The Legend of Futian
1601 School of the Emperor Star
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1601 School of the Emperor Star

Ye Futian and the others slowly traveled through the ruins. They soon discovered that these ruins were starting to seem more and more like a world of their own. The area was vast, with mountains, streams, rivers, lakes, and forests.

They had even come across some small demons and wild beasts. On the whole, it was a barren wilderness. It seemed like no one lived there. It was ancient and dead silent.

"Is the God's Relic a realm of its own?" Ye Futian whispered. A thoughtful look appeared on the others' faces. They had also wondered that. The God's Relic was not like any of the ruins they had experienced before. It was vast without end.

"Why do you think that?" the Swordmaster of Lihen asked.

"I once heard my master say that in the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path, there were a few realms that had been destroyed in war," Ye Futian quietly said. He had his own ideas about what was going on. "They are supposed to be barren and silent, without any signs of human habitation. Some of them can recover, and people will return to them. If a realm is truly turned uninhabitable and someone controls it, if no one is allowed to enter, how can it recover?"

"This does seem a bit like a realm of its own, so perhaps you have guessed right," the Swordmaster of Lihen softly said. He had asked Ye Futian because he had been thinking the same thing.

The God's Relic, which had shaken the Nine Realms, was possibly a realm of its own. It had been sealed off by Donghuang the Great. People were only allowed to go there once every 50 years.

This realm had a ruin left behind by the gods. If what Luoyue had said before was true, then this was the realm where the gods were buried.

The Purple Gold Rats Ye Futian was controlling were getting further away and beginning to spread out. They were shooting off into the vastness of the realm. Along the way, they ran into other cultivators who had come, but the Purple Gold Rats burrowed into the ground. The powerful figures had not bothered with rats who hid in the ground. They were not considered a threat.

At the same time, a group of figures was traveling through another section of the God's Relic. There were only a couple dozen people in the group, but all of them were elites. Other than a few of them who were Unblemished Saints, the others were all at the Nirvana level. The age range among the group was very wide. Some of them were young, and some were old. It was not only young geniuses who were there, but some elders had cultivated at the Saint plane for many years.

All of them had a peculiar aura about them. They were arrogant and noble. Their eyes shone like stars while also being infinitely deep.

An old man wearing a starry robe was leading them. Magnificent starlight shone from him. A small star matrix seemed to hang in the air in front of him, sucking up all the life force from the world around him while also connecting him to heaven and earth.

A point of light in this small star matrix seemed to be pointing the way forward.

The people behind him were following the light as if they trusted it implicitly.

These people had come from the Ziwei Realm. They were cultivators from the top force in the Ziwei Realm, the School of the Emperor Star. Their power within the Ziwei Realm was clear for all to see. It was an ancient force that had once dominated the Ziwei Realm, just like the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

It was said that the elder of the School of the Emperor Star was also the ruler of the Ziwei Realm. He was known as the Star Lord of Ziwei and incredibly powerful. Of course, that could only be learned from ancient books. No one knew the actual history.

As they continued walking, a building appeared ahead of them. Their eyes grew sharp as they looked at it. They could faintly see a gate on it.

They unconsciously began moving faster. The elevation gradually rose. After a while, they could see a heavenly gate that seemed like the legendary Gate of the Heavenly Palace. It was tall and mighty, as well as hundreds of feet tall.

However, it was broken. A third of it was gone. Everything before it was a desolate ruin that seemed to stretch off into the distance. It seemed like a long war had taken place there.

The people of the School of the Emperor Star had found the ruin, yet they were not excited. As the top force in the Ziwei Realm, this was not the first time they had been there. Several in their group had entered in the past and taken notes after they had emerged. Some of their current elders had even entered the ruins and described to the others what they had found inside.

To have found the ruin was not necessarily good luck. It was also a potential sign of danger.

As to what that danger was, there were many possibilities. Thus, it was important for them to be exceedingly careful.

They passed through the broken gate and strode through the ruins. There were no complete buildings left. All of them were damaged and had collapsed. They could not see anything of value that had been left behind. Moreover, others had definitely come before them seeking treasure, but even they would have found it hard to find anything.

Among the group of people from the School of the Emperor Star, a young man suddenly stopped. He closed his eyes. A spiritual map instantly appeared in his mind. There was a ruin marked on the map that was very similar to the scene before their eyes. It seemed to beckon him.

