The Legend of Futian
1628 Creator of History
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1628 Creator of History

"What is this?" whispered Ye Futian as he stood before the pearl. All the light in the Spatial Sacred Hall was gathering in this one place. It was clearly a supernatural object. What kind of secrets did it contain?

He looked back over his shoulder. If this hall was truly the treasure trove of some great figure, then the gate was probably the entrance to the treasure room. The pearl was the first thing in front of the gate. Could it be that it was the key to the whole Spatial Sacred Hall?

Divine light flashed in his eyes, making him able to see through anything. He saw how the pearl connected with the entire Spatial Sacred Hall. All of the seals on the treasures seemed to be one with it. Many illusory spatial gates appeared in all directions. It seemed like they were everywhere. It seemed like if he could master this pearl, he could unlock all the gates with a single thought.

He let his thoughts enter into it and saw, brilliant, dazzling light emit from the pearl. The light covered everything in the hall, making it so that it was painful for people to keep their eyes open.

"Be careful."

As the whole hall lit up with dazzling radiance, Yaya could feel the spatial power in the room strengthening. In the instant that she said that, Ye Futian was covered in spatial light. All of the illusory gates overlapped on top of him, swallowing him up completely.

A group of figures flashed over towards him, but countless gates appeared in front of them. Their expressions turned dark.

"What is that thing?" said one of the people who had rushed over. This sudden change had made it so that they were unable to reach Ye Futian. They thought that he had already completely mastered the Spatial Sacred Hall. He had never thought that this pearl that had not been sealed away would have had such hidden danger.

No one could get closer to it. They were all blocked by the spatial gates. Even being a few inches away was like being oceans apart.

in the same instant as Ye Futian's consciousness entered the pearl, the endless gates appeared in his vision, one after another, covering his consciousness. In that moment, his thoughts seemed trapped. There were no divine arms round him, only gates. It was like he was in a huge spatial prison.

His expression changed slightly. He had been a bit careless here. This pearl was perhaps the most mysterious ritual implement within the Spatial Sacred Hall. It had not been sealed because it itself was the seal.

This pearl was the origin of all the seals.

Endless spatial light flowed out. There was no sense of order to these gates, and they could not be controlled. Perhaps it was because the master of the Spatial Sacred Hall had died.

This is dangerous, thought Ye Futian. The spatial light continued to flow. If it was going to attack him, he would not be able to withstand it.

Thinking of this, he began to shine with brilliant divine light. His eyes became incredibly frightening. Even his divine spirit seemed to become a real, golden object. He could perceive all the deep mysteries of the world.

The principles of these gates were similar to those in the outside world, but there were too many of them. When countless gates appeared in a single instant, his senses were overloaded. But if he slowed down and deeply thought about their secrets, he could unlock them one by one.

When he realized this, he gradually relaxed and stabilized his mood. His divine spirit flowed out towards the gates.


His divine spirit descended, and a spatial gate opened, then a second one, then a third. The endless spatial gates seemed to form a tunnel that he was trapped inside.

Ye Futian did not dare be even the least bit careless. He continuously opened the gates as he continued on towards the depths of the tunnel.

As time passed, the people on the outside began to look very worried, especially Ye Futian's friends. Although they had great faith in Ye Futian's abilities, this was no ordinary place. The pearl was clearly something extraordinary and nobody knew what would happen with it.

But there was nothing they could do. They could only wait.

A thought appeared in everyone's minds. They stared forward.

Time seemed to slow, and that moment seemed to take a very long time.

In that moment, the whole Spatial Sacred Palace lit up with brilliant light. All the spatial power in the hall flowed towards the pearl, as if it was returning to the source.

"What is happening?" Everyone looked into the hall. The endless beams of spatial light were slowly disappearing. The pear seemed to possess infinite space as it swallowed up everything.

"The ritual implements are going into it too!" said someone. Everyone realized that the space where the ritual implements were sealed was being sucked in as well. The pearl began to spin quickly, giving off brilliant light that lit up the whole hall. It seemed like it would never be filled. The inside of the pearl contained infinite space.

Everyone found it hard to keep their eyes open as they saw all the space in the hall being swallowed up. When the light dissipated, the Spatial Sacred Hall had disappeared as well. The vast hall had vanished without a trace.

The pearl was still spinning and giving off spatial light. Ye Futian's figure appeared in front of it.

Golden light was shining from his brow, producing a mystical connection with the pearl. The light connected him to it like they were of one body.

