The Legend of Futian
1602 Chaotic Battle
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1602 Chaotic Battle

The cultivators from the two great forces looked to where many of their allies had been slain and disappeared. A dark look appeared on their faces.

In a flash, the area filled with terrible and intense pressure.

The School of the Emperor Star was the most ancient force within the Ziwei Realm. After all, it was said that the Star Lord of Ziwei was once the ruler of the Ziwei Realm.

The other top powers of the Ziwei Realm had impressive origins as well. Any power that was able to stand near the top was not simple. Otherwise, they would never have made it to that step.

These two major forces were the Dou tribe and Clan of the Seven Slayers.

It was said that the Dou tribe descended from the God of Battle. After the God of Battle had been defeated, his bloodline spread throughout the world. The elder of the Dou tribe realized he had that bloodline, so he had formed the Dou tribe. It was said that they were the most powerful attackers in the Ziwei Realm.

The Clan of the Seven Slayers proved their worthiness through killing. Two forces were recognized as the best at the Way of Slaughtering: the Slaughtering World of the Myriad Realm and the Clan of the Seven Slayers of the Ziwei Realm.

However, these two forces cultivated very differently. The Dou tribe also proved their worthiness through killing, but the cultivators of the Slaughtering World used killing for their mindset and set up killing matrices. Meanwhile, the Clan of the Seven Slayers cultivated the Seven Tricks of the Killing Gods. They mainly focused on cultivating Slaughtering Qi and Slaughtering Will. Thus, they went in different directions, but there were similarities as well.

The Seven Tricks of the Killing Gods was made up of seven attacks. After those seven attacks, if one's opponent did not die, one would. Thus, the disciples of the Clan of the Seven Slayers cultivated nothing but slaughter. They only lived if their opponent died. They had to kill their opponent within seven attacks.

These three forces stood at the top of the Ziwei Realm. They were naturally very familiar with each other. Otherwise, the Clan of the Seven Slayers and the Dou tribe would not have followed the School of the Emperor Star. They obviously placed a lot of faith in their abilities.

Now, the School of the Emperor Star was their opponent.

"What is in the underground ruins?" a fair faced-youth from the Clan of the Seven Slayers asked. There was some murderous intent in the tone of his voice. He was one of the Seven Slayers of his generation. He was ranked last among them, number seven, and not famous at all.

The other six Seven Slayers were all at the Renhuang level, which showed how high the requirements were to become one of the Seven Slayers.

Their disciples had to undergo a lot of training outside to train their desire to kill. Each of the Seven Slayers had risen to their position on a mound of bones and a sea of blood.

"You will know when you go in and see." A from the School of the Emperor Star swept his gaze over the Seventh Slayer. The youth who had spoken, Bei Chen, was the personal disciple of the Palace Lord of the School of the Emperor Star. He had cultivated to the peak of the Saint plane. He was very famous within the School of the Emperor Star, as well as throughout the Ziwei Realm.

Of course, he was not the only famous person there. The Seventh Slayer and Dou Zhao of the Dou tribe were the most famous people of the younger generation in the Ziwei Realm. They were also the junior leaders of their respective forces armies. They were all incredibly powerful.

The cultivators of the Dou tribe and the Clan of the Seven Slayers looked at the man from the School of the Emperor Star. The matrix was still there. If they tried to break out, they would surely suffer.

"Go and take a look," Dou Zhao said. Suddenly, several of his people rushed toward the underground palace. They clenched their fists and lashed out through the air, slamming their hands into the exterior of the palace. Cracks appeared in it.

Boom! A loud noise rang out as the underground palace trembled fiercely. The palace, which already had cracks in it, gave no sign of collapsing. This palace, which had been buried among the ruins, seemed incredibly sturdy.

It seemed like they could not go in that way. If they wanted to enter, they had to force their way in. Unfortunately, the cultivators from the School of the Emperor Star were blocking their way.

"If we go in together, all three sides will fight," Dou Zhao said as he looked off into the distance. "If the School of the Emperor Star wants to seize these ruins for themselves, we must temporarily ally ourselves with the Clan of the Seven Slayers to deal with them."

The people from the School of the Emperor Star looked cold. If they let them go, they would form an alliance against them.

"There are two forces, but we will only permit one of you to go inside. You must choose which one it will be," an elder next to Bei Chen said. He was extremely skillful. A single sentence from him had changed the whole situation.

This meant that between the Dou tribe and the Clan of the Seven Slayers, only one of them could enter. Thus, they had to fight each other.

"If we fight each other first and waste our energy, won't the School of the Emperor Star have even less reason to let us go?" There was some divine radiance in Dou Zhao's eyes. They shone with golden light as he looked at the Clan of the Seven Slayers and said, "There's no need to waste time talking. Let's just break in."

The Seventh Slayer nodded. "Very well." He had no objections. The situation before them was simple. Their two forces had the advantage in terms of numbers, but their opponents held a favorable position since they had formed a starry matrix. This had formed a delicate balance between the two sides. If they wanted to break the deadlock, they had to work together against the School of the Emperor Sar.

