The Legend of Futian
1594 The Power of All
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1594 The Power of All

The swordsman temple cultivator could naturally also see that the disciple who attacked was not an equivalent opponent of Ye Futian.

Moreover, this person was also a swordsman in training.

"Where do you train?" the cultivator of the Heavenly Sword Hall looked at Ye Futian and asked.

"The junior practiced swordsmanship for a while in Taixuan Mountain of the Higher Heavens Realm, and also practiced swordsmanship in the Divine Palace," Ye Futian responded.

Although the Heavenly Sword Hall was a force with the Power of All, how could the name of the Divine Palace be something that he had never heard of? The Higher Heavens Realm had the holy land, and the Divine Palace in the Nine Realms belonged to the more famous force.

In contrast, although Taixuan Mountain was a known entity, its presence was not as strong as the Divine Palace. However, according to rumors, Taixuan Mountain's Lord Taixuan, had broken through the Renhuang's nine Realms.

Well, amongst those who came and stood behind Ye Futian, there should be the cultivators of Taixuan Mountain and the Divine Palace. They would have come from the forces of the Higher Heavens Realm.

"The previous matter ends here. The Heavenly Sword Hall is not going to investigate in the previous battle," the cultivator of the Heavenly Sword Hall said. In fact, he was no longer investigating the matter involving the Swordmaster of Lihen, as it was a small matter. However, it was a mere issue of pride. In reality, they didn't care too much about the life and death matter of the Swordmaster of Lihen.

"However, if you also practice Swordsmanship, you can discuss Swordsmanship with the people that practice within the Heavenly Sword Hall." The other party continued to talk big, from sword cultivation from the upper realm to giving no qualms about the Swordmaster of Lihen leaving. He took on a position that made the Heavenly Sword Hall appear feeble. Even on the eve of entering the relics, the Heavenly Sword Hall entered the relics with defeat, so it was certainly not very nice.

Alas, things did not turn out the way they wanted. They were unable to compete with the other forces in the relics.

Everyone who heard this statement understood the intentions of the Heavenly Sword Hall. Such a defeat would end here. The pride of the number one force of Swordsmanship force within the Nine Realms had to be maintained.

"This junior's swordsmanship is still shallow, and naturally, it is not as good as the Heavenly Sword Hall. I, therefore, believe we no longer have to compete further," Ye Futian said. It was not a fear of a battle, but he just did not want any trouble. If the Heavenly Sword Hall truly got involved, could he guarantee his win? Even if he managed to sweep through the entire force, after today, the matter would not come to an end either.

"Excessive self-humility is rude," the strong swordsman said coldly, as Ye Futian was far better than the disciple lost but said that his opponent's swordsmanship was extraordinary. Instead, he chose not to carry on the fight. What was he trying to do?

Was he expressing disdain to fight with the disciples from the Heavenly Sword Hall?

Ye Futian pondered for a moment, then saw a figure stepped forward from behind him. He said, "I am from the Higher Heavens Realm. Divine Sword Li Family's Li Xun. I am currently a disciple of the Higher Heavens Realm's swordsmanship. I have long heard of your famous name. To meet you today, why don't I instead test your swordsmanship. What do you think?"

The swordsman cultivator glanced at Li Xun. The Divine Sword Li Family of the Higher Heavens Realm. A family of swordsmen.

It was unexpected that he would step forward.

The people around showed a hint of anticipation. Heavenly Sword Hall versus the Divine Sword Li Family. Would this be a showdown in this holy land?

"Elders, let me, your disciple, take on the challenge." Amongst the cultivators of the Heavenly Sword Halls, a figure walked and paid his respects to the leaders of the Heavenly Sword Hall.

The Divine Sword Li Family's reputation had long been heard and talked about. With this opportunity, it would be an exceedingly rare opportunity to go against the Divine Sword Li Family.

"Okay." The leader of the Heavenly Sword Hall nodded. The swordsman in training took a step forward and landed on the void. Sword Will roared around him.

