The Legend of Futian
1593 Exchanging Blows
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1593 Exchanging Blows

The Swordmaster of Lihen executed sword mudra with both hands. His gaze was calm and determined as he looked up in the void.

The Worldly Sword Will coalesced. A sword appeared gradually in his body. The fierce sound of a vibrating sword resounded everywhere.

Countless swords emerged and flew towards the gap in the sky, fast as lightning.

In midair, the cultivator of Heavenly Sword Hall cast a glance downward. His finger pointed towards the ground. The Swords of Blitzing Thunder enveloped the space, blocking all the other swords and shattering them directly.

Did he still intend to resist?

At the same time, Swordmaster of Lihen's figure disappeared, leaving behind a dazzling trail in the sky. The trail transformed into a sword. Shadows of swords took shape among the innumerable Swords of Blitzing Thunder. Both the sword and the shadows were materialized by the Swordmaster of Lihen.

Bam! Bam! Bam! One by one, the Swords of Blitzing Thunder turned to dust. The sword flash tore apart the empty space, causing the cultivator of Heavenly Sword Hall to feel slightly threatened. He felt that his body was going to be mangled and that his spiritual soul was going to be cleaved into two, as though there were legions of Sword Qi entangling him.

This sword embodied the sorrow of farewell.

Many shadows appeared around his body. They were all shadows of the Swordmaster of Lihen.

The Sword Spirit of the cultivator of the Heavenly Sword Hall floated in front of him. The cultivator's finger stroked the sword. In an instant, many gleaming Swords of Blitzing Thunder surrounded his body, forming a protective barrier of swords. Those Swords of Blitzing Thunder surrounded him at the center of the barrier. Each sword unleashed an astonishing divine being of the Great Path, annihilating everything.

At the same time, the shadows approached the cultivator. It was as though there were many images of Swordmaster of Lihen attacking all at once, but the attacks were shut off by the swords surrounding the cultivator.

"Your ability is not bad." The cultivator of Heavenly Sword Hall glanced at the shadows. In the sky, myriads of swords plunged downwards and sealed off the space. Everything was sliced into pieces by the swords; the shadows were obliterated too. Soon, only the actual body of the Swordmaster of Lihen was left standing. His sword was still stabbing into the protective barrier of the cultivator, unable to pierce through.

The sword flickered, and the Swordmaster of Lihen tried to retreat. However, the opponent would not give him the chance to do so. The Sword Spirit plummeted and pursued its prey. The Swordmaster of Lihen had no choice but to receive this attack head-on.

Boom... Numerous divine beams of light poured out from the Sword Spirit of the cultivator of Heavenly Sword Hall, crashing into the Sword Spirit of the Swordmaster of Lihen. Cracks appeared on the Sword Spirit of the latter. Even the body of the Swordmaster of Lihen was engulfed by the Swords of Blitzing Thunder. The light of runes surged into his body.

"Go." The opponent did not cease attacking. His finger pointed forward, and the Thunder Sword Spirit slashed forward and kept ravaging the body of the Swordmaster of Lihen. Even if he were spared from death, he would be crippled.

"Show mercy!"

A voice sounded from afar. The swordsman in training from the Heavenly Sword Hall took a quick look in the distance, but he did not stop attacking. His sword continued to slash downwards. The Swordmaster of Lihen tanked the continuous attacks of the Great Path with his physical body and spiritual soul, but his sword did not break.

Both man and sword were one. When the sword broke, the person would also perish.

Buzz. The light of Renhuang shone, and a lotus flower descended, wrapping the body of the Swordmaster of Lihen within. The lotus flower emanated a rich life will. At the same time, the petals unleashed authority of the Way, forming innumerable Catastrophe Swords, which then blocked the incoming Sword Spirit.

The Sword Spirit returned to its master. The cultivator of Heavenly Sword Hall raised his head and saw a group of people descending from the sky. The group of people then landed among the crowd below.

Emperor Xia was the first to step forward. The lotus flower coiled around the body of the Swordmaster of Lihen while the life will healed the injuries on his body.

