The Legend of Futian
1582 The Demand
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1582 The Demand

The Sky River Great Elder also looked at those who came from the God Clan. His expression was indifferent, and he did not appear to be disturbed.

He knew very well that even if the God Clan did not arrive here today, they had never stopped monitoring him. Once he walked out of Tianhe City, the God Clan would know immediately.

At this time, the middle-aged Renhuang, who was the head of the God Clan. stepped forward and bowed in the direction of the Sky River Great Elder on the mountain, saying, "Shen Yao greets uncle."

This powerful clan that once almost destroyed Tianhe Realm had an extremely rare surname. With the surname "Shen," otherwise known as "God," they were therefore referred to as the God Clan. It stood above the Nine Heavens, and even in the Supreme Realm, it was a clan that stood above the clouds.

"Using 'god' as a surname." Ye Futian expressed a look of disbelief. Was this the true meaning of the God Clan?

Unless a clan was incredibly confident in their own prowess, they would not use such a surname. All the other surnames, no matter how domineering, would be inconsequential in comparison.

However, if a small clan used "god" as their surname, they would probably soon change it because such a name would bring disaster upon the clan.

Sky River Great Elder glanced at him and said, "Time passed so fast that you are already Renhuang."

"It's indeed gone by very quickly. At that time, I often followed Uncle and asked you to teach me about cultivation. In a blink of the eye, all that was before is gone." Shen Yao looked up at Sky River Great Elder. There were indeed many emotions in his heart.

The Sky River Great Elder was indeed a peerless figure, even among the God Clan, there were few who were stronger than him. This uncle of his was also powerful in his teaching method and was well known because of it. He still remembered how he followed behind Sky River Great Elder and his aunt in seeking the art.

But the past belonged to the past, and everything no longer existed and would never be again.

Back then, that most treasured daughter, who was the light that was looked upon by countless people—his aunt—would never be the same either.

"I don't suppose you are here to reminisce about the good old days," Sky River Great Elder said, looking at Shen Yao.

"I came to see how my uncle is doing, but also to let you know my father send you his regards," Shen Yao replied.

"How is she now?" Sky River Great Elder asked. Shen Yao naturally knew of whom he spoke.

"Please understand that the God Clan specifically ordered that my aunt's condition is not to be divulged to Uncle. Please don't take it personally," Shen Yao said.

Sky River Great Elder didn't say much. He had no way of knowing any news from the God Clan, but, presumably, the God Clan would not be willing to kill her.

It's just that it had been so many years, and how was she today? They had betrayed the God Clan and warred against them, so she was regarded as a traitor. She had been taken away heavily injured and then imprisoned. The fate of his beloved wife was unknown.

Perhaps, as it had been for him, it had been very painful.

"Please tell her that she doesn't need to think about anything else. As long as she is well, it is enough for me." Sky River Great Elder looked at Shen Yao and continued to ask, "Is there anything else besides seeing me?"

"I heard that Uncle has accepted another disciple to inherit your crafts, so I have come to take a look." Only now did Shen Yao's attention turn to Ye Futian, who was next to Sky River Great Elder. There were only three people on the mountain. Besides Ye Futian, there was only Xu Ping'an. It was very clear who the successor appointed by Sky River Great Elder was; it was naturally the young man with the white hair.

Judging from his temperament, he was indeed extraordinary. It was said that that his strength was also incredibly powerful. He was at the peak of Saint Plane and already obtained the body of the Great Path. Many genius talents of Tianhe Realm were not his equal; they were not even at the same level.

"Now, you have seen him," Sky River Great Elder said.

"I saw." Shen Yao nodded slightly. "Why did Uncle decide to accept a successor after so many years of cultivating in retreat?"

"Can't I pass on my whole life's worth of cultivation?" Sky River Great Elder looked at Shen Yao and asked. "He is only of Saint Plane. Even if the God Clan is worried about it, they wouldn't be acting up right now?"

Shen Yao smiled and shook his head, saying, "Uncle thinks too much. The God Clan won't worry about uncle taking on a successor. Even if Uncle had accepted disciples all these years, the God Clan would not have intervened. These things are not something worthy of God Clan to worry about. Even if your successor wanted to get revenge on uncle's behalf, they would not care."

He wasn't lying. This was the pride of the God Clan. The mighty God Clan that had stood at the top of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path had no need to fear the successor of the Sky River Great Elder.

"If so, now that you have seen him, you can go back now."

Sky River Great Elder spoke nonchalantly.

Shen Yao shook his head and continued, "After all these years, don't you understand the thoughts of ​​the God Clan? Everything the descendants of the God Clan ever did was to enable the God Clan to stand at the peak for all generations and pass from one to another for all eternity. There was a time when the God Clan was willing to trust you and my aunt, as well as my younger sister. However, you have all failed that trust."

Sky River Great Elder knew what the other was referring to, and that divine item was passed down from their branch.

"The so-called trust is based on absolute control and absolute obedience to the will of the God Clan; such trust is not worth having," Sky River Great Elder said sarcastically. The God Clan was strong enough to believe that it could control everything. Therefore, they trusted them, and everything needed to follow the will of the God Clan.

