The Legend of Futian
1598 Keep a Low Profile
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1598 Keep a Low Profile

A Divine Priest descended. A series of horrific Divine Will shrouded the vast expanse of the void, covering the entire City of the Ruins within.

A Divine Priest made the announcement. "When God's relic is opened, those of you who have received the prophecy, please present the prophecy to bless the people you have chosen to enter the relic. Those who have not been blessed by the prophecy must leave the City of the Ruins within the hour. Any offenders will be without exception," Immediately, those who were in charge came out and took out the prophecies they had received. They were golden scrolls with pictures. The light of the prophecy bloomed to cover those cultivators who were to be blessed.

Suddenly, those who had not received the blessings all went away. There had been quite a few among them who were outstanding. However, if no one was willing to help them, they could only leave in disappointment.

Of course, many of those who had come found opportunities.

Ye Futian and his group had been blessed by Lord Taixuan.

The cultivators not sheltered by the prophecy scrolls successively left. Before too long, they had all walked out of the City of the Ruins.

Brilliant lights shone brightly on the Divine Priests. After watching those who were departing, another Divine Priest stepped forward. He looked down from the sky and said, "Those who are Renhuang must leave the City of the Ruins within five minutes."

The announcement was heard throughout the City of the Ruins. Instantly, breaths of horror bloomed. Many figures quickly started walking to leave the City of the Ruins.

"Be careful," Emperor Xia said to Ye Futian. "Look after Qingyuan."

"Yes." Ye Futian slightly nodded.

"Safety first in everything," Sky River Great Elder reminded Ye Futian. Lord Taixuan also gave them advice. All the elders flickered away after relayed their concerns. They quickly disappeared.

In the City of the Ruins, everyone left realized how many cultivators of Renhuang had converged here. Of course, all the Renhuang in the City of the Ruins were from the Nine Realms. One was easily able to imagine what a grand occasion it was. Aside from the opening of God's relic, there was almost no chance for such a grand occasion to repeat itself.

Ye Futian and the others felt that solemn atmosphere. Looking up at the Divine Priests above the firmament, no one dared to disobey their will. The Divine Priests from the Empty Imperial Palace were doing the biddings of Donghuang the Great. In the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path, none dared to rebel against the will of Donghuang the Great.

Although Donghuang the Great did not reside in the Empty Imperial Palace, it was rumored that Donghuang the Great monitored the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path. Everything was within his field of vision. Whatever he wanted to do was done in a single command.

Therefore, no one dared to chance it. All the Renhuang evacuated, not wanting to violate his command.

Once the five-minute time limit was up, there were no longer any Renhuang cultivators remaining inside the City of the Ruins. The only ones left were from the Saint Plane.

A majority of them were at the pinnacle of the Saint Plane.

"Once God's relic is opened, all consequences after entering the relic are at your own risk. You must have already deduced some of the things that might happen. Here, Renhuang are not allowed to step inside God's relic. Once you enter the relic, you are no longer bound by any rules or restrictions. It is somewhere we are unable to go."

In the void, a Divine Priest had spoken. As everyone looked up at the void, they all understood that there were no rules of engagement for God's relic, which only opened once every 50 years. It was merely the realm of entry that was restricted. All others entered once the relic was opened.

After that, whether one lived or died was up to fate.

Because of that, those who were in the top forces regarded God's relic as the most dangerous trial. It was a burial ground where talented geniuses perish. No trial in the Nine Realms was quite like that of God's relic. Although it was dangerous, there were great opportunities to be had.

Otherwise, there would have been no reason for the top principalities to send their descendants there, and it would not have caused such a sensation in the Nine Realms.

Moreover, the powerful figures from these top principalities vaguely knew something about God's relic. Even just a sliver of the truth was enough to shock them.

"Open the door to the relic."

In the void, a Divine Priest's loud voice was heard. Suddenly, divine light fell, descending upon the entire City of the Ruins. An indescribable terrifying breath reached up to the sky. Above the sky, it seemed that divine lights fell inside the City of the Ruins.

In the next moment, it was as if something within the City of the Ruins had been awakened. Countless lights and patterns were emanating everywhere.

The whole city seemed to come alive.

"This is…"

Ye Futian looked at the scene in front of him in complete shock. He saw the City of the Ruins was lit up with unparalleled light. At the moment, they only felt the previous City of the Ruins had been an existence of nothingness. These countless light patterns had constructed a new world to replace the City of the Ruins.

A booming and rumbling noise was heard as the earth roared. Under the endless divine light, the void gates appeared inside the City of the Ruins.

The divine doors stood in the void, bordering heaven and earth. They contained an unparalleled sense of spatial will. It was as if they could send them to another world.


Xia Qingyuan looked at an elusive divine gate that appeared in the void. Like all the others inside the City of the Ruins, she was quite shocked.

It turned out that this was the true meaning of the entrance to God's relic.

The entrance to God's relic was directly overlaid on top of the City of the Ruins.