Whoosh! A wild fighting aura swept out. Divine fighting light shone upon Dou Zhao. His whole body was brilliantly shining. Cracking sounds emitted from his bones. His robes were torn.

The sharp cracking sounds continued as his robe split. Dou Zhao grew larger, turning into a God of Battle. His bare chest contained incomprehensible power. He had a bit of Renhuang majesty about him that seemed to meld with his flesh.

His arms trembled and made a cracking sound. Behind him, the cultivators of the Dou tribe slammed their fists into him. In a flash, his arms were covered in flowing divine light that entered into his body and made his fighting will even stronger. He grew even larger.

The cultivators of the Clan of the Seven Slayers started emitting powerful Slaughtering Qi. It spread throughout the area with an ear-splitting whistling noise. Each thread of Slaughtering Qi was as sharp as a knife and could kill a man.

As the thousands of threads of Slaughtering Qis spread through the air, it was like there was an endless army of Slaughtering Gods marching.

The cultivators from the Clan of the Seven Slayers stepped forward. The Seventh Slayer had a frightening look in his eyes. With a single thought, endless Slaughtering Qi descended toward the cultivators from the School of the Emperor Star below.

The cultivators from the School of the Emperor Star engaged their starry matrix again. In a flash, endless starlight bloomed. Beams of light crisscrossed. It activated all the power in the area. Once the Slaughtering Qi entered the area, it would be torn up and destroyed.

The Seventh Slayer took another step forward. He was now standing in the air right above the matrix. He held a long spear in his hands. It was the Slaughtering Spear.

Bang! He took another step forward. The Slaughtering Qi gathered in endless amounts. The Slaughtering Way roared as seven cultivators from the Clan of the Seven Slayers stepped up from behind and followed him. The seven of them instantly transformed into gods of slaughter.

Below them, a scepter appeared in Bei Chen's hands. Endless will swept out from it. The light from all the stars in heaven gathered within it.

In the next moment, the Seventh Slayer gathered all the Slaughtering Qi together for an attack to try and break through the matrix. His spear fell. The endless starlight was destroyed. Bei Chen raised his scepter. Suddenly, even more terrible starlight appeared, forming many orbits for stars. Actual stars appeared within these orbits, imprisoning the Seventh Slayer within them.

"Destroy." Bei Chen raised his scepter and pointed it. Endless killing starlight shot out of it. Each beam of light contained enough power to cut through space and time. It was strong enough to shatter the entire area into many pieces.

The Seventh Slayer exploded with Slaughtering Qi that slammed into the oncoming starlight. He stepped within the matrix and used the Seven Tricks of the Killing Gods. Figures that looked like gods of slaughter appeared. They shot out across the matrix.

At the same time, Dou Zhao rose into the air. He had taken on the form of a god of war. He shot through the air. He saw an area full of stars ahead of him, which were blocking his way. He pierced through them with his fist and continued onward.


There was a loud noise as countless stars rotated around Bei Chen. With a single thought, even more stars appeared. At that moment, the stars all cracked as Dou Zhao's attack slammed into them.

While they were fighting, the cultivators from the Dou tribe and Clan of the Seven Slayers were rushing toward the matrix, preparing to force their opponents to flee from it.

Suddenly, a violent attack made the whole area tremble fiercely.

Bei Chen took several steps back. Dou Zhao from the Dou tribe was just as strong as the legends said. It was said that he was the member of the Dou tribe in whom the blood of the God of Battle flowed the most strongly. He had an offensive and defensive Renhuang item within him, which showed that the Dou tribe looked at him as their presumptive heir.

The ground split. The area around the underground palace shook. The palace itself was not affected at all.

Off in the distance, two figures were standing and watching the battle. They were Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

"A battle between people at the peak of the Saint plane has broken out." Ye Futian was in no hurry to rush forward. He looked at Yu Sheng beside him and asked, "Do you have any Renhuang level items?"

If he did not have any, it would cause them some trouble. Many of the people they were about to fight had them, especially the most powerful of them.

Yu Sheng nodded. "I do." The Demon Dragon had given him one before he left the Dragon Gods.

Moreover, it was no ordinary treasure.

Yu Sheng looked at Ye Futian. "When?" That simple word naturally meant, "When are we going to act?"

Ye Futian was speechless. Even when confronted with a violent battle between such powerful figures, Yu Sheng still wanted to get involved. He felt like they would be crushed.

Ordinary Saints trembled before such a battle.

They were not that far away. With their thoughts covering the whole area, their opponents surely knew they were there. Yet, they ignored them.

The three top forces of the Ziwei Realm were fighting. What could two lone cultivators possibly do to affect the outcome?

There was only one road ahead of them. Thus, they ignored them.

The great battle continued. The cultivators of the School of the Emperor Star were finally forced out of the matrix. The Dou tribe and the Clan of the Seven Slayers pressed forward, stepping on the ground above the underground palace.

The underground palace was quite large and had a massive gallery in front of it. There were many skeletons on both sides of the gallery. The skeletons that contained any will seemed to have already been taken away. There were no weapons left either.

However, at the end of the gallery, within the depths of the palace, a terrifying aura was seeping out.

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    《The Legend of Futian》