Until one day, they did not choose to do the will of the God Clan; hence the storm of that year erupted.

"The will of the God Clan is above everything," Shen Yao said.

"So, your coming here today is also because of the will of the God Clan?" Sky River Great Elder looked sharply at the other.

"Naturally, we came by the will of the God Clan," Shen Yao said. His attention then turned to Ye Futian. "We need to bring him back to the God Clan. If there is no problem, we will send him back without any issue."

When Ye Futian heard this, he felt a chill run down his spine.

This was the God Clan from the Upper Worlds. How arrogant were they to demand to take him to the God Clan?

Just because the Sky River Great Elder wanted to pass on his craft to him as his successor, they wanted to take him. Was this a move to unveil all the secrets that he had?

The God Clan wanted to know if he had anything to do with what happened in the past, and if it had anything to do with the disappearance of Qi Xuangang.

Ye Futian knew very well that this was not because the God Clan had guessed anything but that they wanted to find what was inside Feixue's body. They would not overlook any possibilities. His appearance was obviously suspicious to the God Clan. Therefore, they wanted to take him directly to the God Clan to verify things.

There was no evidence; there wasn't even a need to guess, just the need to execute their will.

That was all—clear and simple. But from this, one could detect just how overbearing and powerful the God Clan was.

The God Clan would not take Xu Ping'an away because they knew everything about Xu Ping. Even though the Sky River Great Elder also instructed her in cultivation, the God Clan didn't really care.

Shen Yao's voice caused the space to fall into a short silence. No one spoke. All the cultivators of the God Clan also looked at Sky River Great Elder, as well as Duan Qing and others behind them, who also stared at the Great Elder and Ye Futian.

Even though the master had aged, his status remained.

And the God Clan, as always, was still so arrogant.

All of this was brought on by real power. In contrast, the master of the Tianhe Realm—the Realm Palace—appeared somewhat inconsequential, not at all like the real commander of the Tianhe Realm.

Sky River Great Elder looked up at the people from the God Clan. At the moment when his eyes swept past, an invisible will of the Way flowed upon the mountain. The heaven and earth were changing, as was the sky, and a suffocating might of the Great Path spread between heaven and earth.

Shen Yao raised his eyebrows slightly, only to hear the Sky River Great Elder say, "I don't trust you. In that incident in the past, among 3,000 disciples, how many died at the hands of the God Clan? Now, should I repeat the same mistake?"

At this moment, the long hair of Sky River Great Elder flew wildly, but he was standing straight. He proclaimed, "He will not follow you back to the God Clan."

Feeling this coercion, the cultivators of the God Clan also released a strong breath to resist the coercion. Even after so many years had passed, the anger of the Sky River Great Elder was still enough to change the sky. This mountain range had already been covered by his will. Although this area looked to be extremely vast, for people like Sky River Great Elder, it could be covered easily with a simple command.

"Uncle, why do you have to be as persistent as in the past?" Shen Yao asked Sky River Great Elder.

"Since even my only successor is now in danger of being taken away from me, then you go back and invite 'him' to come. The only way to take my disciple away is over my dead body." Sky River Great Elder sounded extremely determined. The "he" that he was referring to was naturally the most powerful man of the God Clan. In the battle that nearly exterminated the realm, it was this man who led the God Clan to come down to the Lower Worlds.

Shen Yao had already guessed that the Sky River Great Elder would not easily let anyone take his person away, but still, he didn't expect such an extreme stance. Over his dead body...

If so, although there were some extremely powerful cultivators that had come today, to want to take someone from this uncle of his, it was still kind of impossible.

As for that mighty man, he would not easily go to the Lower World. It was impossible for him to attend to all the matters concerning the God Clan himself.

"Why does Uncle want to make the whole thing difficult? The God Clan just wants to see him. They won't do anything to him," Shen Yao said.

"You have already seen him." Sky River Great Elder's response was still domineering.

Shen Yao fell silent. With the Sky River Great Elder there, it seemed that it was impossible he would make way for them. He had some understanding of his uncle's personality and knew that what happened in the past was not for no reason.

He was too persistent in his own beliefs, unwilling to change in the slightest.

"Since uncle won't let him go, can he come closer so I may take a better look at him?" Shen Yao didn't continue to insist, for he knew it would go nowhere otherwise.

"No," Sky River Great Elder replied simply.

Shen Yao frowned slightly. This was already as accommodating as he could be.

If the Sky River Great Elder still would not agree...

"There is no harm in them taking a good look at me." Shen Yao found that the person who spoke was Ye Futian himself, and he could not help but look astounded.

At this moment, Ye Futian was looking at Sky River Great Elder, who was also looking back at him.

"The master is here, so what if they take a good look at me?" Ye Futian smiled indifferently. With the Sky River Great Elder's watchful eyes, what could the cultivators of the God Clan do?

Hearing Ye Futian's words, Sky River Great Elder was silent for a moment. He nodded and said, "Then you can do as you wish."

"Hmm." Ye Futian stepped forward and came in front of all the cultivators from the God Clan, a faint smile on his handsome face.

God Clan, how did it compare with power such as the Golden Divine Nation!

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    《The Legend of Futian》