The Legend of Futian
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1610 Decisions

Yuan Hong and the other Yuanyang Clan cultivators, as well as the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Hall and Chixiao Divine Mountain, were waiting in front of the central Divine Sword Matrix.

After a short while, Ye Futian and Yaya returned carrying a sword in their hands.

"You managed to get one?" Yuan Hong exclaimed as he looked at Ye Futian.

"Hmm." Ye Futian nodded his head and said, "Give it a try."

As he said this, he waved his palm. The sword immediately flew out with a whistling sound and landed directly in one of the nine major points of the divine matrix. Countless sword rune lines lit up in an instant. They were even more dazzling when they were lit up.

Clearly, there were no issues with this sword.

Many people glanced at Ye Futian. He actually managed to find something. Yuan Hong was somewhat curious, so he asked, "What makes you so sure?"

"This sword stood out too much," Ye Futian answered with a smile. Yuan Hong was somewhat doubtful. Was it truly so simple?

Was it really that easy to retrieve the swords?

If it was so easy to do so, then why had all the people who had previously entered God's relic only managed to obtain six swords?

"Our members and the members of Heavenly Sword Hall have also discovered a sword. They are attempting to retrieve it as we speak," Yuan Hong said. Ye Futian nodded in agreement.

However, they took a long time to retrieve this sword. When they returned, quite a few people were missing, and there was even a person who was injured. It was one of the cultivators of Heavenly Sword Hall that was a step away from becoming a Renhuang. He and another top figure of the Yuanyang Clan had joined forces to retrieve this sword.

A cultivator from Heavenly Sword Hall walked up and inserted the sword into the matrix. Instantly, countless streams of Sword Qi burst forth from the vast divine matrix and covered the entire Sword City. Only the last major point was left. Many swords were already clanking in harmony. They seemed to have formed some sort of resonance.

"Only one sword is missing." The rest of them looked at the Divine Sword Matrix. They only had to obtain one more sword, and they could unlock the Divine Sword Matrix. It would be a great fateful encounter.

However, Sword Will was everywhere in this Sword City. There were many swords dispersed throughout the city. Which sword was it?

"Have you discovered anything?" Yuan Hong asked. The rest of them all shook their heads.

"Should we gather all the swords in the city and test each sword one by one?" Yuan Hong continued saying. Ye Futian was speechless. As expected of a top figure from the Central Emperor Realm's Yuanyang Clan. It was difficult for ordinary people to compare with such spirit. How much effort would they have to expend in order to retrieve all of the swords in this place?

Many people would most likely have to lose their lives for them to achieve such a feat.

"If we get it wrong, we might end up destroying the foundations of the sword matrix," the cultivators of Heavenly Sword Hall exclaimed.

Yuan Hong scowled and said, "That means that our only choice is to find the last sword. Do you have any ideas on how to do so?"

The members from Heavenly Sword Hall all shook their heads. They did not have any leads at the moment.

"I know where the sword is," Ye Futian said. Immediately, everyone's gazes fell on him.

"Where is it?" Yuan Hong asked.

Ye Futian walked towards a spot not far to the side of the Divine Sword Matrix. There was a broken sword there. He picked up the broken sword. He could clearly sense that the broken sword also contained a powerful Sword Will.

He carried the broken sword and walked towards the sword matrix. Yuan Hong and the rest revealed strange looks on their faces.

The sword was right beside the sword matrix?

Was it also a broken sword?

Many people were somewhat doubtful.

"Hold on," the cultivators of Heavenly Sword Hall cried out as they saw Ye Futian walking towards the sword matrix. Ye Futian looked towards them.

"How can you be certain that it is this broken sword?" the leader of the members of Heavenly Sword Hall was renowned in the Myriad Realm. He had cultivated for many years and was still a Sword Saint, but his ability was unfathomable. He was known as Sword Saint of Avici.

"The sword matrix led me to it," Ye Futian said as he looked towards the Divine Sword Matrix in front of him.

"Are you certain?" Sword Saint of Avici opened his eyes and stared at Ye Futian. There was a divine light in his eyes, and his gaze was extremely frightening.

