The Legend of Futian
1607 Game Over
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1607 Game Over

There was a vast army garrisoning Emperor Li's City. Li Yao and Yuan Jin led the army to assault Emperor Xia's City with Demon Peacock City, so there was naturally a need to watch over their base, preventing it from being ambushed. The victor of the Battle of Empty Realm was decided by whose imperial flag was left standing, after all.

As such, not only did they send people to keep an eye on things at Demon Peacock City, but they had also begun to watch for any movements of the army of Emperor Xia's City before they reached the battlefield, checking to see if anyone was leaving the city they were about to sack. All of that was done to prevent their imperial flag from being stolen. However, a terrifying pressure was sensed looming right outside Emperor Li's City, which was demonic in nature.

"The enemy is at our door. Mighty ones of Emperor Li's City, assemble and defend the imperial flag," a voice said loud and clear. One silhouette after another was seen flashing about, heading in the same direction. All of them appeared around the imperial flag and laid out their formations in an instant. Not only were there people left behind to defend the place, but the forces that were left behind were also of formidable strength and were versed in defensive matrixes. All of them were mighty ones explicitly nurtured for the task, courtesy of the imperial advisor himself. Their powers were very similar to each other, enabling them to attack and defend as a group easily.

One cauldron after another flew in the sky, and countless appeared, surrounding the imperial flag in a heartbeat. They spun about in the air, emanating frightening saintly might. The Cauldron Matrix, a skill that was both offensive and defensive, enabled all to form the matrix and act as a single entity. The crafting of the divine implements that they were armed with was commissioned personally by the imperial advisor of the Dali Dynasty for the Battle of Empty Realm.

The imperial advisor had indeed poured his heart and soul into his job for the sake of the regime he served, which guaranteed him a prestigious position of serving only a single being while standing on top of tens of millions. The crown prince revered the imperial advisor as the teacher, so much so that he needed to perform proper gestures when seeing the imperial advisor and address the imperial advisor by his title.

"Dali and Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm are now allied against Emperor Xia's Realm. What do you all think of this?" a young man of exceptional bearing said with a brimming voice in midair, addressing the people of Emperor Li's Realm manning the matrix below.

"The alliance between both armies does not affect the fight between the two forces. When the imperial flag of Emperor Xia's City is taken down, it would then be our turn to fight each other. We shall take down the imperial flag of Emperor Li's City and bring an end to the Battle of Empty Realm," the Bull Demon elaborated in a loud, booming voice. He then roared and turned into a green Kui. Thunderstorms of raging magnitudes began to appear all of a sudden as they fell from the heavens. Formless light was unleashed by the cauldrons surrounding the battle matrix, blocking the power of the thunderstorm, preventing it from doing any damage.

"Raging Bull Matrix," the Bull Demon roared. The mighty ones of the demon oxen took their formations, and rumbling noises were heard throughout their surroundings. Emperor Li's City was shrouded in terrifying thunderstorms. The demon oxen took their formations impeccably, a boundless shadow of the demon oxen appearing high up in the air. A towering demon ox king appeared amidst the storm vaguely, looking down terrifyingly as if it was an ox god.

There were some mighty ones from the Empty Realm on the battlefield very far away from Emperor Li's City, looking at the frightening scene taking place in the city. They were shaken. Saints were forbidden from taking part in the battle and affecting things in the Battle of Empty Realm. Even sages took serious precautions when stepping onto the battlefield, as combatants from any of the three sides posed a threat to them. However, there were still many coming to check on things after hearing about the showdown. Of course, most gathered and watched outside Emperor Xia's City, but no one would have expected such a terrifying battle to take place at Emperor Li's City as well.

"Storm the city and take the flag!" the Bull Demon roared with earth-shattering voice. The towering ox god's shadow, high in the air, dove down. The demon oxen below charged straight at their quarry. The demon oxen had always been a raging bunch and were of formidable strength. The black oxen were people that dared to clash head-on through brute force, even against the likes of rocs and dragons. They had no fear of death when they turned berserk and knew only to charge, bringing down any mighty one who dared to stand in their way.

Terrifying storms whipped about, bringing down the heavens where the imperial flag of Emperor Li's City was. The mighty one that led the defense then shouted, "Bring the cauldrons!" The cauldrons circled about in the air as soon as the order was given, bombarding the silhouette of the diving ox god.

The air rumbled violently as if heaven and the earth were about to split apart within that very instant. Buildings toppled down one after another within the city. Towering lightning strikes shot forth, destroying everything in their wake. Within a single heartbeat, there were already ruins in Emperor Li's City.

Boom, boom, boom! The towering ox god continued to charge below, tearing all defenses that were standing in its way. One cauldron after another crumbled instantly. A golden nine-horned giant cauldron appeared in the defending battle matrix, circled by a golden dragon around it. Cauldrons that surrounded the golden cauldron rang, and the light emitted from the cauldrons shot at the ox god with a very destructive force.

A wave swept about the place as such terrifying attacks were being carried out. The air seemed to be exploding maniacally. The Bull Demon transformed into an enormous Kui and seemed to have melded with that towering ox god. He then roared, "Take down the matrix at all cost!" The oxen charged as soon as the order was given. One demon ox after another charged at the circling cauldrons in the matrix without any fear of death. Booming rumbles were heard all over the place.

Furthermore, more than one demon ox was doing so. All of the oxen dove without care and in a frenzy. Even the leading Bull Demon had, too, merged within the ox god and charged at that humongous cauldron.

