The Legend of Futian
1605 Possessed by the God of Battle
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1605 Possessed by the God of Battle


A dragon's roar rang out, resonant and clear. At the instant that the divine swords reached him, Yu Sheng took a step forward. His dark demonic light enveloped him, and Ye Futian and the image of a godlike demonic dragon appeared.

The swords tried to pierce through the light, and the strongest of the purple swords managed to touch Yu Sheng's forehead. But he stretched out his dark arms, and black dragon scales appeared all over them. It seemed as if they were no longer regular arms, but were instead dragon limbs. He reached out with his dragon scaled arms and grabbed the sword.

The was a clear snapping sound, and divine light burst out that tore through his scales. But he was still able to stop it. He tightened his grip, and suddenly the sword broke, becoming nothing more than dust.

The godlike demonic dragon curled around Yu Sheng, blocking all of the divine light. Within the oppressive atmosphere of the underground palace, there was only an overpowering demonic aura. Bei Chen stared at Yu Sheng. He was shocked.

Although he had not been sure that this attack would destroy the two of them, he still would not have thought that Yu Sheng would be able to destroy it in such an overwhelming manner. Was this man from Taixuan Mountain as well?

Boom! Bei Chen did not have much time to wonder, for Yu Sheng took another step forward, crossing a great distance. The footstep echoed and roared throughout the underground palace.

Bei Chen suddenly felt an overwhelming pressure. Yu Sheng was coming towards him, responding to the swords he had sent.

Yu Sheng raised his draconic arms and slammed them down. They contained overwhelming might, and their draconic power was integrated into his demonic arts. Thus, his fists seemed powerful enough to break the very air itself.

Bei Chen lifted his hands. Stars appeared, wrapping all around him, making the area around him look like a dazzling field of stars. The stars that swirled around him produced a marvelous resonance that protected him completely.


There was another ear-splitting sound as the stars were destroyed. The power of the dragon coalesced into a demonic black dragon that swept out and shattered the curtain of stars.

Bei Chen's expression changed slightly. Such a small space was not conducive for him to display his strength. The whole area seemed to be shrouded by the dragon's fist, so he could not escape it. He put his scepter in front of him, and starlight bloomed from it as he retreated.


There was a dull roar as Bei Chen was thrown into a stone wall, making the whole underground palace shake. He groaned in pain.

He got an ugly look on his face and suddenly rose to his feet. He floated up into the air as if he had not been wounded in the least. He gripped his scepter tightly, and starlight shone from his eyes, spreading throughout the whole hall in an instant.

The other cultivators from the School of the Emperor Star within the underground palace rose into the air as well. In a flash, starlight filled the hall. The figures floating in the air all fixed their gazes on Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. Clearly, these two were now their targets.

The hall had turned very bright under all the shining starlight. Ye Futian swept his gaze over Bei Chen and said, "We should value harmony over violence. Why does this have to come down to a fight? We should let whoever can take the power for themselves have it." He turned to Yu Sheng and said, "I'll leave him to you."

"Excellent," said Yu Sheng with a nod. He stepped towards Bei Chen.

The cultivators of the Dou tribe and the Clan of the Seven Slayers were stunned when they saw this. This guy was really shameless. He was leaving the most powerful among them, Bei Chen, to Yu Sheng, and he himself turned to deal with the other cultivators of the School of the Emperor Star.

Yu Sheng stepped right through the air towards Bei Chen, his body filled with powerful demonic energy. Everyone could faintly feel the aura of a Demon Emperor. Could it be that this man was the descendant of some great demon?

But he was not a demonic beast. Why had he cultivated the power of a true-blooded dragon?

Ye Futian strode towards the cultivators of the School of the Emperor Star, who were standing in mid-air. In a flash, guqin music appeared. But at that moment, all they could feel was a sharp aura.

Then, countless divine swords appeared. They cut through the air as they shot out.

The cultivators of the School of the Emperor Star frowned when they felt this sword will. Ye Futian pointed into the air, and Rhythmic Sorcery of the Great Path pierced their ears. It felt like countless divine swords had pierced their divine souls. At the same time, the underground palace seemed to be filled with swords. This was the Cleave of All Things of the Fleeting Divine Sword.

The people from the School of the Emperor Star looked shocked, and their starlight shone all around them, protecting their flesh. The divine swords flew right into the group of them. For someone at Ye Futian's level, there was little difference between attacking a single person an attacking a group.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Each figure was sent flying back. Others were less able to defend themselves and were torn apart by the flying swords. They gave out piteous cries.

Ye Futian continued forward, making the room shake. Rhythmic Sorcery entered everyone's ears again. It was like the divine music of the Great Path. As it played, the swords continued to fall.

"Go." Bright light shone from Ye Futian's eyes. The swords went out once again, piercing through the air.

His swords were incredibly fast and incredibly strong.

With a single thought, the swords traveled along countless different paths through the underground palace, leaving terrible sword marks in the air. The cultivators of the School of the Emperor Star's starry defenses were shattered, and blood flew through the air. They went flying backward with pale faces.

