The Legend of Futian
1622 Incited Defection
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1622 Incited Defection

God's relic itself was a place for looting. If it were to belong to whoever could unlock its seal, then this battle would have never taken place.

Since they were all looting, if they truly managed to subdue Ye Futian and make him unlock the seal of the Sacred Hall, would they distribute the spoils equally?

It was clearly impossible. Everything still depended on ability, and the four top forces with Renhuangs would undoubtedly claim the largest portions. They would even distribute everything amongst the four of them. After that happened, the four top forces would then turn on the rest. It would be practically perfect.

Moreover, even if they managed to subdue Ye Futian, was it certain that they could force Ye Futian to unlock the seal?

Conversely, if Ye Futian's side won, it was different. Ye Futian himself was the person who could unlock the seal. The most crucial point was that he would naturally not mistreat them.

In the underground palace, they had battled before. In the end, Dou Zhao of the Dou Tribe actually followed Ye Futian willingly. This meant that their opponent's character was solid. On top of that, almost all the top forces in the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm were siding with Ye Futian. Hence, rather than trust the Martial God Clan, they might as well put their trust in Ye Futian's side.

This was a matter of choice. The Seventh Slayer was somewhat hesitant before this. However, when Ye Futian transmitted his thoughts to the Seventh Slayer, he immediately made his decision.

As for School of the Emperor Star and Heavenly Sword Hall, before, this Ye Man had spoken up and betrayed Ye Futian without any hesitation. Clearly, in the underground palace as well as the Sword City, they were dissatisfied and were naturally destined to oppose Ye Futian.

At the same time the Seventh Slayer's massacre power exploded, the other cultivators of the Clan of the Seven Slayers also immediately slaughtered the alliance members of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. The scene played out without any premonition. Even Ye Futian's side had not imagined that they would do such a thing. In a short while, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty's side suffered heavy losses. The other members of their side also frantically retreated backward. They looked all around, their gazes filled with looks of caution.

With two large forces defecting at the same time, how could they not be cautious?

Who knew whether another defecting force would appear?

The cultivators of the Clan of the Seven Slayers returned to Ye Futian's side. Ye Futian threw a fruit of the Way to the Seventh Slayer, saying, "Good work."

The Seventh Slayer immediately consumed it, swallowing it into his mouth. In this bout, he had also received the retaliation of the Renhuang right before he died and had suffered severe injuries.

"After this, it is fine if you just rest," Ye Futian said. Now, the two sides were no longer so unevenly matched. With the addition of the Clan of the Seven Slayers, there was almost no difference between the two sides. Adding on the severe losses of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty as well as the Snow Divine Kingdom, Ye Futian's side even held the advantage now. As long as they could handle the opponent's additional Renhuang, there should be no problem for them to deal with their opponents.

Their positions were suddenly reversed. Many people on Ye Futian's side were secretly celebrating. This sudden sneak attack had killed off two Renhuangs. They could not help but consider it to be well executed.

Due to this, they felt that the pressure on them had lessened and was not as heavy as before. They should be able to handle the situation now.

"Clan of the Seven Slayers from the Emperor Star Realm." The Hidden Land Realm's top force was the Prison Fort Clan. Due to the Seventh Slayer's sneak attack, they had lost their only Renhuang to the Demon Emperor of Sky Demon Court. In that regard, their Prison Fort Clan would no longer hold any advantage now.

They had established a vendetta between them. However, the Clan of the Seven Slayers did not seem to care.

Each time people entered God's relic, various massacres would take place. There were countless people who had died before this. Their Clan of the Seven Slayers was the top force of the Emperor Star Realm. Would the Prison Fort Clan from the Hidden Land Realm dare to seek revenge on them?

"Back then, in the battle where the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty ambushed the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, the Purple Gold Rat Clan was also involved. What are you all thinking by pulling this off?" Yi Tianyu coldly questioned as he glared at Shu Huangsun. The death of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty's Renhuang was because of Shu Huangsun.

Purple Gold Rat Clan had offended both sides. How were they going to survive in the Heavenly Mandate Realm?

The first to be eliminated would be them.