"That was close," Emperor Xia exclaimed. Fortunately, Ye Futian had asked the Lord to take a look at the situation here. Otherwise, Lihen would be in danger.

The Swordmaster of Lihen landed on the ground. He arched his back slightly and spat out a mouthful of blood. Sensing the life will in his body, he turned around and looked at the people who had arrived. "Your Highness," he greeted, slightly surprised.

Not only did he see Emperor Xia, but he even saw Ye Futian as well as Xia Qingyuan soon after. He instantly understood everything. It seemed that the white-haired youth from back then had reached his level. Hence, he had also come here.

"Everyone," a chilly voice said before the Swordmaster of Lihen could catch up with the people who just arrived. Standing on the platform, the cultivator of the Heavenly Sword Hall, who was a Renhuang, stared at them while asking, "What do you mean?"

These people seemed to be very powerful. They might be from the top forces as well. Moreover, there were more and more people coming. They were cultivators who followed Ye Futian here, including those from the Divine Palace and the Divine Sword Li Family.

However, the intruders irritated the cultivators of Heavenly Sword Hall.

A disciple of their Heavenly Sword Hall was exchanging blows with someone. So many powerful cultivators had come. What was their intention?

"Junior's name is Ye Futian. This is a senior of mine. Since the battle has concluded, please show mercy," Ye Futian said to the cultivator of the Heavenly Sword Hall as he walked towards the Swordmaster of Lihen.

"Didn't you see that the battle has yet to end?"

In midair, the youth who defeated the Swordmaster of Lihen seemed annoyed. This was not a major issue; however, for so many powerful cultivators to come over, and for all of them to be from powerful forces from other Realms, this made the cultivators of the Heavenly Sword Hall feel dissatisfied. Why did it seem as though these people had come over to threaten them?

"The victor has been determined. Friend, why must we fight to the death?" Ye Futian asked as he raised his head.

"It was his choice to do so. How does this concern you?" The youth in midair had a sharp gaze as he looked straight at Ye Futian down below.

"I owe Senior Lihen a debt of gratitude for instructing me in the past. His matters indeed concern me." Ye Futian then suggested, "Sir, if you insist on fighting to the death, what if I battle you in his stead?"

"Even to the death?" the youth in midair asked.

"That is fine." Ye Futian nodded.

"Alright," the youth agreed. Ye Futian looked towards the Swordmaster of Lihen and said, "Swordmaster, please rest at the side for a while."

"Be careful. His Sword Spirit is very powerful," the Swordmaster of Lihen whispered.

"I know." Ye Futian nodded in response. Only then did Swordmaster of Lihen move to the side and secretly transmit his voice to Emperor Xia, asking, "Your Highness, is he confident in winning?"

"You should take care of your wounds first," Emperor Xia replied. Seeing that Emperor Xia looked calm, the Swordmaster of Lihen said nothing more and turned his attention to the battle.

In the sky above, countless Swords of Blitzing Thunder appeared. Upon each divine sword, there were bright runic lines. These runes emanated an astonishing authority of the Way.

Ye Futian had a sense of deja vu. Back then, Bai Luli cultivated the Life Spirit Carving Spell Scroll. If Bai Luli had cultivated it to such a level, it should be similar to the other party's cultivators. Such an attack would be even more domineering.


The cultivator of Heavenly Sword Hall's gaze swept downward like a sharp sword. He pointed his finger downward, and countless Swords of Blitzing Thunder shot downwards in an instant. The Swords of Blitzing Thunder destroyed everything in their path. Lightning flooded the space.

The members of the Divine Palace, the members of the Divine Sword Li Family, as well as many other powerful cultivators looked towards Ye Futian. They were all more concerned as to what level of ability Ye Futian had currently reached.

There would be no suspense to this battle. Although the Heavenly Sword Hall of All Creations was renowned as the top swordsmanship force in the Nine Realms, how could this disciple have any chance of winning against Ye Futian in battle?

If his opponent knew of Ye Futian's battle records in the Divine Palace, he would not have agreed to this battle.

