only thing he was never flippant about was that, for several years, he had often traveled to the cultivating place of the Sky River Great Elder and asked to be seen beneath the mountain, hoping to be accepted by the Elder as a disciple. He was always sincere, and he never showed any disrespect.

Many people thought that Sky River Great Elder would be moved by Ren Kuangsheng's sincerity and accept him as a disciple.

But before that day had come, they heard that Sky River Great Elder had found an heir to pass on all his crafts to and that he was no longer looking for any disciples.

Then, what was Ren Kuangsheng doing here now?

Looking at the others, they were genius talents of the younger generation in Tianhe City. Many were from well-known families without exception. No one from the older generations was there. The reason for their attraction was very obvious.

The heir of the Great Elder, many thought instinctively. After all, the entire Tianhe City had been discussing this matter recently.

Many descendants of the famous families have appeared, and it seems that many of them want to be disciples under the Sky River Great Elder. Who did they come for? many wondered. They turned their eyes slowly turned and finally landed on a place where all the gazes converged.

Over yonder, the man with white hair sat there, drinking quietly. It was as if he was outside of this world.

This man is the heir to the Great Elder? many people secretly exclaimed. The man's temperament was indeed extraordinary. With his white clothes and white hair, he seemed to be one with the heavens and the earth. However, no one had ever seen him before. In Tianhe City, there had never been such an outstanding figure of the Saint Plane.

Where did the Great Elder find his successor?

"Ren Kuangsheng of the Noble Family of Ren." Ren Kuangsheng stood in the void. His eyes landed on Ye Futian. He continued, "I saw you that day under the mountain. I take it that you must be the successor of the Great Elder."


Everyone's hearts trembled slightly. Some in the tavern were just talking about him not so long ago. They didn't expect that person to be sitting right there.

Ye Futian put down the wine cup. He slowly raised his head to look at Ren Kuangsheng, saying, "Is there something I can help you with?"

"It's nothing really. It was just that I have wanted to cultivate under the Great Elder for a long time. After I saw you that day, and when I heard that the Great Elder had already found his successor, I wanted to meet you. Now that you are here, I've come to take a look," Ren Kuangsheng said.

"There is no difference except that my physique is better," Ye Futian whispered. He continued to drink by himself.

Many people expressed a look of surprise. This guy was not the least bit humble.

Next to him, Mu Qingyu smiled a little. She didn't expect that the disciple of the Great Elder would have a sense of humor, or that his physique was indeed very appealing.

"No, your temperament is also extraordinary. For many years, the Great Elder has not accepted any disciples. Since he chose you as his successor, we, naturally, would never doubt the decision of the Great Elder."

Not because of Ye Futian, but because of Sky River Great Elder.

Would the first person in Tianhe Realm choose someone mediocre to inherit his crafts?

No matter what other people had thought, at least he would not believe them. He had gone to visit many times before, but he was refused by the Great Elder. Didn't the Great Elder know his talent?

Many people used to think that the Great Elder was not as picky about the disciples as before and that he may not be able to select the ones that were too outstanding. However, upon hearing the words of Ren Kuangsheng, they were a little skeptical. After so many years, the decision to accept a disciple as a successor perhaps was not made lightly.

This white-haired young man may be more than what meets the eye.

"It's just that..." At this time, Ren Kuangsheng continued, "The Great Elder is the first person of cultivation in Tianhe Realm. Even though his decision is not to be questioned, I still want to see the heir he picked. I want to know, after so for many years of not accepting any disciple, who is worthy of the Great Elder."

Many people nodded when they heard this. Ren Kuangsheng was still Ren Kuangsheng, after all.

"So?" Ye Futian asked.

"So, a lot of people came," Ren Kuangsheng said. Indeed, many had come. There were cultivators all around the tavern. They were here for Ye Futian, whose name had spread throughout Tianhe City as the heir of the Great Elder.

Ye Futian's right hand rested on the table, still holding the wine cup. He looked up at everyone and said, "So, are you going to come up one by one, or all together?"

"Li Ku, ask the successor of the Great Elder for advice." At this time, in another direction, a young man with a thin build spoke, and an extremely dangerous will of the Way flowed from him.

"As do I." In another direction, someone also stepped forward. Suddenly, the vast world was shrouded in sword will, and the chiming sound of sword whistled between heaven and earth. In that direction, a young man, who carried two swords on his back, moved forward. There were a few strands of white hair at his temples, making him appear extremely captivating. The sword will increased a few degrees with every step he took.

Many people in the tavern started to get up and move away from this place of strife. The entire tavern was shrouded by the will of the Way, and this small tavern couldn't afford to get in the middle of those who had come here. Every one of them was an extraordinary figure in Tianhe Realm, so if they got involved somehow, no one would care about their welfare.

