The Legend of Futian
1608 Sword City
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1608 Sword City

Before Ye Futian and Yu Sheng had arrived, the three forces had already stopped fighting. But even though they had tried, they had been unable to get closer to the area covered by the fighting will. Otherwise, they would have already taken the spear and inherited the fighting will.

But now, Ye Futian had done both of those things incredibly quickly. Dou Zhao suddenly felt a little bit inferior. He now understood why it had been Ye Futian who had inherited the fighting will and not Yu Sheng.

Could this even be called "inheritance?" It seemed like the spear had been placed there to wait for Ye Futian to take it.

As for how he had taken it, Dou Zhao suddenly remembered how Ye Futian had told them to leave. It seemed that he purposely did not want them to see what he did. But no matter what trick he had used, he had done it incredibly quickly.

"Where are you planning to go next?" Dou Zhao asked Ye Futian.

"To the east. Many people seem to be going somewhere in that direction. It seems like something happened," said Ye Futian. The cultivators of the Purple Gold Rat clan had gone out in many directions. This was not the only place where things were happening; they were happening in other directions as well.

The demons of the Purple Gold Rat clan had some tricks of their own, and their sense of smell was very sharp.

"The God's Relic has a lot of history. Many of the elders of the top forces have been here before, so they probably know some things about this place, just like the School of the Emperor Star," said Dou Zhao. The cultivators of the Dou tribe were not the first ones to come here. Those cultivators who had made it out alive had naturally recorded their experiences of what happened in the God's Relic. Otherwise, how would they have known to follow the School of the Emperor Star?

Ye Futian gave a slight nod. "Mmm."

"However, there is something I should remind you of," said Dou Zhao.

Ye Futian nodded. "Go ahead."

"According to what the elder of my tribe said, if you continue on in one direction until you reach the end, you will run into the Great Relic."

A look of surprise flashed in Ye Futian's eyes. When they had followed the Purple Gold Rats, they had seen that many many forces were indeed traveling in a single direction and not stopping.

Was the Great Relic something that had truly been left behind by the gods?

The God's Relic seemed to be an entire world and was said to be the tomb of the gods. But could it have been rebuilt?

Ye Futian nodded again. "Then, I will go into the east to have a look first, after which I will continue on eastward."

When Ye Futian said this, Dou Zhao seemed to realize something, and a strange look came over his face. "If you are here, then how do you know where the others are going?"

The more he learned about Ye Futian, the stranger he felt. What kind of person was this man?

At first, it had seemed that these two had just been secretly following behind them, trying to take advantage of the situation. Now, they somehow seemed to know what was happening in other places. From Ye Futian's tone, it sounded like he even knew concrete details about what was going on. This...

Ye Futian looked at Dou Zhao and smiled. "I am using the mystical powers of the Great Path to foresee everything, both in the past and in the future."

"..." Dou Zhao'sface went dark. He didn't have to tell him, but did he really have to lie so obviously?

He may have been very powerful, but was there anyone in the world who would dare claim to have the power to see the past and the future?

"You rest here for a while. We'll go on ahead." Ye Futian was naturally joking. He took his leave and began walking off into the distance.

Dou Zhao watched the disappearing figure speechlessly. The cultivators of the Dou tribe beside him looked at him and asked, "How are you?"

"I need a bit more time to recover." After saying this, Dou Zhao closed his eyes and said no more. The piece of fruit of the way that contained powerful life will was truly marvelous. It was not only able to restore his life aura, but it was also able to repair his damaged spiritual willpower.

The fruit contained the power of the Great Path of life and had infinite vitality. This was the basis of all human beings. When their vitality was strong, their spiritual will would be strong as well. The two of them were connected. When one's life aura, or vitality, grew weak, their spiritual will would grow weak as well. This is why, when people were wounded in battle, it was easier to destroy their willpower.

Thus, due to this fruit, although they might have to stay behind for a little while, it would not be too long. Now, he just had to patiently recover.

Those two guys did not know what kind of storm they had just whipped up in the God's Relic. He would guess that those two were the greatest dark horses here.

He did not know who would be unlucky enough to run into the two of them next.


The entrance to the God's Relic was in the City of the Ruins, which was in the Central Emperor Realm. Thus, if you wanted to talk about who understood the God's Relic the best, you would have to mention the top forces of the Central Imperial Realm. These powers were ancient and prosperous with vast and deep secrets. Thus, they were certainly among the forces that understood the God's Relic the most.

Other than them, there were also the powerful elders of other top forces who had been to the God's Relic before. They probably knew a little bit more.

Thus, when they entered the God's Relic, those forces who knew some things could head directly for their goals. For example, the School of the Emperor Star had done this, and the Dou tribe and the Clan of the Seven Slayers had followed them.

The other forces besides the School of the Emperor Star would naturally know some things about the God's Relic.

For example, the Yuanyang clan, Heavenly Sword Hall, and other forces had all headed directly east once they had reached the God's Relic.