"Yi Tianyu, now almost all of the forces in the Heavenly Mandate Realm are on Ye Futian's side. Could it be that you still have not understood the situation? Going with the flow of things, I will naturally side with whoever has the higher chances of winning. As long as I help Ye Futian eliminate Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, the grudge between Purple Gold Rat Clan and the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven will naturally be a thing of the past," Shu Huangsun said with a sharp voice. Hearing his voice, Yi Tianyu felt that it was exceptionally ear-piercing.

"As expected of a lowly Rat Demon," a member of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty immediately insulted him. The expressions of the members of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty who heard Shu Huangsun's words turned sullen.

Had he actually defected just like that?

Also, was the Purple Gold Rat Clan prepared to pledge their allegiance to Ye Futian?

How dare he. Were they prepared to join the other demonic beast clans to oppose the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty?

"Do you believe that the demonic beast clans in the Demon Realm will see eye-to-eye with you? At the end of the day, your Purple Gold Rat Clan is only suitable to be slaves." Yi Tianyu's voice was as cold as ice when he said this. The divine light of the Heavenly Mandate shone on his body. His murderous intent was terrifying.

The first person that Yi Tianyu wanted to kill was Shu Huangsun.

The members of the Heavenly Mandate Realm and Demon Realm forces beside Ye Futian felt somewhat baffled. Ye Futian actually persuaded the Purple Gold Rat Clan to betray the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and stand on his side?


When did this happen? Could Shu Huangsun make this call?

However, Kong Xuan was calm since she knew what had happened without a doubt. Back then, she had also fallen for this trick. Right now, Ye Futian was using this trick to sow discord among the forces on the opponent's side. This trick was too ruthless. However, she naturally would not tell anyone about it, including the other demonic beast clans from the Demon Realm.

Ye Futian looked around at the crowd and loudly proclaimed, "Feel free to go all out. We are sure to win this battle. Even if something else comes up halfway, don't be surprised."

When the members of the forces on Ye Futian's side heard what he had said, they revealed strange looks. As for their opponents, their expressions turned extremely sullen.

Could it be that there were other traitors hiding in their alliance?

Right now, the two major forces in the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty alliance were the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Snow Divine Kingdom. Their stand was undoubtedly firm. The other forces that sided with them were Martial God Clan, Shenxing Clan, Heavenly Sword Hall, School of the Emperor Star, and Chixiao Divine Mountain, which had not spoken much all this while.

The Martial God Clan of the Central Emperor Realm was ambitious, so their loyalty was more or less affirmed. Prior to this, Heavenly Sword Hall and School of the Emperor Star betrayed Ye Futian together, so the possibility of them becoming traitors now was slim.

On the other hand, Shenxing Clan sided with whoever could offer them the greatest benefits. If the situation changed, it was possible for them to make a deal furtively with Ye Futian.

As for Chixiao Divine Mountain, nobody knew what they were thinking. The swordsmen of Heavenly Sword Hall were aware that back in Sword City, Chixiao Divine Mountain was present too. Could it be that Chixiao Divine Mountain had been coaxed by Ye Futian to side with him?

As they thought of this possibility, the swordsmen of Heavenly Sword Hall looked at Chixiao Divine Mountain with doubtful gazes.

Suddenly, the alliance of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was in a precarious state. Everyone in the team was suspicious of each other.

Ye Futian snickered internally when he saw this scene. In reality, he had indeed tried to persuade Chixiao Divine Mountain to join him, but they did not declare their stance clearly. However, they did not reject him blatantly as well. As for the Shenxing Clan, Ye Futian had no intention of cooperating with them, so he did not even bother asking them through voice transmission.

Ye Futian had spoken in order to incite suspicion among the opponents.

As soon as he spoke, Ye Futian's team had had the upper hand in this psychological warfare.

"Everyone, pick your opponent and avoid all-out brawls," Wu Zhan said to the monks of Shenxing Clan, "Renhuang of Shenxing Clan, please handle the Three-legged Golden Ravens. Are you fine with this arrangement?" Now, he dared not ask everyone to engage in an all-out brawl like what they had done before; he was afraid that his team might receive yet another surprise attack.