Seeing the countless Swords of Blitzing Thunder descending upon him, Ye Futian raised a finger and pointed it to the sky. Beams of divine light radiated. With a crackling sound, the countless Swords of Blitzing Thunder were directly shattered and turned to dust.

Ye Futian did not continue to attack. He merely raised his head and looked at the cultivator of the Heavenly Sword Hall in midair, asking, "Will this be enough?"

He did not attack. Before entering God's relic, he did not want to offend a top force here. He had only come over to bring the Swordmaster of Lihen away.

As he looked at the disappearing Swords of Blitzing Thunder, the cultivator of Heavenly Sword Hall in midair was stunned. His attack was destroyed in just one blow.

He extended both hands. His expression was solemn. He had turned much more serious. Before this, Ye Futian regarded the Swordmaster of Lihen as his senior, so the cultivator of Heavenly Sword Hall did not take him seriously; he even belittled Ye Futian. However, from their brief encounter just now, he could tell that the swordsmanship of this white-haired youth was very profound.

His Sword Spirit let out a thunderous wail. Streaks of lightning flashed past. In the sky, countless gigantic Swords of Blitzing Thunder appeared, covering the sun.

Runes of Great Path were imprinted on every single gigantic sword. The intense sword will seemed to want to destroy the entire space. When countless swords appeared in midair at the same time, their destructive power was startling.

Boom. A brilliant divine sword appeared on top of Ye Futian. The Great Path in his body resonated and transformed into a furnace, forging a divine sword, which became one with his body.

When the cultivator of Heavenly Sword Hall in midair saw this scene, he pointed his finger downwards. In the sky, endless destructive Swords of Blitzing Thunder descended from above. This attack was even wilder and fiercer than the previous attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In an instant, myriads of swords fell from the sky and crashed down towards Ye Futian. The swords did not even have an organized attack pattern. More and more swords filled the space, burying Ye Futian within.

However, everyone could see that the sword that enveloped Ye Futian's body was still shimmering with dazzling divine beings. Endless will of Great Path surged and fueled the divine beings, causing them to be indestructible. When the myriads of swords closed in on Ye Futian, the light of runes of Great Path transformed into a destructive power, but it could not cleave Ye Futian's sword veil.

Ye Futian did not attack; he merely remained on guard. However, the opponent could not break through his defense.

The expression of the youth standing in midair changed. The scene before him made him doubt his own swords.

The Swordmaster of Lihen was dumbfounded, too, when he saw what happened. Then, he was emotional and lamented, "I'm old."

He still remembered the adamant youth who intruded Lihen Heaven and challenged the disciples of Lihen Heaven to a battle. The youth used to be young and presumptuous.

Now, the youth had changed.

A shocking sword flash erupted from the sword forged by the furnace in Ye Futian, destroying all the gigantic Swords of Blitzing Thunder, which had closed in on him. However, Ye Futian's sword disappeared along with the opponent's swords.

"Your attacks are extraordinary. I am honored to have experienced them," Ye Futian commented as he stared at the cultivator of Heavenly Sword Hall. "Why don't we stop here?"

The corner of the cultivator's mouth twitched as he was at a loss for words.

The surrounding onlookers were speechless as well. Extraordinary attacks?

The cultivator of the Heavenly Sword Hall did not even break through Ye Futian's defense barrier. Could the former's skill really be called extraordinary?

However, Ye Futian clearly had no intention to fight. Otherwise, he would not have just defended passively. At this moment, everyone could tell that this white-haired youth was very strong. At the very least, he was stronger than the cultivator of Heavenly Sword Hall; he might even be more powerful.

The battle here attracted the attention of many people. One by one, many cultivators of All Creations gathered. Was the swordsman-in-training of the Heavenly Sword Hall in conflict with a swordsman-in-training from another Realm?

Could it be that someone was here to challenge the Heavenly Sword Hall?

From the looks of it, the cultivator of Heavenly Sword Hall was being suppressed!

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    《The Legend of Futian》