"He's alright!"

Everyone sighed when they saw him. He had escaped the terrible seal.

At that moment, Ye Futian opened his eyes, and the pearl disappeared along with the light coming from his forehead. In addition, the ritual implements and divine arms disappeared as well.


A look of shock flashed in everyone's eyes. The pearl had swallowed up everything in the Spatial Sacred Hall, as if it was the source of everything.

"Is something wrong?" asked Xia Qingyuan.

Ye Futian shook his head and smiled. "It was a false alarm."

On saying this, he rubbed his forehead and a strange expression came over him. He had wanted to take everything in this treasure house. At the very least, he would need a few ritual implements. In that case, things would be a little difficult. First, he would need to spend a lot of time and energy. But he had never thought that it would all be resolved by a little bit of fright and shock.

He had received the pearl that sealed all the ritual implements and divine arms in the Spatial Sacred Hall. Now, he had formed a connection with it and he could use it at will.

"You refined it?" asked Dou Zhao in shock. This guy was crazy!

He could do this too?

He thought back to when Ye Futian had taken the spear that had fighting will swirling around it in the underground palace. It seemed that it had been quite easy for him.

Was there anything he could not do?

It was difficult for others to obtain ritual implements, but Ye Futian was good at at it. He could unseal them with a single thought. Now, he had directly refined the source of the Spatial Sacred Hall, obtaining all the ritual implements at once so that he did not need to master them one by one.


After seeing him fight the God of Battle, he would just have to accept it if he felt wronged in the future.

It seemed there was no reason for him to be too arrogant.

"I don't know," said Ye Futian with a shrug.

He did not show the treasure he had gained.

Dou Zhao looked at him. He didn't know?

Ye Futian turned and walked towards teh gate. The divine arms had been divided up, so now they should continue heading inwards.

The Purple Gold Rats who had gone in the other three directions had reached their ruins already. Even from here he could feel that they were very close. If they were far away his perception would be very hazy, but since they were close it was extremely clear.

They were in four different places.

Ye Futian looked at the gate, and brilliant divine light shot out of his forehead. It flowed towards the gate, lighting it up.

The people behind Ye Futian trembled. He had already mastered the ability to control the gates?

It was possible that nobody had ever entered that place before.

Could it be that something that had never happened before was going to take place here in the God's Relic today?

A booming sound rang out and a crack appeared in the gate. Light poured through it. As everyone watched with trembling gaze, it opened up inwards, as if where they were standing was actually inside the gate.

Ye Futian raised a hand to shield his eyes. He had found the way to break the seals, and it had worked for the gate as well.

What would be inside it?


Ye Futian had come from the eastern side of the God's Relic. Just as he had guessed, there were ruins in the other three directions as wel.

There were many divine trees in the south upon which grew many pieces of fruit of the Way that grew thick with will. A rare kind of grass grew there as well.

To the north there was a collection of books. In this collection were sacred and valuable texts that recorded many powerful and mystical arts.

To the west were many statues of armored soldiers, as well as statues of divine beasts that contained powerful will guarding the.

At that moment, many people were still searching in the south and the west and fighting each other constantly. There had been many casualties.

Within the book collection to the north, the battles had already ceased as the cultivators had come to the end of it.

There was a huge wall covered in bookcases there that looked like a gate. There was a book in front of it, one that seemed divine. Golden light circled around it. It was very large and the light coming from it lit up the room.

At that moment, a figure was standing calmly before the book, one who was clearly someone extraordinary. He was young, and had an unforgettable look to him. His face was bright and clear, and his eyes shone with divine light. There were many people behind him, cultivators from all the Nine Realms. And they were all top figures. They belonged to many different factions.

But they all stood behind this young man. No one went up to disturb him.

Shockingly powerful figures appeared in every generation, and this one was no exception. In fact, this man was even more dazzling than those who had come before him. He came from the Central Emperor Realm. Many years ago when he was still a junior he had already made a name for himself. Now, he had naturally been among those who came to the God's Relic.

Among ten thousand secrets of the Way, there were none that he had not discovered. Now, would he be able to unlock this divine book?

The book collection had originally been sealed, but now it was open and wind blew through it, making the young man's robes swirl. The golden light upon the book glowed even brighter as ancient characters flew out of it, imprinting themselves in the young man's eyes. It was like they were flying directly into his brain.

There was a sound of the bookcase moving, and everyone's hearts beat faster. They could see that the bookcase was beginning to open!


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    《The Legend of Futian》