The Yuanyang clan's formation was incredibly large. After all, they controlled the Yuanyang Realm, and thus all the cultivators of that realm were their subjects and had depended on them to have a chance to come to the God's Relic. Thus, once they had come here, they formed a massive and imposing formation.

Zhu Qi, who had once been with Little Condor, was one of the people who came from the Yuanyang Realm.

At that moment, the massive crowd of people was standing outside of an ancient city. The city's gates were broken, and there were no signs of life from within.

But as they stood there outside the city, the cultivators of the Yuanyang Realm looked solemn. The entire massive city was covered by sword will. They could sense that the city had been pierced by countless swords, all of which seemed elegant yet insubstantial. They were all made out of sword will.

This was an ancient city of swordsmanship. A great swordsman must have once ruled over it.

Another force appeared outside the city in another spot. It was the cultivators of the Heavenly Sword Hall of the Myriad Realm. There were not as many of them as there were of the people from the Yuanyang Realm, but every one of their swordsmen had a terrifying aura of swordsmanship, and they were gazing at the city fiercely.

They had felt the sword will here from far away.

In another spot, another group of imposing figures stood there. They seemed to shine with divine sunlight, and they were very swift and fierce.

These cultivators had come from the Solar Realm and were one of the top forces of that realm: Chixiao Divine Mountain.

Although they were not purely focused on swordsmanship, they did teach it, and thus they had come here.

In addition, a force from the Heavenly Mandate Ream had come as well. They were a group of women, Brahma's Pure Sky. Qin He was leading them. They stood a little bit farther back than the other forces.

Brahma's Pure Sky was one of the top forces in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, but in reality, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven were the strongest. The Demon Realm had the Divine Dragons and the Sky Demon Court. Thus, Brahma's Pure Sky was not at the very top. When looking at the whole of the Nine Supreme Realms, they did not stand out very much.

Thus, Qin He knew what she should do and what she should not do.

"Be careful when we go in. The whole city is filled with sword will." The young man at the head of the Yuanyang clan was wearing a robe and had an impressive bearing. After he reminded everyone of this, he strode forward towards the ancient city.

Everyone was very vigilant. It was said that many people had fallen here in the past, and the sword will that was anywhere could threaten their very lives.

Afterward, the people from the Heavenly Sword Hall and Chixiao Divine Mountain entered the city as well.

"Let's go in," ordered Qin He of Brahma's Pure Sky. The Goddesses all stepped forward one by one, entering within.

Once they had entered the city, sword will wrapped around them. Only powerful cultivators could protect themselves against sword will that was everywhere at once. They let it enter their bodies so they could sense it better.

Outside the city, another group of figures was coming towards the city from a distance. There were two figures at the very front. They were Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

Behind them came Little Condor and the others.

Although Dou Zhao had told him that the Great Relic was at the end of this road, he was not just going to give up on the other things that he found along the way.

"Should we go in?" Yu Sheng asked Ye Futian beside him.

"If there are no Renhuangs, then there are no threats," answered Ye Futian. "If there's anyone in there we can't handle together, we can flee."

There were many sword cultivators among them: the Swordmaster of Lihen, Yaya, Luoyue, and more. He himself had cultivated the sword, and thus he had decided to come there.

Moreover, not long before, he had gotten a new spear and inherited some fighting will. If no Renhuangs appeared, it would be difficult for anyone to threaten him and Yu Sheng.

When he and Yu Sheng had fought Dou Zhao, and he had activated the seventh seal, that had been the most challenging battle they would face.

"But the sword will in this city is extremely strong. You should all be careful," said Ye Futian to the people behind him. Yaya and the others nodded.

When Ye Futian looked back at the city, his expression changed, becoming surprised. It seemed as if he could see through the illusion. The whole city, from top to bottom, was filled with sword will. There was nowhere left untouched. It filled the whole city.

Moreover, the farther one went into the city, the stronger the sword will became. He could faintly see some Lingtian Sword Will.

Ye Futian and the others strode forward, passing through the broken city wall. As they entered the city, they saw that everything was in ruins. In addition to the surging sword will, there were countless sword marks left everywhere.

Ye Futian did not resist; he let the sword will enter him. More sword will spread out from him at the same time.

"This sword will is all different. It is actually many different kinds of sword will," the Swordmaster of Lihen whispered. The sword will had obviously come from different people.

"There are many broken swords here as well," said Yaya as she looked all around her. There were broken swords everywhere, stuck into the ruins. They were all filled with sword will, and had very likely been left here by an ancient sword emperor.

But they could not see any corpses here. There was one possibility: they had been destroyed by the sword will.

Ye Futian walked a little further in and grasped one of the broken swords. He could feel the sword will within it. "The swords are broken, and the people are dead," he said, "but the people are gone, and the sword will remains."

In the past, these broken swords would have been extremely valuable to him. But at his current level, they were useless.

"Let's go to the center of the city," said Ye Futian as he continued forward.

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    《The Legend of Futian》