The elders of the School of the Emperor Star had once been here, so they were now guiding them.

They had been able to quickly find this place. In addition to having special skills, they also had the guidance of their elders.

The young man bent down and placed his hands on the ground. In a flash, the earth shook with a roar. A storm of the Great Path swept out. The ruins around them were swept away or smashed into dust.

The storm grew stronger, clearing out all the ruins. They soon saw an ancient road stretching out that had been buried under the ruins.

Many corpses had been uncovered by the storm. Most of them were insignificant skeletons that had been picked clean long ago.

As the road went on, they saw a palace under the earth with a broken gate hanging open. The gate had already been destroyed by others.

The people from the School of the Emperor Star's eyes flashed. Their elders had said there were things in these ruins that they had been unable to take back with them last time. They had asked them to seek them out first. Thus, they had immediately come to this place.

The group continued forward. They stopped outside of the palace gates. Many of them waved their hands, weaving enchantments that locked everything up inside the gate and blocking other people's divine souls from entering. That way, no one would have been able to know what they had done.

Up high and off in the distance, stood another group of figures. The person at their head seemed to have veins in his eyes, which made him look rather strange. Spatial divine light shone from him as he looked at them across the vast distance. It was as if they were right next to each other.

"The ruin is there, " he said. "It looks like we were right to follow the School of the Emperor Star."

These people had come from another top power of the Ziwei Realm and had followed the School of the Emperor Star.

"What do you see?" someone beside him asked.

"They've blocked it off with enchantments, so I couldn't see clearly," the man said. "After clearing away some of the ruins, they entered an underground palace and set up enchantments. Should we go now or wait?"

"We will go," the man beside him said. The group started to move. They crossed the great distance very quickly.

Meanwhile, another group of people rushed forward from a different direction. It appeared that there was not just one force watching the School of the Emperor Star.

It was obvious that the School of the Emperor Star held an important position within the Ziwei Realm. At least, these powers placed a lot of trust in them. They believed they would find the ruins.

There was also a rat demon underground outside the ruins. He felt an incredibly powerful aura pressing down on him. He sensed two forces arriving one after another, and both of them were very powerful.

Off in the distance, Ye Futian sensed everything through the Purple Gold Rat. "Something is happening," he said.

Yu Sheng turned and looked at Ye Futian.

"With three great forces there, this won't be easy to handle," Ye Futian said. "Yu Sheng, the two of us will go."

Yu Sheng nodded. "Alright."

"The three forces are probably from the Star Lord of Ziwei, and they will all be very powerful. We should not bite off more than we can chew. Let's go," Ye Futian said. Once a fight broke out in the ruins, it would certainly be very fierce. Having more people with them was not necessarily a good thing. Ye Futian had seen the forces at the ruins, and there were very few people among them. It meant that they were all probably quite powerful.

After saying that, the two of them sped up and rushed toward the ruins.

At the same time, the two forces had arrived and were casually chatting. There was no friction between them yet. They were working together to break through the enchantments and enter.

A group of majestic figures descended. Once they had broken through the enchantments, the two forces stood there in shock. They saw a group of figures standing there, but they had not entered the ruins. The figures stood there, shining with brilliant light.

Incomparably brilliant light suddenly burst from the ground, forming a terrifying diagram.

"That's not good. Flee!" A loud voice sounded out. Powerful auras burst forth from the people of both forces. They realized they had been ambushed.

The cultivators of the School of the Emperor Star looked cold, without the slightest hint of emotion. They started up the large pattern. Endless starlight bloomed, transforming it into a giant pattern of stars. Terrible killing will erupted from it. In the instant the starry pattern was set off, the area was filled with endless beams of killing starlight that cut through the air. There were multiple screams of pain. Many people were instantly pierced by the starlight and cut open.

Blood flew through the air. Many people used their power to block the attack and fled from the center of the pattern. They floated up into the air with cold expressions. They looked down on the cultivators from the School of the Emperor Star.

In a flash, almost one-third of the people from the two great forces had been slain by the pattern.

"Did you really think we did not know you were watching us?" an elder of the School of the Emperor Star coldly asked. They had pretended they did not know and set up their enchantments to block their opponents' senses. Afterward, they had set up their trap.

In the God's Relic, any competitor was an enemy who needed to be killed.

There was no mercy in this place.

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    《The Legend of Futian》