Li Xun did the same and walked forward. His sword spirit exploded in a flash and enveloped the heavens.

A violent swordsmanship aura was formed around the body of the two people. In the city of relics, many people in the distance could felt the battle happening. They looked towards the battlefield. Some everyone flicked towards it and moved closer.

Among them, there were many people with top forces.

The Heavenly Sword Hall's representative had a sword soul that was like a meteorite sword, albeit it being a really huge sword and extremely heavy. When the sword strikes, the world was engulfed in a massive roar that spread far and wide. Countless meteorites fell from the sky, and it made people feel extreme pressure on their bodies.

Li Xun also summoned the spirit of his sword. A Divine Sword fell down from the sky above. It was an extremely overbearing sword. As both swords interlocked and battled one another, they both did not compete in a way that suggested that this was an exchange of skills. It seemed more like an actual battle instead.

Boom. Two terrifying sword wills approached each other. When the soul of the sword locked on, countless meteorites fell from the sky once again. The Meteorite Sword was extremely heavy, suffocating the space, and suppressed the broken void. Li Xun's sword counteracted against them as it shattered the falling meteorites that were falling.

The sky was turned into a doomsday scene, and it looked extremely terrible. The suffocating pressure in the air turned into a violent storm. The two cultivators stood in the middle of the storm. Their swords collided with each other.

Ye Futian glanced up at the land above him and saw that two were still emitting extraordinary amounts of swordsmanship from their bodies. There seemed to be an imaginary sword shadow emerging, and there was a spiritual soul blending into the swords. The sword's aura was stronger and stronger, tearing everything in the void.

The Great Path shattered and collapsed, and a brilliant light curtain caused by the Swordsmanship swept outwards, smoothing out all existence. The endless falling meteorites were smashed into nothingness, with the countering Swordsmanship also annihilated in the void. The two quickly retreated at the same time and returned to their original positions on both ends.

Li Xun groaned, and his body felt a little heavy. On the mouth of the Heavenly Sword Hall's cultivator, blood seeped out. He was apparently injured as well.

It seemed that the Heavenly Sword Hall still hadn't been able to restore their lost pride from the previous battle. It was obvious that this battle was not in their favor as well.

However, in Ye Futian's view, the Divine Sword Li Family gained no advantage in this battle. This was, after all, a Swordsmanship family home. The number of cultivators was limited. Li Xun was already the core figure of the family, and there should be more disciples within the Heavenly Sword Hall who were definitely more powerful. They did not participate as they probably were preparing for God's relic instead.

"The Heavenly Sword Hall's swordsmanship quenches the soul of the sword. Sure enough, there is something unique about it, and I have learned much." Li Xun did not have a proud look and gestured at the other. "Why not. Is this the end of this exchange? Let's stop here."

Over on the Heavenly Sword Hall's side, a few figures walked forward. Stop here?

Two defeats, and that was not good at all. Today, it felt like people were coming over to smash their reputation.

"This trip was originally for the relics. Any further battle for a higher ranking must happen after the relics, for it doesn't make much sense right now. If the Heavenly Sword Hall wants to redeem itself and defeat Ye Futian, it may not be that easy. After all, at the Battle of the Divine Palace, he was the one that defeated the Proud Sons of Heaven from the Higher Heavens Realm. If the Heavenly Sword Hall must fight, I am afraid that only your strongest disciples will stand a chance against him."

Li Xun spoke, and his words made the glances of the Heavenly Sword Hall's cultivators stagnate. Then, their eyes turned around, and they looked at Ye Futian once again.

In the battle of the Divine Palace, he defeated the Proud Sons of Heaven from the Higher Heavens Realm?

Hearing the tone from Li Xun's speech, he was likely one of them who was defeated. However, though he lost to Ye Futian, he was nevertheless highly respectful toward him.

This meant that he indeed deliberately suppressed his own strength and did not give it his all against the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Hall.

