The Legend of Futian
1621 The Death of a Renhuang
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1621 The Death of a Renhuang

Both alliances had been formed. They were on the verge of breaking out into a fight; the atmosphere in the Sacred Hall turned solemn in an instant.

In terms of ability, the alliance of the Martial God Clan was obviously more superior. Yi Tianyu seemed to have forgotten about the vendetta he had with Martial God Clan as well since he had decided to join forces with them to attack Ye Futian's party.

Now, it was four against one among the cultivators at the Renhuang Plane. Martial God Clan had a strong advantage against Ye Futian's party.

The four Renhuangs were from the Martial God Clan, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, Shenxing Clan, and the Hidden Land Realm, respectively.

On the other hand, in Ye Futian's alliance, there was only a Demon Emperor from Sky Demon Court. The disparity in ability between the two alliances was obvious.

A cultivator at the Renhuang Plane could take down a group of people alone. Even though there were a few exceptional figures in Ye Futian's party who could barely stand against the Renhuangs, they were still at a disadvantage. Moreover, the opponent team had other talented cultivators as well. The situation of the battle was conspicuous.

The alliance formed by Ye Futian was clearly the weaker party. This was the reason why the Shenxing Clan had raised the price when forming a deal just now. If the Shenxing Clan had joined Ye Futian's party, the tables would have been turned. The addition of a Renhuang and the support of a top force would result in an entirely new ball game.

Rumble. Terrifying aura burst forth. The murderous intent of the Renhuang of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was the strongest. In the previous battle, they suffered the greatest losses; they were almost eradicated. Even Yi Tianyu had to back down, and the Renhuang was also injured. They were close to being wiped out.

All this was caused by Ye Futian. How could they not hate him?

Hence, their murderous intent was burning.

The rest of the cultivators did not have much vo a vendetta against Ye Futian. However, in order to seize the treasures in the Sacred Hall, they had to take him down.

"Be careful. Don't kill him," the leader of the Martial God Clan ordered. His name was Wu Zhan. He was not a Renhuang, but his bloodline was noble in the Martial God Clan, so he was crowned as the leader for this mission. There was a chance of him advancing to the Renhuang Plane in this God's relic.

Clearly, they could not kill Ye Futian.

Over the years, no one had ever had such a fateful encounter, as to be able to unlock the seal to the entire Sacred Hall. Now, they had encountered someone who had managed to do so. This was a heaven-sent opportunity. How could they possibly let it slip past them?

The crowd naturally understood that anyone here could be killed, except Ye Futian.


In this instant, law power swept across the sky above. Immediately, countless law power attacks blasted down from above. The entire space was thrown into chaos. Destructive law power was everywhere.

There were divine swords in the air that slashed down from afar. There were scorching flames that set the world ablaze. There were destructive ancient mountains that descended from the sky, crashing down from above.

Ye Futian took out a long spear. He stood in mid-air, his white clothes fluttering in the wind. Fighting will swept out and enveloped his body. His fighting will was at the level of a Renhuang. It caused the aura on his body to skyrocket to a frightening extent. His Deed of Thorough Comprehension burst forth, and his Great Path coalesced, merging into the spear. The spear emanated terrifying golden divine light.

"Kill him."

In an instant, both sides charged towards each other. Ye Futian stabbed out with the long spear in his hand. The law power that was blasting down on him was shattered. His long spear was like lightning. It actually was directly aimed at the Renhuang from Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

So presumptuous. Yi Tianyu's expression turned cold when he saw that Ye Futian completely ignored him as an opponent. Ye Futian actually charged straight towards the Renhuang of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. Did he want to battle a Renhuang?

That was more than just being presumptuous.

The Renhuang of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty also revealed a strange look. The Divine Wheel of the Great Path in his body rumbled and roared. A myriad of Qianqiu Brushes, which were tainted with murderous intent, lunged towards Ye Futian with the intention of burying him underneath them. At the same time, a massacre brush appeared in the hand of the Renhuang, and he pointed it forward.

The trumpeting sound of elephants could be heard from Ye Futian's body, causing his energy to increase multiple exponentially. He thrust the spear forward, tearing the space apart. His spear actually penetrated through the myriad of Qianqiu Brushes and closed in on the Renhuang of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

The Renhuang of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty snorted. Was Ye Futian countering his attack with a head-on attack?