The divine gates wrapped the City of the Ruins within. The Divine Priests in the void quietly looked on. Finally, one of them said, "Once you have stepped into the gates of the void, you may enter God's relic. You cannot exit until the gates of the void appear again inside God's relic."

As soon as his voice faded, someone walked through the void's doors.

It was as if they could no longer wait.

One by one, they walked through the air, continually heading toward the gates of the void. They successively entered the gates. Once they went through the doors, they immediately disappeared like they were entering into another world.

Ye Futian and his group were not taking any action. They were all waiting on Ye Futian.

Many of the cultivators from the demonic clans flickered and walked toward the gate of the relic and entered.

"Let's go," Ye Futian said when he saw that more and more cultivators had entered. He was not too anxious. There was no need to fight for that little bit of a time difference.

God's relic was not going to be so simple.

For them, there was no advantage to have gone in moments earlier.

When he finished speaking, he started walking toward one of the void's doors. Behind him, many others, such as Yu Sheng, Yaya, and Xia Qingyuan, followed him. They walked through the same door of the void with him. They hoped that when they reached God's relic, they would all still be together.

Soon, Ye Futian's figure disappeared. In the next few moments, everyone disappeared one after another.

The massive number of cultivators in the City of the Ruins disappeared without leaving a single person behind. They left an empty city in dead silence. Only the divine lights remained.

Soon, the spatial doors closed and disappeared. The shining light beams inside the City of the Ruins also gradually disappeared.

When everything calmed down, the Divine Priests walked away to return to the Imperial Empty Palace.

Outside the City of the Ruins, powerful figures stood above the void, glancing at the empty city. Each of them turned to leave as well.

Of course, some stayed to wait.

What happened next depended on their fortunes.


In God's relic, Ye Futian's figure appeared in another place. He had an extremely curious feeling when he passed through the door. In just a moment, he had come across and entered into another world.

Naturally, he was no longer in the City of the Ruins.

After that, figures quickly appeared one after another. Just as they had guessed, after passing through the same door to enter the City of the Ruins, they appeared in the same place. Ye Futian felt greatly relieved that he didn't have to go looking for his people everywhere. It would have been troublesome and dangerous.


A strong breath suddenly came from afar. Ye Futian and the others froze. As they lifted their eyes to look in the distance, they saw the sky above the area where the noise had come was changing. The will of the Great Path fell. The sacred golden radiance sprinkled on one of the figures. They could vaguely feel a breath of Renhuang.


The sacred brilliance surged upward and spread out toward the distance. It appeared extremely radiant.

Seeing this, Ye Futian was momentarily stunned. A look of surprise flashed across his eyes.

It was not just him. Everyone else was also stunned. They looked on in amazement at what was happening in front of them

"Is this allowed?" Ye Futian murmured. He had not anticipated this. It seemed that he was still too naive.


The eyes of the Black Wind Condor also focused there. This was something quite possibly more awesome than himself.

A man was casting the Divine Wheel of the Great Path and had broken into the Renhuang Realm.

"This is to suppress the realm right at the point of breakthrough," Swordmaster Lihen said. "Despite the limit of a breakthrough being reached, they delayed until this moment. Once they entered God's relic, the breakthrough immediately happened."

Ye Futian nodded. The rule of God's relic was that those from the Renhuang Plane were not allowed to set foot in it, but there were no other rules. Nothing was said about not being able to breakthrough into Renhuang after entering.

Those who were at the peak were obviously far more experienced.


In another direction, a massively dominant Will of the Way emitted. It was the breath of the Great Path of Renhuang. Ye Futian and the others turned their focus and looked in another direction. In the distance, there was a similar divine glory that surged upward and turned into one storm of the Great Path.

Obviously, there was more than one person who had this plan in mind.

Boom, boom, boom… To their shock, Ye Futian and his group found the same scene playing out in at least 10 other locations, and that was just what they could see. There might have been many others happening in other places that they could not see.

This was also within expectation. A great number of cultivators had entered into God's relic. The top forces of the Nine Realms brought tens of thousands of people into God's relic. Among those cultivators, there must have been some people who had suppressed their realm at a critical point. As soon as they entered the relic, the breakthrough into Renhuang took place.

Watching all this glory of Renhuang, Ye Futian and the others felt a touch of pressure. It seemed that they would also be facing more than just the top geniuses at the peak of the Saint Plane.

In just a little time, perhaps there would still be more Renhuang being produced.

"Is there anyone who needs to breakthrough?" Ye Futian looked at those around him. Everyone looked at him without saying a word.

Could anyone breakthrough at will?

Ye Futian rubbed between his eyebrows and said rather depressingly, "It looks like we have to keep it on the down-low."

It was a pity that although his realm was almost there, he hadn't reached that critical point and couldn't break through at will. He needed more time or an opportunity to cultivate there in peace for a while.

In God's relic, could anyone cultivate in peace?

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    《The Legend of Futian》