None of the cultivators of the School of the Emperor Star could stand before that sword.

On the other side of the battlefield, Bei Chen was being pressed hard by Yu Sheng. In the narrow space of the underground palace, Yu Sheng was at a major advantage. His fists were everywhere; there was nowhere to avoid them. Bei Chen could only try to withstand his attacks. Attack after attack hit him. He was once again flung fiercely into a wall, blood pouring from his mouth.

Just as he stood up, a sword flew through the air towards him.

Bang! There was a loud noise as the sword touched his head, even cutting off some of his hair.

Bei Chen did not move. He could feel cold sweat all over his body. If the sword moved even just a little bit, it would pierce right into his forehead.

He lifted his head and had a dark look on his face. He saw that after Ye Futian dealt with the other cultivators of the School of the Emperor Star, he walked over to join Yu Sheng, looked at Bei Chen, and said, "You may leave when you wish."

He had said that only those who were qualified could fight in the God's Relic. Obviously, the School of the Emperor Star had lost that qualification.

They had suffered a crushing defeat. If their opponents had not shown them mercy, they would have already slaughtered them.

This battle had been a disaster.

Two people had beaten all of them and kicked them out.

Bei Chen said nothing. He turned around and left with the rest of the cultivators of the School of the Emperor Star following him. They clenched their fists, but they said nothing either.

Defeat was defeat. They had got here first and set up an ambush. But they had never thought that they would be driven out by two people.

After the cultivators from the School of the Emperor Star left, Ye Futian looked at Dou Zhao and Seventh Slayer, asking, "What are you planning to do now? Do you want to see who is able to take the power here, or do you want to solve this like you were going to before?"

The people of the Dou tribe and the Clan of the Seven Slayers looked at Ye Futian. Could he really be so arrogant?

Did he think that no matter what they chose, he would be the one to take the terrifying fighting will?

"Each of us will take one of them?" Dou Zhao asked Seventh Slayer.

"That works," said Seventh Slayer with a nod.

"I'll take him." Dou Zhao pointed to Yu Sheng. Previously, Ye Futian had said that Yu Sheng was stronger than him, and he wanted to see for himself just how powerful this demonic cultivator was. He was different from Bei Chen. The Dou tribe was famous for its attacking power, so he would not be crushed by Yu Sheng. He wanted to see how much of his power Yu Sheng could force him to use.

"Alright." Seventh Slayer looked at Ye Futian like a hunter staring at his prey. The Clan of the Seven Slayers proved their worthiness by killing.

"Do you want to go outside?" asked Ye Futian.

"It will be quicker if we just do it here," answered Dou Zhao. The underground palace's walls were firm and would not fall. Although it was spacious inside there and could accommodate many people, it was too narrow for people like them to fully bring their power to bear.

But it would be quicker to do it here, and more dangerous. It would be a true competition with no room for tricks.

He and Seventh Slayer were both good at fighting. What use would there be in going outside?

Really, it was the cultivators of the School of the Emperor Star who were best suited to fighting outside.

"Fine." Ye Futian had no objections. He walked towards Seventh Slayer while Yu Sheng moved towards Dou Zhao.

Dou Zhao's gaze became sharper, and divine light bloomed from him. His fighting will surged. The second and third marks of the God of Battle appeared on his forehead in succession. In a flash, incomparably terrifying fighting light swept out through the underground palace. Facing someone as powerful as Yu Sheng, he had directly used three fighting seals.

Bang! Dou Zhao stepped towards Yu Sheng. He was being extremely direct. Both he and Yu Sheng were skilled at battle, so he did not need any fancy tricks. He assumed the demonic cultivator before him was the same.

Just as he had thought, Yu Sheng stepped forward as well, his arms transforming into demon arms. He activated the power of the divine dragon, and everyone could faintly hear a dragon roaring.

They two of them clashed without any hesitation, and violent splitting sounds filled the air. A terrible whirlwind swept through the area in all directions. This time, Dou Zhao took a few steps back. The people of the Dou tribe felt their hearts beating wildly as they watched.

Dou Zhao had actually been forced back.

This demonic cultivator was really that powerful.

Dou Zhao's gaze sharpened and seemed to become more divine. Another divine mark coalesced on his forehead, and incomparably divine light suffused his body. He roared, and snapping sounds rang out from him, making it seem like his body was splitting. The image of a God of Battle materialized behind him. It seemed as if he had been possessed by the God of Battle.

"The fourth seal. He has summoned the God of Battle." The cultivators of the Dou tribe shook as they beheld this. Dou Zhao's power had reached a new level.

Demonic power rolled off of Yu Sheng when he saw this. The figure of a massive demon god appeared behind him at the same time. Its demonic eyes were incredibly frightening, and it seemed like all he had to do was look at someone, and they would have to kneel before him. Unparalleled demonic figures appeared all around him, seeming to regard him as their king. It was extremely spectacular!

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    《The Legend of Futian》