"It won't be a problem," Ye Futian replied.

"If you are wrong and the sword matrix is destroyed, you will pay the price," Sword Saint of Avici said. After that, he did not say anymore. Yu Sheng frowned when he heard these words. This person's tone was very arrogant. Who did he take Ye Futian to be?

Was Ye Futian their errand boy?

If Ye Futian made a mistake, he would need to pay the price?

Ye Futian smiled and kept walking. He inserted the broken sword into the final point of the matrix. Sword Will lingered, and everyone's gazes stared at the divine matrix. The next moment, the nine swords lit up with a frightening glow. The broken sword seemed to have been restored to its original unbroken state. Divine light flickered as though divine swords were inserted in the nine points of the matrix.

At this moment, the Divine Sword Matrix began to flow. The central pattern of the sword matrix also began to rotate. From all around, countless Sword Qi streaked towards the divine matrix. The sword matrix's light screen was opened, and they could now walk into it.

"We did it!" Many people were astonished. That broken sword was actually one of the swords they needed. How did this fellow know that it was the one?

Could it be that the sword matrix had actually led him to it?

Ye Futian ignored what the others thought about him. His gaze was aimed at the Divine Sword Matrix. His eyes were extremely bright and could see through everything. Within his field of vision, the Sword Will in the entire city was flowing towards that divine sword. The Sword Will then descended into the center of the pattern. Such a Sword Will was something that he could not stand against.

As expected, it is not something that is easily inherited, Ye Futian thought.

The members of the few top forces were about to make a move, especially the cultivators of Heavenly Sword Hall. They were the purest swordsmanship force among the top forces.

However, they had also sensed the might of this Sword Will. Wanting to inherit this Sword Will was most likely not going to be easy. It could even pose a danger to their lives.

"The sword matrix has opened. Please send a representative to give it a try. My side will go last. Whoever manages to get the sword can lay claim to it. How about it?" Ye Futian suggested as he faced the crowd. Yuan Hong looked at Ye Futian and nodded his head slightly, saying, "I agree. Let the various forces take turns."

Ye Futian had the greatest contribution in activating this matrix. He was already being gracious by letting them go first.

The cultivators of Heavenly Sword Hall did not say anything and remained staring at the matrix. With the strength of Ye Futian's party, what else could he do but let them go first?

Even if Ye Futian allowed them to go first, could it be that he believed that he could still obtain the sword in the end?

No matter what happened, it would never reach his group's turn.

"Since young master Ye is here, we will not participate," Qin He said with a faint smile. Other people might not know much about Ye Futian, but she did.

Moreover, there was some level of friendship between Ye Futian and her. Since they would not be in the running, they might as well declare it.

"Thank you, goddess." Ye Futian smiled as he nodded his head. Some people looked at Qin He's group. This woman had a stunning appearance, but she acted so subdued before Ye Futian. Could it be because of Ye Futian's looks? Ye Futian was indeed a fine specimen of handsome looks.

However, if it was so, wasn't she too shallow?

For cultivators, especially male cultivators, they did not value appearances at all. One's ability would always come first.

"Everyone, please go ahead," Ye Futian said with a smile. How could inheriting this sword possibly be that easy?

It was not just him who knew this; the other forces also knew this. Their expressions turned slightly serious.

"Heavenly Sword Hall is a swordsmanship force. You may go first," Yuan Hong from Yuanyang Clan said to the cultivators of Heavenly Sword Hall, inviting them to go first.

Sword Saint of Avici's gaze turned towards the center of the sword matrix. He was not very confident.

"Who will go?" He asked the cultivators of Heavenly Sword Hall. They were all somewhat hesitant. If they succeeded, it was possible that they could inherit the Divine Sword. However, if they failed, it was possible that they would die.

The first person to go would have a great but dangerous opportunity.

"I will go." An elder from Heavenly Sword Hall walked out. He walked towards the center of the divine matrix. In an instant, a frightening Sword Will flowed in. Step by step, he walked to the center of the pattern on the divine matrix. Instantly, endless Sword Will descended. He reached out his hand to grab hold of the Divine Sword.