"The search for the God's relics. Hidden treasures indeed." The senior cultivators in the Heavenly Sword Hall looked at Ye Futian and said, "A junior who appeared by accident actually turned out to be one of the top cultivators in the world. In this case, your collision shall then be left here within God's relics."

These elders would not participate in the fight. However, they still wanted a collision to happen.

The Battlefield within God's relic.

"The Heavenly Sword Hall will just leave it like that? Why did the cultivator hail as the next-in-line leader of the Heavenly Sword Hall not participate?" A voice came out from nowhere. It was from a distant figure standing above the void. He gave off a weird but wonderful vibe, albeit rather illusory. He appeared to be there, yet not there, all at the same time.

The Heavenly Sword Hall cultivators looked towards him. One of the top forces in Wanxiang Realm—Illusion Island. They were naturally familiar.

"If your disciples from the Illusion Island want to see him fight, you will see it in the relics," a Heavenly Sword Hall cultivator said.

"This is not necessarily the case. Some of the others here will most likely want to go and challenge him right now." The person from the Illusion Island smiled and looked at the others. Amongst them, there was also another top force, also from the Wanxiang Realm.

This person standing above the void gave off a strong sense of killing intentions. No strangers should be able to enter this space. No one should be able to get close to them within a radius of their lands. If they did, a killing gas field around the space would be activated. It was an extremely terrible setup. People who got too close to it would feel a shortness of breath, feeling like they could die at any time.

There was, however, a special area in Wanxiang Realm, which was called the slaughtering world. Those people who come from the slaughtering had strong killing intentions and were generally viewed as extremely dangerous.

When they enter the relics, they will set off a storm of blood, kill off the Nine Realms, and carry out a mass massacre.

The cultivator of the Heavenly Sword Hall looked at them, and the people in the slaughtering world were indeed a headache. However, when they entered God's relics, it would only be the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Hall who would face the practitioners of the slaughtering world.

All from the Nine Realms would face them together.

"The others and I shall bid farewell." Ye Futian retreated as he paid his respects to the people from the Heavenly Sword Hall. When he left, he looked at Illusion Island and the cultivator in the slaughtering world. From both forces, he felt it. There was a very unusual atmosphere surrounding them. It was as if the people in Illusion Island were unreal, and the people in the slaughtering world were dangerous.

They were merely one of the few top forces in Wanxiang Realm. There were also the Solar Realm, Shadow Realm, Emperor Star Realm, Hidden Land Realm, Mountain Realm, and the strongest of them all, the Central Emperor Realm. One could only imagine how bloody this tour of God's relics would be.

"How does the Swordmaster feel?" Ye Futian asked the Swordmaster of Lihen as they left.

"I'm okay, nothing of the matter," Swordmaster of Lihen said with deep emotions in his heart. After so many years, he had cultivated himself and reached new heights. Li Xun was also now a Proud Son of Heaven. One could only imagine how glorious it was to be in his position, with a few strong cultivators around him, walking alongside him.

"Here, I have two fruits of the Way. the Swordmaster can take it, and can also be used to impact the Renhuang Plane." Ye Futian took out two fruit of the Way, namely the sword and the life fruit of the Way.

The Swordmaster of Lihen looked at Ye Futian. He was different from Xia Qingyuan. Xia Qingyuan and Ye Futian had experienced a lot together. Naturally, there was no need to be polite with one another, but this fruit was especially precious to him.

"I have a lot of them," Ye Futian said with a smile.

"..." Swordmaster of Lihen said nothing and then took it.

"Swordmaster's cultivation is already very high, but there are some shortcomings in some aspects. The Fruit of the Way can make up for it. If there is a chance in the relics, I will also help the Swordmaster," Ye Futian said. The Swordmaster of Lihen had helped him before, so he would try his best to help the Swordmaster of Lihen make a breakthrough in his realm and cultivate to become a Renhuang!

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    《The Legend of Futian》