Above the sky, some people of the Saint Plane stepped down. Many looked up, and some recognized the person and let out a surprised shout. It was the madman of the Wild Clan. Normally, it was unusual to see all these extraordinary people gathered in one place, and today, they came for just one man.

"I also want to experience the strength of the successor of the Great Elder," said a rough voice from the void. The world was rocked by it. The tavern made a rumbling sound as if experiencing an earthquake. It seemed that it might collapse at any moment.

"Miss." Several people around Mu Qingyu released the might of Saint Plane to protect her, cautioning her.

Mu Qingyu nodded, then got up and backed away. Her beautiful eyes glanced at Ye Futian, who was in the center of the storm. The wine table in front of him was trembling, but the hand that was holding the wine cup was as steady as ever. He sat there quietly as if nothing had happened. His calmness surprised many onlookers.

Although he was the successor chosen by the Great Elder, everyone who had arrived was an extraordinary character. Each one of them was a genius character who could be ranked in Tianhe City, as they all had a great chance to enter Renhuang Plane. Under such circumstances, Ye Futian's face-off with all of them would not be an easy task.

Clink! A clear sound came out, and the wine glass in Ye Futian's hand shattered under an invisible sword will, directly turning into dust.

Ye Futian's hand was suspended there, and then he slowly lowered it. Another sound came out. This time, the table in front of him was shattered and collapsed at his feet.


Finally, the chair that Ye Futian sat on was also shattered into nothingness, unable to withstand the pressure. Ye Futian stood up, in the center of the storm. His white robe fluttered as all the will of the Way fell down, covering his body.

Looking at people in all directions, countless more in the distance stared at the lone figure on top of the tavern, where only Ye Futian was.

At this time, the ancient characters around Ye Futian shone brilliantly, and different characters surrounded the sky. Suddenly, the power of the Great Path between heaven and earth rushed madly into his body. His body turned into the divine furnace of the Great Path, refining the Way of heaven and earth.

"What a powerful breath." All felt the breath of the Great Path within Ye Futian's body. Everyone around him wore a grave countenance; they dared not to be careless.

"If you don't make a move again, you will not have a second chance," said a voice from the tavern, which surprised everyone. Even when facing such powerful cultivators, Ye Futian still had such arrogant words for them.


Diagonally, in the sky above, a figure stepped forward and rocked the void. A vast pressure of might pressed against Ye Futian's body as a giant vortex storm appeared above. There were mountain peaks within the storm, and in an instant, this extremely violent might of the Way frightened those who were in the distance. Rumbling sounds came out as the tavern began to collapse, and the ground was shaking.


The characters around Ye Futian's body were getting brighter and brighter, and they resonated with the Great Path. The character that signified Heaven was now illuminated with radiant divine light.


A dull sound was heard as the mountains of storm attacked downward, crushing a corner of the sky. Ye Futian raised his hand and pointed ahead, and the character of Heaven flew out instantly, emitting a radiant divine light. It directly collided with that storm.

Bang, bang, bang... The crowd saw that storm, and the mountains continuously exploded and were pulverized. The character that signified Heaven directly penetrated both while continuing its way forward, attacking the man in the void who had made a move.


Boundless great force blasted in front of the other, causing that cultivator to fly out. The character of Heaven bloomed in gloriously divine light as other characters also flew high above the sky, revolving around the world, expanding their circumference with each rotation. The sky filled with a frightening storm of the Great Path, and Ye Futian was at its center.

A holy illusion appeared upon Ye Futian's body, just like the divine body of the Great Path, gathering from the world.

When the nearby cultivators saw this, they finally made their move. There was swordsmanship that cleaved through the sky, endless palm strikes, and also a great urn that slammed down from the sky.

However, endless characters suddenly appeared around Ye Futian.

This endless character transformed into a light screen. When all attacks descended, they were all being blocked outside.

"Deed of Thorough Comprehension."

Those who were watching the battle from afar trembled in their hearts. On the successor of the Great Elder, the methods cultivated by the Great Elder and the Deed of Thorough Comprehension burst forth in radiant glory.

Ye Futian's body slowly levitated from above the tavern. With his body moving upward, the storm of the Great Path would cover an even stronger area until the glory of the characters was even more radiant.

At this time, Ye Futian raised his arm, and when he had gathered the power of the infinite Great Path, he threw a punch directly in front of him.

When this punch blasted out, those characters seemed to be transformed into the will of the fists, sweeping in all directions.

In a short while, on the other side of the tavern, above the void, and on the streets in the distance, loud booming noises were heard. Those who had come to slaughter him seemed to have been penetrated by something, and their bodies were knocked away as they spat out blood!

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    《The Legend of Futian》