The Great Path of All Things came together and surged into the body of the Renhuang. A dazzling massacre brush of Renhuang appeared in the sky, causing the surroundings to appear dim in comparison. Many people from both alliances were engaged in battles now, but the fight between those of the Renhuang Plane still caused the other people to palpitate in terror.


The cries of a massacre reverberated. The gigantic massacre brush and the spear collided. An alarming sound of collision erupted. However, Ye Futian was actually not driven back by the attack. His fighting will burst forth once again; his body emanated a brilliant glow, as though he was a mighty God of War.

The expression of the Renhuang of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty turned extremely solemn as well. His gaze was deadly fixed on Ye Futian. His finger pointed at the brush of Renhuang. The Great Path of All Things flowed into the brush of Renhuang, causing its might to scale up ferociously.

Buzz. Ye Futian was sent flying into the sky by the repulsion. Then, he dove and launched another attack. His will, surging with murderous intent, traversed the space and charged at the Renhuang. At the same time, innumerable shadows of spears appeared in the sky. Buzzing sounds rang all around, as though the shadows of spears were drilling holes in the space.

The Renhuang of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty put his palms together. He was actually forced to go all out when faced with Ye Futian's attack. The Renhuang had a divine halo around him. Before him, one by one, the brushes of Renhuang materialized, charging toward the spear. At the same time, with a flash of the divine glow of Renhuang, he took a step and pointed his finger forward. A brush of Renhuang popped up, and it expanded to more than a hundred Zhang tall, wiping out everything in front of it.

Rumble. Ye Futian advanced to execute his opponents, accompanied by rampaging fighting will. The Renhuang of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty stabbed out with his hundred-Zhang-tall brush of Renhuang. It clashed with Ye Futian's attack. A destructive storm swept up all around them.

However, at this moment, the Renhuang of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty frowned, seemingly alerted to an intense sense of danger.

The golden silhouette that had passed by him and charged over to the other side suddenly dashed towards the Renhuang of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, leaving a golden afterimage. Frightening sharp claws that bore the aura of Demon Emperor slashed down. It was aiming to slice his head apart.


The Renhuang of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty cursed, but right now, he did not have any time to think more of it. The claws of this Rat Demon had an aura at the level of a Demon Emperor. If it landed on his head, it would be split apart.

His thoughts shifted, and he raised his eyes and looked up into the sky above. Light flashed over the Renhuang, and the Divine Wheel of the Great Path in his body burst forth with blinding divine light. A brush of Renhuang directly shot towards Shu Huangsun.

Bang. The furious attack blocked the sharp claws of Shu Huangsun. With that split-second opportunity, the dominance of a Renhuang was fully on display. Even if one used a sneak attack on a Renhuang, it would still be blocked and would not succeed.


A soft sound was heard. The body of the Renhuang of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty shook once. He slowly lowered his head and looked downwards. A silhouette that was covered from head to toe with endless fighting will had appeared before him. The long spear in its hand had pierced straight through his throat.

In the instant that his attention had been diverted to block off Shu Huangsun's sneak attack, Ye Futian's attack had exploded and directly pierced through the Renhuang's own attack. In that instant, the long spear had penetrated his throat.

In a battle between pinnacle cultivators, a mere lapse in thought would determine life or death.

Ye Futian was still only at the Saint Plane. Even with that increase in fighting will, how did he manage to penetrate his own attack?

There was a look of despair in the eyes of the Renhuang of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. He was very dissatisfied.

Rumble. The power of his Divine Wheel of the Great Path burst forth. Terrifying aura swept out. However, the fighting will on Ye Futian's long spear also furiously exploded out. The head of the Renhuang of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty immediately exploded. His spiritual soul was eradicated. His body fell down to the ground below, turning into the corpse of a Renhuang.

God's relic was renowned as the land where proud sons of heaven would fall. He was the first Renhuang to fall in God's relic this time around.