"Okay. Leave the brutes of the Three-legged Golden Raven Clan to us," the monks of Shenxing Clan replied. Right now, they didn't bother to be picky. They understood that any further haggling might cause their alliance to break apart. When that happened, no one would benefit.

"No problem. Leave Yuanyang Clan to us," Wu Zhan said. Both Martial God Clan and Yuanyang Clan were from the Central Emperor Realm; they knew the abilities of each other. As for the Renhuang of Martial God Clan, he was naturally in charge of defeating Ye Futian.

Ye Futian was very powerful; he could even match a Renhuang. They could tell this much about him based on his performance in killing the Renhuang of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty just now. Moreover, he could unlock the seal. Naturally, the Renhuang of the Martial God Clan wanted to capture him personally. It would be difficult for others who were not Renhuang to capture Ye Futian alive.

Seeing that Wu Zhan was assigning tasks, Ye Futian secretly transmitted his voice to the leader of Chixiao Divine Mountain, saying, "Martial God Clan is giving orders now. If Chixiao Divine Mountain still does not want to declare your stand, we can only go into battle. Sir, you should be able to gauge the current abilities of both alliances. It will be difficult for your team to take me down. If we go into battle, many from Chixiao Divine Mountain will be injured or killed. Please consider your stand wisely."

"There are still two Renhuangs in your opponent's team. How do you plan to handle the Renhuang of the Martial God Clan?" the leader of Chixiao Divine Mountain responded with a secret voice transmission. This was his first time replying seriously. Obviously, he was starting to waver.

Or rather it should be said that he knew that he had to make a decision.

Once he chose wrongly, not only would their ritual implements be taken, many of them would most likely die in battle.

"I will handle it," Ye Futian responded. "There is no point in saying any more. Decide for yourselves."

"Our Chixiao Divine Mountain will be in charge of helping you attack the two major forces from the Heavenly Mandate Realm as well as the Shadow Realm," the other party said decisively and did not say anything anymore. Clearly, he had already made his decision. However, they had chosen to attack the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty as well as the Snow Divine Kingdom, and not the other forces like the Martial God Clan and Shenxing Clan.

Obviously, even though they were standing on Ye Futian's side, they did not want to take too big of a risk. Martial God Clan and Shenxing Clan were originally powerful, and they had Renhuangs to hold the fort. The risk of fighting against them was much higher. The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Snow Divine Kingdom had suffered severe losses in the previous battle. They were the easiest to attack.

"Alright," Ye Futian immediately agreed to that. With Chixiao Divine Mountain acting, he only needed to arrange for Brahma's Pure Sky as well as Purple Gold Rat Clan to deal with the two forces. It would be easier for the forces of the Demon Realm, Dou tribe, Clan of the Seven Slayers, and Ten Thousand Divine Mountain to go against the remaining forces of their opponents.


A loud thud was heard. The Renhuang of Shenxing Clan took a step forward. His Divine Wheel of the Great Path exploded. It actually resembled a giant golden foot.

This was where the namesake of the Shenxing Clan originated.

With a stamp of his foot, golden feet stamped down from the sky above onto the cultivators of Sky Demon Court. It took up half of the battlefield.

Buzz. The Demon Emperor of Sky Demon Court spread out his wings. They blocked out the sun and the sky. Golden divine wings that were covered in flames swept up into the sky. They slashed at the golden feet. For a moment, it seemed as though the heavens and earth were ripped apart. Most cultivators were sent flying from the shockwave.

At the same time, the Renhuang of the Martial God Clan also stepped forward. His Renhuang aura pressed down on Ye Futian as he directly walked over in Ye Futian's direction.

Prior to this, two of their Renhuangs had actually been taken down. For causing the fall of the other two Renhuangs, Ye Futian could not be forgiven.

Now, he would personally take on Ye Futian. Anyone who got in his way would die.

Ye Futian's body rose up and became a bolt of lightning that shot off high in the sky. In another direction, Yu Sheng also took a step forward and flew up.

Now, they could open up the battlefield and go all out!


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    《The Legend of Futian》