"Are you all mad?" a mighty one from Emperor Li's City shouted. Demonic beasts were known to be unruly, and the oxen were even more so. Do they have to go this far? he wondered. Are they really throwing their lives to break the matrix? How are they going to cut down the imperial flag even if they succeed?

Rumbling noises continued to be heard as one ox after another exploded in the clash. Their blood spilled all over the air. Their efforts rattled the defending cauldrons, and the matrix shook violently. The divine light barrier enveloping the place began to tear.

Pfftt. A puffing sound was heard. Some within the matrix were no longer able to withstand the shock of the charge and spat up blood, looking pale.

"Take down the matrix!" the Bull Demon roared and continued to dive.

Those from far away felt their minds rattle as they watched the devastating scene taking place. Are the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm forces that adamant in taking down the imperial flag of Emperor Li's City? they thought.

At that moment, far above Emperor Li's City, figures dropped from the devastating storm above, one of them being a Black Wind Condor. The bird's eyes were cold as it stared at the battlefield. With the bird around, Ye Futian's plans could be carried out seamlessly.

Those who went there were naturally cultivators from the Nine States. Ye Futian left the Sword Saint to be in charge of them, leading them to take down the imperial flag. Despite the mighty ones from both sides engaging each other in an intense battle, they were alerted to the presence of Ye Futian's people. Ye Futian had long enthralled the Bull Demon, so he naturally felt nothing. But then again, not all demonic beasts were subjected to Ye Futian's control. Most of them were only following Bull Demon, who pretended to have received orders from Kong Xuan, telling them to hit Emperor Li's City and cut down the imperial flag. Mighty ones from Emperor Li's City were furious, wondering why mighty ones from both Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm and Emperor Xia's Realm were there at the same time.

"We're here for the same goal—to take the imperial flag of Emperor Li's City. So we joined hands," the Sword Saint held onto the demonic blade and said.

"Alright," the Bull Demon answered. None of the other demonic beasts had anything else to say. They had no idea what was happening at Emperor Xia's City. Since they were there to cut down the imperial flag of Emperor Li's City, it made no difference whether they were cutting down someone or joining hands with someone. But of course, the demonic beasts did not let their guard down. They knew humans to be a shrewd bunch, and they had to watch out for themselves to prevent being ambushed.

"Take the matrix down," the Sword Saint said. Demonic will shot up in a towering manner in that instant from his demonic blade as he finished his sentence. The demonic will was then converted into a dark flash of the blade, sweeping down from above at a cauldron. At the same time, Yu Sheng held onto the Battleaxe of Judgment. He cut down a cauldron with a roar.

Ye Wuchen summoned thousands of sword wills, shooting up to the sky before diving downward again. Light of Nine Words circled Gu Dongliu and transmuted into shadows of his battle matrix, blasting the target below. There were also Bai Luli, Xia Nan, Tong He, and many other mighty ones from the Nine States, attacking the two battle matrixes that were in a deadlock.

The two battle matrixes were of equal power, and there was no way they could have taken additional attacks from above, unleashed by the mighty ones of the Nine States. The cauldrons exploded and shattered right there and then. With one whole corner crumbling, the humongous cauldron sunk and cracks began to show on the barrier of light. Many mighty ones manning the battle matrix were subjected to indescribable pressure.

Voom. A gale swept by, and the Black Wind Condor's body grew exponentially in size, becoming a huge, overbearing demonic bird. It dove right there and then at a corner. Its dark golden claws flashed straight downward, tearing the space below and causing the battle matrix to rattle.

Yu Sheng took the form of a devil and leaped from above, bringing down the Battleaxe of Judgment hard. All of those top-notch geniuses from the Nine States brought their best game to bear.

The shadow of the ox god continued to roar as it bore on its opponent below. The cauldron exploded and was reduced to bits with a rumble. Yet another crack appeared on the battle matrix, and many of Emperor Li's Realm defending mighty ones spat up blood.

"Kill them all." The Bull Demon let out a low rumble and dived, messing up the battle matrix altogether. Yu Sheng and the others charged down as well, barging into the crowd. Yu Sheng, who held the Battleaxe of Judgment in his hands, swung wildly in his devil form. Every single strike ended up killing someone. The most powerful ones from Emperor Li's Realm were sent to the battlefield at Emperor Xia's City. There was simply no one else capable of standing in Yu Sheng's way one-on-one.

Other than Yu Sheng, the Sword Saint and Gu Dongliu were both extremely formidable figures when it came to one-on-one combat. With the Black Wind Condor, Ye Wuchen, Huang Jiuge, and the others around, it was as if tigers had charged into a herd of sheep. Blood was spilled endlessly. Yuan Jin left a batch of elites to guard the place, and yet, said elites were being wiped out in a bloodbath.

"Abandon your post. Retreat!" mighty ones from Emperor Li's Realm shouted. They eventually despaired, and they knew that there was no way they could have held their ground for long. If they were to stay any longer, they would have only died pointless deaths. Even if they were to be executed later, they would have had nothing else to say.

Pfftt... Blood spilled everywhere. Yu Sheng brought his axe down again and yet another mighty one was split open. The army of Emperor Li's City was almost all eliminated, with only a handful being able to escape. The imperial flag swayed in the wind high up in Emperor Li's City. A great monster headed that way and roared, "Cut it down!"

A sharp howl was heard and dark golden claws threw that monster out of the way. The condor zipped past like a bolt of lightning and landed its claws on the imperial flag of Emperor Li's City. Its proud eyes turned around to scan the demonic beasts from Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm. It then said, "You're dismissed." With the imperial flags of Emperor Li's City and Demon Peacock Emperor's City in their grasp, the Battle of Empty Realm was actually over!

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    《The Legend of Futian》