Initially, Ye Futian did not want to reveal Shu Huangsun's existence so early. However, if he did not do so, the difference between the Renhuangs of both sides was too great. One against four was rather tricky to deal with. Once the battle played out, the destructive power of four Renhuangs would be too frightening. Hence, they needed to first kill two Renhuangs. That was why he let Shu Huangsun reveal himself and carry out a sneak attack to kill off one Renhuang first.

When Yi Tianyu, who was fighting over on the other side, saw this scene, his facial expression turned extremely ugly.

"Vermin," he cursed out loud.

He never imagined that the Purple God Rat would suddenly go for the kill. Back then, the Purple Gold Rat Clan had also participated in the ambush against the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. The Purple Gold Rat Emperor was also involved in the murder of the Wang Clan clan leader. This score could never be wiped clean. They were destined to stand opposed to Ye Futian.

Hence, Yi Tianyu had never even suspected the Purple Gold Rat Clan. It was the same for that Renhuang. Why would they suspect the Purple Gold Rat Clan after knowing the grudges between Ye Futian and the Purple Gold Rat Clan? However, the Renhuang of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was suddenly ambushed by Shu Huangsun, causing his attention to be diverted from blocking Ye Futian's fatal blow and resulting in him being killed with a stab from Ye Futian's spear.

Just like that, a Renhuang had died without any premonition. It was such an injustice.

The number of Renhuangs now stood at three to one.

A fatal blow was delivered in the other fight, which happened concurrently. As soon as the fight began, the Demon Emperor of Sky Demon Court and the Renhuang from Hidden Land Realm engaged each other in close-quarter combat. The fighting scene was practically shocking. Demonic beasts were good at close combat; they would counter an attack with another attack. Every one of their strikes went for the kill. Meanwhile, the remaining two Renhuangs from the opponent team had their hands full as well. Jun led the members of Sky Demon Court to hold off a Renhuang while cultivators like Yu Sheng and Long Chen joined forces to attack the other Renhuang.

The most fatal blow happened at the critical moment when the Demon Emperor was battling the Renhuang from Hidden Land Realm. A shocking murderous power erupted while the cultivators of the Clan of the Seven Slayers were exchanging blows with the demonic beasts of Sky Demon Court right beside the former fight. The Seventh Slayer especially activated the seventh trick of Seven Tricks of the Killing Gods.

This lethal attack by the Seventh Slayer did not charge towards the members of Sky Demon Court. It instead slew the Renhuang from the Hidden Land Realm.

The Clan of the Seven Slayers was proficient in killing. When they activated the seventh trick, they were betting their own lives on the success of their attack. If their opponent lived, they might instead be killed by their own strike. When used together with a ritual implement, this attack reached the level of Renhuang. It penetrated through the defense of the Renhuang from the Hidden Land Realm and made a slash on his body directly.

A streak of blood appeared on the Renhuang's body. However, even so, he still sent the Seventh Slayer flying outwards with one blow, causing the Seventh Slayer to throw up a mouthful of fresh blood in mid-air.


However, in this instant, the sharp claws of the Demon Emperor of Sky Demon Court immediately ripped Renhuang's head apart. One could imagine how the battle would end when one received such a fatal blow during such a fierce battle.


A ferocious aura sent everyone in the surroundings flying backward from the shockwave. The other two Renhuangs also knocked back all the cultivators around them. They stood alone in mid-air. Their expressions were extremely sullen.

Two Renhuangs were killed off one after another. They had also died in the same manner. Both of them had been backstabbed.

The Purple Gold Rat Clan switched sides. The Clan of the Seven Slayers also went against their alliance and helped their opponent slay a Renhuang.

Their huge advantage of having four Renhuangs against their opponent's one Renhuang was immediately reduced to two against one.

The power difference was no longer that conspicuous anymore. There was also the coup d'etat of two large forces.

"Why?" Wu Zhan cried out angrily.

Ye Futian looked in his direction. His eyes bore a chilly look.

"When the four Renhuangs were here, they had already decided to split the spoils four ways. If you all truly obtained the treasures of the Sacred Hall, what would the others get? Did you take the others as fools?" Ye Futian mocked out loud. Before the battle began, Ye Futian had transmitted his thoughts to the Seventh Slayer of the Clan of the Seven Slayers!

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    《The Legend of Futian》