In Sword City, endless Sword Will surged into the Divine Sword. Sword Will descended, penetrating the elder's body.

His facial expression changed drastically. Within his body, a powerful Sword Will burst forth. Even his Sword Spirit had appeared.


Sword Will seemed to form physical swords that collided with his Sword Spirit. The elder let out a scream. Continuous streams of Sword Will descended, and his body then gradually dissipated into nothingness.

Those who witnessed this scene felt their hearts shiver. The elder had failed.

As expected, he paid the price for failing with his life.

The face of Sword Saint of Avici turned sullen. He looked towards the cultivators from the other forces and said, "It's your turn."

The cultivators of Yuanyang Clan, as well as Chixiao Divine Mountain, stared at the divine matrix. They had all fallen silent.

Under such circumstances, they were also not confident that they could obtain the sword.

"We have decided to continue observing for now," the cultivators of Chixiao Divine Mountain declared.

"Does anyone want to give it a try?" Yuan Hong looked towards the cultivators of the Yuanyang Clan and declared, "Whoever obtains it can claim it as their own."

With the previous example, no one dared to act. They were all not confident that they could succeed.

This Divine Sword was not so easy to obtain.

Looking at this scene, Yuan Hong turned towards Ye Futian and said, "It seems that you all should still go first."

"Alright." Ye Futian nodded. He walked forwards into the center of the sword matrix. When the others saw this, they revealed strange looks. Was he personally attempting to retrieve the sword?

When Ye Futian walked into the divine matrix, he felt the endless Sword Will descending upon him. Deed of Thorough Comprehension activated and became a divine furnace. Nine Words circled him, and heaven and earth resonated. At the same time, inside his body, there were countless branches and leaves enveloping his core. When the Sword Will flowed into him, it was consumed within his body.

"Huh?" The crowd was staring at Ye Futian. His response seemed mild.

Ye Futian raised his head and looked at the Divine Sword above him. His eyes were frightening. In this instant, he seemed to have entered the world of the sword. Within this world of the sword, there was an illusory figure that was practicing sword techniques.

This is... a Sword Spirit, Ye Futian thought.

After a short while, a dull thud came from within the Divine Sword Matrix. Ye Futian stepped out from within it.

He walked out unscathed. However, he did not manage to inherit the Divine Sword.

The Yuanyang Clan and cultivators of Heavenly Sword Hall all glanced bizarrely at Ye Futian. Did he manage to walk out alive?

However, he must have been through a great deal.

"How was it?" Yaya looked at Ye Futian.

"I'm alright," Ye Futian said in a low voice. His heart wavered slightly as he looked at Swordmaster of Lihen and transmitted his thoughts, saying, "Swordmaster of Lihen, are you willing to inherit this sword?"

Swordmaster of Lihen revealed a strange look as he looked at Ye Futian.

"Just now, I have already investigated it. There is a Sword Spirit hidden within this sword. It should have been left behind by the previous owner of the Divine Sword," Ye Futian explained. "If Swordmaster of Lihen wishes to inherit this sword, when you step up to the sword, you must first sense the existence of the Sword Spirit. Do not hesitate and directly inject your spiritual soul into the sword and merge it with the Sword Spirit. However, I am not certain what will happen after this. It is very likely that you will pay with your life if you fail. According to my estimation, the chances of you succeeding is only 50 percent."

Swordmaster of Lihen was silent. He looked at Ye Futian and asked, "If it was you?"

"100 percent." Ye Futian did not hide anything and continued saying, "It is of little value to me. Hence, Swordmaster of Lihen should decide for himself."

Swordmaster of Lihen had been cultivating for many years. Although his combat ability was not considered to be exceptionally powerful, his state of mind had experienced years of tempering and was extremely stable. He had also been constantly pursuing even higher levels of achievement.

Hence, even though there was some risk, Ye Futian still let Swordmaster of Lihen decide for himself!

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    《The Legend of Futian》